مجدلاني يتحدث عن شيكات الشؤون الاجتماعية

2021.10.21 04:58 watan592 مجدلاني يتحدث عن شيكات الشؤون الاجتماعية

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2021.10.21 04:58 unpaintednails Will i be able to travel to NZ from NSW in January 2022?

Hi all,
I'm debating whether it'll be too risky to book a holiday for New Zealand January next year. I've done a little bit of research and it doesn't seem like there's a finalised plan for another AUS-NZ travel bubble? The information i've found is a bit vague. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance!
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2021.10.21 04:58 RandomGirl-_ hi im just looking for frendos (14f)

ive been having a bad month maybe trying to find nice people/friends could maybe help, im sorry :(
do you like cookies? I don't care if you do or don't you will eat this cookie 🍪
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2021.10.21 04:58 dogebnb The best deal ever! Join with us now🔥

Total circulation supply: 1 QT
Burned: 384 TRL ~ 37,4%
Liquidity: 39 TRL
10BNB: 23,3 TRL ~ 3,86%
dogecoin #shib #SHIBARMY #doge #dogearmy #BinanceSmartChain #gem #100xcoin #BabyDoge #BSCGems Yes
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2021.10.21 04:58 romain34230 Maid va devenir la mini-série la plus regardée sur Netflix, devant le Jeu de la dame

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2021.10.21 04:58 ZoobBot 181296

This is the 181296th time I made this shitty comment. I hate this job.
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2021.10.21 04:58 LifeMathMoney I hired a voice coach to help me fix the accent/presentation in the podcast. So far I'm already speaking more fluently and rolling fewer Rs. Things are much easier if you have someone experienced point out what you're doing wrong. Highly recommended.

I hired a voice coach to help me fix the accent/presentation in the podcast. So far I'm already speaking more fluently and rolling fewer Rs. Things are much easier if you have someone experienced point out what you're doing wrong. Highly recommended.
by LifeMathMoney
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2021.10.21 04:58 NeverWereComics An unpublished Daredevil story by Frank Springer

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2021.10.21 04:58 watan592 تسجيل صوتي للرئيس الليبي الراحل معمر القذاقي قبل مقتله بساعات

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2021.10.21 04:58 EtherealRiver Is it ethical to cast a footprint spell to make my neighbours move?

Hello, this is my first post. I have a neighbour who is very awful and I want he and his wife to move away. I found a footprint spell where one gathers dust from a footprint in the dirt left by the person. I've since learned that this dirt is often used in curses and hexes. Would it be bad karma to use this spell? It doesn't have any elements to cause intentional harm. And what is a good rule to go by for future spells? Thanks!
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2021.10.21 04:58 snowpolardrum Missed exit on roundabout

Is missing your exit on a roundabout dangerous? Say if you missed one of the first two exits and you have to then go all the way round in the left hand lane?
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2021.10.21 04:58 yes_coiner Is this ape priced fairly? I've been comparing stats and attributes as well as I could.

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2021.10.21 04:58 jusa02 my grip muscles / hand loses all its strength or cramps when i run.

so im training for an upcoming coopers test, and i just ran my exercise and always my grip muscles cramp / lose all its strength. I think it might be because all my blood is going to my legs and everywhere else or i tense my wrist to keep it in place when i run? anybody else had this happen.
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2021.10.21 04:58 Kraudi I'm weak sticking to my DCA plan.

I have been trying to stick to my DCA plan for BTC/ETH for months and buy them weekly with a fixed amount. But I just can't manage to stick to it for a longer period of time, because I keep buying other coins spontaneously and destroy my BTC/ETH DCA plan in the long run.
I am interested in investing in multiple coins but my monthly budget is very limited to spread it over multiple coins and it would be better if I would just stick to BTC/ETH.Sometimes I just start buying coins from my watchlist spontaneously and then I can't buy BTC/ETH for weeks because I don't have anything left. I've also missed quite some dips over the last month because of that.
It just feels like an addiction buying more and more other coins than just BTC/ETH and I regret it big time sometimes. How are you doing this? Would it better for me just to buy once a month with 100% of my budget so I have nothing left for other alts? I'm not sure monthly DCA is as goodas weekly DCA?
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2021.10.21 04:58 MuslimBN Zionist Apartheid Regime's MK’s Racist Incitement Against Palestinians

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2021.10.21 04:58 watan592 شاهد...حاخام يهودي يتجول في الرياض وموجة غضب تجتاح مواقع التواصل الاجتماعي !

