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What is the worst/most shocking thing someone has confessed to you that they’ve done?

2021.10.25 10:55 Kaiju_Dan What is the worst/most shocking thing someone has confessed to you that they’ve done?

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2021.10.25 10:55 wamdueCastle I did an artisty thing, with colour, I think it worked.

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2021.10.25 10:55 erixalune Lucky you... You get to choose, soles or toesies first😏 Or both at the same time😘

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2021.10.25 10:55 NotKyaVess Be a Real Shame If Someone Caustic Blooded Right About Now

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2021.10.25 10:55 TAshnEdda My Halloween CAS

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2021.10.25 10:55 Over_Watercress_8982 Absolutely massive puffball flush

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2021.10.25 10:55 TechniqueMachine We are not the same.

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2021.10.25 10:55 TheJoffinator Just unsubscribed from r/conspiracy. It is now an anti-vax COVID circlejerk

I think I subscribed to conspiracy like, 2 years ago? It used to be a subreddit that had legit conspiracy theories and stories and they were fun to read . Now? If you go look at the posts from the past 3-6 months it’s nothing but people posting about the government and mask mandates and being antivax and how it’s some big deal that people who actively go against keeping themselves and other people safe are frowned upon.
What the fuck happened to the Bigfoot, ufo, and other stories? Nope, now it’s just “ I’m fired from the military for not getting vaccinated, something is coming. “, “ I lost my job as a nurse for not getting vaccinated, where did this discrimination come from? “, and a bunch of posts talking about how now unvaxxed people are discriminated against purposely. Fuck all that. I’m not gonna stick around and watch all these people pat each-other on the back for getting other people sick and spread an asinine amount of misinformation.
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2021.10.25 10:55 japanidol hiro - Something Great -Music Video-

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2021.10.25 10:55 kenflowerbrock Referral on Binance

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2021.10.25 10:55 Morgan-992 in combination with the seamless backgrounds, allows photographers to recreate stunning studio-quality images fit for an advertisement all from the comfort of their home or home studio. And with the top-down opening, you can even get stunning bird’s eye views for all of your products. If you’re

in combination with the seamless backgrounds, allows photographers to recreate stunning studio-quality images fit for an advertisement all from the comfort of their home or home studio. And with the top-down opening, you can even get stunning bird’s eye views for all of your products. If you’re submitted by Morgan-992 to McrOne [link] [comments]

2021.10.25 10:55 The_Iron_Zeppelin Looking for a place that ships Pink Elephants internationally.

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2021.10.25 10:55 Yeetman_12345 Free coaching

I'm GC 2 I do coaching for anyone under diamond so if you need some help and what to work on something ask me don't be toxic
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2021.10.25 10:55 One_Employ_3604 Making Aliens based of every Pokemon type combo: Grass

