This cheers me up when I'm down even though it was said by Sarue

2021.10.18 07:40 Tyransomorphin This cheers me up when I'm down even though it was said by Sarue

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2021.10.18 07:40 SCREMwaskilledby Hmmmmm....

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2021.10.18 07:40 byteseb Good job, OBS

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2021.10.18 07:40 bwall22 Best/Lowest latency wireless mouse and keyboard duo

I'm looking to buy a new mouse and keyboard and would prefer wireless as it is just easier for my current setup. I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction or perhaps even recommend the best wireless mouse and keyboard duo in terms of latency. They don't have to each be from the same brand either, just looking for the best of the best.
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2021.10.18 07:40 former_infant Millie being pretty (AKA orange cunt, ed sheeran, maggot, rag cat, screaming millie)

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2021.10.18 07:40 Mybrotoldmetomakeone Which is it? Slow or rapid

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2021.10.18 07:40 JustARandomGuy031 The only winners of “The Game” are those with Alzheimer’s

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2021.10.18 07:40 mr_unfortunate_boner Understanding Indian Weddings better

Hello wedding community,
I was hoping to get a better understanding of weddings in different parts of India. Some of my Indian friends recently claimed to have had a horrendous experience planning their weddings which almost led to their weddings being called off. Would love to hear about your experiences since i’ll be planning my own wedding soon.
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2021.10.18 07:40 i6v6a6n Kilroy in the TD bathroom

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2021.10.18 07:40 juliabaczek tret is getting worse on my skin

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2021.10.18 07:40 chee33 LAWNMOWER TRUCK, by Lawnmower Truck

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2021.10.18 07:40 Minty3k [US-NV] [H] GMK Frost Witch + Deskmat, Iron 180 E-White/Brass bottom WK + extras, Rama M65-B Kuro + Internal dampener [W] PayPal

Shipping to CONUS only, comment before PM and no chat. Local zipcode for pickup is 89148. Priority to local buyers.
Both boards completely unbuilt and brand new. Only opened for pictures. Would like to keep everything bundled, pm to discuss otherwise if you would like to separate items.

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2021.10.18 07:40 popcornwall69 uh, soo, well. I need some help

My crush liked every comment on her Instagram post except for mine
Sum aint right
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2021.10.18 07:40 DadaBhagwan Self realization

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2021.10.18 07:40 snehaa_meher Counselling

Any idea when the 6th and 7th round of counselling be starting?
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2021.10.18 07:40 prajwal_parashkar Dug out the wrong chunk

I dug out the wrong chunk for slime farm now i dont know what should i do with it. Any suggestions?
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2021.10.18 07:40 Atom13161 Halloween Dan!

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2021.10.18 07:40 Asvinh Does negative Accuracy penalize ADS?

Or only the hip fire bloom?
I want to use it on my sniper build if it doesn’t negatively affect where my shot lands when scoped in.
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2021.10.18 07:40 psyqthrowaway0 I'm worried about my friend, she's in a really bad place mentally

So my (16m) closest friend (15f) recently switched to a new school. Since she started, it's been a living hell. She wakes up at 5:30 in the morning and gets home around 6 pm on an average day. She met a guy there who she really liked who turned out to be narcissistic and manipulative and nasty and fake. She really struggles a lot as well with body dysmorphia and wishes she was skinnieprettiemore attractive. (For the record, she is a very pretty person and she is not overweight, just a person with a larger frame.) For the past few weeks, she had been barely eating/not eating at all until she told her mom about it.
She tells me a lot about how completely exhausted and just tired of her life she is. She told me that she doesn't want it to seem like she's just wallowing in self-pity but she needs to get her feelings out. She has had a pretty tough life/childhood, she was sexually assaulted multiple times by a close family member and has always struggled with her self worth/image. She keeps saying that it could be worse and other people have it a lot worse than she does but I'm still concerned about her situation. She says she's not suicidal but she admitted that she self-harms occasionally, which is a little concerning. I try to be there as best as possible for her to just listen and validate her feelings.
Is there anything else I can do? I really care about her a lot and hate to see her going through these things. She says that if she wouldn't be able to ask for help and even if she did it would only make things worse.
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2021.10.18 07:40 MechanizedMedic Found these happy guys on Friday but haven't been able to ID them

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2021.10.18 07:40 Avian-Finances Why accounts…. Why

I literally do not understand why accounts become accounts. Ik big 4 can have good exit ops at start ups and such but that’s no guarantee. I mean your major is harder than most business majors and you take years to catch up to finance grads. I mean I’m happy you do the work but what am I missing here?
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2021.10.18 07:40 Grandclosing What if free will is an illusion that our consciousness puts our brain in, in order to cope with the fact we have no choice at all?

Like whenever self-awareness evolved, we realized “oh shit I’m not in control” and so we deluded ourselves into thinking we have free will by post hoc rationalizing all choices we think we make?
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2021.10.18 07:40 pianistafj Referees may have missed potential face mask penalty in Patriots' overtime loss to Cowboys

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2021.10.18 07:40 RLCD-Bot [Fennec] [Fennec: Huntress] [Halo] [Ink] [Titanium White Clockwork]

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2021.10.18 07:40 Floor-Proof Green Pass, le risse nelle farmacie per il tampone. Interventi della polizia

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