What to say during phone interview with a bank?

2021.10.18 07:46 Dibesh_Syekar What to say during phone interview with a bank?

It’s frustrating that each time I pass the interview, move onto final interview stage yet nothing happens afterwards. What should I say to cross this barrier?
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2021.10.18 07:46 Xubzii H: AA Short Gatling Gun and Zealot's Short Gatling Gun W: Offers

I have a anti-armor short Gatling gun with 25% faster fire rate and 90% reduced weight, and a Zealot's short Gatling gun with 25% damage while aiming and +1 perception with a prime receiver. Looking for offers and seeing what I could get
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2021.10.18 07:45 Silverfox781 Does anyone know what kind of spider this is? I saw three of them in my bathroom

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2021.10.18 07:45 Ruff0825 Choose Wisely

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2021.10.18 07:45 GoldfishReminiscense Norah Jones

Hey you - you know who you are. Lake Michigan is where I’d like to drown in your arms.
On a cold November day things could have gone differently, but I don’t even remember what I did, and I think that’s the worst part of this whole terrible situation.
I hate myself for so many of the mistakes that I made. The day we found each other was the day that I found myself crying about Gregg Allman.
And I want to wake up / with the rain falling on a tin roof / while I’m safe there in your arms / so all I ask is for you / to come away with me in the night
The worst day of my life was the day that I lost the chance to wake up next to you again. Whatever I did I’m sure I deserve it.
Lately I have a lot of tough days, but I think about you and the time I got to share with you and all of a sudden things aren’t so bad…
Sooner or later I’m going to need to throw away the belt you bought for me, but for now it’s a happy memory. That was a fun day.
I love you and I miss you and I think about you every day.
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2021.10.18 07:45 grizzchan GAM mods will only give a shit about this, after they see this post pop up here on ACJ

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2021.10.18 07:45 Current_Pressure_798 What's some dumb new shit everyone did with their first character?

I remember putting a shit ton of point into firewall and nothing else.
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2021.10.18 07:45 denden3221 Help

I need a play book with a a lot of wr screens
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2021.10.18 07:45 joellittjukes Range not fully recovering, after having a sore throat.

TLDR: I had a sore throat and lost my voice badly around 3-4 weeks ago and I still can’t hit all the legs I could before. Is this normal?
So about 3ish weeks ago I had a pretty rough sore throat, along with headaches and stuffed up. Common cold. Who knows maybe it was covid but whatever, it cleared up within 3-4 days, and then immediately after that I lost my voice badly for a few days. 3-4 days of laryngitis AFTER any cold symptoms cleared up. Obviously laryngitis is very common post sore throat.
Thing is. I coach a pretty high level of hockey for 17-21 year olds here in Canada. It’s not just minor hockey it’s legitimate real junior hockey, so when I had my voice lost, I still had to coach. Although I was much less vocal than usual, I definitely did some very raspy sounding yelling. I still had to strain my voice quite a bit, while my vocal chords were already swollen like crazy.
Luckily we had a 4 day break from hockey and I had 3 days off from work, so I literally spoke 10 words then next 3 days. By then my voice was back and my cold was gone. At first I could sing as high as before and it was slightly raspy but I wasn’t alarmed, I expected it to take some time. I didn’t try to over-do my voice to fast either.
But it’s been 3 weeks and I still can’t quite hit the notes I could before. I can only get about 90%-95% of what I could before. Did I do permanent damage? Can I get it back? Am I just freaking out and this is common timeline? Thanks for any suggestions.
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2021.10.18 07:45 PEPSBOOM WTF !?

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2021.10.18 07:45 ToxicRiley9 @@@@@ (Arroba)

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2021.10.18 07:45 khichariya Bitgame as a platform is the product of a deep understanding of the future of online entertainment.

Bitgame as a platform is the product of a deep understanding of the future of online entertainment. By combining the hottest emerging trends, Bitgame is well-positioned to be an innovative leader in this space.
#Bitgame #LUT #Bitgame_bounty #BTC #Crypto #Sports
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2021.10.18 07:45 Able-Bid-8674 [QC]qc these dunk pls

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2021.10.18 07:45 AGO18 6th month extension?

