Not funny but super darn true

Darn Tough Vermont’s Specialty line of socks includes Hike, Lifestyle, Run, Snow, Athletic, Work, Hunt and Juniors’ styles. Darn Tough’s product is distinguished from industry competitors by 100% USA manufacturing; exceptional comfort, durability and fit; True-Seamless technology; and an exclusive blend of either ultra-fine, premium ... Much more than an Online Yarn Store. Unique, quality yarn, craft supplies, and fashion goods. Ethically sourced and made. Buy online. Reviewed by thousands. I love’em so much, I tell as many people as possible about the differences in synthetic and how great Darn Tough is! William B. You may also like Quick view. Men's Hiker Micro Crew Midweight Hiking Sock. $24.00 Black Charcoal Olive Onyx Lime Denim Oatmeal. Unconditionally Guaranteed for Life. Darn Tough is headquartered in Mt. Green, Vermont, which is dominated by agriculture in the United States. From south to north, 77% of the area is forest. Autumn is full of maple leaves in valleys. Darn Tough is a very well-known local company that sells perfect products all over the world and provides many job opportunities in the state. By choosing to enter this website you are affirming under oath and penalties of perjury pursuant to Title 28 U.S.C. § 1746 and other applicable statutes and laws that all of the following statements are true and correct: I have attained the Age of Majority in my jurisdiction; Darn Tough's product is distinguished from industry competitors by 100 percent USA manufacturing; exceptional comfort, durability and fit; True-Seamless™ technology; and an exclusive blend of ... Others will tell you it’s a complicated game only the wealthy and educated can master… It isn’t. There are proven strategies that are so darn easy that absolutely anyone can learn them! And when you do, you can finally… Sustainability – From responsible sourcing practices to livable wages in our communities - Darn Tough Vermont is committed to progressive, positive, growth. Our Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee supports a product we believe will last a lifetime, and very few are needed since they can be worn consecutively due to their lasting comfort ... Darn Darn Darn Darny Darn! achievement in The LEGO Movie Videogame (Xbox 360): Complete Level 2 - Escape From Bricksburg - worth 20 Gamerscore darn definition: 1. to repair a hole or a piece of clothing with long stitches across the hole and other stitches…. Learn more.

2021.11.28 02:22 Deeznuts_You Not funny but super darn true

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2021.11.28 02:22 Skow1379 Similar YouTube channel

I know threads like this get started a lot, but the common theme is that Mike and Ballen are in a league of their own, which I agree. I found a channel called 'The Fear Files' it only has 67k subs but it's a 7 month old channel. They're not Mike, or Ballen, but they post some quality videos about true crime and I'm hoping they get more exposure before they decide to give up making videos.
Hope you guys check it out, and as always please comment any other suggestions for people who see this post.
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2021.11.28 02:22 Da-POG Guys Guys , guess what?

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2021.11.28 02:22 cajelidav30 Burning the Firebrand quest won’t start?

So I’m in Jorvik just living life and stealing from churches, and in the Archives, there’s a paper with the blue tinge around it, so I figure there’s a quest attached. But I can’t interact with it at all?? Like there’s no option to do anything but let it light up blue when I turn on eagle vision. And after a simple search in google, I discover this is how you trigger the Burning a Firebrand quest, but LIKE NOTHING IS WORKING?
If you have a general clue as to what’s going on, that would be the tits. Thanks friends
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Like I’m not joking like holy shit
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View Poll
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2021.11.28 02:22 kwadoss Open Source medical research. Etica Protocol launching soon

