Dhaowr Ceramic Ashtray with Lid Windproof Smokeless{Expires 10/30} [Coupon: V8B79I7Z] (50% off) - $7.99

2021.10.25 11:33 JocelynXXC Dhaowr Ceramic Ashtray with Lid Windproof Smokeless{Expires 10/30} [Coupon: V8B79I7Z] (50% off) - $7.99

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2021.10.25 11:33 DemUnderground Media should stop asking if the Dems "can land the plane" and begin to ask is the GOP and

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2021.10.25 11:33 bot_neen Avances y perspectivas en la investigación de los materiales arqueológicos de Concha. Mesa 2

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2021.10.25 11:33 E1lemA My grandmother's dog bit me. What do I do now?

Hi Reddit!
So, just like the title says, my grandmother's dog bit me this morning. We've been keeping her for a few weeks now, she's a small dog, and she's pretty sweet more often than not, however, she isn't really well behaved and growls a lot whenever she gets upset. However, she never bit anyone before today.
After her morning walk, we noticed that she was trying to bite at her front paw. We had a look and turns out that she had some kind of spiky plant stuck in her fur, and we had to cut it out. The problem is: she hates scissors and usually starts growling as soon as she sees them. So I had to hold her while my mother took care of the cutting, just to be sure she wouldn't thrash around too much. As soon as it was done, I let go, and instead of running off as she'd usually do in that kind of situation: she turned around, jumped at my hand, and bit my finger. She then tried to do the same to my mother, though she failed. Thankfully, she didn't draw blood, but the area around the bite is a bit red.
So, I guess I just want to know: how can I get her used to the scissors so things like this don't happen again?
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2021.10.25 11:33 EnchantedDestroyer Same energy.

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2021.10.25 11:33 Odd-Tailor2929 How to turn your 2D shape 3D in After Effects

How to turn your 2D shape 3D in After Effects How to turn your 2D shape 3D in After Effects (It's btw my 100:th tutorial on my channel 🥳)
📱 Watch the tutorial in the YouTube app (for iOS users):
💻 Watch the tutorial on your computer here:
🎞 Full playlist:

How to turn your 2D shape 3D in After Effects
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2021.10.25 11:33 throwaway-jack26 33 [m4f] Let's talk

Hey hyd, I'm on the job, up and around. Let's chat a bit. Not from the US, don't care where you're from. Just hmu and tell me how you're doing. What did you get up to last week and if this week's starting out alright. Chat is fine too. Whatever works.
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2021.10.25 11:33 jadenkanam Carolina Ren Faire and traffic

Although I am very much still looking forward to going to the CRF all the comments I have read on Facebook on how bad the traffic and the length of time it takes to get into the fairgrounds as well as the lines for food is a bit concerning to me. I have only been 3 times and all in the past 6 years or so, so I do not have a lot of history going but I do not remember it being this bad. I feel like at most it has taken 30 minutes to get to a parking spot before and maybe 15 minutes to get food/drink but I have seeing people comment on a 2 hour line of cars and 30+ minute lines for food and drink.
Have the other fairs been having this issue as well this year, or is it just down to the lack of traffic direction at the CRF in particular? Also the local residents have been having as much an issue with the traffic in case of emergencies or if they just need to make a quick trip to the grocery store it ends up being a 2 hour trip instead of 15-30 minutes.
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2021.10.25 11:33 Drake_Dangereux Bioconstructor - Bioconstructor (Soviet minimalwave/synth-pop song from 1987!)

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2021.10.25 11:33 someUrge43 For those of you who run 14s what size and offset do you run? I’m trying to get fitment similar to this. And too not have to roll the fender.

For those of you who run 14s what size and offset do you run? I’m trying to get fitment similar to this. And too not have to roll the fender. submitted by someUrge43 to Miata [link] [comments]

2021.10.25 11:33 newmusicrls Traxsource Top 100 October 2021

Download Top 100 Traxsource October 2021 GENRE House, Afro House, Deep House, Funky House, Soulful House, Soul / Funk / Disco, Nu Disco / Disco, Jackin’ House, Tech House, Dance / Electro Pop AUDIO FORMAT MP3 320kbps CBR RELEASE DATE 2021-10-25 CHART DATE 2021-10-01 WEBSTORE traxsource.com/top/tracks SIZE 1.51GB 100 TRACKS:

