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Even in former gulag, Stalin’s popularity persists

Nostalgia for the Soviet Union (Russian: Ностальгия по СССР, romanized: Nostal'giya po SSSR) or Soviet nostalgia is a social phenomenon of nostalgia for the Soviet era (1922–1991), whether for its politics, its society, its culture, or simply its aesthetics.Such nostalgia occurs among people in Russia and other post-Soviet states, as well as among persons born in the Soviet ... Sergei Mironovich Kirov (born Sergei Mironovich Kostrikov, 27 March 1886 – 1 December 1934) was a Soviet politician and Bolshevik revolutionary whose assassination led to the first Great Purge.. Kirov was an early revolutionary in the Russian Empire and member of the Bolshevik faction of the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party.Kirov became an Old Bolshevik and personal friend to Joseph ... They exist in other countries as well, but information about them is clearly in short supply. At the same time, in France, Great Britain, Belgium, Austria, India, not to mention China - objects not only "Stalingrad" are preserved, but even the name of Stalin himself (Stalin's posthumous fate - the secret became clear).

2021.12.08 22:58 Still_Ad_5766 Even in former gulag, Stalin’s popularity persists

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2021.12.08 22:58 Kendouw Honestly, I prefer Date and Time to the left taskbar instead of Weather because there would be fewer icons layouts to the right of the taskbar and it would be more balanced.

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2021.12.08 22:58 gamesandfun2001 Found Dog E45th and Mohawk

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2021.12.08 22:58 hpdarkman120 New to area, looking for recommendations.

Hi all, I've perused some of the posts for food and added some to my list(Yak & Yeti namely). But what does Evansville have in the way of fine dining spots?
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2021.12.08 22:58 Water448 What is the difference between a 3w4 social instinct, a 3w4 sexual instinct, and a 3w4 self-preservation instinct?

I know I’m a 3w4, but I’m trying to find out which instinct would suit me. There was some information on instincts for type 3 in general, but nothing specifically on 3w4.
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2021.12.08 22:58 numbershikes TIL about Mario Rigby who walked from Cape Town, South Africa, to Cairo, Egypt. It took him 2 years and he walked 7,456 miles. He was greeted with kindness in most villages on his journey and offered free lodging and food.

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2021.12.08 22:58 manhaterz4prez Why is the time to beat lower for DE?

I've recently started playing Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition and I wanted to get a sense of how long of a ride I was in for. But looking at howlongtobeat, the DE has about a 20+ hour reduction in average playtime from the original. Do you think this is down to experienced players replaying? Or was there a tweak to the system to make it faster? Thanks!
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2021.12.08 22:58 UnleashFun World's First Killshot Murder Trial: India Charges Bill Gates and Adar Poonawalla, Seeks Death Penalty

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2021.12.08 22:58 stephkempf [Thank You] Fmpp6 part 25.13

I am so behind on thank yous and I'm sorry!
Thank you u/welshfancy x2 for the postcard for Paisley and the tornado card! Paisley appreciates the congrats on her first shift :) Her next one is in January! As a midwesterner who has tornado scares every year I have to say, "how dare you" with this tornado card! Is this a threat? A very very cute threat! Haha jk I haven't personally been through an actual tornado in years and this card is adorable!
Thank you u/bree876 for the postcard! These are pretty and glow in the dark :D
Thank you u/tigerlady13 for the Thanksgiving card! I just visited my family for the day :) My mom and grandma both love to cook (even though mom is really the one that is best at it), so I just bring a pie usually
Thank you u/canameow for the dog butt card! Second to last one in the pile haha so sorry for the delay! The stickers you included are so cute! The only thing I'll say about cat island is I'd stay out of the sand lol probably just one giant litter box! ;P
Thank you u/cake-at-midnight for the cute calico cat card! I've gotten better at sleeping through my boyfriend's disruptions lololol
Thank you u/nohumidity for the beautiful holiday card! I hope your holiday season is fantastic!
Finally the end. 13 parts, my lucky number. Sorry for falling so behind. I'll try not to let it get that bad again!
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2021.12.08 22:58 VeyperXD Eu estou sendo o cuzão dessa história?