Grass/Normal: Nutcracker
Nut Cracker is a squirrel like, squirrel sized alien with the movement, agility, and speed of one. It's special ability is eating any type of tree seed: acorns, pinecones, apple seeds, pits. After putting it in its mouth it can either swallow it and grow full body wooden armor made of the same wood the seed grows into, and thus its size which can surpass way-big with enough time. The other option is spit the seeds out at high velocity and turnthem into time bombs that create a large explosion made out of the wood the seed grows into, with the impact of a tree growing on the opponent in a second. Weaknesses of Nut Cracker is it's light and squishy body and the fact its hard to escape its armor if it ever ignites.
Grass/Fire: Forest Fire
Forest Fire has the appearance of a round cannonbolt-sized pinecone with a face, thick arms , legs, and a fire core. It's more noticable feature is its large tree on its head that is proportional to the horn of a beetle. The tree is its main physical attack, which can be used like a large blunt object. Forest Fire can absorb both fire and soil with ash acting like a fertilizer to heal itself and grow its tree and its body proportionally, the maximum being 30% bigger its natural size. Forest Fire can shed leaves off voluntarily or otherwise. Leaves will start igniting flammable objects on contact. When at its maximum power, it'll bursts out seeds that can grow into baby Pyrogrates given enough energy from fire and soil, these babies will have a filial instinct to follow the instructions of Forest Fire. When absorbing, it must heal itself first before growing. Enough water and/or extinguisher will cause Forest Fire to become weak and whither. While he's powered by and feasts on fire but it can be drowned in lava.
Grass/Water: Hydrongea
Species: Flowwician
Hydrongea is a small flat quadrupedal body that seems to be made of clear water filled tubes, this body is fragile and can break as easily as a thin plastic hose. It hides under a plant with the size and appearance of a Hydrangea. This Hydrangea is very absorbent and durable. Being immune to blunt, energy, sonic, thunder, and most other kinds. It can take slashes and pierces well but only so much unlike blunt, similarly it can absorb poison but can't handle large enough doses. It's more vulnerable to cold and acid damage but can manage to hold its own for little bit. The hydrangea itself makes for both a perfect landing area, shield, and camouflage depending on the area. It can connect itself to a mainly leafy plant such as a bush, shrub or hedge. When connected it'll grow its hydrangeas onto the plant and give it the same properties as the flower and grow in size in proportion to the plant it connects to. Hydrongea can absorb any liquid or gaseous pollutants into its plants or from the soil and spit them back out in a gaseous state. Hydrongea can shoot out an individual hydrangea but the attack only doesn't do any powerful damage and has a different purpose. When in a large body of water with a plant connected on it will soon burst off its body, reverting it to its original size without a hydrangea and needs to connect to a hydrangea again (which is what the individual shooting is for, to save it before the explosion). Without a hydrangea on it and not in water, the body will start leaking and die out in a few minutes.
Grass/Electric: Tree Zap
Species: Mamplen
Tree Zap has the appearance of a 9 foot tall Treeant with a black metallic coding on its body and some patterns that makes it look part battery powered by special electric sap. It's body is fairly durable but its movements is slow and cumbersome. Its body can create moving branches that act as appendages of varying sizes, shapes for multiple kinds of utility. Tree Zap has a blind sense around the appendages so it can be properly aimed. Tree Zap bares a special shorter appendages that can "plug" into things and insert its special electric "sap" into it. The sap can charge and power electrical machinery and can be constant if connected. It can also electrify conductors, but its most special is in wood if connected to a wooden object, it start growing appendages even a sap connector from the object but It can only grow a sap connector if the object its live. While it can consistently use these appendages from wooden object it may also leek sap onto non wooden or electronic surfaces and create appendages from the spill for a limited amount of time. Tree Zap can even keep things electrified/branching when not connected but also for so long. Things like giving its disconnected items, growing appendages out of sap spills, and growing another sap connector will take energy but Tree Zap can absorb electricity and minerals to gain it, even from live wooden objects its connected.
Grass/Flying: Dandicotton
Spieces: Nimbatarx
Dandicotton has a large, energy resistant, cloud-like body with thin wooden veins inside of it and two eyes that resemble those of cotton seeds. These details can only be seen up close from a distance away especially high in the sky Dandicotton is practically indistinguishable from any other cloud. A nimbatarx's body is very slow but can be pushed by strong winds and stop on command, it's also intangible except for its veins that it can move from the inside its body to catch or let objects pass through. It unleashes basketball size spores that take the appearance of Dandelions without the stems. These will then burst and spread out, covering the entire surface with the cotton like material that makes up its body. Thin green vines will grow from whatever the spores cover into Dandicotton's body and start slowly absorbing energy if it's connected to any living thing including plant life and immobilizing the area it's connected to. Flowican can retract the spores back to its bodies carrying any living object that it's connected to and is able to let go of the objects by choice. These spores are not resistant to wind. The vines are also able to cut down and is slightly painful to the Nimbatarx when it does.