Hello, hope everyone is doing well.
I've been working in Korea for almost two years. My contract is going to end in February 2022, however, while I love Korea and my job, I don't think I have it in me to renew a contract for a 3rd year.
I def do not want to stay a 3rd year... but I WOULD stay an extra 6 months.
I have heard of 6th month extension contracts when finishing the prior contract. Is this something that can be done, and if so, who do I ask?
BTW, I am in the EPIK program and have been working with my schools for almost two years. I believe I have good relationship with both of them, and they have asked me to stay another year.
Thank you in advance for any given information :)
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2021.10.18 07:45 Knockout_013 300pts of Combined Army, freshly painted and ready for the snows if ITS13 - now featuring [un]Authorised Motorised Bounty Hunter!

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2021.10.18 07:45 ramesh2967 Microsoft rewards !!!

Does anyone use microsoft rewards in India ? I've seen people save enough to buy a series s/x in overseas ? not available right now in India but is there any way to get it? just like playing geforce now with vpn and stuff. any help or insights would be appreciated !!
that 2.5k deal for 32 month game pass was pog ! but sadge i have no money to spend.
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2021.10.18 07:45 mexicanamericana (33M4F) Let's talk about books!

What was the last book you read? What is your favorite book? What genre can you just not get into?
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2021.10.18 07:45 One_Appointment9221 Ospreay drops Stormbreaker from his arsenal?

Have any of you noticed that as of his recent matches Will Ospreay has been using Hidden Blade as his finisher in lieu of Stormbreaker? Do you think it might be because of his recent injuries? If so it's a real shame as I really liked that move. One of the best and coolest looking finishers of the last few years.
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2021.10.18 07:45 Kcmcc Advice needed about a cousin bridesmaid family joke turned family expectation

We’ve been together for 9 years this Christmas, engaged for 2, and one of fiance’s little cousins (around 10 at the time) used to always ask us when we’d get married so she could be bridesmaid. We always joked along at the time cause she was a cute little kid and we only seen her at most twice a year at family gatherings.
We visited my fiancé’s mum recently and when I brought up bridesmaids she mentioned the cousin as if it’s just fact that she is a bridesmaid. I’ve already told two close friends and my brother they are my bridesmaids and bridesman and feel really awkward about the whole thing not least cause bridesmaids aren’t exactly cheap. We haven’t seen the cousin in about 3 years so fiancé and I both don’t feel like she needs to be part of our day other than being invited to the wedding but also don’t want to hurt feelings.
My Fiancé’s mum’s been going through a tough time and is also giving us money toward the wedding so it’s just making me feel guilty not wanting this kid as a bridesmaid who is now 16 and will be 19 at our wedding. Do we suck it up and include the cousin or tell the mum we always thought it was a joke? I hate feeling like I don’t want this random girl I don’t really know in photos with my childhood friends the morning of the wedding and even the thought of her being at my parents house. She won’t know anyone except me until we get to the venue and I know I’ll be stressing about keeping her happy.
Sorry for the essay, our wedding planning has been smooth sailing until this and I'm in a bit of pickle trying to decide what's best to do. Any advice appreciated.
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2021.10.18 07:45 imrelbowlicker Control yourself madafaka

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2021.10.18 07:45 SirRender00 Experimental Terrain Expansion Idea

