Rig Check Form

2021.12.07 00:55 SimpleMachined Rig Check Form

Does anybody have any slick electronic forms to do ambulance inventory? I’d like to design something in InfoPath or some other program and load it on our tablets to go paperless for inventory. Has anybody done this?
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2021.12.07 00:55 TwitFeedBot 🐦 @wrivfisico: あかん 課金したくなってきた #PShome #NebulaRealms https://t.co/kVYB5PeR7N https://t.co/GuuOesl1qc

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2021.12.07 00:55 No_Audience_6534 Who is the best Disney TVA protagonist of Thai descent?

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2021.12.07 00:55 RedditRitsu Got lucky with my shimenawa artifacts today

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2021.12.07 00:55 khmerxbxboi Does Livermore has any river landscape for photograph like the video below?

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2021.12.07 00:55 dogluvr03 Can't find this ebook anywhere!

Hello. I cannot find an ebook for "The Man Who Kept the Secrets: Richard Helms & the CIA" anywhere. Can someone please help me?
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2021.12.07 00:55 sammysam0101 Help

I was banned in the snowsgiving server for saying “dm me your feet pics” is there a way for me to get unbanned? I really regret it and all my friends are in the server
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2021.12.07 00:55 VMooose Bitcoin has delivered 99.996% deflation against the U.S. dollar over past decade......What do you guys think? I mine Ethereum, Raven, and Bitcoin. Do you think crypto will at least help with all this reckless spending?

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2021.12.07 00:55 EmperorPanda [WTS] Garage sale to help me with wedding! (FL)

Sig Full Size slide with suppressor sights and romeo 1 pro cut (take-off just needed the FCU) - $400
Sig Romeo 1 Pro new take off (actually was on that slide ^ but I wanted to take some measurements) - $275 (slide and romeo 1 pro for $650)
Surefire XH35 like new was on a safe queen - $200
Surefire XSC with two QVO Holsters, bought these to test a setup - $350
KDG MREX 6.5" Scar Rail Brand new - $240
Sz 35 Crossbreed Holster Belt - $45
AR500 Armor Banshee plate carrier + 2 lvl IV ceramic plates from Immediate Action Armor - $420
Norotos Rhino Bayonet mount and PVS-14 mount - $100
Larue Tactical SPR S mount 34mm like new I wanted to test a few mounts for fitment - $210
Shield arms mag catch for 43x/48 - $25
Dead Air 3 prong for scar 16 - $65

All these prices are shipped! Also if paying with G&S please add the 3% + 30 cents.
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2021.12.07 00:55 CarSlowAF Selling 4 Tickets Section 123A

Friends and I can't make it to the concert anymore. Letting go of 4 tickets in Section 123A Row 35. $265 each OBO
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2021.12.07 00:55 Zalamancer What's the highest obtainable AC in 5e, without using magic items?

I couldn’t find an adequate up to date calculation, so here are my calculations to achieve the highest possible AC in D&D 5e without using magic items. This assumes you have access to the most optimized party. This is just for fun, and by no means is this to encourage min-maxing.
The subject: Warforged, Lvl 2 Wizard (Bladesinger), Lvl 3 Fighter (BattleMaster), Lvl 15 Bard (Swords). They must have 20 Dexterity Score and 20 Intelligence Score
Equipement: Two rapiers and studded leather armor
Base: 20
Studded leather: 12
DEX bonus: +5
Integrated protection (warforged): +1
Defense Fighting Style (fighter): +1
Dual Wielder Feat: +1
Set up: +15
Ceremony (wedding) with the cavalier ally: +2
Bladesong (INT bonus): +5
Blessing of the forge (cast on studded leather) from Cleric (Forge) ally: +1
Enhanced Defense artificer infusion on studded leather from Lvl 10 Artificer ally: +2
Haste: +2
Warding bond: +1
Shield of Faith: +2
The turn: +52
Defensive Flourish (1d12 bardic inspiration) as part of ATTACK: +12
Evasive Footwork Maneuver (1d8) as part of movement: +8
Combat Inspiration (1d12) from a lvl 15 Bard (Valor) ally as a REACTION: +12
Warding Maneuver (1d8) reaction from a lvl 7 Fighter (Cavalier) ally: +8
Bait and Switch Maneuver (1d12) from a Lvl 18 Fighter (Battlemaster) ally: +12
Studded leather and dex builds allow the use of bladesong.
The lack of a physical shield is to allow the use of bladesong, which gives a bigger bonus.
I didn't use the shield spell since using the Combat Inspiration feature from the bard ally as a reaction, can give a +12 to AC, thanks to bardic inspiration.
I didn't use Blessing of the Forge because it doesn’t stack with Enhanced Defense, which gives a +2 instead of a +1.
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2021.12.07 00:55 bluecannon40 Glitch happened

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2021.12.07 00:55 ValuableHoney5160 I was biphobic, im changing, ama

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2021.12.07 00:55 foxscrotum What is Fan Jerry's actual motive when it comes to returning to the regime?