Darei um teco de contexto para vc, tenho ou tinha uma melhor amiga e um gostava do outro então começamos namorar, ela não estava muito bem de saúde física e mental e não estava aguentando lidar com as obrigações de um relacionamento, tudo bem, terminamos. Prometemos continuar amigos, e deu certo, mas somente por um tempo.
Mais ou menos um mês atrás ela começou a me tratar esquisito, demorava pra responder, cortava a conversa porém continuava online, dava uns vácuo absurdo e coisas do tipo, era monossilábica e a porra toda. Isso já tinha acontecido antes (inclusive enquanto a gente namorava), me fazia mal porém eu deixava passar. Só que dessa vez eu não estou mais com saco pra essa porra, me faz mal pra caralho e decidi não correr mais atrás de falar com ela. Já faz um tempo que a gente não se fala, poucos dias, talvez 4 ou 5, e isso em um geral está me fazendo muito bem, parece que voltei a ter prazer em coisas que antes eu não tinha. Só me fodo um pouco quando vejo ela dnv nas fotos ou coisas que ela posta nos status (sim eu não superei ainda, não 100%).
A questão é, eu estou sendo cuzão por me afastar? Eu nem avisei ou cobrei nada dela, pq é sempre a mesma história "ai, eu não lembro, me desculpa", "não foi intencional" e coisas assim, e eu sei que vai acontecer a mesma coisa dnv. Devo só bloquear ela em tudo e sumir ou eu tento resolver isso? São tantas perguntas que eu fico meio perdido em meus pensamentos.
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2021.12.08 22:58 MeliAlexander Shopping at Whole Foods is dangerous for your health

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2021.12.08 22:58 ILoveWood in times like these i'd like to remind everybody of a classic imaqtpie quote

"you know adc is dogshit when vayne is a good pick" - micheal "imaqtpie" santana
what makes vayne so strong right now?
1. onhit items vs crit instead of having to build 3 whole EXPENSIVE items (4 vs tanks), she only has to build 2 to turn on. a historically late game champion turns on before traditionally early/mid game ones because crit is so bad on adc. she also doesn't have to build lord dominks to do damage to someone who built tank or built steelcaps.
*2. support controls lane now * the main reason why vayne was kept under control is that EVERY adc stomped her into the dirt. when adcs were still in control of the lane vayne was one of the ONLY adcs that had to have her support control the lane, this is why people said she had a dogshit early game. since now EVERY adc has the support control the lane she no longer has a bad early game comparatively because EVERY adc has a dogshit early game, nullifying her biggest weakness completely!
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2021.12.08 22:58 sadcorvid the war on christmas

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2021.12.08 22:58 toptoyouyoutube Gavin Newsom: California will be abortion 'sanctuary' if Roe v. Wade overturned | Fox News

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2021.12.08 22:58 BearLair64 Urban Fae: The Dragon Follies (Page 1 of 2)