I have an experimental terrain expansion idea for your input! It includes 4 new units, a new disadvantage mechanic, and terrain tiles for customizable maps and scenarios. These units and terrain have only been moderately play-tested so they are by no means balanced-certified and input is very much appreciated.
New Mechanic: Disadvantage When a unit maneuvers with disadvantage, you must discard a bolstered coin from the unit before it maneuvers. Disadvantage does not stack.
Terrain Plains Tile
This is the standard hexagon in the base game.
Mountain Tile
Units have disadvantage when moving onto a Mountain Tile. Units have disadvantage when attacking from an adjacent Plains Tile to a Mountain Tile.
Rivers run between tile edges. Units have disadvantage when maneuvering between adjacent spaces across a River (includes tactics).
Bridge x 4
Allows normal maneuvers across a River.
png files for example terrains
Units Scout (v2) x5
Attribute: The Scout may be deployed adjacently to any friendly unit. The Scout ignores disadvantage when moving.
Peasant (v1) x5
Attribute: When attacked, rather than removing a coin from the Peasant from play, place it in your supply instead. The Peasant attacks and controls with disadvantage.
General (v1) x4
Tactic: Remove any amount of coins from an adjacent friendly unit (even the last one) and add them to your discard.
Attribute: Adjacent friendly units ignore disadvantage when attacking.
Engineer (v1) x4
Tactic: Either place a bridge from the supply along an adjacent River edge without a bridge or place a Trap from the supply to an empty adjacent space.
Attribute: The Engineer attacks with disadvantage.
Trap (v1)* x 3
Effect: Enemy units adjacent to a Trap have disadvantage when maneuvering. When attacked, remove the Trap coin from play.
* The Trap is not a unit. It most closely resembles a fortification, except it occupies a space and cannot have a unit on it. It is only used in the context of the Engineer.
Special Rules / Clarifications

Design The main idea with terrain was that certain terrain was hard to maneuver across: your units have to expend energy to cross a River or attack up a Mountain. The Berserker tactic was great for this idea: after expending all its coins you really felt like your Berserker unit was doubled-over panting as it took a minute to catch its breath. So the disadvantage mechanic is meant to encapsulate that by copying from the Berserker tactic's "downside" so-to-speak.
Now onto the units...
Scout (v2): The scout certainly felt like a scouting party that went ahead of your current units... but it did not feel swifter than other units. Removing the penalty of moving across Rivers and Mountains... now that is swift. My only concern is that this in fact is such a huge buff in the land of harsh Terrain. Perhaps reducing to 4 coins is a needed nerf. Or perhaps no additional attribute should be added if you can just deploy over a river with the Scout.
Peasant (v1): The peasant unit presents the ever-available oh-so-poorly trained peasantry of the medieval era. Truly only a desperate king would institute a draft of peasants but here we are... The Peasant unit is the perfect cannon-fodder as you will always have the option of recruiting more, but be careful lest you spend all your efforts recruiting Peasants instead of training your more capable units.
General (v1): The general swiftly issues new orders and inspires the troops to action, giving them more fighting oomph. I really liked the idea of strategically "unbolstering" / "undeploying" your units to give them more maneuverability. While I am wary of introducing a troop that undos what was essentially the Chess-equivalent of a pawn move to keep the game ever evolving, I do think the General is very situational and is probably (slightly) outclassed as it stands.
Engineer (and Trap) (v1): Building bridges! Like every good engineer does... this unit helps your armies swiftly move across rivers instead of getting their boots wet. Placing booby traps! This unit attacks with its brain instead of its brawn. Traps are seemingly very nasty things, but there is a very limited supply of them and pretty soon you'll be be trying to attack your opponents with a nail hammer instead of a war hammer.
Currently, I'm worried that the knight just became ultra OP as a unit attacking the knight with disadvantage would need 3 coins on the board and 1 in hand... however the presence of high-mobility units: the Scout, the Engineer, the General, and even the Peasant would provide good counterbalance in a draft game. I'm considering if a slight rework of the knight would be necessary.
Final Thoughts When I have more time I would love to make cards and coins for these units in addition to creating a map with this Terrain for yall! I've been using Catan roads for rivers and bridges and just random cubes / catan houses to signify mountains (that I put on top of units as they move onto it). But so far experimentation has been really fun and as soon as my slow af Photoshop skills will allow me... I should have a generic test terrain map uploaded sometime... not going to promise when. Anyway, thanks if you got this far and let me know what you think!
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2021.10.18 07:45 Hunter_Tenshi I wish my players showed gratitude more.

