🛁 Relaxing Hot Tub Ambience For Rest & Relaxation 🛁

The staff is friendly, because I don’t know that the afternoon tea was arranged to go to eat on the first day of check-in. We checked in before the middle of the meal. The staff was very careful and helped us arrange the first day of the second day. After eating, Tongbui helped us to check out late, and waited for us to rest and leave first.

2021.10.18 06:58 24thSun 🛁 Relaxing Hot Tub Ambience For Rest & Relaxation 🛁

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2021.10.18 06:58 YotzMivonks Prevailing attitude towards newbies, and "fault"

There is some back story. Skip to the next post if you don't care, because you won't care about the rest.
I began to have some back troubles earlier this year, and 2 months ago I went out of work on Short Term Disability. The PT folks I've been seeing for that time haven't given me anything that has had any significant imrovement and they are stumped. They can hurt me plenty however. Tomrrow I meet with a spine doctor. Anyway, I digress a bit.
I've always like racing in passing, but never had a passion. I also have VR but have only ever really used it (beyond just screwing aound) for flight sims and Beat Saber before these events. I found there was a VR mod for GTA V that was well recieved, so I jumped through the hoops of trying it out. The hoops weren't bad at all.
It was cool and all, but then I did my first street race. I can't even begin to express in writing what I felt, but I know you've all felt it too, and you know what I mean.
I was sold on racing, period.
Laugh now at me being sold on sim racing by a VR mod for GTA V, but ever since that moment I have been hooked on racing. I did everything I could to at least try every 'sim' out there before I gave iRacing a chance, because of the costs involved.
I can't believe I didn't just start with iRacing. I knew better, I did the research before I tried anything else, but I also thought for sure SOMETHING else would substitute the desired feeling I needed. I was wrong.
There is no experience that I have found (to be controversial, including ACC for GT3) on the planet that will ever replicate the feeling of racing other humans in iRacing. I'm only currently D Class racing in a Ferrari 488 and I feel this way.
I do my research, I study other drivers, I watch events, I am 100% invested. This is something I've needed for over 40 years, and didn't know it. I know I will never make any money doing it, but I take it as seriously as if I would.
I do my absolute best to race clean, but I'm 2 months into sim racing. I can run dozens of clean laps by myself in a test session. I can even run dozens of clean laps in practice, where everyone is nice and spread out usually. They are not the fastest laps ever, but they are clean.
Everyone preaches consistency, including NPCs.
This brings me to the entire point of this post.
I personally have not experienced this....YET....but I fully expect to.
I have seen many many posts "who's at fault?" where to me it looks like I was the one driving 'at fault' and just wasn't experieneced enough yet to have realized what I did wrong.
Why? Who cares? How does it help your race, or blood pressure, to study the crap out of someone who just made a mistake? Just because you know better than I do doesn't suddenly make this a major issue.
All of that said, I understand why there are stewards and everything else, I just think ya'll are too freakin hung up on "pro" skills in "Class D" races.
If there is a serious answer to "why" beyond just gaining a few points (not talking about Pro level, I understand it there) I'd LOVE to hear it. Please, seriously.
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2021.10.18 06:58 MidasTouch007 hey guys just released my first song ❤️❤️

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2021.10.18 06:58 NeutronBlade Returning Player Help

I’ve decided to come back to this game after almost 2 years. I need help and advice for which chars to invest in and building a pve team. Here are my chars: https://imgur.com/a/zRD7vpP Thanks.
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2021.10.18 06:58 Two_HandTommy How to capture party chat when playing on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

Me and my friends regularly play Fortnite. Two of us play on Xbox and the other two play on the Switch. We recently decided to start streaming on Twitch just for fun. We are all new to streaming and we don't have very big expectations for our channel. We are mainly streaming to capture anything cool and to rewatch our games. Whenever I stream, only my voice is picked up on the stream. I have done a little research, but I have had little success on how to have all members of the party have their voices picked up when we stream. Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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2021.10.18 06:58 lazif Gorgeous

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2021.10.18 06:58 AmazingPie6451 Alahna Ly Nude Showing Her Sexy body

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2021.10.18 06:58 ChristianTalk The Mystery Of God In The Flesh

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2021.10.18 06:58 BimboWomprat Strange Extra Pieces

Did anyone else get strange extra pieces in their Mandalorian Forge set? Like ones not ever used in the build?
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2021.10.18 06:58 Nvsible can't access to my acount

can't access to my account embedded facebook login don't work and forwhatever reason the game did log out of my account
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2021.10.18 06:58 one_aquele_lixokkk which one was better ?

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2021.10.18 06:58 Stryver_ELITE WINE-Red Satin, by Me. 2021 [2160x3840]

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2021.10.18 06:58 bruhmyballshurt Diary of a ugly kid

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2021.10.18 06:58 SpectorGrowl Is my Maple critically ill?

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2021.10.18 06:58 meapsy college homecoming weekend + t1d any tips for regulating blood sugars + alcohol ?

