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I&I/TIPP Poll Shocker: Trump Beats Biden In Presidential Poll In Every U.S. Region But One

2021.10.25 09:33 0rw3ll2021 I&I/TIPP Poll Shocker: Trump Beats Biden In Presidential Poll In Every U.S. Region But One

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2021.10.25 09:33 MaterialMassive224 The Romanian Neo-Dacian Empire

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2021.10.25 09:33 Diamond_Lov Becky Server Destruction News!!

Idk if y'all heard about it, but this is gonna be hard to ignore. Becky made a new discord account and rafe invited her, only to be welcomed with people asking about the GFM.
However, Becky basically said "I already explained myself." After that, the Becky server said: "you never expained yourself." Becky left the server right after being confronted.
Rafe tried to calm the situation down by saying "Guys im so stressed omg" basically. Then to try to shut everyone down, she hits the server with "please stop my pet's leg is being amputated i can't take this" and a threat of "I'm gonna log off if this doesn't stop."
One of the Becky server members responds with: "log off queen ❤"
Now that Becky and Rafe left temporarily, it has became chaos afterwards. People were being unbanned and raiding the server. Another mod fights against it to ban everyone again. It happens 2 more times before the raids ended.
The final blow was one of the mods making complete destruction and deleting most of the server's channels, then left. Last time I was notified, Rafe got really upset.
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2021.10.25 09:33 KatyaBelli On Taxes and Trying your Best

As is the case in many servers, the combination of players consolidating trading to one or two posts and central location have made Everfall prime real estate on my server.
At first other factions and companies tried to upgrade border territories to be appealing hubs as well, and had lots of t4/t5 benches that subsequently became huge money sinks when tax income wouldn't support upkeep and invasions degraded them semi regularly.
Now, and we reach the crux of my issue, people are purposefully throwing wars to lose border territories and complaining at those like me to not defend our weaker territories/companies so we can move out of the number one faction slot and get transfers within the server from other factions.
To me this is metagamey and defeats the purpose of a game, to try my best. Am I in the wrong here for wanting to defend cash sink territories to keep the map our color?
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2021.10.25 09:33 DemUnderground Psychologist shares beautiful advice for talking to people with dementia

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2021.10.25 09:33 sloarsteyms [Academic] Family Heirlooms (open to all demographics, ages and genders)


Hi all! Please fill out my survey, which is looking at family traditions, heirlooms and footwear. Thank you!!!
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2021.10.25 09:33 pasthope20567 4 year transformation.

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2021.10.25 09:33 GTSBot [GTS] When you find out your kid has COVID and you all need to quarantine

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2021.10.25 09:33 primotrez TyFontaine - Good Life (feat. Lil Tecca) [rap]

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2021.10.25 09:33 DAGAMER2008 Dog standing on a dock in the sunset

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2021.10.25 09:33 Labeq $PabloUP - The best R&R will launch soon ! WL spot available ! Presale 1st Nov

$PabloUP - The BEST rebase token with BUSD rewards on Binance Smart Chain
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How works rebase ?
Rebase is an increase or decrease in the total supply of a given token across all holding pools and all wallets. This is done in order to adjust the token price, without affecting the value of anyone’s share of coins. This can be beneficial as the chart will always look healthy regardless of dips and we can be on the top gainers parts of websites due to the illusion of a rise in price floor so is a brilliant marketing tool in itself.
Rewards / Takenomics?
On our contract, all holders will be taxed on each transaction, so each buy and sell have 15% tax fee.
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GET A WL SPOT FOR OUR PRESALE : https://sweepwidget.com/view/36976-d1uomqfh
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2021.10.25 09:33 yourmom1com Which of these 3 unconfirmed movies are you most excited for

For me definitely boss baby 3
View Poll
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2021.10.25 09:33 LordHenry7898 Chaos and Mayhem: a Sexy Space Babes Story part 32