  1. Art Of Tones – All Night (Extended) 05:51 121bpm E♭ min
  2. Willie Ninja – Hot (Louie Vega & Josh Milan Remix) 07:56 124bpm C maj
  3. Emmaculate – Higher Vibrations (Mac’s Afro Sax Mix) 08:23 124bpm D maj
  4. Bob Sinclar – World Hold On feat. Steve Edwards (DJ Kone & Marc Palacios Extended Mix) 06:17 125bpm Abm
  5. Maleh, Shimza – Fight To Love feat. Maleh (Louie Vega Remix) 11:26 122bpm E min
  6. Mijangos, Lee Wilson – Slow Down (Original Mix) 05:54 120bpm Gm
  7. Seamus Haji, Mike Dunn – Disco Dreams (Extended Mix) 06:25 121bpm E maj
  8. KI Creighton – Love Wars (Michael Gray Edit – Extended) 05:38 122bpm G
  9. Kenny Bobien, Wheeler del Torro – The Sun Will Shine Again (Kenny Dope Remix) 09:14 124bpm C maj
  10. DJ Meme – Any Love feat. DJ Meme Orchestra feat. Rachel Claudio (Dr Packer Extended Remix) 06:42 123bpm Gm
  11. David Morales – The Feels feat. Mr. V, DJ Rae, Scott Paynter (Extended Mix) 07:38 124bpm A maj
  12. Soulphiction – Bizzness (OPOLOPO Tweak) 05:22 120bpm Bm
  13. Dee Jay Sound – Festa em Ipanema (Dee Jay Sound Party Vocal) 07:48 121bpm Em
  14. Earth n Days – The Change (The Cube Guys Remix) 05:29 124bpm Abm
  15. Willie Ninja – Hot (Expansions NYC Dub) 07:55 124bpm A min
  16. The Dukes, Birdee – The Stars Are Out Tonight (Original Mix) 07:20 119bpm B♭ min
  17. Agency – Baby I Want Your Love (CASSIMM Remix) 05:22 122bpm Am
  18. Ministers De La Funk – Believe feat. Jocelyn Brown (Mark Knight Extended Remix) 07:22 125bpm E min
  19. Dominic Balchin – Sax For Sale (Original Mix) 06:13 125bpm C
  20. Kim English – Unspeakable Joy (Dr Packer Remix) 08:39 118bpm G min
  21. Micah The Violinist, Manuel Moore, Rober Cruz, Juanjo Fenoy, Barbara Perez, Joseph Derteano – It’s Called Love (Original Mix) 04:58 125bpm D min
  22. Gregor Salto, Funkin Matt, Lilitha – Not For Me (Club Mix) 05:10 124bpm A♭ min
  23. Kelli Sae – Right Now (Atjazz Vocal Mix) 06:21 126bpm Em
  24. Milton Jackson, Shur-I-Kan – Paper Cut (Original Mix) 06:27 122bpm F min
  25. Muzungu – Sentir Calor (Original Mix) 08:15 122bpm Dm
  26. Moon Rocket, TSOS, Benjy – Kalamba (Moon Mix) 06:16 93bpm A min
  27. Candice Hoyes – Zoras’s Moon (Natasha Diggs Remix) 08:08 122bpm Dm
  28. Elektrik Disko – My Destiny (The Cube Guys Remix) 05:12 125bpm D min
  29. Anane – Tell Me That I’m Dreaming (Dave Lee Disco Not Disco Club Mix) 08:12 118bpm F maj
  30. Rick Silva – The Music Is House (Original Mix) 06:31 125bpm Gm
  31. Reggie Steele, Christie Love – Show Ya (Manoo Classic Vocal Remix) 08:15 125bpm Ebm
  32. Ruben Mandolini – On & On (Kevin McKay Extended Remix) 05:13 124bpm E♭ min
  33. Kevin Hedge (blaze) – Reach For The Stars feat. Rick Galactik (Eric Kupper & DJ Spen Remix) 08:52 124bpm Cm
  34. DJManuel – I Ever Needed feat. Suki Soul (Birdee Remix) 05:59 120bpm Gm
  35. T-Bor, Jessica Rhodes – Rescue Me (David Morales Classic Mix) 06:46 125bpm B min
  36. Matt Johnson, Derrick McKenzie – Interstellar Love feat. Roki (Extended Mix) 06:31 122bpm F maj
  37. Michelle Weeks, Bobby DAmbrosio – Moment Of My Life (Dave Lee Xtended Re-Organ-ization) 09:05 121bpm B♭ min
  38. Blaze, Barbara Tucker, UDAUFL – Most Precious Love (Unreleased Michael Gray Dub) 07:22 122bpm G min
  39. DiMO (BG), Mr.K (BG) – Azidos (Original Mix) 06:29 124bpm Gb
  40. Jamie 326, Masalo – Testify (OPOLOPO Tweak) 07:19 122bpm G min
  41. Kim English – Treat Me Right (David Morales Club Mix) 06:46 124bpm B min
  42. Prospect Park – Shake It Up Tonight (Dave Lee’s Disco Re-Shake) 07:20 121bpm C min
  43. BDK – Let Her Know (Original Mix) 06:10 122bpm Em
  44. Full Flava – Get Down Saturday Night feat. Chantay Savage (Original Mix) 04:21 117bpm Ebm
  45. Moogy Bee, Mod – I Feel for You (Luisen DePoniente F1 Radio Version) 04:21 122bpm G#min
  46. Inaya Day, Pray For More – Made For Me (DJ Kone & Marc Palacios Remix) 05:33 124bpm Bbm
  47. Missfly, MR.ECLECTIC – Stronger Together (K.G Sunset Remix) 07:22 123bpm Gbm
  48. Aaron K. Gray, Cierra Hill – Heaven feat. Cierra Hill (Mark Francis 201 Vocal Mix) 07:18 121bpm Cm
  49. Rytmlabb – Be Mine (Original Mix) 06:08 120bpm Bm
  50. Frankie Feliciano, Terry Dexter – No Maybe (Feliciano Classic Vocal – Timmy Regisford Edit) 05:32 122bpm C min
