Are Album Covers Getting Worse?

2021.10.21 04:25 cmcknight1971 Are Album Covers Getting Worse?

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2021.10.21 04:25 JoNuttanon1994 Jun Maeda: Best Anime series by me. [Part 1: Visual Novel]

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2021.10.21 04:25 MacFoley1975 Emlyn Foley - Circling [Classical]

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2021.10.21 04:25 highnchillin_ Otters begging for spins

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2021.10.21 04:25 danielrosehill "Wellbutrin should be a first line treatment for depression." Share your thoughts.

I've been receiving Wellbutrin for a few weeks (three I think) from my prescriber, who is a psychiatrist.
This is the third drug I've tried - if drugs within each category aren't counted. First stimulants for ADHD (great if somewhat manic energy, horrible depression). Then an SSRI (good for depression, bad for energy). And now Wellbutrin which seems to both get me the energy I need to function/concentrate and make me feel better. A win-win!
Relative to my experience with SSRIs, Wellbutrin is also very likable in other respects. No sexual dysfunction. No weight gain. As a patient it made me think: hang on, why don't they try this stuff first?
Googling this very question, I came across an article from the Psychiatric Times ("Is Bupropion Your No. 1 Antidepressant Choice") asking more or less this question.
The author lists the reasons that clinicians don't typically go for Wellbutrin first as being a fear of worsening anxiety and the seizure worry,
Anyway: thought it would be a fun idea to give the psychiatrists here a chance to share their own thoughts. Do you think more clinicians should prescribing Wellbutrin for depression before attempting SSRIs/SNRIs? Or do you tend to shy away from it for the reasons that the article mentions?
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2021.10.21 04:25 Inner-Young580 I have a question about recent manga chapter

I am an anime only watcher but I like looking at manga spoilers and I see people talking about Boruto new mode and was wondering if someone can send me a picture of it, probably not what you thought when u read the title but yeah.
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2021.10.21 04:25 Atkin345 How i know this fanbase is loving

I'm watching YouTube FanFest live right now, and everyone in the live chat is just saying "where's SMG4?", no one cares about the other creators, apparently. to be fair, i don't either.
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2021.10.21 04:25 ogMainElement Can a look be complete even without too much eyeliner?

Hello everybody! I've recently got a job and started wearing makeup again. I can put on winged eyeliner easily but it just... doesn't look good on me. The routine I'd be happy with is: eyeshadow (either wild or subtle), eyeliner on my water line, and mascara (I'll be wearing a mask for the entirety of my day so no lipstick or contouring unfortunately). I know I may sound stupid but every single look I see either on the internet or irl includes some form of winged eyeliner and it makes me self conscious.
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2021.10.21 04:25 MischieviousCacti So uh I was messing around with my hair and uhhhh saw this… what is this😧

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2021.10.21 04:25 HealthyStyle04 Fashion Capital of the World?

By far the two best.
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2021.10.21 04:25 Dense-Ad3665 Asian makeup recommendation novice. Please recommend eye makeup.

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2021.10.21 04:25 sahm_ey me_irl

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2021.10.21 04:25 sayanabanana (OC) Gonta and Kokichi in my Adventure Time AU! Hope you like!

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2021.10.21 04:25 BrightBloom_ Coincidence? I think not?

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2021.10.21 04:25 Levensgenieters Illegal animal trade in Chatuchak Market in Bangkok

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2021.10.21 04:25 Fancypantsu2 Cloudtemplar and Gorilla's thoughts on why NA got so better

So Cloudtemplar did a group stage review on his stream with Gorilla. And some chat asked him "Why did NA get so stronger?". I found the answer quite funny so I made a rough translation. vid 25:03~26:45
CT Why did NA get so stronger? That's tough, the question itself is difficult. so why NA got so stronger...
G A better performing NA, I think the fact that they took players from EU was huge.
CT Yeah, basically that's the thing. They brought a lot of good players.
G Alphari is from EU, so is Perkz. It's like they hand-picked the good ones out, I would put it like that.
CT The biggest strength of NA is that they are the US. The biggest strength of the US? That's NA's strength. A land flowing with oil and honey, capital, money, cash (G: Gold mine) They need to grow on that. That's NA's strength.
G Moreover, the thing you hear a lot when talking about lcs is that 'Even if you win there you don't make good results on worlds, so it's pointless going there'. But C9 did make it out of the groups. Then the view can change. If C9 makes it even further, players would be like 'Oh, NA actually is competent. And they even offer big money?' So there could be more (players) going there.
CT Well we usually say the maximum(of NA's chances) is semis, but you know, anything can happen. Perkz just twitted that the finals will be LEC vs LCS and what do I think about that? Well that's what he does all the time you know. That guy is probably Parkzu. Parkzu must have sneak twitted it.
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2021.10.21 04:25 huesader The i9ooo - “I’m sorry Steve, I’m afraid I can’t do that.”

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2021.10.21 04:25 Spiritual_Compote_47 Mackbook pro A1502 trackpad and keyboard is not working due to pins on PCB

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2021.10.21 04:25 BlackRebel93 Next Stargazing target.

I care mostly for PvE.

- I also get Zolrath copies from the shop, but if I plan to build him only with shop copies, its gonna take like a year.
This is a long term plan, it will take some time obv, just want to see what you fellow people think.
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2021.10.21 04:25 iHoHoJoe (1.12.2)Playsound command not working

/playsound minecraft:entity.ender_dragon.ambient ambient @a 84 65 312
im running this command from a command block in 1.12.2 but it doesnt work, it works fine in the latest version, but not 1.12.2. Any help?
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2021.10.21 04:25 Far_Math_5857 Minecraft Speedrunner VS 5 Hunters REMATCH

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2021.10.21 04:25 harel5876 Stop the count!!!!

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2021.10.21 04:25 akGreg76 Help with Header with Responsive Full Screen Background Image

Hi all, I'm trying to do a responsive, full screen background image header in my custom WP theme template that resizes the header height as the image grows so that image isn't cropped. The idea is that it's 100% width by using the CSS background-size: cover attribute. Because, unresized, the image is 1400px by 800px, I've set header min-height: 800px to ensure it doesn't crop the image at native resolution. The issue is when it resizes for large screens (eg, open in a browser and expanded across a widescreen or dual monitors), the image grows and it will crop the bottom of the image off. The issue is, I have an edge effect on the bottom of the image that gets cropped out. To solve this issue, I've set it up so that there is a hidden img inside the header using visibility:hidden and width:100%. This works fine in CodePen without any of the WordPress stuff added, but when I do it in my header template, the hack to resize the height of the header to show the full height of the image fails and the image is again cropped. Any ideas why this might be happening and if it's possible to work around it?
For a non-WordPress theme test page version, you can take a look at my CodePen. It does not use the exact images or full code of the header contents, but does enough it should break if it were simply the html/css. I'm thinking it's something that's added when WordPress does it's thing but I'm not a professional coder, advanced beginner at best, so any help I can get will be greatly appreciated.
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2021.10.21 04:25 itchytrigger420 Not scaling up

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2021.10.21 04:25 throwRAjoker Exactly two months into the breakup- how are you doing?

I thought the pain would ease a bit. That I’d be able to sleep a little more at ease, think of him a little less, hurt a little less.
I just miss him so much.
It was just 6 months, but I loved him so deeply.
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