Spiecies: Cryodandin
Florost has the appearance of a two foot anthropomorphic plant with a dandelion for ahead and a thin coating of special frost on it. Its leaf blade feet puts a cold frost on almost any surface it touches and can stick to walls with it. Its main exploit is to skate at high speeds with nimble movement. This leaves a trail of frost behind it that hides small hidden seeds. These seeds will reveal from the frost when Florost ever makes direct or is close enough for fire for long enough. The frost on its body will melt off, causing it to grow only two and a half more feet, and revealing the seeds from the frost and sprout into its similar daffodils connected by vines. These vines connect to each other from the frost trails even from the distance between each foot. When fully connected the vines will wrap around the expanded Florost and the daffodils with attach to its hand and legs. When fully retracted the daffodils supply Florost with energy used to blast powerful beams of ice. They leave a frosty residue for Florost to coat itself after the supply is empty leaving it another coat that'll shrink it back down to repeat the process. The frost trails can possibly be defrosted prematurely with fire and be removed as easily as much as any plant. Without a coat of frost and if somehow, still grown, Florost has sacrifices the mobility as its smaller form. Besides the beams, still as vulnerable as a 4.5foot plant creature.
Species: Nectin
Fallinator has the body of a green bear-sized wasp with pink red and blue floral patterns on it, and an enclosed flower for a head. It can tirelessly fly at speeds up to 30 mph and a relatively nimble flyer at that. It’s special ability is to shoot out and control flying wads of bacteria with the appearance of pollen of various sizes that can merge and split. Average size of the bacteria groups is about the size of half its body and the biggest size it can do (in one setting time) is the size of an elephant. The bacteria can hold anything within its size no matter the mass or gravity. The bacteria itself has unlimited flight control and can move anywhere without restriction from gravity, though easy to break from outside or in. This make it good for aerial transportation. Follinator can command the bacteria to fall right down it’ll be put in an invulnerable state that will crash at high impact to the surface with power proportional to height becoming meteors. The bacteria will quickly quote the objects within with a layer to protect from fall damage. Once landed, the dead pollen will scatter around the area, and like real pollen, can be used to help flower fertilization. Bacteria’s terminal velocity is only slightly less in a human so it’s meteor attacks are powerful, but a bit slow. If commanded to a fall in a place with little to no gravity, the bacteria will just disperse and die.
Grass/Ground: Ogroot
Species: Macrunckan
Ogroot takes the appearance of an 18 foot wooden ogre like creature from the bust up growing out of the ground, underneath is they vital base growing a series of regular roots and 2 (or more, depending on age, in Ben's Case, 2) main ones that also grow out of the ground and can be used as tentacles, the roots themselves can grow in the ground indefinitely, even retract while in the ground, but can only peek about 12 feet above the surface. Ogroot can also break off his current body, and break down his current base and grow it in the place of a single emerging tentacle root, as long as there is at least one above ground, since the process needs about some level of oxygen. The broken off body will revert and become a tentacle root itself. If a root is ever cut the Macrunkan can simply regrow, the closest the cut is to the base the more energy it needs to grow. This form is practically immobile besides the quick propagation from root to root, and it's obviously limited to open areas above ground.
Grass/Rock: Petrivine
Petreefy is a humanoid stone creature with long dreadlock like hair made out of what seems to be moss. The forearms are missing and replaced with its hands dangling and being connected to the body with large hard to cut vines. Vines also cover its body from the shoulders down. Petreefy can extend(up to 10ft) and wrap the vines, either from his feet or the ones connecting his hands to opponents draining energy from them before petrifying the opponent and giving them a stone like appearance, starting from the area the vines are wrapping, before the entire body. This form of petrification is actually a physical symptom of a sickness caused by the vines, if at least the head is petrified the target will be rendered unconscious. The body will have the properties of stone but cannot shatter, though attempting to break it is painful. The petrification last hours, days, or even moths depending on the target's energy level and health at the time of petrification and how naturally resilient the target is. There are ways to speed up the process or cure it all together. Enough damage to the area can revert the target, but petrified targets will sense more pain if it's the cause proportional to how petrified they are, sometimes making attacks more dangerous than they should be often resulting in broken bones, or at worse comas small chance to be permanent, there's a special way to strike a victim but it requires great care. The other way is nutrients, water, food, sunlight, or whatever the species takes nutrients from something. Enough of it can reduce the cure time significantly and there are special formulas that will harmlessly cure the target instantly. When petrifying a target, vines will cover the victim and as long as the vines are on the target, the target cannot be cured, though they're less easy to cut off than the vines connecting Petreefy's hands. Petreefy can shed the mossy hair of its head and petrify the body part of any living creature it lands on, to take out a target the best way to do this is aim for the head, it can regrow but will take hours. If ben wraps an already petrified victim, he can add more entrapping vines. With its stone body Petreefy is strong and durable as stone, but is rather slow considering its weight.
