Blood, Sand, and Fire Excerpts

2021.12.01 12:03 Nuclear_TeddyBear Blood, Sand, and Fire Excerpts

As another celebration of progress and chance of promotion, I am posting some excerpts from the book, no context to avoid spoilers, so sorry if not everything fully makes sense.
Excerpt one:
Henry looked back and forth between them, unsure of who to follow. In the end, he chose Kue. But that didn’t stop him from pitying the dwellers left in the sand. This couldn’t be what the life of an adventurer was actually like. He refused to believe it. They walked in silence, but inside Henry, the reflections of the unjust cruelty were festering. Eventually, he could not keep it pent up any longer.
“You didn’t have to do that Kue.”
“You didn’t have to follow me.”
“But I think I did.” Henry rushed in front of Kue, cutting him off. “You say there is no such thing as a hero in this world. You do horrible things for nothing more than money just because you were told to. But I believe there is good in you, Kue. I believe there is good in this world. I became an adventurer to see that good and do amazing things. I left home for a life of glory and righteousness.”
Kue sighed. “You left home and became just another cog in an ever-moving machine. Every year more people like you are added, little more than children with their heads in the clouds, dreaming of the stars. They yearn to become heroes and live forever in legends, but instead, they live on in the warnings that they did not heed. Those who survive come out on the other side broken. You aren’t an adventurer. You aren’t a hero. You are a mercenary.”
“No.” Henry’s voice was faint and tears threatened to slip from his eyes. He clenched his fist and held them in. “No. I will not be just another cog. I am going to stay with you, Kue, and I am going to prove you wrong. This is how my story will start, not by being mentored by the Hound of Iencrad, but by saving him from his own despair. You had to have had hope once, I will bring that hope back to you, Kue.”
Kue shoved past Henry. “Do what you want, but if you hinder me, I will kill you.”
Excerpt two:
The run to the village was wearing down on Henry and Kue. The physical exertion left them dripping with sweat that drenched through their clothes to greet the bitterly cold night air. As the moons rose above them on their break-neck journey, a gentle wind came from behind them, warding off the coldness of the night. Kue wasn’t sure, but he felt as though the wind carried them in their run, pushing them faster through the sand than their bodies should have been able to.
Soon, the sand turned to stone as they trekked up the side of the mountain. Kue saw the footprints left behind by Aki-Ral after she left them. Henry was ahead of Kue, not once slowing or stopping as he rushed to the village; that is until he came to the top of the plateau. When Kue caught up to Henry, he understood. Though the village was still miles away, Kue could see the fire and smoke.
“We were too late.” Henry’s voice cracked and he dropped to his knees.
“We were too late, Kue.”
“Get up,” Kue ordered.
“Why bother? Look! Even from here, we can see the fire. Even from here the taste of smoke is crawling down my throat. I know what we will find there, it is just like Yaelam showed me. They are all dead, Kue. Slaughtered in their beds, their homes plundered.” Henry’s despair turned into an anguished rage.
“Get up.” Kue barked once more. “There may be survivors. If you think heroes can exist, prove it. Each second you waste someone else may die. If you think you can be a hero, get up and go save them.” Kue lifted Henry by the shoulders back to his feet.
Henry looked into Kue’s eyes and saw beyond the calloused exterior. He saw that Kue was a man who had taken countless lashes and beatings from life, and his scars had turned to armor. But that did not make his heart invulnerable to pain.
Henry ran once more. His adrenaline had faded and he felt the exhaustion in each step. Never before in his life had Henry run this much, but he had to keep going. He had to help them, any of them, even if it was just comforting someone as they passed. Henry thought of the relief he felt when he felt Kue at the shrine, the comfort of not dying alone. If that was all Henry could give someone, then he would endure this run to do it. Kue was still at his side, matching him stride for stride.
The devastation was far worse than they imagined. Tents slashed open. Bodies in piles burning. Henry stumbled through the carnage, stopping at a child’s doll. He bent and picked it up. The doll was stained with blood and singed. The chest of the doll had been run-through, fluffy stuffing poking out. Henry’s arms went limp at his side, still clutching the doll in his hand. Kue joined him in looking through the dwellings. Each home was empty. The animals that remained in their pens, the same sort that Kue and Henry had seen peacefully drinking at the oasis, were brutally slaughtered. Some broken fencing and markings suggested that the ones not killed were stolen. Finally, Kue and Henry went inside the central dwelling. Less than twelve hours ago, they were having a peaceful meal here. Enjoying cuts of meat and sweet dessert fruits while children played outside and the adults worked. Kue took a long swig from his flask.
