Rapid PCR test locations in French Quarter?

2021.10.15 22:43 AccountForFantasyFB Rapid PCR test locations in French Quarter?

Hello! Does anyone know of a reliable spot for rapid PCR test in the French Quarter?
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2021.10.15 22:43 braindeadhead I have a stupid beginner question

How do what round my AR15 is chambered in?
Im just getting into the AR world and I'm new to all this stuff. I bought a lower, and a build kit from a friend of mine. I don't know if the build is for 223 556 or 762.
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2021.10.15 22:43 Nobody_special1980 [WTB] Holster for 365XL: Protus M, JM4 Relic, MTR Deluxe AIWB…etc [OK]

I’m looking for an AIWB for a P365XL w/ 507K optic. I’m interested in the Black Arch Protus M single clip only, JM4 Relic single clip, MTR Deluxe AIWB, etc….. I’m open to others that have a very small/minimalist footprint and a single clip (preferably an Ulti-clip). No “side cars” or any of that nonsense. I prefer a hybrid or leather, but all Kydex is ok. Price is $50-$150 depending on what it is.
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2021.10.15 22:43 AndroFeth Student broke a glass window of another car while he was riding the school bus, who's liable?

A student from a public school bus threw an object from the bus window and broke someone else's car window.
Who is liable for it? Parents of the kid, bus driver, bus driving company, the school or the school district?
This happened a couple of days ago, I wasn't involved in this so it's basically hypothetical as I don't know the outcome.
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2021.10.15 22:43 StormRival Should I be concerned with the temperature on these 3070tis? Attached picture of my setting and rig setup

Should I be concerned with the temperature on these 3070tis? Attached picture of my setting and rig setup Hey so my cards are running at around 100c, should I be concerned with that temperature? I saw some posts about changing thermal pads, or I should get some fans and start blowing before doing that?

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2021.10.15 22:43 kurpPpa what game did start playing many years ago, and still continue to play to this day?

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2021.10.15 22:43 kaffeen_ GRRRLY SHOW — Burlesque (tonight)

Hey all,
This may be a shot in the dark but does anyone know someone selling a ticket to the burlesque show tonight @ The Starlet Room?
The event is sold out on Eventbrite so I am just trying my luck elsewhere.
PM please, Thanks!
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2021.10.15 22:43 FreeClamChowder This isn’t psilocybe cubensis, is it?

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2021.10.15 22:43 Yunga_bRUh_582 la concha de su madre hasta en el puto aimlab me aparece esa mierda

la concha de su madre hasta en el puto aimlab me aparece esa mierda
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2021.10.15 22:43 engineeredthoughts Any exchange that doesn't require a selfie?

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2021.10.15 22:43 HennyDeeWilliams When do I receive my Login ID?

Does it come in an email before my first day? Trying to order my Zappos shoes
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2021.10.15 22:43 whhhyyyyyyyyyy That one used to be a chilis i think

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2021.10.15 22:43 cammycookiee Season 4 Clay

Clay’s acting in this season was so good ! I’ve seen other comments saying this, but I don’t think it’s getting enough attention.
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2021.10.15 22:43 Thetimmybaby Fact check: Trump, not Biden, made comment about taking guns without due process

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2021.10.15 22:43 greentriangles1 How to call a Promise when an event is triggered? (Web3)

Suppose I have an event subscription;

 contract.events.Event().on('data', event => { console.log(event) }) 
How can I call a contract method (read or write) within the callback? Eg,
 async function setVariable(flag) { const variable = await contract.methods.setVariable(flag).send({from: account}) contract.events.Event().on('data', event => { setVariable(true) //won't work since setVariable is async }) 
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2021.10.15 22:43 Vote_4_Cthulhu Necron Conversion w Phase Blade

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2021.10.15 22:43 Erisouls Just got offered my first chef position! But I’m really feeling that imposter syndrome

I am beyond thrilled to be offered this position. It’s definitely what I’ve been working towards. But now that I’m going to be putting in my two weeks notice at my current job I am suddenly very nervous, and don’t know if I feel ready. I love all of my coworkers so much, and this kitchen has been such a joy to work in. I’m going to be sad to see it go, but I know I can’t stay if I want to keep moving up.
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2021.10.15 22:43 lgats KORE Group Holdings, Inc - S-1 IPO Investment Prospectus

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2021.10.15 22:43 Boring-Falcon2828 The roughest place you have been to in the UK?

For me it was Bradford, Its the only place I've been to in the UK that I would not feel comfortable Walking alone at night in - Best Curry you can get though
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2021.10.15 22:43 Fati25 r/soccer's very own Shakespeare

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2021.10.15 22:43 Responsible-Cry2790 FOUND Airpods

If you lost your airpods, there are some on the table in front of SSH in a dark purple case
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2021.10.15 22:43 dimanium 90-50-10% predictions for S2 finale

So, we're halfway through the season, and I think it would be interesting to hear some predictions for the finale.)
Mine are:

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2021.10.15 22:43 yoyoyo198not Moving to Barcelona. Hey there guys!! So basically im finishing my business degree this year and i was hoping to land a graduate job in barcelona, is it difficult/easy? are there good choices?

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2021.10.15 22:43 NoConsideration6253 custom mk vans for my son. doing the other one tomorrow it's going to be scorpion. let me know what you think!

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2021.10.15 22:43 GlassCake9575 [28-12] Stuck as F2P. Which heroes should I prioritize and when should I stargaze?

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