The body is bamboo-like pole with around four legs for stability that resembles a Wing Chun wooden training dummy without the practice sticks sticking out, at base form. The head itself stays on the top and covered in thorns, the body itself is able to spin around. It can create wooden sticks coming out of any part of its body exactly like a wooden training dummy with full 360 joints connected to another stick that will resemble any type of martial melee weapon including extra hard shields, creating blades and able to create a few ranged weapons that can shoot thorns. It has a full 360 sense and able to look around and react to anything that approaches. OF course it is very adept and able to masterfully wield any of the weapons it creates and sense it can grow them out of any side and any area of its body this alien is masterful at taking down multiple enemies from all ranges, only lower part is that it's not the most graceful when it comes to mobility.
Genevolts defaults with a pink fleshy humanoid body. This changes with the DNA it absorbs with it's ability, changing body parts to match which species and changing the colotexture of it's skin to match any flora. Maybe even in Ben's case it could possibly alter its body to match some random aliens (It won't get any of their powers if that's the case). It has the ability to trap any animal with some non-animal material (Plants, Mushrooms, Soil, Water) into an indestructible cosmic sphere. Inside that sphere is a world dedicated to that organism and the material added. Evolving multiple random animal and possibly plant species based off their DNA. After some time the entire world will reach an end phase where only a few species are still alive and if not released, all the organisms will die off. The real time it actually takes for this world to evolve and how easy it is to create a biosphere will depend on how large and intelligent the creature is. He can entrap a small rodent or bug, on a whim where the simulated world will reach its end in about 3 minutes, dying off in half the time. But a regular human can escape with little effort and it'll take a whole year for the world to reach its end. When the world does reach its end phase it can now burst open in a large concentrated with a compact area controlled by Bioburst, releasing up to planetary levels of energy and the few remaining survival species. These Species can have things like increased intelligence, strength, speed, size, special attributes etc. While this can be compared to ultimate evolution, the simulated world is not necessarily a war zone so powered up creatures are not guaranteed, nor are they actually controlled by bioburst. As for as much power a world sphere can release, the actual Genevolt body is actually soft and weak.
Grass/Poison:Muck Shroom
Muck Shroom has a round, body made out of a soft and mushy material, a large portabella mushroom cap for a head, and stubby hardened limbs. The head cap can regenerate from any injury as long as a couple cells are left standing and it isn't dried out. The soft body mass is very loosely connected and easily dispersible and takes little effort to take out the body mass from Muck Shroom. Whenever there's a part of its body is removed it can regenerate itself, it can simply refill the missing body area or have it's own body material growing outside in a more unorthadox shape, the grown body mass can also harden into a limb. This regeneration can be controlled but will require focus and will just grow randomly otherwise. But when a piece of its body mass gets onto an object (living or otherwise), it will soak into a portion of that object and grow a mushroom cap from it. The soaked portion of the object will have the same semi-liquid and mucky composition as Muck Shroom's body if it ever soaks into a brain, the organism will also have a feeling of grogginess and sickness. Unlike the body mass of mushroom, the affected object cannot disperse and will stay connected reforming back into its shape whenever disturbed. This effect can be reversed by drying off and removing the mushroom cap. If it falls onto a dead organism, it can be absorbed into Muck Shroom's body.
This alien is a tall stalky humanoid plant creature, with scythe like blades for arms and a pumpkin, jack-o lantern like head. Jack O sends/eggs out airborne seeds that infest inside an organisms brain. The seeds start scanning the target’s brain and finds the targets fears. Then it’ll start forming a shape based off the fears of the target. (If someone had a fear of spiders it’ll become a large spider, heights a winged monster that’ll grab them up.. etc.…)during the process it’ll cause a feeling of worry what can be described as a sudden cold shoulder, or bad feeling. Eventually the seeds will move outside the targets head in a gaseous like state to reform into the fears they received. These practically indestructible creatures are made of an energy, will burn the target (or my creature) on contact said burning well increase the more scared the target is, getting to the point of scaring them out cold or even killing them via heart attack depending on the individual. They will also take on behavioral patterns based on the fears their manifested from even able to talk for psychological effect if needed. When attacking a target they’ll absorb energy equal to how much fear they induce getting brighter with more energy they absorb. Anytime Halloseeder can slice by “harvesting” the creatures with his scythe-like arms. Absorbing them into his head, regathering the energy as seeds to be expelled out again. Not only is the excess energy act as food but it can radiate into their scythe’s turning them into formidable weapons. Jackobians could reabsorb the energy for an extra supply of food/seeds or energy will be worked out from swinging their arms. Of course if the seeds enter the brain of someone with little to no fears it’ll struggle to form and most if not all will die off. Creature attacking those that do not fear them will absorb no energy thus leaving the Jackobians with nothing more to eat.