Sexy Space Babes is the creation and property of Bluefishcake. He graciously allows me to write in his 'verse.
“Wait, that’s what you wanted the nuclear stuff for?” I asked, incredulous. There had to be a better way to get through the border control between the green zone of Delaware and the red zone of Maryland.
The guy shook his head. The burlap sack he used for a mask jiggled and shook in the side to side movements. “Shil’vati military doctrine says that in states of emergency the border guards are to be shipped in as extra soldiers. Us having a nuke was the easiest emergency for us to manufacture.”
“You mean having the stuff to build a nuke, right? You don’t actually have one?” Uncle Bill looked at the tools laid out on the table.
“Of course that’s what we meant. Can you imagine the shitstorm that would come down on us if we actually had one? Jesus chicken-finger-fucking Christ!”
“So someone’s gotta go tip them off then…” I wished I hadn’t said that; everybody stared at me. “No. Nono. No. They'd recognize my voice.”
“He has a point,” the Toymaker guy said.
“I’ll do it.” Uncle Bill fished in his pocket for some change. “I’m so glad we’re in this hick town. The diner still has a payphone.” He got up and went out.
Uncle Bill payed the phone and dialed the tip hotline that the Shil had set up so people could inform on their neighbors. Let’s see now… He’d done this stuff in the 80s and 90s all the time for the CIA. He was pretty sure he still knew how to do it. Right. He put on his best Scared Shitless voice.
Dial tone… “Welcome to the Empress’s Anti-Terrorism Hotline!” a far too cheery voice said. “At the tone please place your anonymous tip.” beep!
“H- hello? I- I think I heard some people talking about nuclear material. We’re in the town of Hayseed. Please send somebody. I’m scared!” He hung up. Hopefully they were nice enough to at least respond to a scared old man’s calls for help. He knew he was always happy to help out an old lady.
In Annapolis, Baron Stamatios read over some reports with an increasingly perplexed look on his face. This look did, however, slowly become replaced with the one he got when he was scheming.
“Pis’ta,” he said calmly. “You’ve been a wonderful secretary for years. You’ve always been able to provide me with excellent council.”
“What do you need, sir?” Pis’ta shuffled around some files as she attempted to hide the news feed she’d been reading.
“You’re obviously up to date on the news. The military and Interior are investigating a number of my projects. Public approval of our operations in Maryland are at an all-time low, and we’re getting reports that insurgents in the region have access to nuclear material. If we just seize the material, we risk lowering our approval even further. If we do nothing, that’s another hook for the military to investigate.. See what I’m getting at? Everything affects the other. What would you do?”
Pis’ta thought for a moment. She knew better than to ask what projects the Interior was investigating. Some things you were better off not knowing. “Hm… I’d say seize the nukes… then spin it to turn public opinion against the terrorists. If you play it right you could probably gain leniency from the Interior since these projects of yours are in response to legitimate threats.”
Baron Stamatios knew that his faithful secretary meant something like claim that they were planning to set off weapons in populated areas, but he knew he had to go one step further. You couldn’t say something like that without proof.
“And once again, my loyal secretary proves she’s so much more than just a secretary!” If they ever got back to Shil, he was so recommending her for an awesome position. She deserved it.
“Yes sir.” Pis’ta went back to her newsfeed. A quick look from the Baron confirmed that it was the classified Interior one. Clever girl.
“I think I know exactly what I’m going to do.” He got on the line with one of his contacts. “Darga, A group of Pianite Defense Contractors recently began operating in the nation of Russia. See if you can’t divert some of their uniforms and equipment my way, darling. And let’s get ahold of some of those confiscated Human weapons too, please. Thank you, sweetie.” It was imperative for what he had in mind that the forensic reports show that it was Humans who did the job. “Oh, and check the Calvert Cliffs powerplant for extra nuclear material. Neptunium, preferably.” The Shil’vati had been replacing the Human fission reactors with far more efficient fusion reactors. Far as the baron knew, they were still working on the one at Calvert Cliffs, and that meant there was a good chance waste products and fuel rods hadn’t been transported out yet.
Normally before a raid like this, they would have performed a far longer recon on a town, but this situation necessitated brevity. As such, a few hours’ recon with a drone flying over the town would have to do. In fact, the drone had been launched soon, as the soldiers working border control had been told to mount up and assist the recovery teams to get some nuclear material. That would leave the border undefended for a bit, buuuuuuuuuut… the Insurgency making nukes was a far bigger deal. That didn’t stop Sergeant Mal’Aysia from cursing the lack of intelligence as she and her podmates stacked up outside the warehouse their anonymous caller had mentioned. She had no clue what was waiting on the other side of the door for them. Oh well… they were going to have to do this themselves. She grabbed a small plastic ball off the auto-turox and tossed it through the window. The sensors in the ball picked up… That couldn’t be right. According to the sensors, there wasn’t actually anybody in this building. Mal’Aysia cautiously crowbarred open the door. Private Gema’Triya stepped inside, shield raised, as Mal’Aysia and Su’Meria followed her in. Nothing.
“I don’t get it.” Corporal Su’Meria switched to her pistol, pulled out her Geiger Counter and followed it through the warehouse, Mal’Aysia and Gema’Triya behind her.