“Grandfather, I think before we start, Sorcha and I should know what this ‘Great Deed’ or ‘Great Quest’ of our parents was. What did they do, and why did it stir up so much trouble?” We were in his private audience chamber and had just finished supper. Our plans for the invasion of Serpiente’s Block set to begin within several hours. There was nothing left for us to do but rest; except that sleep would be difficult at best with so many unanswered questions.
The Big Bad Wolf stared into the fireplace for a long time. I was just about to give up when he finally spoke, “You know of The Witch Queen Ceridwen and her alignment. You have now heard of The Firedrake, Värmestorm. Those two were allied and made a powerful match. She’s always had her eye on Ascendance… rising to become a Power. It’s rare and her name was no longer spoken much in Mundania. Yet she hoped to gain enough adherents to boost her beyond her station as High Fae.
“My son decided to seek out vengeance for his wife’s father and to preempt any attacks on her; he had good reason, since they had just produced an heir that would be a tempting target for revenge.” He looked at me starkly, then continued, “Bréanainn, ‘Buck’ we called him, was as maniacally passionate over your mother as you are over your own Lady… and I over mine; family trait I suppose… passion.” He trailed off into deeper thoughts and gazed silently for a short moment and then continued, “A Fight with a Firedrake was preposterous of course, especially one so powerful. The thing had slaughtered The Prince of The Griffin Clan. Granted Gothwyn was young and inexperienced, yet still powerful. Under the right circumstances…” He sighed “…The right circumstances did not occur, sadly, and Gothwyn perished. However, Prince Gothwyn, your maternal grandfather, managed to injure Värmestorm more significantly than any other previous or subsequent opponent. He raked through the Monster’s right eye and tore the wing on that side. It left the Firedrake in constant pain and added to his furious nature. Some say that there was unseen damage, but rumors abound about Dragon-Folk.”
He looked at Sorcha and me for a moment before returning his gaze to the fire. “Not all Dragons are Dark, but most Firedrakes are, and this one was Dark in every aspect. Yet he was also vulnerable after his Duel with Gothwyn. The pain kept him from resting and he was blind on his right side. His wing was stiff and caused him discomfort when he had to fly, so he rarely did. Some say he got lazy afterwards. The way he ruled his Realm, ensured that he had few genuinely loyal subjects, and he was jealous of those who drew supporters instead of forcing servants. So, you see, he had his own personal Feud with Gothwyn’s heirs. My son gathered together a force that was not great in number at its core but was made up of true friends. Sean, The Gosling was chiefest of those friends. They were as brothers and their wives, sisters in all ways that matter short of blood ties. They travelled to the World and Realm of the old fire breather and set sail toward his island fortress.” He paused to head off the questions he anticipated, “Yes, Dragons have fortresses and servants and Common Folk to do for them. I refer to him as a ‘beast’, but that is due mostly to his disposition: in fact, he was quite cunning; more intelligent than many True Fae and some High Fae, simply of a different Nature. Being an anthropomorphic, or ‘Anthro’ is not a requirement for intelligence.
“He had enlisted the aid of a pair of Ogres to guard his right flank at all times he was on the ground. Stupid creatures, but loyal and dangerous. They took turns and never left him unwatched. He had an army, mostly of Long-Lived mortal Anthros, but it included a large contingent of the big Goblin-Folk. He created many Rules for his subordinates, so that someone was regularly accused of crimes. He was the ultimate arbiter and enjoyed roasted lackey for many of his meals. He ate them when they died of other causes as well and he kept them in enough contention that there were murders and fresh corpses to be burnt and consumed regularly. His Folk so feared him that none dared stray for many years. Yet when there is no hope, and every option leads to doom, someone will eventually realize that there is nothing to lose in defiance. Fear leads to hate and hatred engenders betrayal.
“Your parents had the good sense to send spies ahead of their mission, and to seek out the disaffected among the population. It was a dangerous task, since the rewards for telling on one’s neighbors in Värmestorm’s Realm were substantial. The spies located one wretch who was bright enough to trust no one he knew. He trusted only the strangers, the spy couple. He showed them how to enter the Dragon’s fort without being seen. The spies confirmed the entrance and then did away with the poor tattler. It may seem callous, but it was the safest route to ensure secrecy and the stakes were truly life or death. They met up with the main force and set sail for The Reeking Shore. It was the toilet for the monster, where its waste tumbled from on high, through a great shaft and into a cave where the tides emptied the chamber. The swirl of the tide was powerful but left behind some matter and thus created a terrible odor that could choke the life from many Beings and definitely from the various wildlife that drew too near.