Since 2018 I've been working on the creation of a blockchain Protocol for Open Source Medical research without intellectual property aka the Etica Protocol.
As Victor Hugo once said: "Nothing is More Powerful than an Idea Whose Time has Come"
I think the time for Etica has come, so let me share a brief presentation of Etica with you.
Brief presentation:
Etica aims to promote open source medical research without intellectual property. It incentivizes publication of research oriented papers (by professionals or not) for each disease added to the network.
Etica protocol has its own currency Etica (ETI). The protocol has a fixed inflation of about 2.5% per year. Thanks to this inflation it funds the curation rewards (for voters) and editor rewards (for creators of proposals).
It operates based on periods of 7 days. For each period a curation_reward as well as an editor_reward will be issued by the Protocol (respecting the 2.5% yearly inflation rate). For each period all users can submit Proposals in order to get a part of the editor_reward of the period. Etica token holders can submit and vote on proposals using a staking system (They have to lock Eticas for 28 days in exchange for bosoms). Bosoms are a unit of measure inherent to the protocol that is used by the voting system. All proposals can be voted upon for 3 weeks. After the voting duration has been passed the Protocol rewards or penalises participants based on the outcome of the votes.
The protocol is designed in such a way that only about 72% of proposals will be accepted. Thus due to open source competition the creators of proposals will have to improve the quality of their papers to get a proposals accepted by the network as things progress
The creator of a proposal that was accepted by the network will be rewarded with a part of the period's editor_reward that will be proportional to the amount of Eticas that was used by token holders to vote on the proposal. If the proposal is rejected, depending on the level of the rejection the creator of the proposal will have it's stack duration increased (for instance 65 days) or even lose funds (to submit you have to put a collateral of 10 ETI that you can lose if proposal is heavily rejected by the network).
The voters that vote on the wining side (can be either accepted or rejected) will get a part of the curation_reward proportional to the amount of Eticas they have used to vote on the proposal. If they vote on the losing side, their stack will be increased (for instance 84 days longer) in proportion to the level of rejection.
Full details in the whitepaper.
The whitepaper:
The Etica whitepaper (9 pages) describes how the protocol will operate in details. (As Published and sent to the original Satoshi Nakamoto mailing list in September 2019)
The smart contract:
The Etica smart contract is on github/etica. It is a complexe smart contract that successfully implements everything described in the whitepaper in the form of an Ethereum smart contract. If you are a developper or you know ethereum developpers tell them to review this smart contract. I have full confidence they will assess the quality of the code.
Reddit etica:
I recently got ownership of etica and this is where I plan to organise the emerging community. If you are interested in this project make sure you join etica. It is the very very begining (as I'm writing there are only 5 members on etica haha).
A working explorer of Etica protocol on Ethereum mainnet: (demo of a vote on
My brand new personal youtube channel where I mostly talk about Monero for now but I will start to also make videos about Etica:
Etica is all about open source and creating a community based project with nobody having specific privileges. Even if I started to work on Etica alone, I understand the potential of this project, it is much bigger than me and to succeed it needs to be completely decentralised from day 1.
This is why I want to underline these facts:

  1. I plan to launch Etica in coming months from scratch as soon as there will be a community
  2. There will be no premine
  3. Anybody joining Etica will have same rights, aka I won't have any privilege nor anybody else
  4. It is completely open source
  5. It is a neutral protocol
  6. There is no backdoor Key or Key with specific rights
  7. The smart contract will be launched on its Blockchain (a Fork of Ethereum Proof of work)
  8. The initial supply will be distributed trough mining
  9. Mining will stop forever once we reach 21 Million Eticas (should take several years)
  10. Then only the yearly inflation of 2.5% will generate new Eticas.
This stuff is not mine, it is all about building it together. Let's become Legends and Join etica
Best regards,
Kevin Wad
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Can anyone get me a ticketmaster bot that works please
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2021.11.28 02:22 TheUnggoyFarmer 4 player splitscreen doesn’t exist?

I invited some friends over to play splitscreen halo infinite since 343 stated 4player splitscreen would be in the game but my Xbox is only allowing two players. Have they gone back on that or is it only available on the series s and x? I’m playing on a One X.
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2021.11.28 02:22 stasia_s What made dating someone who is from another country more difficult than dating someone from your own country?

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Offering rapid review classes for step 1 Mostly for those in last stage of their preparation to enhance score
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