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2021.12.06 23:17 readit098 Use this link to get up to $5,000 in prizes (Macbooks, Ipads, Airpods, Gift cards) when you sign up with your .edu email address and open an account. Offer ends Dec. 15. I got a $5 gift card, you might be luckier.

Use this link to get up to $5,000 in prizes (Macbooks, Ipads, Airpods, Gift cards) when you sign up with your .edu email address and open an account. Offer ends Dec. 15. I got a $5 gift card, you might be luckier. submitted by readit098 to referralcodes [link] [comments]

2021.12.06 23:17 Ok-Control-3394 What is Diana's gameplan?

I'm a Kindred main looking for a secondary jungler, and I noticed Diana may fit me well: She has a dash, a teamfighting ult, and she's AP (so I can choose her if we don't need AD)
My question is: How does she generally play? My favorite part about Kindred is things like early invading and being able to hypercarry.
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2021.12.06 23:17 sreninsocin Help with phantom brain problems since MDMA and accidental overdose?

Hi guys,
Long story short, I've used MDMA for Complex PTSD (molestation, abuse and 20+ years of trauma). I've used MDMA twice only, in my entire life. Once in May of this year, and 7 weeks ago in October. I don't smoke, I don't drink alcohol, I don't eat crap. I live an almost monk-like lifestyle.
During the 1st MDMA trip, I was fine. It was with a therapist. Post trip, had a few weeks of the blues. Eventually fully recovered after 2 months of rest.
However, I've had MAJOR problems since the 2nd trip 7 weeks ago. During the trip, again with a therapist, I felt a pop in the front left of my head, and my face drooped to the left and twitched for a while. I also had no euphoria as I did during the first trip. I feel like I may have had a TIA. I lost my ability to talk, was severely fatigued, had a lot of anxiety, my body felt slow and more. During this MDMA trip, I reexperienced being molested at 7 years old and also reexperienced being a baby (whose birth was traumatic).
Things declined further after the trip. About 2 weeks after, I accidentally overdosed on human-prescribed Ivermectin. I read the dosing wrong, and ended up waking up with hallucinations, vomiting, nausea, vision loss and more. Instead of 24mg, I took over 80mg (yes, I know, this is insane, and I've spent weeks anxious and killing myself over reading something wrong. It's been haunting me for weeks).
I went to get checked out immediately by doctors. CT scans are clear. MRI scan is clear. I've been told, zero structural damage to my brain (no blockages, no issues with blood flow, no anything according to neurologists who have done reports for both scans).
However, I'm currently experiencing completely numbness. Both emotionally and biologically. Never in my life have I ever felt "numb" to the point of being unable to feel any emotions. I also have been unable to feel my body. I have had zapping sensations, pressure in my head, migraines, headaches, dissociation, lack of memory, body aches/pains, inability to feel ANY arousal/stimulus from anything (music, family, food, sex). Last Monday, I felt like I had a seizure for the first time in my life (the whole left of my brain started burning and didn't stop for a good few hours, my entire body went numb and I couldn't even cry). 4 weeks ago, I could feel SOME arousal/stimuli from sensations in the back of my brain, but after the OD, I've been unable to feel ANYTHING in the front of my brain at all. Even breaking a sweat is hard. Now, I can't feel a SINGLE sensation from my brain, nor do I get aroused or stimulated from anything. Nothing at all. I feel like my entire brain has just shut down.
Basically 7 weeks ago, before all this, I was a fully functional person. Now, I'm a dead person in a living body. And its terrifying. So scary that I can't even emote or react to the fact I'm scared.
I'm now looking to see a neurologist to get investigated further. This week I'll meet with a private neurologist.
Is there ANYTHING (including trauma), that I should be investigating or looking into further? I'd rather do as much leg work now so I can get to the root of all this instead of spending months in torture around whats going on neurobiologicaly. I want to know if somethings wrong with my brain due to all this. If there is, then I can do something about it. If not, then I'll have to look elsewhere.
I've got a lot potentially going on - I could be retraumatised by the last 7 weeks events, the MDMA trip could have unlocked trauma my body is now embodying, I could be going through deep depression with uncovering horror, I could have had a seizure that made things worse. The list is endless. And getting to the root is proving to be torture whilst also living through absolute hell of being numb and dead.
Just wanted to say - I'm an extremely careful person. I overly research (this is actually my job) everything to make sure I do things as safely as possible. Given the way I live my life which is extremely clean, I'm distraught and have been for weeks with this. Its been hell for 7 weeks and I'm just looking for some practical answers as to what I can do to find out whats gone wrong and what to do to fix it in regards to my brain.

