Made this on my Mac yesterday is it good and what should I fix I’m 16 btw

2021.12.07 01:00 twinchromas Made this on my Mac yesterday is it good and what should I fix I’m 16 btw

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2021.12.07 01:00 HJenkinsRSN MJF Addresses Comparisons To The Miz

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2021.12.07 01:00 cconejero Which one you like most and why?

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2021.12.07 01:00 ScaradoMisu23 Panic go brr... /srs

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2021.12.07 01:00 autotldr Rohingya sue Facebook for £150bn over Myanmar hate speech

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Dozens of Rohingya refugees in the UK and US have sued Facebook, accusing the social media giant of allowing hate speech against them to spread.They are demanding more than $150bn in compensation, claiming Facebook's platforms promoted violence against the persecuted minority.
Facebook's algorithms "Amplified hate speech against the Rohingya people".
The company failed to take down posts or delete accounts that incited violence against Rohingya.
In the US, lawyers filed a legal complaint against Facebook in San Francisco, accusing it of being "Willing to trade the lives of the Rohingya people for better market penetration in a small country in Southeast Asia.".
Facebook admitted in 2018 that it had not done enough to prevent the incitement of violence and hate speech against the Rohingya.
The Rohingya are seen as illegal migrants in Myanmar and have been discriminated against by the government and public for decades.
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2021.12.07 01:00 WarBetter6492 Good long term companies but would have to hold during volatile times and would want to hold for longer than a year.

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2021.12.07 01:00 Blu_KnightMann Are there any subreddits for Game Creator?

I am looking for any groups or subreddits that pertain to using game creator. If not, I am curious if I am able to add custom codes and scripts alongside with the game maker plugin
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2021.12.07 01:00 ExplanationEuphoric9 Q1 unknown big band Look at video description

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2021.12.07 01:00 minixinie i just realized that im a lesbian & idk what to do

i was just vibing in the laundry room by myself until i just -- thought about things. for most of my life, i never cared as much about my sexuality because it didn't matter a lot to me. it's been at least nearly a decade since i knew i liked both girls and boys -- at least i thought i liked boys.
with men, i can definitely find them attractive, but i've never thought of them sexually. and yeah, when i experimented with porn, i always watched straight porn and never got off from it (and i was always looking at the woman-). but when i looked at lesbian porn ... that's what appealed to me.
i don't really want to explain what made me realise that surprise! im a lesbian! (or at least like ... 95% into women/afab people lol). but the moment i came to terms with it, my stomach just dropped.
my mother is extremely homophobic and i don't know if my father is. it honestly would kill me if i learned my father is as well since he's the one i love the most :(
in a perfect world, i wouldn't give a shit about coming out, but my last relationship was getting serious and it was the first time i realized how much i wanted to get married, have children, and spend the rest of my life with a woman (or someone afab). i wanted my (now ex) partner and my parents to get along, because i wanted to be in an environment filled with love. i realized it wouldn't be fair to throw my partner in a situation where my parents don't know im gay, and then get treated like shit bc they're homophobic. which is why i realize ... as much as i don't want to come out, i need to if i want to involve both my parents and my future partner in my life.
im still just sitting here, taking it all in. but, goodness how do y'all deal with being gay with homophobic ass parents that you can't help, but still love? how do you just, deal with being a lesbian? cause i still feel a pit in my stomach and i really hate it :(
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2021.12.07 01:00 nnaly Maki‘s been practicing her wink

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2021.12.07 01:00 Velkro615 Smoked brisket in my Pit Boss

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2021.12.07 01:00 mjsasser Hard to beat a Tx hill country sunset... Canyon Lake. Unfiltered.

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2021.12.07 01:00 Boston_Wind First raid! Close enough?

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2021.12.07 01:00 VadersPetPig1 What is the rate at which a following Pokémon picks up an item when you interact with it?

Is there a specific amount of steps we need to run, location, time of day?
I want to get the Resist Attack Berries. I do know already about specific berries being picked up by certain natures. But I can’t find any information on the needed steps to pick up more items?
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2021.12.07 01:00 Wompala KartRider: Drift Steam Pre-Download Issue

Hello Racers!
Thank you for all your reports. We are currently working on resolving the issues with pre-downloading our Closed Beta on Steam, and apologize for the inconvenience while we work to get this resolved as quickly as possible. We will continue to update on this matter once we have further information.
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2021.12.07 01:00 toolazytorelax So when do you all get access to the inevitable update/download that is going to come with tomorrow's anniversary release?