  51. Disclosure – Observer Effect (Original Mix) 05:49 129bpm C min
  52. musclecars – Shelter feat. Brandon Markell Holmes (Ron Trent Remix) 09:04 124bpm F min
  53. David Morales, DJ Rae – Something I’m Going Through (Extended Mix) 06:27 124bpm B♭ min
  54. Richard Earnshaw, Inaya Day, Ridney – Gotta Have (Moodena Remix) 07:31 125bpm D min
  55. Mell Hall – Knock Knock feat. Thandi Phoenix (Dr Packer’s Got Me Hypnotized Extended Mix) 07:47 123bpm A♭ min
  56. Ingram – D.J.’s Delight (Mark Knight & Michael Gray Extended) 05:55 117bpm C maj
  57. James Silk – Rhythm & Flow (Original Mix) 06:02 123bpm A min
  58. Disco Lust – Feel The Beat (Original Mix) 05:18 118bpm Dbm
  59. Joey Chicago – The Funk Hustle (Original Mix) 06:23 123bpm E min
  60. Chymamusique – Praise Him feat. Brian Temba, Da Vynalist (Retro Tech) 06:07 118bpm Gm
  61. OFFAIAH – Up All Night (Extended Mix) 06:15 123bpm C min
  62. Saison – Got Me Hot (Original Mix) 06:20 120bpm Bm
  63. Trinidadian Deep – Move Yah Ting (Timmy Regisford Edit) 04:58 124bpm B maj
  64. Ella, Mattei & Omich – Roots (Moon Rocket Remix) 07:25 124bpm E maj
  65. Wez Whynt – You Will Know feat. Earl W. Green, Jason Nicholson Porter feat. Nickson (SoulLab Spiritual Vocal Mix) 06:59 77bpm A maj
  66. Ron Carroll, Saliva Commandos, Diego Antoine, Lohrasp Kansara – Get Down (Saliva Commandos Extended Remix) 06:11 126bpm D♭ min
  67. Jarrod Lawson – How Long (Michele Chiavarini Remix Edit) 07:15 120bpm Dbm
  68. Leo Guardo – Wenomkhubulwane feat. Andile Mbili (Da Africa Deep Remix) 08:16 121bpm D♭ maj
  69. James Meid – Like Never (Traxsource Exclusive Mix) 05:08 127bpm Dmin
  70. Shur-I-Kan – Strings, Beats & Life (Original Mix) 06:02 124bpm F maj
  71. Dennis Ferrer, Disciples – Whisper feat. James Yuill (John Summit Extended Remix) 05:35 127bpm C min
  72. White Soul Project – Good Lovin feat. Karmina Dai (Original Mix) 06:42 120bpm Dbm
  73. Andre Rizo – Breathin (Sllash & Doppe Remix) 05:32 124bpm A maj
  74. Full Flava, Kelli Sae – Music Is My Way Of Life (JKriv Remix) 05:52 118bpm D#min
  75. Antonio Ocasio – Song of My Soul (Original Mix) 07:53 125bpm Am
  76. Angelo Ferreri, Red Met – Lovedown (Original Mix) 05:13 125bpm Gb
  77. T.Markakis – About Me (Original Mix) 06:33 123bpm A min
  78. Double Exposure – Everyman (Dam Swindle Remix) 05:57 116bpm Bbm
  79. Junior Jack – Stupidisco (Elektrik Disko Extended Remix) 05:40 120bpm F min
  80. Keven Rosa, Dj Georgie Porgie – No Face (Georgie’s Jackin House Dub) 06:48 124bpm D#
  81. DJ Spinna – In the Distance (Original Mix) 07:13 120bpm A min
  82. Demarkus Lewis – Give Urself (Deez Raw Life Mix) 05:43 123bpm Em
  83. Joeski – A La Vida feat. Xiomara Torres, Adrian Viafara (Original Mix) 07:36 124bpm D min
  84. Sparrow & Barbossa – Reproche (Original Mix) 04:00 121bpm E min
  85. Coeo – 25 Hundred Friends (Original Mix) 05:39 125bpm D♭ maj
  86. Mateo & Matos – Release The Rhythm (Kevin McKay Extended Remix) 05:52 126bpm G min
  87. Disco Sparks – Dancing (You Gotta Keep On) (Extended Club Mix) 05:53 122bpm Em
  88. Byron Stingily – You Make Me Feel Mighty Real (Kevin McKay Remix) 06:08 126bpm F maj
  89. Bassekou Kouyate, Da Capo, Manyelo Dafro – Ladon (Da Capo’s Touch) (Original Mix) 08:32 121bpm Gm
  90. David Morales, Mr. V – Everyday of My Life (Vocal Mix) 07:40 125bpm D maj
  91. Soul Avengerz – Find A Way (Qubiko Remix) 05:50 124bpm Dm
  92. Mark Funk, Mirko & Meex, Danny Cruz – Good Lovin (Original Mix) 05:46 123bpm G♭ min
  93. Octavio Cabuata, Liriany – Levando a Vida (22 Manoo Dub Instrumental) 07:56 123bpm Eb
  94. Jerome Sydenham, Fatima Njai – Krimson Blossom (Original Mix) 05:35 123bpm B min
  95. Cuillère – Over The Fight (Original Mix) 05:44 123bpm G min
  96. Amorhouse, Tonix – Try And Go (Original Mix) 06:24 125bpm G min
  97. Cafe 432, Lifford – My Bell (Extended Club Mix) 06:06 123bpm E min
  98. Todd Terry, Antoinette Roberson – Love Of My Life (Tee’s Mix) 08:15 124bpm F
  99. Simon Adams, Max Millan – I Love The Sunshine (Original Mix) 05:11 124bpm B♭ min
  100. Brrak – Got To Have It (Original Mix) 06:17 124bpm Dbm
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2021.10.25 11:33 DemUnderground Republicans play for keeps!

