Oriel the Waking Dreamer, Orelyn, and Aeolnora’s Underwater Treasure Hunt, Me, Pencil and Digital, 2021

2021.10.21 06:24 Catilus Oriel the Waking Dreamer, Orelyn, and Aeolnora’s Underwater Treasure Hunt, Me, Pencil and Digital, 2021

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2021.10.21 06:24 eliguanodon Looking for a specific streamer, can't remember his name.

I used to have a lot of his videos saved on twitch but they've all been deleted over time. My favorite run of his was against the Gibbering Prophet while playing the Rocky Theme Song and miraculously dodging all the rubble falls while on deaths door and killing the boss with riposte. He did a lot of no torches/suicide runs as well. I haven't played in a while and always enjoyed his videos. Hope someone knows who I'm talking about! Thanks.
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2021.10.21 06:24 IntelligentArt5 Can't get AUR

Today I downloaded the KDE Plasma and installed that both on my Desktop and Laptop. But even after enabling AUR, I am not getting AUR at all. Whenever I try them from terminal, I get error 429. I have tried everything I could on both my laptop and desktop but that didn't help in any of them. Can you please help me in this regard? If I can't resolve that issue, then I guess I need to shift from Manjaro permanently.
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2021.10.21 06:24 Miserable_Mortgage83 20 looking for someone to talk to. Just got out of a horribly abusive relationship and need someone to text and call to keep my mind strait.

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2021.10.21 06:24 PigiPunk Regole o consigli?

È da un po' di tempo che, leggendo vari manuali di gioco, ho cominciato a notare che spesso all'inizio del manuale, quando si parla di come leggere il manuale in questione, trovo scritto: "quelli scritti di seguito sono consigli per giocare al meglio questo gioco". Questa cosa mi ha particolarmente turbato, soprattutto perché mi è stato fatto notare più volte da uno dei giocatori del mio party casalingo per giustificare la sua conduzione del gioco fatta all'acqua di rose. Tenendo in considerazione che la DdI può essere un mezzo per settare un ambiente di gioco unico in cui si dice che si seguiranno alla lettera le regole del manuale, ma anche che non sempre funziona perché (com'è stato detto più volte nel podcast) non è un contratto e i giocatori non sempre la accettano e poi la seguono, la domanda che continua a martellarmi in testa è: se il regolamento del manuale in primo luogo è rigido (perché detta delle regole precise per giocare) e flessibile (perché ti dice che sono consigli e che possono essere ignorati) come si devono considerare le cose scritte al suo interno e come si può fare per non creare confusione al tavolo?
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2021.10.21 06:24 Stupid15yoSlut eating potato pie rn

pretty poggers
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2021.10.21 06:24 snoopysnoops Tax deductible from Capital Loss

First time posting here. Do we have a law in the Philippines that can deduct your capital loss from your income tax?
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2021.10.21 06:24 Quick-Somewhere-6474 SPEARS could be a land alternative to tridents

Spears would be craftable from wood to netherite
They should have their own version of Impaling
Loyalty works on them and they would have their own enchantments
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2021.10.21 06:24 JoshuaFrawley2020 Holographic Doodle Print Frame

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2021.10.21 06:24 Weird_Ad5788 She's never had a friend like me.

I have to keep that in mind that my friend has also never had a friend like me. I always think about how insincere my past friendships were before I met her.
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2021.10.21 06:24 RelationPresent7729 Am I shadow banned? Why r my comments not seen -.-

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2021.10.21 06:24 goblisza bath time, his name is crowley be kind to him

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2021.10.21 06:24 memoriesofcold Jim Jordan explodes with anger after Dem chairman challenges him to say 'election was not stolen'

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2021.10.21 06:24 Rudolph13 EVA Unit 01 vs. Great Mazinger. Spear of Longinus or Thuder Break?

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2021.10.21 06:24 Different_Art_3200 Unity collaborator bar won’t open

I was using unity collab just fine but like starting yesterday the collab bar won’t open (and even it opens nothing is on there). I literally did everything to fix it, I updated the package, I restarted my computer multiple times, etc… but none of them would work, searching this online lead me to nothing, what should I do?
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2021.10.21 06:24 JustHereToOffendLibs Oof. 🤪

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2021.10.21 06:24 tygosta creality cr10s blank screen

i was moving my axis when my printer sudently said KILLED. i tried to restart and when i restarted it was a lank blue screen whit no menu how do i fix this
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2021.10.21 06:24 FarEnd Norderelbe (Cap San Diego, Elbphilharmonie)

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2021.10.21 06:24 Hoppah85 What mushroom is this?