I'm just wondering cuz I'm normally working the day of a release so it normally don't get to play until the day after, but I actually have tomorrow off, so I'm wondering when I should start looking for the update so I can play ASAP. Oh, I'm on Sirius X if that matters.
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2021.12.07 01:00 All-Seeing-Bot How the Global Chip Shortage Destroyed a Family Amid Covid-19 | Bloomberg Quicktake: Now

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2021.12.07 01:00 Darren716 Post WWE Raw 12/6/2021 Show Discussion Thread


Winner Match Finish Loser Stipulation
Big E Escaping the Cage Kevin Owens Steel Cage Match
Queen Zelina w/ Carmella Code Red Nikki ASH w/ Rhea Rpley
Street Profits Count-Out AJ Styles and Omos RK-Bro-nament Semi-Finals
Damian Priest (c) Reckoning Robert Roode w/ Dolph Ziggler For the United States Championship
Bianca Belair Count-Out Doudrop
Rey and Dominik Mysterio Crucifix Pin Alpha Acadamy RK-Bro-nament Semi-Finals
Finn Balor Coup de Grace T-Bar
Becky Lynch (c) Pin while holding the rope Liv Morgan For the Raw Women's Championship
Rate this week's Raw
Best match on this week's Raw?
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2021.12.07 01:00 AutoCrosspostBot Every day she shows up doing this, not my cat.

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2021.12.07 01:00 Snoopy50769 Lol the KMCA and creator of the Gaon chart really called out kpop fans

Happy award season to all. So if you haven't been loving under a rock ever since nct 127's album sales numbers have come out and since Gaon chart award will be happpenigsoon I just knew the hanteo vs gain debate would be strong. ( And since nct 127 is against them some carats have been been bringing I up)
And I guess Gaon knew too because 4 days ago they released a whole video essentially explaining their process that their process for reducing sales on the chart for returns.
Gaon is run by the government (KMCA) and it members including SM, Jype, Yg, Hybe, rbw, starship, jellyfish,fnc. He says it structurally impossible to favor an agency and that due process would reveal if refund would happen, which would then lead to them adjusting the number.
we know that the main reason people question the gap is due to the gap but nct is not the first to have a large gap and have been charting on physical sales chart since they have comeback and are using the exo had refunds excuse.
But what about all those returns exo had. 1.exo had around an average of 11000( 80000-18000 in return) returns over the year .(exo return number). For a better picture in 2017 they reported 1.7 million(just for the war) other albums were sold that year and they overall had 18 000 returns. As in 0.01 % error. 👀 So by that tangent that would still mean nct 127 sold 2 million albums

  1. neozone charted 52 weeks on billboard sales chart and with sticker still charting, was the third artist ever to chart in uk with an album and debuted on many physical albums chart for the first time why shouldn't I believe they can sell 2million.
    3.guess what sticker literally has the 2 million certification 2month after. Which is normal. Hot sauce was released in May but only got it certfication in July. But people wouldn't even wait a week.
Also the government just this year charged SM millions in taxes but you expect me to believe they and all the other members would turn a blind eye to Sm fudging numbers?
The KMCA actually confirms number they have to state the retailer with customs documents and see them being shipped and they check of the retailer is legit. So if that's right then you want me to believe SM is able to convince a business in this capitalist covid pandemic economy we live in to buy albums they do not need to conflate number to get nct 127 awards, good press?
I get why they had to come out because by undermining nct 127 you are also undermining a government run entity and allot the top kpop agencies in korea.
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2021.12.07 01:00 NostiiYT Steam needs 32-bit libraries on a Linux distro based off another distro not supporting 32-bit

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2021.12.07 01:00 Impossible-Treacle51 Enjoy this wonderfully drawn Ranboo 🐸

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2021.12.07 01:00 RedditReadsBot The Past Is Red by Catherynne M. Valente [Science Fiction](2021)

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2021.12.07 01:00 bectherebel Why I tell my daughter ‘God is a tree’

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2021.12.07 01:00 privateisland0694 His and hers

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