The interior was chaos. The eloquent tapestries that separated the rooms were torn down and crumpled, the furniture was shattered and in disarray. Henry and Kue searched room to room, looking for any sign of life. It was Kue who first learned who carried out this attack. A sword of the same make as Aki-Ral's was buried into the shoulder of a corpse donning scale-mail armor. The metal helmet of the corpse had the coat of arms of the Malform family. Those of the same ilk as Henry and Kue did this.
Excerpt three:
Still overcoming their mutual shock, Kue and Henry had no conversation on the way to the oasis. They walked, and they passed the water Kue had stored back and forth. The occasional shade of a cactus or particularly large dune seemed like divine intervention at this point. Odd
roars of machine would briefly ring out across the desert, but they were always in the distance. Henry could not help but wonder what would become of the Ala now that their home was destroyed. He felt no love for them, but that did not mean he had to hate them either. He had heard children’s cries in the time he spent fighting for the city. Those who tried to kill Henry and those who forced him to take lives, he did not care that they were subject to the harshness of the desert and the wrath of the Fallen, but the children, how did they deserve that? Henry could see no justice there. Why should the innocent pay penance for the sins of their elders, and be caught in their wars? Those thoughts filled Henry’s mind as they walked.
Kue, conversely, thought nothing. It was in the past, and now was the time to move forward. Once this contract was over, he could wash his hands of the desert and never return to Hel-Halha. He did worry about what returning to the ship would be like. Clearly, the others hired on by the Malform family were not going about the endeavor sportingly. Kue resolved to think about matters further once he had food in his belly and at least an hour of sleep.
The oasis was much the same as they had left it. Luscious trees bearing fruit and a clear blue body of water. Kue set to work harvesting fruits from the trees, while Henry picked them off of cacti sprouting nearby. The cacti’s fruit was the same they had eaten with Kahin.
Remembering the dead chief slowed down Henry’s greedy plucking.
“Do you think they survived, Kue?”
Kue turned, holding two bundles of dark purple fruits. “Who.”
“Aki-Ral and the others. I didn’t see them when I was in the city.”
“They did. I watched them escape.”
Henry lit up. “Really? Then we did it. We fulfilled Kahin’s wish.”
Kue faintly smiled. “We did,” he said quietly.
Henry laughed. “And you said you weren’t a hero.” Henry bit into the fruit, accidentally pricking the inside of his mouth on its spines.
Kue’s smile vanished. “I’m not.”
Henry tsked. “You saved people, Kue. For no reason besides it being the right thing to do.”
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The state's Medicaid redesign under former Gov. Andrew Cuomo included a plan to reform the program's patchwork, under-resourced mental health care system for children.
In 2011, former Gov. Andrew Cuomo ordered an overhaul of the state's Medicaid system, including reforming coverage for the approximately 2 million kids across New York enrolled in Children's Medicaid.
Core to the Children's Medicaid Redesign Plan was expanding and streamlining youth behavioral health services-which are used by approximately 10 percent of the state's children on Medicaid each year-and which were previously provided through a patchwork of waiver programs that advocates and customers said led to fragmented and substandard care.
The goal, officials said, was to expand the state's network of "Community-based recovery-oriented services and supports" so kids could access care closer to their homes and earlier on, to avoid costly emergency room and inpatient treatment and prevent more complex behavioral health issues later in life.
For its part, New York health officials say Medicaid redesign has allowed it to reinvest approximately $100 million each year-savings from the inpatient beds it has closed across the state as part of the overhaul-into community-based mental health services for all ages.
New Yorkers under 18 make up approximately 20 percent of those served by the state's public mental health system, while about 25 percent of New York's behavioral health resources are allocated for children's services, according to OMH. That should be raised to at least half of those state funds, advocates say, to reach more New Yorkers before their mental health needs reach crisis levels.
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Hi all, over the past few months I have been trying to teach myself how to animate. I am still very much a beginner but slowly improving both my drawing and animation skill with the goal of potentially one day making a career within this field. A few months ago I naively bought myself the new Ipad Pro 12.9" to practice and improve with. Although I maintain its a brilliant drawing device and I am a fan of programs such as Procreate, I find the softwares available for animation really quite lacking. Procreate has a limit on the amount of frames you can have, as well as it being tricky to have multiple layers within a frame and the other softwares I have tried such as rough animator and flipaclip to be quite basic in terms of features.
After some research it seems to be dawning on me that I should have originally bought a graphics tablet/ pen display. After reading some reviews it seems that Wacom tend to be the go to for a lot of people and the cintiq 16 seems to be a good model that would fit my budget and needs. I have a PC I built a couple years back to play games on which is fairly powerful (16gb RAM, 3.4GHz processor, decent graphics card etc) to hook the pen display up to.
It just seems that all the better animation sofwares are best found on PC/MAC and having a pen display is the best route to go down if I want to carry on improving my animation?
Any help/opinions on this would be greatly appreciated!
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