Grass/Dragon: Jungle King
Jungle King is a 200 foot tall reptilian godzilla-like creature while being appeared of a wooden material with short arms and legs relative to his size. Jungle King's physical form is extremely durable given its size yet walks at a slow pace relative to that of a tortoise. Its special ability is to unleash a roar that causes different effects towards plant and animal life within a third of a mile around it. Plant life with grow twice as larger reaching to rainforest/jungle like proportions, animals that are surrounded by plant life will now be under the control of Jungle King. Jungle King can also grow the beast into stronger near prehistoric beasts. These effects will wear off if Jungle King ever leaves their radius or after an amount of time has passed, usually 20 minutes though this can vary. The roar of Jungle King will also cause tremors across the third mile radius proportional to how much plant life there is. He can also grow about a few dozen trees around him, though only in a shorter 200ft radius. So aside from his large size and body, he's not as useful in empty open areas devoid of plant life.
Grass/Steel: Bladydid
Bladydid has a tall, lean thin body with arms and legs that look like sharp halves of a leaf, with a long insect-like face. He also has the appearance of being made a leaf. The bladed edges of the alien's limbs are abnormally sharp, and can easily cleave through steel, and the flesh of even some of the toughest species, can even damage a to'kustar. Bladydid also has a very agile and sleek body making it more adept for enhanced maneuverability and combat, the alien is also light enough to fall from any height without damage. Bladydid contains the ability to retract himself into the appearance of a leaf, the color and exact texture of the leaf varies upon subspecies, but it will have the appearance of a standard leaf found on earth and many other planets. This ability is great for camouflage and hard to hit with how small it is. His leaf form will also reduce fall speed drastically but the direction can be directly controlled and fly at short bursts of speed. The edges of the leaf form still retain sharpness, giving Bladydid the function of a living throwing star. The Limbs are fairly durable, able to act like mini shields against relatively strong attacks, bulletproof against smaller ammunition. Obviously not invincible over powered strikes can deal great damage but it has two vulnerable spots being it's head and body, more squishy and as vulnerable as Ben's human form. This squishy spot is in a small spot in the center of his leaf form, the other parts are as durable as his limbs.
Grass/Dark: Ambush
Species: Bliahant
Ambush is a long lanky hunch backed alien reaching up to 14ft, and made of a dead wood-like material. It's movements make little to no sound and has biological night vision, making it a more naturally stealthy alien in places/times where there's no light. It can manipulate the size and shape of its body, and change grow different types of leaves/vines making it able to camouflage its body into different plant life ranging from a small shrub, to a 20ft tree. When it grabs onto targets Ambush can shapeshift into another form of plant life, and pull the target into its body trapping it, almost like he's physically turning them into plants. After trapping a target Ambush can regenerate out of the ground leaving the target trapped in the immobile form of his old body, until it's physically destroyed, releasing them. Its weaknesses are the fact, he can't move when shapeshifting, and he can't regenerate his body (which is as hard as dead wood) until he captured a target.
Grass/Fairy: Rosetry
Species: Romaliweet
Rosetry is a slim elegant bipedal body with a red rose for a head and smaller decorative colored roses on the bodies that resembles a costume in a traditional shakespearian play. When he "speaks" in omnilingual audio waves he expels out a rosey aura and petals around the body spreading out to regular talking range. The waves themselves are perceived as a "poem" bogged down in metaphors, wordplay, iambic pentameter, and other verbal tricks that can hardly be comprehended except those with high intelligence or are well informed in their "language". Rosetry's "poetry" can include hidden details like, history, state, thoughts, or location about the topic at which Rosetry is addressing. This can include important information when decrypting the Romaliweet language, as it has access to possibly any and all information that may even be known by no one else, the information varies from who's listening it and what language it's perceived by. Rosetry cannot actually directly control what it will be perceived as and what information it will reference within its language since what Rosetry is actually saying (which can be something simple and mundane) will be converted into "poetry" that will be sent out and picked up by other individuals around it.
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2021.10.25 10:55 Suspicious_Compote56 Crying about Nerfed Steals

