Bhumicka Singh

2021.10.25 11:24 Separate-Army9892 Bhumicka Singh

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2021.10.25 11:24 Jumpy-Refuse3533 Rainy Monday means I get to wear my new raincoat 🐶♥️⛈

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2021.10.25 11:24 YoMikeeHey [BOTW] Zelda x Link (art by Werlosk)

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2021.10.25 11:24 DeeChris1 I(20f)have a massive crush on this guy(19m)and its hurting me too much.

I started college last year. Most of our classes were online but we were asked to attend offline classes for a month (March 2021).
I go to college by college bus. He and I used to come by the same bus. I noticed him checking me out and it was literally plastered in his face that he finds me attractive. I knew he existed only because I noticed him checking me out. I started crushing for him hard because he is so good looking and its just that I feel that way only about him.
Based on his body language, I thought he liked me so I asked his name, to which he replied and the next day I asked him to hang out with me and my friends( Too soon, I know) because I wanted to be friends with him. He declined my offer without even thinking and it hurt me so much.
For another 5 months we went back to online classes so I forgot about all of this. Since september we have been attending offline classes and he no longer comes in my bus(uses his own vehicle), and whenever we cross paths, he recognises me but just ignores me. He doesn't even make eye contact and makes it a point that I notice that he is ignoring me. It hurts and I cry sometimes about it.
I did nothing wrong and I don't know how to get over this crush. I just don't know why he is ignoring me and I am stuck because if I ask him to be friends with me, he might ignore me and it will hurt so much but if I don't try once again, I am afraid of missing out on him. What do I do?
TLDR: What to do about the crush who is suddenly ignoring me?
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2021.10.25 11:24 dadwithtowel We worked down to the bone speed running this Undertale Sans Halloween DIY.

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2021.10.25 11:24 Izzy_Game oh ouch my cereal!

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2021.10.25 11:24 Such-Sound446 Bkkt and Ocgn

Do not not chase after a play that went up 100% or more in a day if you’re sweating about the money you’re putting on it. That’s a legit coin toss
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2021.10.25 11:24 kojanpevny CSGO wingman my new yt video!!!

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2021.10.25 11:24 torrio888 Mislav Žitko, Paško Bilić i Toni Prug: Javni interes je iznad Googlea i Facebooka

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2021.10.25 11:24 Eldritch_Winter I'm tired of everything

I want to start off by stating that I know my life isn't the worst and there is always something 10x worse that someone else is going though. Also my thoughts are always jumbled so I'll jump around quite a lot. I'm not even sure if this is the right subreddit to post on here about this but I just wanna vent about my entire life. Some context, I'm 19 and still in highschool because my parents held me back two years (4th grade and kindergarten) even though I could've went on to the next grade. I'm now a senior in highschool and working full time. I don't have time to myself anymore and I don't really have any friends anymore since I've moved two years ago. I suffer from depression and anxiety a lot and I can't really open up to anybody about my feelings. I don't really live for myself anymore, the only thing keeping me from ending it is that I know people care about me and they'd miss me. Tbh I hate most people except for a few close friends and family. I've tried talking to a therapist about it but I despise the thought of it, having to pay someone just to listen to me and give me useless advice like controlling my thoughts. I deal with my stuff on my own because any time I try to open up to anybody, I just end up making them sad or end up having a confrontation. I have a girlfriend and we get along very well but I'm afraid to open up to her about everything because I know it'll be a lot to deal with. Hell I'm overwhelmed with my own emotions, I know she couldn't handle them on top of her own. I just feel like a burden on people if I open up to anyone so I just suffer in silence. I'm only home for around 3 hours a day not counting the time I'm sleeping, I try to fit as much videogames into that time as I can just to escape. This is barely the surface of all the stuff that I have going on but I'm not sure what else to explain or how too. Anyways thanks for reading my mess of thoughts!
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2021.10.25 11:24 Lol33ta Little Chewie by Caesar120

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2021.10.25 11:24 AudibleNod TIL in 2013 a former Silicon Valley executive was sentenced to one month in jail for a barcode swapping scheme to steal Lego sets.

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2021.10.25 11:24 Jutyal Accès au site du ministère des affaires étrangères ?