To clarify, I don’t think that I deserve endless support and love just because I’m attempting to DM. The thing is, sometimes I feel like they just don’t appreciate that in setting aside all this time for them. While I love DMing and I love doing everything I possibly can to make the players happy, it feels like for the amount of effort I put in for them there isn’t much payoff. Just a simple thank you or something, instead what they say about it usually boils down to them telling me that the way I run things isn’t perfect. Now I’ll admit that I’m still a learning DM, but I still put in over 5 hours a week trying to plan for sessions and 4 hours running them, and even longer working with players outside of sessions to help things go well. I’m happy spending this time to help them but it’s starting to feel like it all gets taken for granted because in all the campaigns I’m a player in, the DMs tend to get a lot more respect and are expected to put in less work. There’s always a chance that I might just be expecting too much from people who just want to play a game, but they have very high expectations for me and it feels like there’s sort of a weird double standard. Is there any way to fix this, or am I just stuck feeling slightly unsatisfied? (To clarify, I’m open to the possibility that my own mindset might be the problem, but I’m not sure at this point).
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2021.10.18 07:45 Correct_Cupcake_5164 G

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2021.10.18 07:45 starkreactors how i got fired because of my mental health issues despite them "priding themselves" about their stance on mental health in the company

[warning: a long story, with a tl;dr at the end.]
been following this sub for awhile now, and i wanted to tell a story about my most recent job.
to save time later, i suffer from a lot of mental health issues. not all of them are necessary to mention, so the usual depression and anxiety mixed with a emirphous blob of diagnosed bpd.
so in november 2020 i applied for a job in the IT department in the head office of a major tool hire company here in the UK, after a webcam interview i got the job. i had been out of work since the start of the pandemic and since then id got into a lovely and wonderful relationship and moved out of my parents house - so my mental health was better than usual and i was sort of excited?
so i start the job and there are three people in the office, my boss, me and another person they hired. the boring induction goes by and the next day we train for the job - your basic IT support for employees around the country.
a week goes by and im suddenly taken away from that aspect of the job and im put doing admin, which was okay because that was the role of my last job at a head office of a cinema.
the system they used for admin was old and antiquated, it looked like DOS and it was an incredibly infuriating and slow system. i had a lot of tasks to perform in a day, stuff that i wasn't qualified or trained properly to do. im quite a honest person and despite my anxiety i don't feel scared talking to bosses about stuff i don't understand or feel comfortable doing. so i speak up to my boss and we sort things out, she gives me more training and i start to feel a bit more comfortable on that shitty system and doing my tasks.
so cut to mid january and a shit family christmas and my mental health acting up a lot. this is the point where stuff starts going wrong.
as stated, my mental health was acting up in a way that was difficult to hide on a daily basis, i was really struggling with my bpd after a rather bad episode at the time. i wasn't in a good place and my boss noticed it. she brought me into the office and asked if everything was okay - to which i responded appropriately by having a major breakdown and telling her everything that was going on, about how ive been feeling and about my mental health issues.
she seemed really caring at the time, and set up an assessment with MIND (a charity that helps with mental health and work related issues if the company is paired with them) so i thought, hey, a little help, sounds great. so i went along with it.
at the same time as this, she suddenly started piling on work, and tedious time consuming tasks within that strange DOS system, along with stuff that i wasn't trained for and she didn't have the time to train me properly besides the basics. this stressed me out, a lot - and just made everything going on a million times worse. this was a day after my breakdown, and she could see how much i was struggling - but for some reason still pushed me. i get i was there to do a job but i was the only admin, doing tasks that you couldn't define as admin work. it was incredibly difficult and stressful - and the anxiety of not being able to do them was the worst.
so a week goes by and i have a therapy assessment face to face, and the assessment set up by work - on the same day. i wasn't informed at the time that this wasn't a day off, and that i was supposed to work from home between the appointments and after the last one - it was just expected of me to do so, despite knowing how intense this day would be.