Some Context:
MDMA Dosing (both trips): 180mg
Supplements used pre, during and post MDMA trip for neuroprotection (this may have caused damage?):
Pre Session Magnesium Glycinate - 2,000mg (200mg elemental Mg) Coenzyme Q10: 400mg Grape seed extract: 100mg (or 800 UI of Vitamin E) ALCAR 500mg Vitamin C 1500mg Na-R-ALA 100mg
During Water Coconut Water Orange Juice Na-R-ALA 400mg (spaced every 1.5 hours) ALCAR 1500mg (spaced every 1.5 hours) Magnesium Glycinate- 2,000mg (200mg elemental Mg) or 1000mg 100mg Grape seed extract: 100mg (or 800 UI of Vitamin E) Vitamin C: 1500mg Coenzyme Q10: 400mg
Post Vitamin C: 1000mg (Emergen-C) 200mg magnesium Na-R-ALA 100mg Coenzyme Q10: 400mg
3 Days After 100 mg 5-HTP with 400mg ECGC

And these are the supplements I take on a daily basis for my health in general:
Creatine 10g Lions Mane (800mg = 2 tablets per day) Green Tea EGCG (850mg = 1 tablet) Magnesium (200mg = 2 tablets) Vitamin E (268mg/400 IU = 1 tablet) Vitamin C (1500mg = 1 tablet) JarroSil Multivitamin (1 tablet per day) Vitamin D3 (4000 IU = 1 tablet) Omega3 Fish Oil [300mg EPA/DHA] (1000mg = 4 tablets per day) High 5 Electrolytes Vitamin B12 (1100mcg = 1 tablet) Vitamin B6 (100mg = 1 tablet)

Thank you very much. All I'm asking for is recommendations and some pointers I can take with me to investigate all of this.
Much love. Appreciate you all.
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2021.12.06 23:17 green4tj 12/6/21

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2021.12.06 23:17 hakatri_gin On episode 21 isekai animes collide

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2021.12.06 23:17 Fernando_357 Just…. *sigh*

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2021.12.06 23:17 AzzyBelle Red... Or Blue...

Which faction are you taking? (And why?)
View Poll
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2021.12.06 23:17 jasonrandallg half truth

half truth
they got the gun kiddo interview
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2021.12.06 23:17 CloroxWipe2001 How would Carti make an argument as to why the excerpt from David Foster Wallace’s essay “Consider the Lobster” contains an effective/sensible argument against lobster eating?

Remember that Carti has to consider its original publication in Gourmet magazine and the probable intended audience of the work. How was Wallace making his argument provocative? How was he supporting his argument with specific details and facts (logos)? What kind of pathos (emotional) arguments does he make? What does Wallace do to establish his ethos?
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2021.12.06 23:17 Different-Junket-568 Calling-In

Is their another way of calling into work, instead of actually calling the store and speaking to someone?
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2021.12.06 23:17 Lucky_Speech8145 How you changed Harry Potter for me

Dear Dr Peterson
I am writing to you for two reasons. Firstly, to thank you for your endlessly engaging lecture series. Second, as the title suggests, to run a theory of sorts past you which pertains to your analysis of male and female archetypal roles in fiction. I have doubt you are very busy so I shall be as brief as possible, but before I begin, I should say that I am not a trained in your field(s) and therefore I’m likely pointing out something either very obvious or well established but after watching your lectures a few times I thought what I have to say might dovetail nicely with some of your ideas, so ill begin…
Though far less severe than the illness you recently battled, I too was bed bound for about a week with a non-covid related flu. During that time, I decided to re-read the Harry Potter (HP) series partly to see if it was as I remembered and partly to make myself feel better - warmed by the fire of the familiar if you will. Having recently watched one your lectures, re-reading the books I became very aware of both HP’s very archetypical characters and how gender difference is at the core of the story, specifically how men and women value each other differently and to different degrees. Though JK Rowling has been in some political hot water recently over transgender issues, she is largely perceived as being both politically left and a feminist, so it made the presence of these differing gender values (a stance typically associated with the right) distilled within the narrative all the more surprising and thereby somehow truer, less contrived.
The best example of what I’m alluding to is the relationship between Harry, his mother, and father. I will assume you have some knowledge of the HP books and therefore know the pivotal scene on which the whole series rests. Namely, the one in which Voldemort breaks into the Potter’s house when Harry is a baby, first kills the father, then the mother, and finally attempts to kill harry but ultimately fails as Harry is in the end protected by his dying mothers love. What struck me about this scene, and had not occurred to me in my first reading, was that the story would not have worked half as well if you switched the mother and the father around, e.g. if it was the father who is killed last, protecting the son, and the mother killed first, who is in some sense protecting the father.
This is where gender value differences come in. As alluded to in your lectures, there is, on average, a power disparity between men and women in the courting arena. Specifically, women by and large get to choose their companion and the men compete, make sacrifices, in order to be chosen. This results in the courting value or ‘leverage’ - to use an unsettlingly unromantic term - of each individual man being perceived as less than that of women. Now, this is nothing new, you know this, and indeed makes some biological sense as the potential sacrifice a woman is making should she have a child is far greater, so it therefore pays to be choosey (contraception changes this dynamic slightly, but we can shelve that for the moment). What is important to note, and this is where this where the scene from HP comes in, is that the mother is sacrificing herself for the child and the father for the mother.
Linked to this, I have long wondered why male poets, painters, and musicians since there have been such people have always been obsessed, and indeed driven, by a particular muse/girl/woman/lover. Think of Petrarch and his sonnets, Dante and Beatrice, Doherty and Kate (the last is a very English example, apologies if lost in translation). Yet, conversely, female artists rarely display such devotion to a male muse - a muse itself, by definition, is a goddess not a god. However, women’s devotion to their children, though perhaps not captured by the artists themselves, is very much present across all the arts, the virgin mother and child being perhaps the most replicated image across all western painting. Admittedly, a father’s devotion to his child is also present but markedly less so and when compared to a mans to devotion to his muse the proliferation of the latter over the former is unmistakable.
So, if we take one’s willingness to sacrifice one’s life as an indication of value and the Harry Potter example of how this typically manifests, we can formulate the following recurrent archetypal relationship; the husband sacrifices himself for the mother (through his labour, by his life, with his love,) the mother sacrifices herself for the son (again through her labour, by her life, with her love) and the son will, in time sacrifice, himself to his lover – starting the whole thing off again. You therefore subsequently can imagine this visually not quite as a love triangle but a triangular spiral across time. Where it would be beneficial for the continued propagation of successive generations, that the first point, man, would love woman more than she loved him – as a less reproductively valuable recourse this would ensure he is driven to be with and protect her. She in turn (the second point) would love the son more than he loved her and more than a daughter – this ensures that the mother protects and cares for the son and that man is loved by someone (a daughter would eventually be loved by man so less critical). Finally, and the third point, the son, in time, loves woman to continue the spiral cycling across time.
What this attempts to illustrate, though admittedly not as coherently as I would like, is an ever-present disparity often alluded to in both historical and cotemporary dialogue, art, and literature. Why does the boy and the high school dance feel like the girls care for him less than he for them? Why does the daughter feel like the mother cares more for her brother? Why does the mother feel like the father cares more for her than her child? Perhaps, the answer is because this really tends to be the case and as the above demonstrates it makes some evolutionary sense for it to be as such.
I hope you found this interesting, and I’d love to hear your thoughts if you have time but don’t worry if not, I’m sure you have many more pressing commitments. As I said at the beginning, thank you for sharing you lectures online and taking such care in your craft. I wish you all the best for the future.
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2021.12.06 23:17 NoMoreMiddleMan In the nicest way. How do you tell a woman her pussy stinks?