“Command? There’s nobody in here but us.” The other pods who had covered the other entrances were just as confused. Su’Meria could see the other pods across the warehouse.
“It’s probably a trap.” Mal’Aysia radioed the other pods as she followed Su’Meria to a table in the warehouse. The Geiger Counter lit up like a Human christmas tree as they got close to a case. “All Pods, be on the lookout for traps or possible Insurgent retaliation.” She looked at Su’Meria. “Confirm it.”
Su’Meria gingerly opened the case. Inside sat a plastic tube filled with silvery gray metal.
“Confirmed, Sergeant Mal’Aysia. Please stand by for recovery.” Soon enough, a group of hazmat-suited marines filed in, while an Interior Agent gave orders, lifting the tube from its case and sliding it into a cradle of their own. Once that was all done, the soldiers assisted the recovery team. They had acquired Human busses so as not to raise a panic. They were great, useful, vehicles, however, it took multiple people to load and unload the equipment. Mal’Aysia, her pod, and all the others made multiple trips putting boxes back on the bus before they all filed onto their own. They kept at the ready as the busses rolled out of town.
“Why do you think they left the warehouse empty?” Mal’Aysia was genuinely confused.
The Interior Agent shrugged. “You didn’t hear this from me, but Humans are skilled at manipulation. They probably tried to distract us from something else and just don’t need the nuclear material anymore.”
“Or they gave up a little so we’d find something and call off the search.”
“Or that-” The Interior agent shut up as she heard a noise overhead.
Mal’Aysia looked out the window. Outside, a black aircraft hung in the air, held aloft by a spinning blade. She could see missile pods hanging from the side. They flashed as a pair of missiles blew apart the bus ahead of them. The pods flashed a second time, and the bus behind them blew up. Mal’Aysia always expected a “whoosh” sound, but it was more of a generic bang.There was a third bang.
The driver struggled to avoid a pair of missiles as they blew a crater in the road ahead. The bus spun, then skidded, then flipped. Mal’Aysia lost consciousness for a few seconds.
When she came to, the bus was on its side, and she was pinned to a window by the cradle containing the radioactive metal. The damn thing held her arm down. She could hear vehicles outside. Voices too. Then she saw sparks and heard a grinding sound. Somebody was cutting in! She reached for her pistol, only for pain to shoot through her. Her other arm was broken.
Once they cut a hole large enough to step through, Mal’Aysia couldn’t believe it!
“Pyanites?” She whispered. She recognized that black and yellow uniform anywhere. They gave hand signals to each other as a few removed the Neptunium from its cradle. Others went around the bus, putting a few bullets in each of the corpses just to be sure. Their armor still held, but from point blank like this, two or three shots, and they caused some serious damage. Anybody who wasn’t already dead was gonna die soon.
Wait- Human weapons? Was Mal’Aysia’s last thought as the barrel one of the Pyanites held over her head flashed. That was the end of her.
Once the mercs dealt with the soldiers on the bus, one reached back in their Human vehicle- a “pickup truck,” it was called. She pulled out a can of Human gas-o-leen and splashed it around the inside of the bus before tossing in a zippo lighter. The gas went up fast.
Tell the Baron the job is done,” the militiawoman said as she put the gas can back in her truck. The truth was, these were no Pyanite Defense Corps mercs. They were baron Stamatios’s militia in PDC uniforms, but to anybody who found out about this little attack, they were Human mercenaries. Just to make sure, they hacked the helmet camera feeds and deleted the footage.
Now that they had the Neptunium, they had one more stop to make. The Baron had hired a construction crew a few towns over.
Bryan sat in the cab of his backhoe as he waited for the Baron’s militia to show up. He didn’t know what he was burying, exactly. When he asked, he was answered with it being a part of the Baron’s local health initiative, and he would be burying an additive in the local water table that would promote health in the surrounding towns. He was also told that if all went well, his construction company would have more jobs from the guy in charge of Maryland in the future.
No time to dwell on how suspicious that sounded, however. The militia babes were here. They wordlessly handed his foreman a few forms to sign as another pushed over a cart loaded with barrels.
And that was that. They got to work. Bryan dug his hole, pausing every so often for the hydrologist to take a few measurements. So according to instructions, they were supposed to dig to the top of the water table, drop in the barrels, bury the spot, and mark it. In a few months they’d come back to dig out the barrels and start anew somewhere else.
Bryan, however, was feeling a little ill by the end of the day. By the end of the day, he was shitting himself. He was puking by the time he got home.
His last words were “That health shit didn’t work…” After two days he was too sick to make words with his mouth.
We sat in the motel room for a day or two as we waited for the “go” signal. Technically, it was just the chatter from the border patrol; that would supposedly tell us where the hole in the border security was. And supposedly we had just gotten it. We put the duffel bag full of pipes in our car, and we were off! Now; we had a plan. Once we got close to the border, we would split up and find separate means of transportation, then meet with Emperor and his buddies just inside the border. I was a little excited, to tell you the truth. We’d heard about the Emperor raising hell all across Delaware for a while now. It was kinda cool to actually be meeting him.
Some folks got the patience of the Discord not me.
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2021.10.25 09:33 CryptooGuide How And Where To Buy Apple tokenized stock Bittrex (AAPL) - Step By Step Guide