I don't know how folks are complaining about on ball steals being nerfed. Most of yall don't even have defensive builds and were about the spam your way to steals. I know it not a popular opinion but smashing the square button is not defense.
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2021.10.25 10:55 CabecaDeGaita Saudavel3000

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2021.10.25 10:55 B34TBOXX5 meirl

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2021.10.25 10:55 Geo__15 Where can I get the Dolby pre-rolls

Does anyone know where I could get Dolby vision & atmos previews like this, but with actual 5.1 surround and not heavy compressed video. Thanks in advance 🙏
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2021.10.25 10:55 FakeBetterBread how

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2021.10.25 10:55 CBa08_Reddit Yes Ruv, he is Little Man

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2021.10.25 10:55 RegisterLazy9086 My actual set up , any opinion ?

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2021.10.25 10:55 J-E-T 28 [M4F] Northeast Tennessee, Looking for a writer and PC gamer to connect with

Looking for a girl to who would enjoy playing some PC games together or to write with, or both if we're lucky! Looking to be friends first, as I'm not in a hurry to prompt romance without knowing you first, but it could turn into more over time. RP writing is an option too, as I write a lot of fantasy and the occasional sci-fi or post-apocalyptic story. Just seeking someone genuine to enjoy life with, be that from time to time or more. We could play games on PC: Tarkov, Valorant, Apex, Back 4 Blood, (maybe Dead By Daylight?) as some suggestions. I joke a lot and have a sense of humor many find funny. I've been told I'm a good flirt, though that just depends on the person or how we mesh up. If this interests you message me about what interested you in me!
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2021.10.25 10:55 Ishkavov Absolute nightmare fuel

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2021.10.25 10:55 Public_Preparation26 MNKD hold my beer🚀🚀🇺🇸🇺🇸

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