The third date was going extremely well. I did my trusted smell test, which is. Kiss the woman's stomach, slowly go down to her belly button area. Unzip the pants and kiss around without pulling the panties to the side. If it doesn't smell right, always take flight.
With that being said. She failed the test. I don’t know how to tell her kindly that her pussy stinks.
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2021.12.06 23:17 giant_squid_god After 32 years, the singer of Take Me On (Morten Harket) still got it

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2021.12.06 23:17 DataGroundbreaking75 fun fact: tf2 has a map that is named bread space

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2021.12.06 23:17 Isai7878 I’m proud of my Samurott

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2021.12.06 23:17 BrainstormBot 🌍 Turkey: Deprem - Earthquake (4.0 Mw, at 02:08 UTC, from

🌒 Deprem! Earthquake! 4.0 Mw, registered by DDA, 2021-12-07 02:08:07 UTC (crescent moon), Dağkızılca, Turkey (38.24, 27.38) ± 94 km likely felt 180 km away (in Kuşadası, Buca, Aydın…) by 10.9 million people (
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2021.12.06 23:17 Stanz_Bot working on stanzSpin rn :)

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2021.12.06 23:17 Martipar What does Peter McCallister do for a livng?

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2021.12.06 23:17 lallalala13 So close, yet so far...

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2021.12.06 23:17 Ill-Caterpillar4392 What's it like to pass a kidney stone?

My dad recently had to pass one, it was just screaming and pain, I wanna know how it'd feel if I ever unfortunately have to experience it.
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2021.12.06 23:17 dogash98 The Eagles-S/T MOFI One Step

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2021.12.06 23:17 Jaxu21976 NEW!! McDonald’s Bacon ‘N Crispy Onion Quarter Pounder

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2021.12.06 23:17 Sixflags82 [Wild Lightning, Lake Winnie] possibly going to Alabama Adventure? Explanation in comments

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2021.12.06 23:17 NevadaHQ This guy who was gay and had some heart problem got hunted by this group of people after hooking up with one of their members and stealing money. it was a young adult fiction.

the main character was a guy who was gay and he had some heart problem. He was in a different town for an appointment about his condition. He got bored in his hotel room, and went on this dating app. long story short, the guy who he hooked up with was killed from a sniper through the window. I don't remember why exactly, but the main character spent the rest of the book running throughout multiple places trying to escape this group of people, some or those places being a cabin, (I think) train station, and the woods. I read this in like 2019, and I literally can't remember anything about the title or author.
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2021.12.06 23:17 MilleniaZero Mutations spawning where ever there isnt sight is really bad.

Mutations can literally spawn behind you or right in front of you. This isnt a difficulty thing, its just cheating.
This goes for the "mutation entrances" in ceilings etc as well. In particular cliff drops with bushes on them. I realise now why there isnt pvp campaign, cause it would be so easy for a hocker to just camp up there and snipe.
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