“The crew devised some filters to fit over their heads and they donned the skins of sea creatures that would protect them from the acidic waste that flowed down the walls of the shaft. They climbed, always in fear that the slaves above would rain down the next load of Dragon offal onto their heads. They did not. In fact, they emerged even as the barrows rolled forward, the creatures that pushed them were immune by Nature from harm by the fumes and acids but not from other types of assault. The heroes made short work of those unfortunate individuals, then made their way upward, into the fortress. They shed their now befouled garments and made a pact that should they live to win or retreat, they would find another way to leave or die breathing free.
“Eventually they found their way into the main chamber, a natural cavern that had been improved and then had the rest of the castle built around the entrance. There were no towers for Dragons, this one could exit his hall and then leap over the cliff or sally through a wide front gate. There was an updraft from the ocean to raise him on his great wings. He lay in the middle of the cavern chamber, head flopped over his forepaws, while steam arose from his nostrils. One of his pet Ogres stood watch, slack-jawed and drooling but alert. Sälkvinna, Sorcha’s mother, possessed a powerful crossbow and used it to destroy the Ogre with one shot, delivered to his ear. They have thick skulls and small brains, hard to reach through all the bone, but their ears offer pathways to the brain, such as it is. The oversized lump of muscle and bone slumped to the floor. The plan had gone to perfection thus far.
“Yet Dragons have the reputation they do for a reason and Värmestorm was a Greater specimen. He awakened from his fitful, pain-filled slumber when his bodyguard fell. He opened his remaining eye and let it rove around the chamber. He trusted his faithful Ogres to be on watch on his other side. He saw nothing. He heard no sounds above some heavy breathing that matched the normal sounds from his guardian… except that there was more than one breather and no wet slobbering… and then he caught the smell… the stench of intruders. He reared his head and turned to face his attackers. Even as his head and neck cleared the floor, a broad-bladed spear pierced his throat, and a sword slashed into the scales just beside the puncture wound. A bolt entered his empty socket, and when his mouth gaped, a javelin, cast expertly by Sean, pierced his gullet and tore open one of his fire-venom reservoirs. That Gift of Serendipity caused the monster to choke on his own venom-fuel.
“Still, he was not mortally injured and when he rose to his full height, he towered above the Warriors, his prow of a chest heaved above my son’s head… Buck pulled the blade from the wound in the neck and set it against the Firedrake’s chest, even as it lunged to strike at its tormentors and doomed itself. Its own weight pressed down and drove the blade and the shaft deep into its vitals in much the way that Fafnir murdered himself on Sigurd’s blade in The Saga. It was dying but not dead and drove forward to crush The Golden Wolf that harried it. Graine pulled him away from the crushing body and they fled the chamber, Sean and Sälkvinna covered their retreat, their arrows and javelins now striking only the armor of the enemy, their only hope lay in distracting the beast. Buck and Graine rushed past and expected the other couple to follow. They would take shelter until the great monster’s death throes were complete. Värmestorm reared his head again. He prepared to melt the flesh of the quartet to pools and ash. He might die, but he intended to take his killers with him. He sent flames from his throat, to be fed by the venom-fuel that even now filled his maw.
“Instead of sending forth a stream of flame, his own cheek exploded in a fiery ball and set the rest of his bulk to writhing and twitching like some outsized serpent. Your parents had completed an impossible task with the greatest of ease. The singed but happy quartet left the chamber by a side route. They were not sure where it led, but they knew that exiting the main gate would ensure that they were slaughtered by the minions who did not know that the source of their terrors had ended in his own fire. The tunnel led upward, and they rejoiced as they fled. They encountered few other Beings or Creatures, and most fled before the seared, victorious Warriors. They came at last to an opening that overlooked the sea from a different point than that above The Reeking Shore. They clambered their way down the cliffside and when they had reached the new shore, they needed only to signal to alert their companions on the ship that they were ready to leave.