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2021.12.07 00:55 ma1093 Thee Oh Sees The Axis Help

This is one of my favorite songs and unfortunately I can't find any guides on how to play it. I'm not good enough either to learn it by ear at this point.
It seems simple enough. 3 notes repeated twice and depending then a couple chords. I think its simple enough that even I can play it and hopefully would be really easy for someone more talented to be able to understand what's going on.
https://youtu.be/uIXkpzKSXwo here's a link to the song. If any of you guys can/would transcribe the intro and the chords into sheet music i would really appreciate it. I don't think they change so if I know the first few bars I think the rest of it is just repeated.
Thank you for any help!
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2021.12.07 00:55 andrewaprilio Kuroneko

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2021.12.07 00:55 Quick_Conversation58 C&P exam for ptsd

I recently went in for my c&p for ptsd and the psychologist asked questions about my childhood and like why i had trouble sleeping and how i currently was feeling and building relationships. I had a horrible time opening up about anything is that normal or is it just me? When he summarized everything i almost freaked the fuck out cause it was like the guy wasn't even listening to a thing i said. I mean i was already anxious as shit. I feel like I'm about to just be screwed on it. I am on medication and i told him I didn't feel like it wasn't working anymore he just said that he was only evaluation side. But I'd appreciate any opinion offered on how I handled that cause I don even know how I handled that.
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2021.12.07 00:55 swervolocityyy [Kik: oddball_larceny] Feed me Doja Cat and chat

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2021.12.07 00:55 kingpf-the-straws-xd 18 btm lonely looking for older top

18 btm lonely looking for older top
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2021.12.07 00:55 WarloreMaster NFT ?!

Gostaria de saber qual o investimento inicial de vocês com o sistema de NFT ?! Claro o sistema de Jogue para ganhar tem que ter um dinheiro em capital para dar autonomia aos jogadores, para poder sacar o seu dinheiro ou vender as crypto moedas quando quiser. Porem o u/NightmareKniight deu uma ideia de fazer a roupa por 30Mil kkc ou usar o dinheiro no jogo, isso iria acrescentar mais capital para a empresa porque certamente iria ter muito mais pessoa buscando a compra dos kkc.
Acho que devemos colocar dinheiro no caixa do jogo para podermos fazer um jogo NFT decente e que dure, e muito importante que a moeda seja valorizada e "solida". Apenas gostaria de que vocês pegassem essa ideia de colocar a roupa por GOLD ou KKC...
Eu tive conversando com esse rapaz dentro do jogo, e pensamos no seguinte modelo.
2KKK + 5K de KKC ou 30K de KKC
Evento da Outfit para poder ativar a XP 5x por dia. (GOLD)
1 - 5KK 2 - 10KK 3 - 20kk 4 - 30KK 5 - 40KK
Esse sistema por si só iria tirar dinheiro do jogo!
Eu e o u/NightmareKniight estamos levando em conta que hoje os servidores de kakele estão crescendo, de vagar porem estamos recuperando players antigos e ganhando novos. Achamos que com valor de que dissemos vai ter mais compradores.
Estamos esperando a atualização para provar que a teoria dele de abaixar o preço dos nomes dos pet's irá fazer muito mais players mudarem os nomes e cores, as vezes o mais caro não é o melhor a se fazer, e sim a estratégia.
Com esse sistema difícil de obter a outfit, creio que mercado vá perder muito, players irão farmar gold pra vender IRL e os mundos irão se tornar cada vez mais pobre, e a moeda de hoje que compramos por IRL irão perder valor...
Gostaria que alguém do desenvolvimento do jogo falasse um pouco sobre a roupa, sobre tudo isso. Se eles querem colocar a roupa apenas pra ser quase "impossível" ou se estão querendo fazer dinheiro. A ideia foi dada, e achamos que irá render muito mais dinheiro para o Kakele, me identifiquei 100% com essa ideia e peço em nome de muitos do kakele um voto de confiança a essa ideia.
30K de KKC ou 2KKK + 5K de KKC.
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2021.12.07 00:55 ucop98 Sci-Fi VN

hi, im looking for a Sci-Fi VNs like Baldr Sky and Muv Luv as i already completed this two VNs and totally enjoyed it. Sorry for the bad english though.
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2021.12.07 00:55 RabbidsCart23 Daily update on the Roman Empire #772

It’s gone.
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2021.12.07 00:55 sympathetic_strings What's your favourite Seagal name?

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2021.12.07 00:55 SunRaSquarePants Why is it ALWAYS these people promoting "social justice" on the internet?

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2021.12.07 00:55 fandomfrenzythefox I mean am I right?

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