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2021.10.25 11:33 Leazx Just bought my first car DEO I’m so happy and blessed

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2021.10.25 11:33 temsonroad bob and opheebop's halloween's costume ('S)

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2021.10.25 11:33 sunnyRb Best quiet ceiling fan?

We need 4 new ceiling fans in our house. So many bad reviews on longevity and noisy fans. Must have light included.
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2021.10.25 11:33 AdWorried2645 Calculus 1

Why haven’t the instructors been posted yet for calc 1?
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2021.10.25 11:33 _Bart_Simpsons_ What are y’all carrying?

What are y’all carrying? submitted by _Bart_Simpsons_ to tacticalgear [link] [comments]

2021.10.25 11:33 Legitimate-Act2781 Cardi B possibly in season 4, interesting!

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2021.10.25 11:33 Embarrassed_Fix_5754 Face twitches

So my face never ever twitches, but whenever I wear glasses, my face twitches like crazy. It doesn't hurt at all, I just want to know if it's a bad thing
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2021.10.25 11:33 ZGuesto Help me with avatar stuff please

So theres this VTuber and i asked the creator about how they made their avatar, all the information they gave me was that they didn't istall anything, it was just an OBS extension, I tried my best researching everywhere but i can't find how they did that, they said that they used a tutorial, can someone help me find the tutorial they used or something similar?
(note: It's NOT Discord linked, so it isn't the streamkit discord overlay thingy)
Heres a clip from the VTuber Tanka --> https://www.twitch.tv/videos/855389220
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2021.10.25 11:33 DemUnderground Britain's migratory birds may stop flying south for the winter

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2021.10.25 11:33 -Farns- One of only 2 things I remember from last night's dream (what little context I have in comments)

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2021.10.25 11:33 BurstYourBubbles Working for Workers Act, 2021

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2021.10.25 11:33 ToxyisDUM Wha-

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2021.10.25 11:33 PhilosoFeed What are your experiences with Psychedelics?

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