“In their exuberance and focus on other tasks, they failed to note the figure that followed them down the cliffside. It reached a point above them and then hurtled down a rock that crushed your mother and father, Sorcha. Your father tried to shield her but didn’t make it. Had he remained in place, it would have killed her, but left him uninjured. Yet he was a heroic man as you know, and he loved his wife fiercely. The Mac Tíre Órga snatched up a javelin that Sean had set aside and hurled it upward to strike the Ogre in the gut. Graine picked up Sälkvinna’s crossbow and sent a bolt up under its chins. Still the big fat monstrosity roared and scrabbled for more rocks. It was so angered and so stupid, that it refused to die. That’s when Goodrich arrived. He was their transportation. He plucked the Ogre from its perch and drew it high above the rocks, then dropped it to splatter like the leavings of the gulls over The Reeking Shore.
“Buck and Graine suffered injuries from the landslide but managed to fend further rocks from striking the injured couple they loved so well. You know the rest. They took poor Sean in seal form and the body of Sälkvinna to the ship and headed home in mingled triumph and sorrow. None was left unscathed, and the foundations of further miseries were laid. My son managed to get The Gosling and baby Sorcha out of Otherworld when Värmestorm’s troops counterattacked. Not many were left, only those that had benefitted most from his cruel reign; the rest had deserted. Buck and Graine, and their child were in danger of assassins for a while, and the distractions interfered with their judgement when The Witch Queen made her demand of Graine to wash her husband’s clothes.
“Buck could have accepted his fate and Graine would have survived to raise you, Rob. Yet you mother believed that Ceridwen had found some way to cheat and have your father Named for Death when it was not yet his time. It’s possible, though The Powers that rule Death are rarely subject to influence beyond what The Fates decree. In the end, they all fled, the couple, their surviving friend, and the two toddlers. Värmestorm had offspring as well and the heroes had neglected to collect what was left of his head. He had one youngling that favored his tutelage: Starkvärme, a Firedrake that now aligns itself with our enemies.” With that, he stood, refilled his tankard and drained it.
Sorcha and I stood as well, and I looked hard into his eyes. “Starkvärme killed my parents and tried to kill Mr. G. and me at the same time.” I did not exclaim it. I felt no rush to conclusion and no need to shout. I simply said the words and I once more felt the sting of grief for all our losses. “So, the younger Firedrake has joined with The Witch Queen, Ceridwen?”
The Mac Tíre Mór shrugged his massive shoulders, “I cannot swear to it, but I hear whispers and it seems apparent on its face. Starkvärme may have committed the crime of his own volition, but Dragons of any kind rarely travel to Mundania these days. He would have needed a Glamour and help to Cast it. Those of Dragons, at least Firedrakes, are conducted by way of their Gaze, rather than with a general projection. They focus on only one subject at a time. He must have had aid and Ceridwen would have readily lent it. For that small of a task, she would have enlisted a minor Being, someone who could Cast Glamours but do little else of note.” He looked to Sorcha.
“Siobhan.” She said quietly. “She leaned toward the Element of Fire. It was her only strong point. The muddied waters of the past are clearing.”
It was my turn to shrug. “One Quest at a time. Not sure I’ll ever be a Dragon-slayer like our folks, I can’t even manage a Bridge Troll on my own. Maybe we should try to rest up for the coming battle.” There was no argument and not much sleep that night, too much to review in the quiet places of our minds. Still, it was better to have cleared the air and to know our enemies. Serpiente was only the latest, but we had to address him first. He was victimizing people who had already suffered under their fellow mortals. They didn’t need more hardships placed on them by The Fae. Crap! I thought. I’ve become the PoPo: a Faerie Peace Officer...
**** * ****
Early the next morning, we had a small breakfast, and Sorcha and I left The Hall alongside The Mac Tíre Mór, our various personal guards trailed behind us. At least a few should have been out front as scouts. Nope, no need, there’s Goodrich, looming in the dark, I reassured myself. No sooner had my grandfather crossed into a clear space, than an enormous shadow enfolded him and lifted him from the ground. A tremendous ROAR!!! of happy greeting punished our ears. I looked up, shield activated, sword drawn, to see a ridiculously large blend of bear and human, holding up The Big Bad Wolf in a warm embrace… a true bear hug. Grandfather barked out weak laughter as he struggled to breathe. “Hah! Arthmael, you’ll leave me dead for love!” The Bear-kin placed his friend on the ground and patted him none too gently. After a few deep intakes of oxygen, The Mac Tíre Mór grinned up at his friend and then glanced at Sorcha and me, “Arthmael, Bear-Kin, this is my grandson, The Mac Tíre Dearg and Lady Sorcha of The Goose and Seal Clans. You, my friend, are a most welcome sight on the verge of battle.”