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2021.10.25 09:33 RatchetIsScratching [PC] **NEW** Apocalypse 31 | Deerisle | 50kStart | PVP | BBP | Helis | Weapons100+ | Vehicles

About us:
This server has been worked on alot for some months now, we decided to open up in late September for all our members! We are looking to have as much as we can of the Survival Experience! For example teaming up with others and start setting up an settlement. We got sweet mods on our server, good enough to actually play on this server for a longer time than you usually do. We have FRIENDLY STAFF in our discord that is always willing to help others in need or if you just have any tip/idea for our server ! If you decide to join us then make sure you swing by our rules in our discord!
I hope to see you in-game soon !
Discord: https://discord.gg/KMCmrMt7Ke
Server name: =NEW= Apocalypse 31 |DEERISLE|PVP|50K|LOOT+|KEYCARDS|HELIS|BBP
Server IP:
If you bring 2 friends to the server we will reward you with 15K in-game.
• Server map: DeerIsle
• 50K Starter cash to get you on feet
• 24/7 Raiding With C4
• Fully PVP & PVE
• Weekly Events !
• Third Person (3PP) & First Person (1PP)
• Increased Animals
• Survivor Missions (MHz 99.7)
• Boosted Loot +
• BBP+ / MoreDoors / Codelock
• Helicopters & Helicopter traders
• Modded Vehicles
• Drugs+ & Cannabis+
• 100+ Weapons and different gear!
• VanillaPlusMap
• Select where you want to spawn!
• Airdrops Upgraded
• Advanced Banking
• Player Banking & Clan Banking
• Party System & Clan System
• Trader Mod With custom Areas
• BreachingCharge Raiding
• In-Game Rewards
• Items Resize
• Inventory ++
• Zuens Utility
• Dbo surfaces
• & Much More !
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2021.10.25 09:33 Shrimpllamamoose For you, when was revenge best served cold?

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2021.10.25 09:33 MR_Be5hy Failed Lighting The Way once, and somehow got 4 talismans of the flame (spoiler just in case)

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2021.10.25 09:33 DemUnderground Reason why Biden's poll average is bad

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2021.10.25 09:33 Get_assist heheheheh

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2021.10.25 09:33 Ok_Mouse_3454 [No Spoilers] it would be nice

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2021.10.25 09:33 sparrow_bright How far in advance can I renew my S.A passport?

I will be traveling to South Africa for a month and want to renew it while I’m there. However I will still have a year left on my passport before it expires. I figured it will be easier to get it done in South Africa but not sure if I will be allowed to since I will have more than six months left on it. Thanks guys!
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2021.10.25 09:33 gamergirlstarfirez Trading SE set, aswell as Parasol and Goth set, im also looking for offers for the Non Cat ears!

I can also trade heels sepertly but nothing else
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2021.10.25 09:33 shanabailey Sublue WhiteShark MixPro Underwater Drone [EU] for 599.00 USD without coupon (Best price in history: $629.1) [EUROPE]

European warehouse
Here is the link (Banggood): Sublue WhiteShark MixPro Underwater Drone [EU]
Current price is $599.00. The lowest price in my database is $629.1 on 6.6.2021.There're already 3 records in DB. Price monitoring since 4.6.2021!
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Best regards.
That is a deal! That is a discount!
You can also check other channels:

  1. FB group
  2. Telegram
  3. Twitter
Image: https://i.imgur.com/Tpy7h2K.jpg
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2021.10.25 09:33 pickle-goose Me when the

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2021.10.25 09:33 probstired Why is my philodendron silver cloud yellowing :( I’ve had it for a month or so now and it’s only just started to yellow out of nowhere, it gets high humidity most of the day and indirect light, have only watered when it’s dry.

Why is my philodendron silver cloud yellowing :( I’ve had it for a month or so now and it’s only just started to yellow out of nowhere, it gets high humidity most of the day and indirect light, have only watered when it’s dry. submitted by probstired to plantclinic [link] [comments]