Be ready it’s happening soon.........😑

2021.12.07 00:48 Calm-Obligation3069 Be ready it’s happening soon.........😑

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2021.12.07 00:48 abortionleftovers Now that it seems likely Bri banged Chris let’s discuss….

What’s the most ridiculous reason you or someone you know banged someone?
Bri seems to have done to for the drama and the lolz
I’ll go first: my friend hooked up with this guy because she hated his roommate (small dorm room) and his roommate texted to ask them to leave so he could have the room To bring a girl home to, so my friend decided to sleepover and bang this guy so his roommate couldn’t get laid.
She said the spite made it some of the best sex of her life 🤣
Please amuse me with your messy stories.
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2021.12.07 00:48 VoidG3 Ung naghintay ka ng mtagal

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2021.12.07 00:48 tglife50 🔥 Verify Is Paying BNB Dividends to Holders!!! 🔥 Unique & Needed Use Case With Huge Potential & Small Market Cap!! 💎 Featured on Every HackRead Article For The Next Week!! 💎 CEX Contract Signed 🚀 Buy In Event

What separates Verify from the rest of the crypto projects that are currently launching? A unique and needed use case. Verify Lens is not a gimmick and it will help each and every investor in various ways!
Let me introduce you to the ICO of 2021, VerifyToken! You’re probably wondering what makes Verify different than all of these other shilled posts, so allow me explain.
Cryptocurrency crimes rose by 1,000% in the last year alone! According to the FTC, consumers lost at least 80 million dollars as a result. Guess who the consumers are…us. And, nobody is stepping up to protect ‘us’ so there is a clear need for what Verify is doing!
Verify is bringing full transparency to the crypto market. The utility behind Verify is Verify Lens. It is a cloud-based dashboard that will gather data on defi projects—new and old—to aid the investor in making a more informed decision. The dashboard is currently under development. We will be using our own API’s to communicate with API's from multiple sources to answer your typical DYOR questions. On top of that, users will be able to check audits and doxxed devs, label wallets, track wallet movements, and get a security rating for any project—and more! Our algorithms will create confidence scores for every project so you can make more informed investment decisions. With so many people being scammed daily in BSC (some of us included), we believe this will be a powerful tool to educate investors and deter scammers.
Doesn’t that sound like a much-needed service? And you can get in on it early! Join our Telegram to get the details about how you can purchase!!!!
At this point, you probably want to head over to our website to learn more about Verify Lens and see our timeline—hope to see you soon!
(Boring but necessary and important stuff):
✔️ Doxxed & experienced team
✔️ Team is available around the clock for questions
✔️ Active community
✔️ Tokenomics with philanthropy
10% Sell tax
💥 2% Research and Development
💥 2% Charity
💥 2% Liquidity
💥 2% Burn
6% Buy Tax
💥 2% R&D
💥 1% Liquidity
💥 1% Charity
💥 1% Burn
Get in touch with us:
Now on Discord as of today
…and of course VerifyToken
Come check out our Verify Family! You don’t want to miss this!
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2021.12.07 00:48 Kryllioner If I get 100up I will put $50K

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2021.12.07 00:48 TopRub9949 First time poster. Reverse swinging!

So in the spirit of spicing things up a bit, I was thinking about ways to role play. Now we have discussed swinging and the like but never done it, which got me to thinking. What about reverse swinging (This is how it would go at least in my head)! So we go to dinner with friends except we swap couples for dinner (my wife is with the other husband, I’m with the other wife). Wife 2 rides to dinner and sits beside me and my wife would ride to dinner and sit beside husband 2. (Hopefully you get the idea of how it’s suppose to go I’m not good at explaining.) We everything as if my wife and I were together and husband and wife 2 were together on this date except kissing and touching inappropriately. Then by the end of the night (be it after dinner or what have you) we “swing” and I take my wife home and so forth. I think it would add excitement without the worry either of us worrying about actually being with someone else!
Thoughts and criticism welcome but don’t be a douche about it. Thank you!
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2021.12.07 00:48 Bonus1Fact [News Shorts] Emmett Till's family reacts to Justice Department closing his case ¦ ABC News on Youtube

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2021.12.07 00:48 Usmeelbad Peak pro ball cap rubber

Can anybody mail me or know where to find the peak pro ball cap seal? I got a couple padd glass ball caps but i forgot they don’t work with the opal attachment and no point in buying the ball cap I’m not gonna use.
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2021.12.07 00:48 BRJCandByron Any tips?

So, I’m still pretty new to the shifting party😅. Does anyone have any tips they could share? (Methods, additional information, extra scripting advice, etc.)
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2021.12.07 00:48 isjusme 'We will not be SILENCED!'

"The 75,000,000 great American Patriots who voted for me, AMERICA FIRST, and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, will have a GIANT VOICE long into the future,"
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2021.12.07 00:48 zooS2018 Flexpool suggested users in Asia using DOH?

Config DOH in Windows is a nightmare. and I need stick to Windows as I am mining with 3060 V1s.
I know IOIminer supports DOH, but any other mining app supports DOH?
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2021.12.07 00:48 xe36x I hate high heels

I don’t know why people like or wear high heels. They’re literally bad for your feet. And they make it hard to run or jump. Increase the chance of rolling your ankles. Easiest type of shoe to break. Bad for emergencies. Overpriced for situations of use.
Why would anyone wear shoes that have a chance of betraying you?
Wear comfortable shoes.
Thanks for your time.
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2021.12.07 00:48 NORDLAN The Events of January 6 Are Starting to Look About as Spontaneous as Operation Overlord

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2021.12.07 00:48 superking4u Notifications and player news?