The large figure squinted down at Sorcha and me and grinned. It was not something one would want to see coming at him out of the dark, that maw and those teeth… and the long, razor claws. Yet the face projected a friendly visage. At last, his initial assessment complete, he greeted us in a growling basso, “Good day little ones. I would have come sooner, but word travels slowly in my Realm. We tend to be loners. It looks like I’ve arrived in time. Perhaps I may walk alongside you?”
I just nodded and replied, “Yes, Bear-kin Chief. Your Folk are legendary, and it is a pleasure to meet you. As Grandfather has said, you are most welcome.” Sorcha gave one of her smoking hot curtsies and smiled. The Being set off alongside our party, which now included forward scouts. He dropped to all fours and sort of shambled along, clearly slowing his pace so that we smaller Beings could keep up with him. He and Tyree spoke of past quests and fights and his presence seemed to boost Grandpa’s morale. Arthmael was about the same size as the Bridge Troll and between he and Goodrich, we finally had some large Folk on our side. I felt even better about our chances.
We assembled the army and set out for The Crossroads Portal. We would lay waste to Serpiente’s drug manufactories that encompassed Centennial Park. The Gangs had taken over the old houses and converted many into sweatshops. Plus, it was a place where several Gangs and Crews gathered and made peace among themselves so that they could make war on others. It was time to cause some friction among them. First, however, we had to feint. We stormed across the Border into Serpiente’s Otherworld stronghold… at least for a little way. There wasn’t much to storm that close to the Border, just a few forts and country estates. However, it was a great place to practice with our forces working together and we removed a source of threats from our rear as we entered the Portal.
We had every right and excuse; however, I made a stop to explain to The Guardian even as my troops overwhelmed the first fort. He simply panted and drooled. I felt that he probably wanted to get in on the action, but it was his duty to remain neutral. Before I left, he admonished: “Mac Tíre Dearg. Take hold of your feelings, lest you extend the current conflict into a true conflagration. Letting Slip The Hounds of War sounds romantic, but it causes suffering on a scale that one cannot ignore, and the scars go deeper than any harm to the body.” I thought that was odd wisdom from a Hound, but I thanked him and promised to do my best. He gave me an absurd doggie grin…. on such a Being it was disconcerting. It was brief however, and he returned to his insouciant expression and manner before I reached the exit.
I returned in time to round up the troops and take some reports. I proceeded to the Portal to set up the true assault. As the elements of the army returned from their raids, they assembled and prepared for serious battle. They donned helms, adjusted armor, and hefted shields and weapons and ensured that their gear was ready. They took drinks and spoke encouragements to their comrades. Once the last of them had fallen into line and had a few moments to settle themselves and set their minds and bodies to purpose, I gave the signal and we advanced.
We burst onto a scene much like that The Mac Tíre Mór and I had encountered the last time we’d ridden through this Portal. This time, there were no Glamours. We wanted to inflict maximum shock. It wouldn’t bother Serpiente’s Otherworld contingents, but the Mundane gangsters would be confused and slow to react. Ádhúil Silverfoot bounded forward and seized the first kill in his tremendous jaws: a short, stout fellow who'd replaced all the hair on his head with tattoos. The great Wolf burst tattoo boy's head like a zit and ruined the artwork in the process. The Gnomen waded forward, slaughtering efficiently and chanting a war song. The Fauns pinioned anyone too much taller than the Gnomen. I javelined a few turds who had the presence of mind to bring out firearms, while Gern and the horses trampled a few gawkers who failed at being as dangerous as they looked.
Heads rolled, bodies fell or exploded, dependent on what was used against them. Shabeel’s Mundane company blocked those that fled from running directly back to Serpiente’s complex or from invading Shabeel or Sony’s Blocks. They would follow us when we left the park. Shabeel had warned them that we’d be freaks. According to my internal clock, it took exactly eighteen minutes to rout every turd in Centennial Park and to demolish every structure that lined the surrounding streets. We showed no regard for whether the structures were occupied. I knew there would be innocents, slave labor forces, who perished, but we could not get entangled. Our Warriors allowed as many as possible to escape, it was the best we could do. Even this small engagement had cost more blood than all that had been spilled in the months since the gangs took over the park.