C'est moi qui sait pas cliquer ou le site du Meae n'est pas accessible ? C'est Ça marche chez vous ?
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2021.10.25 11:24 Alternativever Just came in the mail today

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2021.10.25 11:24 yoonadeer 211025 Girls Generation Updates

211025 INSTAGRAM sooyoungchoi
211025 INSTAGRAM tiffanyyoungofficial
211025 INSTAGRAM hyoyeon_x_x
Jessica & Krystal - US Road Trip\
Jessica celebrates Krystal's 27th birthday with short but sweet birthday message
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2021.10.25 11:24 norbdaddy USPS Mail Missing Package - never had to file a claim before

Hi All! I am having my first tracking/shipment issue. The customer reached out, concerned about their package and I want to do everything I can for them. :(
I used USPS First Class Mail. The tracking number is not showing up on the USPS website. The last tracking update was on Oct. 16 and it said " In Transit ". I also bought shipping insurance through Etsy.

Should I wait a few days? File a claim with USPS? I've just added physical items instead of digital and have never had to deal with this before.
Thanks in advance.
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2021.10.25 11:24 SpiritedInterview230 Young India Will Get Old; How Are We Preparing For That

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2021.10.25 11:24 chaamp33 Best ranges/shops for first time buyer around Kane county?

Just got my FOID in the mail last week (10 days for approval btw) and finally ready to start the process of buying my first handgun.
I have an idea what I want but would certainly like to try a few I haven’t had the opportunity to previously before I purchase. Any recommendations on the best places to go in that area?
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2021.10.25 11:24 labinnacotua If Greg Heffley manipulated Rowley, why was Rowley still friends with him?

People accuse Greg of manipulation but if Greg really was a bad friend, Rowley could have just stopped being friends. But Greg was a good friend so he didn't.
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2021.10.25 11:24 Bettafan Well, there it is

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2021.10.25 11:24 legoracer Krewe Sunglasses up to 70% off flash sale

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2021.10.25 11:24 Einlosen Mikielle 1

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2021.10.25 11:24 czfan1988 Looking for belt recommendations

Went out to the range Saturday and Sunday and ran my gear both days. I run a TREX Orion inneouter and I'm a fan of my belt being independent from my pants. The problem I'm running into is the buckle system on my pants belt is interfering with my orion sitting comfortably. I've always just ran it above my pants belt but I want to change this. I've been looking at a pants belt with a velcro style system. I see plenty on amazon for like 10 bucks but I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations or a solution outside of what I'm thinking?
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2021.10.25 11:24 Maz_mo Hot take: The next step to reduce space X expenses is to cut down the wages of its workers!

Space X has done a lot to reduce the cost of space travel such as making reusable rockets, having a more streamlined approach to creating rockets etc. and I think it’s now time to fight one of the biggest costs for the company, labor! Labor is one of those costs for space X that hitherto can only be reduced through employing less people but there’s actually another way to reduce labor costs for space X which is by paying the workers significantly less. This might seem counter intuitive since reducing the pay of the engineers will lead them to find work elsewhere since they are very skilled and in demand. But here me out, space X can reduce the pay through also reducing the cost of living hence balancing the equation. Most engineers working for space X love the company and are all in on the dream of humanity having a colony in mars and the only reason they demand high pay is because the cost of living demands such pay for a comfortable life so if we can reduce the cost of living they will definitely accept lower pay since it wouldn’t affect their living standards. The big question is how can we reduce the cost of living without lowering the living standard? The answer to this is the internet of transportation. The internet of transportation is a system of small tunnels that connect different locations in a society allowing pods to transport goods to any location in the society. The pods can also transport people while they lie down substantially lowering their height allowing them to pass through the small tunnels. People in the society built around the internet of transportation do not need to cook or wash clothes. When they need food or clothes while in any location in the society they order them from the food hub or clothes hub and they are brought to them by pods through the small tunnels. When they finish eating the food or wearing the clothes while in any location in the society they return the dirty dishes or clothes in the pods through the small tunnels to the food hub or clothes hub respectively were they are cleaned and stored. This allows houses in the society built around the internet of transportation not to contain amenities such as fridge, washing machine, dish washer, kitchen, closet etc. while still having the ability to provide the luxuries the amenities provide. This means that everyone in the society built around the internet of transportation can afford a house since they are much cheaper to build and maintain. So if space X workers live in such a society they would be able to have high living standards with lower cost of living allowing them to reinvest most of their salaries in the company reducing the price of their services and bringing space exploration closer to becoming mainstream. For those interested on where I got the idea, I read an article on a website called
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2021.10.25 11:24 HPFanNi This one is a bit weird

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