My girl photosynthesizing and “smizing”

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2021.10.18 17:08 bertawitdaherta My girl photosynthesizing and “smizing”

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2021.10.18 17:08 BunsenHoneydewsEyes Do You Have a Designated Gaming Room?

I'm wondering what percentage of DnD folks have a space in their homes used primarily for gaming. I'm a muralist, and while I'll generally paint anything for anyone, it would be really amazing for me to be able to niche myself into designing and painting game rooms for folks with a passion for it. I just don't know how realistic that is. How big a contingent of the gaming population A) has a game room, and B) would pay to have it turned into a Dragon's Lair filled with gold, or outside the gates of Castle Ravenloft?
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2021.10.18 17:08 Low-Appointment6409 Giratina raid adding 8

8202 1644 8877 and 6023 4704 5123
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2021.10.18 17:08 KnopeWeCan24 Flowers and weeds galore!!

Dm me for a dodo! My island is open! Feel free to pick as many flowers as you want along with the weeds!!
Mabel’s and Nooks is open too!
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2021.10.18 17:08 LanguageTutorsNY [Hiring] Part-time language tutor position open for any interested (bilingual) teachers! ($30-50/hour)

Hello! We're a NY-based tutoring company looking for language tutors. The only requirement is that you are a native speaker, but we prefer candidates with teaching experience. We offer a competitive salary ($30-50/hour) and have a super flexible schedule. You should be living in or near Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn. I'll link a flyer on here, but please feel free to DM me about this opportunity :).
Application Link:
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2021.10.18 17:08 Justchilllin101 Khloe STILL hasn’t posted anything about the engagement….

She is now the only KJ sister to not post anything about it. Even Kylie who rarely posts things about her sisters posted about the engagement. She is MAD this is not her and you can’t change my mind. Let’s discuss…
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2021.10.18 17:08 MrOficerDevv help with installatiom

hey i want install debian 11 on my pc but the problem is wifi is not working
pc specs:
CPU Intel Celeron N4000
GPU Intel UHD 600
my wifi card is RTL8723BE
can someone help me i have basic knowledge about linux
the wifi is working on ubuntu linux mint etc but not on debian
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2021.10.18 17:08 SauceMan527 it hazbin

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2021.10.18 17:08 ElJokan No se illo si te acuerdas de un juego llamado Undertale creado por Toby Fox, pues el loco es un genio haciendo musica y en su nuevo juego salio este tremendo temazo. Dudo muchisimo que te salte copy porque todos lo han escuchado pero escucha aunque sea estas partes (0:20) (0:40) (0:54) (1:44)

No se illo si te acuerdas de un juego llamado Undertale creado por Toby Fox, pues el loco es un genio haciendo musica y en su nuevo juego salio este tremendo temazo. Dudo muchisimo que te salte copy porque todos lo han escuchado pero escucha aunque sea estas partes (0:20) (0:40) (0:54) (1:44) submitted by ElJokan to iLuTV [link] [comments]

2021.10.18 17:08 BioMechanicaLab Streaming real-time power data from the Wahoo Kicker Bike Ergonometer via Matlab.

Looking for any suggestions on how to implement real-time streaming of power data onto my desktop computer directly from the Wahoo Kicker Bike Ergonometer. Ideally in Matlab or Python. This can be via Bluetooth or Ant+. My main issue at the moment is to establish a link with the bike ergometer and Matlab. Any suggestions/experiences would be a helpful start.
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2021.10.18 17:08 Briellow "FROM ABOVE" - Rap Instrumental

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2021.10.18 17:08 Evilux A conversation inside a car.

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2021.10.18 17:08 DrBarbequeSauce It's almost here!

Just writing this post to remind everyone that Forza Horizon 5 will release in only 500 hours
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2021.10.18 17:08 Arentanji If you are part of the Great Resignation, could you talk about why you resigned, and if you left for another thing, if you are still job hunting, or if you have left the workforce? And tell a bit about the reasons for that decision?

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2021.10.18 17:08 gustavoeo La chicana de Gabriel Solano a Javier Milei: "Si le sacás la peluca, es Cavallo"

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2021.10.18 17:08 webmediums Consejos para aprender a tomar fotos profesionales con tu celular

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2021.10.18 17:08 Zethyros Nuó

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2021.10.18 17:08 tteeoo13 Lazio vs Inter, a Crypto-filled match