We fought a battle and won dramatically with no deaths on our side. Yet there had been several notable Fights within the battle proper. After the initial rush, my command group set up in the middle of the park and took little part in the direct action. Goodrich and Arthmael had remained on the other side of the Portal as rearguard. We wanted to spring them at the right time as a hopefully nasty surprise. Once the park was secured and as many of Serpiente’s soldiers and their affiliates were destroyed as possible, we returned through the Portal and after marshalling briefly, we moved to our next Portal. I was more nervous than ever. We’d had two surprisingly easy victories. Three if we counted the Border Reaving. The Murphy had to be quivering with anticipation… Where will He strike? I had to wonder. We’d know when His Minions, FUBAR and SNAFU arrived.
As we force marched to the next Portal, I spoke with my Sorcha. She’d been a little out of sorts. I thought it was nerves, maybe some feelings of remorse over the loss of the innocent lives. She slid from M.B.’s back and onto the chariot beside me. I held her close and kissed her head. I found that I had to stoop more than usual to do so. She slumped to the floor of the little platform, her clothing in a pile atop her prone form… and issued a bark. Whiskers emerged from the neck of the garment she’d worn, followed by a snout and a red-furred face. Her emerald orbs peered up at me. It was that time, her womanly cycle, I realized. She’d made her first transformation since the one that had healed her. She could do it at will, but this one was part of The Price for her life. I knelt and hugged her. “It’s alright sweetheart, we’re headed for a destination with water. It may have been a good idea to change anyway. Maybe your Seal Clan Guards should be prepared to shift as well.”
She stared for a moment, then twitched her whiskers and nose kissed me. She raised her head and barked out a few sealish language commands. Her trio of honor guards acknowledged with a resounding bark of their own. I felt immediately better. I knew that those three would lay down their lives for her. Besides, she was now low to the ground, and we could do an effective high-low attack if need be. Shabeel caught up to us, his new chariot leopards seemed to work well with the two remaining members of the original team. He grinned from under his spotted and be-plumed headdress, “Greetings! My Folk are covering the rear with those big fellows you’ve attracted to our cause.” He noted Sorcha but never batted an eye… he was True Fae.
I grinned back. “Thank you, Lord Leopard. I trust your Warriors had no difficulty with the retreating forces?”
He shook his head, “None at all. It is not just my Warriors though; I’ve evacuated my entire Block. Many of the locals were not purely locals at all, as you know. Those that were, we loaded onto buses and told them there was a gas line break and that we’d put them up in hotels for the next few nights. They didn’t believe us but a few nights in a nice hotel for free versus a swift kick… easy choice among the peasant class.”
I was glad that his Folk were safe, whether Otherworld, Mundanian, or blended; yet I wanted his insight more than his report, “You were last through, do you think our assault had the intended effect?”
He thought for a moment. One of the things I liked about Shabeel: he considered before he spoke. “I think it did. They wouldn’t have sacrificed so many assets after the failed raid and they were clearly unprepared. They probably expected another all-out attempt on the Mundanian Pyramid Complex. They would definitely have expected us to wait until after Samhain. Even if he intended to shed some malcontents on that first operation, he didn’t expect to lose all of them. Now, with a second defeat, his Folk will be reeling, even if he is not. He is part serpent and part bird and will react quickly and strike hard. The only question is where?”
That was the concern that had been niggling at the back of my brain. I trusted our forces to do well. Even if we lost a fight, we knew how to withdraw in order to fight another day. That part had been hard to teach… Otherworld Warriors did not like to retreat for any reason. We had always known that the Feud would have strikes and counterstrikes and individual Fights. We’d prepared defenses at every reasonable target and a few that might be unreasonable but possible. Serpiente was unfortunately both competent and cunning, he would have his own defenses in place and would find our softest targets. Our biggest hope was that we could anger him into making a critical mistake. Even if he did, we would have to recognize it in time to take advantage… too many “ifs” for my liking, I was a cautious crook. I hoped that Serpiente knew that and failed to understand that while I was a cautious crook, I was a bold Warrior!
We didn’t pause to marshal forces at the next Portal. It was not big enough to go through in large companies and we’d have to leave behind the chariots and mounts… well, most of them. Sorcha didn’t like it, but I convinced her that Gern and the horse team needed supervision, M.B. certainly did. In fact, the bulk of the army moved on down the lane to the next big Portal. We would meet in Mundania, and she would be needed where the bulk of the army was headed… to our greatest gamble… Fortuna, The Murphy, FUBAR, and SNAFU would all be tempted…
**** * ****
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2021.12.08 22:58 toptoyouyoutube 'It's beginning to look a lot like arson': Suspect charged in Fox News Christmas tree fire - POLITICO