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2021.10.18 06:58 MTMacgyver 01 Volvo xc70 Clunking when turning

So I need some help, hopefully someone has had this experience before. Today while backing up and turning I heard a loud clunk, which has only gotten worse. It mostly occurs while turning (even slight) every once in a while straight. I pulled the axles and the CV joints seem to be good and rotate without any issue. The wheel bearing are smooth, and don't rotate too freely. The clunking sound happens when turning the wheel left or right.
The clunking sound has a metallic ring and there is a physical push back in the steering wheel. It only does it while driving, I can turn the wheel completely to each side while parked and no issue. The strut tower mounts seem fine. The struts and spring were replaced a few years ago with all new bushings. The lower control arms and bushing were replaced about 5 years ago and still seem in good shape.
Any help would be appreciated.
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2021.10.18 06:58 waterfromthecrowtrap Deadwax (2018) is an incredible vinyl and audiophile targeted horror series

Originally on Shudder and now on AMC+, this series offers an awesome horror experience for vinyl collectors and vintage audio fans. It checks off the boxes for so many types of people you encounter in the audio world, builds on the mythology around truly rare pressings, and has some really fun audio gear selections for those who know to be pleasantly surprised by what they find. If you're looking for the narrow overlap in the Venn diagram of audio gear geakdom, rare vinyl obsession, and horror, this is your rare opportunity to indulge in that fascinating confluence.
note: meta flair selected because there isn't a Film/Cinema category and I can't do custom on my mobile app
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2021.10.18 06:58 Trigorie I got mad at my son because he gave another kid his lunch.

And now the cops are asking me to whom does the half-chewed hand belong to.
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2021.10.18 06:58 JuRiOh Some tips and tricks to efficiently farm Heroic barrens for tasks.

I have done my fair share of heroic barrens stage 2 to farm tasks (300+ completed) and wanted to share some knowledge to do it more efficiently.
There is 53 mercenaries. There is 18 tasks per mercenary. That's 918 tasks total. You find a task in roughly every third run, so if you truly want to not only get but also finish every task you will run this several thousand times, so efficiency might be worth your time.
I have been doing mercenaries F2P (didn't preorder or purchase any packs) and after 300 tasks completed I can craft 5 legendaries and am pretty close to crafting most of others. I have opened or was able to craft ALL epics/rares. I have done all Bounties, but didn't farm any multiple times except attempting a few heroics while leveling up some mercs. This seems like a very good way to grind coins/packs/equipments to get your colleciton rolling, regardless whether for PvE or PvP.
Why Heroic Barrens stage 2 (Air Elemental) ? The stage is short (1-2 battles before the mystery node), the enemies are easy (low HP). You can also run Kodobane on normal however.
The basic idea is to take the fastest route to the mystery node, hope it's the mysterious visitor (then take the task), retire the run and start a new one.
Keep in mind the break points for your AoE's might change once you upgrade abilities/equipments.
I suggest using an A Team (AOE clear) and a B Team (That you want to do tasks for). You want to be able to clear every encounter (excluding the boss) in 1 round, preferably by clicking a minimum amount (not targeting), so cooldown abilities that can't be used on turn 1 are undesirable.
A Team