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2021.10.21 06:24 MrCrunchies [PC] Amnesty on the 8th Anniversary of Warface!

[PC] Amnesty on the 8th Anniversary of Warface! Soldiers!
It's the game's B-Day and it's time to give presents. On October 21, during the day, all players who have been permanently banned for violating some Game Rules will be unbanned and will be able to return to the game. Use your second chance wisely, fighters, and don't break the rules again!
Details The amnesty will be granted for the players banned for violating one of the following clauses of the EULA or the Game Rules:

  • 3.5 — Attempt to access the accounts of other players.
  • 5.2 — Transfer of in-game assets or currency or dissemination of information about the intention to perform this action.
  • 6.3 — Interference with the gameplay and inhibiting other players from fully enjoying the game.
  • 5.5 — Exploit of game bugs or dissemination of information about them.
You will receive a notification by mail and in the notifications on the website; after that, you can return to the game.
Welcome back, soldiers, play honestly. More exciting events and breathtaking adventures await you!
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2021.10.21 06:24 trynnaplayitcool Apps versus real life requirements /expectations

So I am using dating apps. And I can see from posts that you folks are too. And one thing that really struck me recently, is that who I pick on an app is rarely who I would approach in person. And yes a lot of that is looks, but also based on bio and text chemistry. Many of my matches are way different from the people I have met in real life and been crazy about. If I think about the people that I've fallen for in my life being on tinder, I don't think I would swipe on them/match them. So that can be a good thing, allowing me to be more selective and meet people I wouldn't normally meet. And I can know that I'm likely missing out on some matches due to how I'm portraying myself online, not nessecarily based on our actual compatibility. But I also keep wondering if I am the best judge of potential matches for myself, because my experiences in real life did not fit into the checklist I seem to approach online dating with, and I've had some very good, and maybe unexpected, relationships. Maybe I should be matching with people I normally screen when on an app. Does anyone else feel this way?
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2021.10.21 06:24 ixplosiown Spotted in Brisbane CBD. Good to see such a public source of info and route to MC.

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2021.10.21 06:24 ZoolShop Cardano, Polkadot and Four Additional Altcoins Are Set To Explode in 2022, According to Crypto Trader Austin Arnold

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2021.10.21 06:24 fhjncdtjkn Hike in mid-March

What are some things to keep in mind when planning a mid-march hike? Will the hotels and restaurants along the way open? Will the weather be brutal?
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2021.10.21 06:24 American_Communist22 What are your post-show headcanons or AUs you think of a lot? plz share.

these are mine:
pre and during canon: Marcy is ADHD, Anne is too, and Sasha is ADD. Marcy is lesbian and Sasha is very pan. Anne is queer.
this is for after canon:
Sasha has brain problems like random moments of hypersensitivity and rage due to her getting head damage from when the eye was actually missed and she gets stabbed in the head. Sasha is also trans, her previous name was Alexander (her parents are little shits). She/they are her new pronouns. She still is a but overprotective but toned down enough that its sweet. She tries super hard now at being better all the time, so much that she tries regularly to engage in subjects of Marcy's interest to talk to her better. She got heavily into astronomy and charts stars as a hobby.
Marcy's spine doesn't work as well so she uses the suit in a sort of doctor octopus way but acts more like Entrapta. She is even more of a genius but far more reserved, with only those smiles and giggles for her closest of family. She talks to herself now, almost like she thinks the night is still there. She is a plant mama, but Sasha waters them most of the time (Marcy still cares and even built a state-of-the-art greenhouse for them). Marcy remembers tendencies well, and she knows sasha's without a doubt. Marcy loves going all out for presents and even built a very advanced telescope for sasha using rare materials that postponed some of her other projects.
they are both stuck in Amphibia and no portals are able to be opened anymore, Anne is left in the real world, along with the plantars.
In their mid thirties they adopt two kids, a boy (Zack) 8 toad and an enby (Morgan) 10 newt. They raise them with the help of Yunnan (who is called Auntie U), Olivia (obviously married to the great comrade general Yunnan, and called Auntie Via), and even Grime (he is a softie that teaches them dangerous shit and competes with Yunnan for their attention, he is called uncle grime). They choose to wait because they wanted to be sane, and Sasha was actually the one who wanted kids, Marcy was self-conscious and thought she would be terrible. They both are amazing and loving parents of course.
they also unite Amphibia into the United Republic of Amphibia.
I don't think about Anne much but I have a thing that when the US collapsed she united all of southwestern US into the Desert Commonwealth, a soviet republic with american characteristics. It later joins the World Comintern which had nations in every single continent. It is a beacon of hope in the desolate ruins of america.
Fuck i need to write this into an AU.
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