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2021.12.08 22:58 Different-Spot9162 Bone mushroom dunks from 2003. My dad has a pair at his house brand new never used. How much you think they would cost. (Not my photo)

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2021.12.08 22:58 toptoyouyoutube Fox News Ready to Go All-In On Streaming If Pay-TV Decline Keeps - The Hollywood Reporter

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2021.12.08 22:58 Mattygboy0103 Help!

Hey guys, I'm brand new to Factorio and I just bought it three days ago. I need some help accessing my saves folder because I want to make a second post asking for suggestions on where I should focus. I play on PC, but currently I am using my macbook.
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2021.12.08 22:58 Aerolyze Proterra loses contract from Thomas Build Buses to Meritor

What do you guys think about this? "The switch by Thomas Built to Meritor from startup Proterra Inc., in which it is a part owner, coincides with DTNA’s hiring in October of former Meritor vice president of global electrification, T.J. Reid, as president of remarketing."
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2021.12.08 22:58 owvp702 So I pay for this anniversary stuff, mainly for the Ghorn, then find out you have to run the dungeon to unlock it…really….ugh!

I’m an older solo player. In fact I’ve only ran the first dungeon a couple of times just because I don’t have friends my age that game and finding a friendly team to play with is rough online. Why wouldn’t they make it so you can either get this from a story quest (like they eventually did in D1) or some other method? Heck they could at least make this dungeon have matchmaking. So now the one thing I really wanted so much that I paid 30 bucks for I’m going to be forced to to go through LFG for.
As dumb as this sounds the biggest reason I hate LFG is because of discord (pc player). I’m older and don’t know how to use it so I feel like a dummy trying to figure it out and most people don’t have patience for it.
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2021.12.08 22:58 TotalCryptographer73 What do you think about this one richard dawkins quote?

"We are all atheists about most of the gods that societies have ever believed in. Some of us just go one god further". - Richard Dawkins
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