the therapy assessment was horrible and gruelling, i had to conjure up my worst trauma and issues and talk to a complete stranger, so they could assess what help i need. by the end of it i was incredibly drained. so i made my way home and i had the work assessment, and they expected me to do the exact same thing i just did for therapy. so i obliged them and gave them all the horrid details from the corners of my mind, and was informed that id be getting help from them too soon enough.
after the assessment i made a cup of tea and cuddled with my partner, as i was incredibly drained and on the verge of another breakdown because of how exhausted i was and how much i had to spill my guts, which was so fucking hard to do. fucking twice in the same day.
then i hear my phone ring, it was my boss - not enquiring about how the day had gone but asking why wasn't i signed in and doing work. i was seriously confused, i thought it was a day off to do these appointments. she assured me that it was not a day off and that i was expected to do all of my tasks before 5pm. it was 3pm by the time i finished the second call. begrudgingly i turned on the work laptop i had and begun to do work, and i was not in the right mindset to do any of it, and i didn't finish all of my tasks (obviously)
the next day comes around and im still the same, depressed, drained, tired, no energy, struggling with my bpd riddled brain. i sit down to work and boss calls me into talk with her. its at this point i noticed a turn in her attitude towards my mental health. she started ranting about how i didn't finish everything and how i didn't do stuff properly and how behind we were. i explained that as previously discussed i had two rather hard assessments to do, and that it took a toll on me. obviously wasn't enough for her, but she had calmed down enough to just call it even and say it was a sick day.
i tried to keep my head down after this, do that thing where you fake everything and put on a smile and make it seem like you're happy working despite your brain trying to destroy you every day. the work load piled up again, more tasks added, more anxiety and stress, lack of training and help. it was like my boss went from a kind understanding person to a dictator in the snap of a finger - and it left me incredibly confused. it still confuses me.
this continues for a bit until about 3 weeks later, just a normal day (if you could call my situation normal) and everyone currently working gets pulled into the office one by one to have an assessment. i was anxious but i talked to coworkers and they said it went fine and it was more positive than negative. so it calmed me down a tad.
this is where shit goes horrible and despicable to me.
i get called in, and i can tell the atmosphere is bad. i sit down and she starts by saying "we have a lot to discuss" and starts reading from a three page sheet she'd obviously been collecting for awhile. on the sheet is everything, and i mean everything that i had done "wrong". it was heartbreaking, i was trying my best to cope with everything and not let my mental health best me. she completely vetoed the notion that any of my work issues were mental health related, and that it was because i was just lazy and didn't want to work or follow orders. it's at this point i was fully in tears, trying to reason with her, but if you've ever worked with someone like this there's no reasoning.
i was let go, with my mental health disregarded and completely dehumanised and embarrassed. i left the building sobbing, talking to my partner on the phone. he tried his best to calm me down, telling me everything will be okay - but i couldn't see it. i never really can.
this is really dark in hindsight but it almost made me walk into the street and get run over. that's how hurt i was by it. i felt like complete shit and that id never amount to anything. luckily my partner ordered me an uber so i begrudgingly climbed in before i had the chance to do anything bad to myself.
never want to hear or see anything about that company ever again.
tl;dr: worked for a company that said it prides itself on its stance on mental health. then i had a mental health flare-up and multiple breakdowns in which my boss said she'd help. only for my boss to let me go from the company after reading from a list of things ive done wrong at the job and saying my mental health isn't an issue and disregarded it.
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2021.10.18 07:45 krypto-news-deutsch Tweets von Elon Musk unterstützen Fresh Rally in Shiba Inu (SHIB)

Tweets von Elon Musk unterstützen Fresh Rally in Shiba Inu (SHIB) - Shiba Inu ist sicherlich der Geschmack der Saison unter den Memecoins und verlängert seine Rallye aufgrund des steigenden Interesses an den coin unter Walen oder großen Haltern. Zum Zeitpunkt des Schreibens wird SHIB/USDT bei etwa 0,000030 USD gehandelt, was allein in den letzten 24 Stunden um über 8% zugenommen hat.
Einer der größten Treiber der Kryptowährung, die als Scherz begann, ist die Marktstimmung gegenüber dem führenden Bitcoin und Kryptos im Allgemeinen. Bitcoin überschreitet die 60... ... weiterlesen auf https://news-krypto.de/krypto-news/tweets-von-elon-musk-unterstuetzen-fresh-rally-in-shiba-inu-shib/?feed_id=36050&_unique_id=616d0a0e7e51c
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