Lazio vs Inter, a Crypto-filled match So for those who don't know im a big football fan, and this Saturday two italian giants faced off in a great match, which had A LOT of Crypto-related publicity. On the one hand there was Lazio's new shirt sponsor, which all of you will know (i believe they signed a 2 year deal with them).
Lazio Squad wearing their new Binance Sponsorship on their Home Kit
But there was also Inter's sponsor, which was a shock to see (they've been using it for a few weeks now), promoting their new Fan Token.
The new Inter Fan Token sponsorship (being modeled by the god Lautaro Martinez himself)
What i found absolutely incredible about all this is mainly that INTER changed their long-time Pirelli sponsorship (since 1995!) to promote this new Token they've made. I mean, if that isnt proof of just how big the Crypto/NFT world is becoming, i dont know what is! Not only this but i saw Crypto advertisement in many parts of the stadium. So i started searching for which other huge football clubs have been adopting Crypto as their sponsors, and i found that the number is huge. Other clubs like AC Milan, Juventus, Barcelona, Arsenal and Manchester City have their own tokens or agreements with Crytpo-related businesess. This is beautiful news to me (and i think most will agree), because as i mentioned before (and in other posts), clubs are seen as serious millionaire companies/entities, and if they promote Crypto, soon people will think "Guess it's not just a scam/risky business, if a huge club like Inter has it as its main sponsor". So yeah, Crypto awareness ftw.
Unfortunately (although, no publicity is bad publicity) , the match went viral when a fight broke out between Tucu Correa (Argentinian player who used to play for Lazio) and an ex-lazio teammate who bothered him after Tucu's Inter had just lost the match 1-3
Im curious, which sports do you follow? Does the team you root for have a new Crypto/NFT related sponsor?
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2021.10.18 17:08 LowHuckleberry5574 Hope you're having a super awesome day! If you're not, I believe in you :) #146

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2021.10.18 17:08 UdemyCouponsMe Consistent Compounding By Investment In Stock Markets & ETFs

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2021.10.18 17:08 2235turh121 I mean everyone's doing it so..

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2021.10.18 17:08 LightsWolf ROFL

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2021.10.18 17:08 Maniaman78 If you want to actually help Nikocado Avocado then the best thing to do is stop giving him attention.

I keep on seeing everywhere that people feel bad for Niko and want him to get better. The fact is that you can’t really make him better just on your good will alone. I know you may call me an asshole for saying this but Niko is an fat addict who doesn’t want your help and the more you try to push the more he is just going to see it as either “trolling haters who just want to keep him down” or validation to keep on doing what he is doing because what he is doing made him famous in the first place. In other words, only he can choose to change for the better and by you giving him attention you are only being apart of the problem.
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2021.10.18 17:08 FireBurner42 Chest tightness

Hi guys! So, I'm a male on my early 20's, and tested positive for covid at the beginning of the year. That time I got off pretty lightly since I only got a slight fever and that's pretty much it, never had any problems breathing or anything. Since then, however, I haven't done any exercise, I've mostly been on my house. Now, last week, I started going to the gym for the first time in like 2 years. Since it's been 2 years, I decided to go lightly on weight, however I think that the only thing I didn't went lightly on were chest exercises. After that day, my chest hurt a bit but didn't think anything about it, since I thought it was normal due to the exercise. The day before I didn't went to the gym but the day after that, I went again, I lightly did some chest workout, and went on with my day. But now yesterday and today (morning) my right side of the chest hurts quite a bit when I stretch, but not when I breathe or anything.
So I don't know if it might be covid or just normal due to the exercise and maybe because of the covid I got early this year. I'm starting to get pretty nervous, and any help or comment would help a lot.
Also forgot to add, I already have my two vaccine shots, so there's that I don't know if it's important.
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2021.10.18 17:08 ExitiumWatcher 🐳 WhaleSOLs NFTS - Mint going live today - October 18th 7PM UTC 🐳

There are only 3,333 WhaleSOLs OG Whales to ever live in the depths of the Solana blockchain. WhaleSOLs are algorithmically generated combinations of hand drawn pixel artwork assets, and through the use of the Shrimp Fund, becoming more scarce over time.

🔎WhaleSOLs in a nutshell🔎
✔️Mint price: 0.25 SOL
✔️Total Supply: 3,333
✔️Secondary Market: Soon (several popular listing sites)
✔️Charity: 10% of mint revenue, 2% of secondary market
✔️Shrimp Fund (to "sweep the floor"): 2% of secondary market

🦐Shrimp Fund🦐
WhaleSOLs get hungry and need to eat - in order to continue growing, they need to eat shrimp. The Shrimp Fund is used to "SWEEP THE FLOOR" periodically, by purchasing the cheapest listed WhaleSOLs and burning them to remove them from circulation. Little known fact - when burned, WhaleSOLs become shrimp for other whales to eat!

🐳For the Whales🐳
On a serious note, many whale species are endangered and under continued threat. So, as a whale-themed NFT project, we wanted to give back to the conservation of these incredible animals with 2% of all secondary market sales pledged to the Save the Whales charity (
While every WhaleSOL is unique, there are naturally some traits that are rarer than others!


All questions are welcome!
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