  1. Millhouse Manastorm (Arcane Explosion - add Arcane Powder as equipment)
  2. Varden Dawngrasp (Flurry - add Potion of Ice as equipment)
(These two will do 12+10=22 aoe damage (maxed) and clear many encounters by themselves, some enemies however have more hp and will require a third aoe or single target ping)
  1. Baron Geddon(+ Antonidas/Alexzstrasa/Ragnaros)
(Baron is slower and does less aoe than the former 2 but all 3 combined will aoe clear everything on turn 1, if you have finished Varden/Millhouse till task 18 already, you can swap one out for Antonidas, who needs to ping first but will then greatly improve Geddon's aoe. This is slightly slower but lets you do their tasks towards task 18 somewhat efficiently)
  1. Krush
(Only has single target, but is slow enough to finish of after the AOE, even if it's multiple units, the deathrattle will trigger and attack the next lowest health minion).
B Team
Basically whatever you want to do tasks for. If possible, try to combine tribals because certain tasks will overlap better (e.g. do damage with orcs, do arcane damage, etc.).
The higher level your B Team mercs are, the easier it is to complete their tasks because they have more time due to being able to soak up more damage, since their hp pool will be lower than your A team, they will be the prime target generally. A good time is to start at level 28/29 so you can still get some XP while grinding tasks, but keep in mind you need to be level 30 to complete task 5.
Efficiency Tips
Some of these might seem like a small time save, but keep in mind if you want to farm all tasks, you will do thousands of runs and possibly have up to 10.000 actual battles. This will make a difference.
  1. Only ever have 1 task of your A Team active and use the other 3 slots for your entire B Team
  2. Do your B Team tasks simultaneously (all Task 1s, all task 2s, etc. don't go for task 4 with one while the other ones are on task 1, because tasks overlap and can be done better simultaneously [Task 4: deal 150 damage / Task 5: Finish a bounty at level 30 / Task 6: Destroy 40 minions / etc.]).
  3. Favor Protector encounters over FighteCaster, because your Caster AoE does double damage and will likely clear it with 2 casts instead of 3, sometimes even 1 in case of 3 protectors.
  4. If you find a Portal, use it before retiring. The further you have "completed" the bounty the more rewards you get (even if you don't need the rare coins anymore, in the future there will be use for them).
  5. Get used to the encounter and know how much aoe you need. Put Millhouse first, then Varden, both abilities will show up over Millhouse's head, so simple to click, skip your third aoe if you don't need it and just press ready.
  6. If you only need 1 or 2 AOE's to clear the encounter, don't even bother putting the third mercenary down, just click ready and you get one automatically, which is faster. [In the future you may just press ready to get your first 3 mercenaries in the deck put down, currently your deck order isn't the same as your hand order unfortunately]
  7. Don't work on single tasks with your B team, use your A team to get 2 or 3 tasks before you put in your B team to get damage with certain abilities.
  8. Some encounters that require 2 AOE's and a ping (e.g. Green Hyena unless maxed) can be a good time to use one of your B Team mercenaries to do the final ping.
  9. Tasks for Abilities with a cooldown are often "Use x times", if you know your 2nd/3rd ability is one of those, try to prioritize them when taking a task and work on them first, ebcause they take more time.
  10. If you are full on tasks, take your time with encounters to get progress done, you can skip turns to get your cooldown abilities done quicker.
  11. Some abilities can target your own mercenaries for damage, this way you can get progress without killing the enemies. You can also heal enemy minions with most healing abilities to prolong the battle when needed.
  12. Sometimes you don't want to turn in a completed task in order to block the possibility of getting it again (E.g. if you have task 4 for merc a and task 4 for merc b completed but are still waiting to get task 4 from the mysterious visitor for merc c don't complete them to guarantee merc c shows up. If you turn in task 4 for merc a, you might get task 5 for merc a before you get task 4 for merc c and the lack of overlap will slow your progress down)
  13. Don't complete your A Team task when you are currently looking for a B Team task, only ever complete it if you find a mysterious visitor while you have 3 B Team tasks (Example- If you find a mysterious visitor, you would rather want to complete B Team and get a new one, in this case if you have a battle before a mystery node you could try to force finish Guff in that encounter to get his Task 4 before taking task 5 on other B Team mercs.)
  14. Unless you plan to spend the coins on something specific for PvP in the near future, use them to upgrade abilities that deal damage right away, especially the first levels make a big difference (e.g. 3 damage level 1, 10 damage level 3 = need 3x less casts).

Antonidas Task 3
Baron geddon Task 10
Grommash Task 12
(maybe others) are currently bugged and can't be completed, so keep that in mind, especially if you use Antonidas/Baron in your A Team, never pick their task past that point.
I wrote this spontaneously from memory, as I encounteremember more, I will edit the list accordingly.
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2021.10.18 06:58 Random_Guy4532 The😂 Cuss Word🤬🤬 Song🎶 by rusty💧⚙️ cage⛓️

Oh😲 fuck🍆💦🍑 shit🙊💩 bitch👩💃 damn😡🤬 cock🍆😍 sucker😚🍆💦 Pussy😻🍑 asshole🍑💩🕳️ cunt🇦🇺🖕 Mother👩 fuckin'🍆💦🍑 dirty💩 whore💃💦 shat🍑💩 onto👇😱 my lunch💩🍔😋 Piss🍆💦 cunt🇦🇺🖕 damn😡🤬 bitch👩💃 suck😚🍆 my🧑 dick🍆 ✝️Jesus🙏 ✝️Harold🙏 ✝️Christ🙏 Shit💩 Bitch👩 cock🍆😲 sucker😚🍆 god😇 damn🤬 Mother👩 fucker🍆💦🍑 pussy😻🍑 asshole🍑💩🕳️ cunt🇦🇺
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2021.10.18 06:58 rafe-uzzaman best armor

hello ! recently started witcher 3 and this game is soooo good ! i m grinding all day night ! My current level i 38 so if u guys have any good armor set + swords set to get plz tell me !
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2021.10.18 06:58 AntiFacistBossBitch Disinformation Karens fancy themselves heroes

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2021.10.18 06:58 Needingadvice321 Do you ever feel like there should be something more to life?

I find it absurd that some people think we should idolize working. I don’t want to work, I don’t want to retire at 65 so that I might be able to afford my medication, I don’t want to watch 3rd world countries get turned into war zones, I don’t want to go to school where I learn other peoples shitty ideas, I don’t want to meet Societies standards, counter-culture is now just another culture.
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2021.10.18 06:58 rollforint [Advice] How early should I be looking?

I'm currently staying in a sublet in Manhattan until December 1st. I was hoping to lock in something early but I keep seeing new listings posted that are ready for immediate move-in.
Is it common for new apartments to get listed for ASAP move-in or is it just the trend since it's the middle of the month? Or to put it another way, how early should I be searching for a place assuming I want to move in late November?
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