Is there any way to solve this issue I'm having, or is this just expected behaviour?
I'll use Ish Smith (nba) as an example. I picked his game today. I checked box scores a few minutes ago and he's not playing.
Go into Sleeper and his player news icon is grey (ie no new news). I go into his profile and there was news 5 hours ago, saying he's in the Covid protocol.
Now, why wasn't something like that pushed as a notification? At the very least, why isn't his player news icon yellow? I've wasted a spot for this week already.
I've checked my settings and all notifications are turned on. Instead of news like this, I keep getting notifications for highlights which I don't care about.
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2021.12.07 00:48 LasseT95 What am i doing wrong here? My team is playing terrible, especially the inverted wings. I never have above 10 shots per match and i never hit the target. I have tried all three tempos, wingers instead of inverted wingers, wbs on attack and support. I even struggle against 4th tier teams. HELP

What am i doing wrong here? My team is playing terrible, especially the inverted wings. I never have above 10 shots per match and i never hit the target. I have tried all three tempos, wingers instead of inverted wingers, wbs on attack and support. I even struggle against 4th tier teams. HELP submitted by LasseT95 to footballmanagergames [link] [comments]

2021.12.07 00:48 guhgugjuh Should this be in r/softwaregore or not?

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2021.12.07 00:48 amnesiac7 Former D.C. Guard official accuses Army generals of lying to Congress about Jan. 6 response

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2021.12.07 00:48 NewsElfForEnterprise Jonas Brothers Set to Debut Remember This Tour Mini-Series on Social Media

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2021.12.07 00:48 International-Pear95 Shooting my shot

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2021.12.07 00:48 sourpatchcristian Trip Story (Need Explanations Or Help)

18 M - I'm Fairly New To Acid And I Had A Amazing Trip Experience On Saturday I Was Home alone Had Snacks Water A Nice LED Light Setup And My Albums Ready To Play The Trip Was Going Really Good Just Positive Thoughts And Then Around 12 AM I Was Listening To Nirvana (Don't Know If This Has Anything To Do With What I Saw) But I Was In My Bed And Tried To Sleep But Knowing Acid Keeps You Up All Day And Night I Gave Up And When I Opened My Eyes I Saw A Girl Sleeping Next To Me On The Left Side Of My Bed And And A Guy On The Right Of My Bed And It Was a girl version of me and another guy version of me I was in the middle and freaking out trying not to wake them up I tried to go to the bathroom and when I opened my door they both woke up and told me to come back and I did even tho a little freaked out they calmed me down because it was just me but they told me there from a different life/timeline and they just wanted to talk about life and our connections and what we have in common it was so weird but really fucking cool at the same time and they told me that one day in a new life I'm gonna be them and they told me i have nothing to worry about and that I'm gonna have a good life even if I'm going through the worst shit then 6AM came and the sun started to rise they both looked up at my curtains and said that they had to go they got up and they said bye and waved at me and said 'see you soon' then closed my door then when the sun had basically gone through my curtains i got up and opened my door and they were gone i looked all around my house and even went outside in my front yard and no sight of them i went back inside and took a shower and cried of tears of happiness and ever since that trip I've had a positive outcome on my life i just hope i can see them again in a future trip even tho the odds of that happening are really low i am going to draw what they looked like on my sketch book And Post When I Finish Drawing Them I Just Wanna Know Why Where They In my Trip And What Was Their Purpose And If Its A Sign Or Means Anything :)
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2021.12.07 00:48 Amnemonemomne Looking for a roommate in Irvine!

Hi! I am a 29 year old working professional looking for a female roommate. I currently live in a 2BD/2BA apartment in Irvine, in the Palmeras apartment complex (off Irvine Blvd and Sand Canyon). My roommate is moving out in Jan/Feb2022 so her room will be available for rent. It's a private master bedroom with en-suite bathroom and also includes an enclosed garage parking + storage space. The apartment is spacious, on the third floor, has in-unit laundry, and the apartment complex has 2 pools, a gym, a near lots of walking trails and the Woodbury shopping plaza (Ralph's, Trader Joe's, LA fitness, lots of restaurants and Starbucks). Rent for the bedroom is around $1450, depending on utilities.
I am also looking for someone in similar age range and an active, working lifestyle. I already have common room and kitchen furniture, but can consolidate if needed. Some background about me - I'm a full time professional working in Irvine for a Medical Device Company in engineering (hybrid work situation for now). I'm clean, respectable, and like baking, tennis, hiking, traveling, going out, reading and netflix. I do have a dog. He is really friendly, well-behaved and clean. I socially drink, and do not smoke. Thanks!
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2021.12.07 00:48 warshackwes What’s your favorite pizza in the city? Mines goodfellas on bay st.

I get the chicken pesto (comes with artichoke but I don’t order that one)
It also has a beautiful painting of San Francisco transitioning to NYC at night
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2021.12.07 00:48 LevelTo Let’s get ready

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2021.12.07 00:48 Acrobatic_Vacation61 Can anyone drive from Singapore to Malaysia, no checking?

As per question
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2021.12.07 00:48 PianoDaddy Queen of Mean Piano Notes Sarah Jeffery

Queen of Mean Piano Notes Sarah Jeffery Available On Piano Daddy.
SarahJeffery #Learn #Music #Notes #Notations #Sheet #Education #Piano #keyboard #MusicEducation #Play #Songs #Lyrics
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