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2021.10.21 04:58 catsrule63 the monkey bomb

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2021.10.21 04:58 SafeMoonXPost r/SafeMoon Daily Discussion [X-post from /r/SafeMoon]

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2021.10.21 04:58 TurtleAndCatReddit Used The Legless Glitch then made this Pose of him walking on his fists

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2021.10.21 04:58 achi_lles_24 Friendship rants

I'm being tagged as a selfless lover (in friendship), but deep down I do expect the same amount of love and effort I put into the other person(let's say A) ... Also A priortizes another friend(B) of the same gang over me... Although A says you both are equal to me at times, that's not the case... That's just the lie she tells to herself and to me...And sometimes she tells me that we ( A nd B) are different and we ( A and myself) are different... I mean if we are different, why do you say all are same. I'm like fed up with this.. This happens everytime we meet and I'm just like a stranger... Sometimes they speak in Hindi , knowing I don't know Hindi and it just irritates me... Idk if I can keep up with this.. I don't expect the same level of effort I put in, but at least 60 percent of what I put in ( I don't wanna flaunt but I actually put in a lotta effort for A) ... There are many incidents where I literally get heart broken cause of A's activities.. Idk what to do.. One thing I do know is being called selfless when you really expect something in return hurts ( I was called selfless by A for my efforts).. P. S: first time in Reddit and first post
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2021.10.21 04:58 Disastrous-Alarm5868 Content restored but still banned from posting!!

The report system on tik tok is awful. I was given a strike yesterday, appealed straight away because it was rubbish, won about 20 mins later and the content was put back up.
Worst thing is I haven’t even been given a time frame this time around!
I have 100,000+ followers, engagement is booming and I spend hours editing fairly pg content and I get banned!
Yet there’s people half naked dancing who get nothing! It’s unfair. Tik Tok and this account is super important for my business.
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2021.10.21 04:58 SafeMoonXPost After months down 40% in SafeMoon Now I’m up 100% 😂 thanks god I hold all my Cryptos ☺️☺️☺️☺️ [X-post from /r/SafeMoon]

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2021.10.21 04:58 ProfessionalSeesaw10 No Invites Corinna onlyfans

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2021.10.21 04:58 crazyei8hts BFFL Week 8 Projections


Pos Player Team Opponent Last Week Projection Comments.....................................
QB Dante Robinson Lions vs. Frogs 19 34 Even though the Lions won very easily, Dante had just 19 points, pretty low by his standards. He should have his way with a Frogs defense that has not been able to stop many teams. Keep him in your lineup!
QB Nestor Carpenter Browns vs. Raiders 31 33 A surprise to some, but Nestor is now the highest scoring fantasy player in the league. He has five 30+ point games out of seven total. He's almost unstoppable. Hope you have him on your roster!
QB Hans R. Dirtywashum Redskins @ Panthers 18 30 The fact that 18 points is disappointing for Hans shows how much of a beast he is. He should be able to get that point total back up, but the Redskins are losing at a much more frequent rate than last season.
QB Jocinda Smith Panthers vs. Redskins 27 28 Jocinda is on an impressive tear and has worked her way up to 5th in QB fantasy points. She's scored at least 26 in each of the last five games. No opponent should dissuade you from starting her.
QB Debby Nagasawa Cardinals @ 49ers 15 27 A pedestrian game from Debby was still enough for the victory. The 49ers have been giving up a lot of points this year, so I think Debby will get that score back up this week.
QB Judy Abwunza Rams @ Vikings 4 26 Judy had a disastrous game last week, mustering up only 4 fantasy points. However, this matchup against the Vikings is clearly in her favor. The potential for rushing yards is through the roof. Judy could have a big day.
QB Debra Hannigan Chargers vs. Colts 25 25 Debra gets it done every week, taking what the defense gives her. If they stop the pass, she runs it. If they swallow the run, she can air it out. She's a solid fantasy player week in and week out.
QB Amy Bostwick Frogs @ Lions 35 25 Amy had a huge game last week in an upset win of the Packers. She's looking to repeat the feat against the even stronger Lions. The Frogs will let Amy do whatever she wants and it should be a fun afternoon.
QB Rich Gannon Melonheads @ Wombats 19 25 Another day, more passing from Rich. He's one of the few in the league who mainly passes but still is worth it in the fantasy starting lineup. He's got loads of potential against the lowly Wombats here.
QB Ben None Armadillos @ Dolphins 5 24 Ben inexplicably could not run the ball last week, AND he threw three picks. It's a miracle he finished with a positive score. It's hard to keep Ben down for very long, so I think he'll be able to bounce back well.
QB Chucky Flinder Colts @ Chargers 10 23 Chucky has been a real Jekyll and Hyde this season, he either scores 20+, or he scores 10. It's very frustrating! He scores 20+ more often than not, so I don't think you should ever bench him. You might have to live with a few duds.
QB Drew Bledsoe Fishes vs. Monsters 27 22 Drew Bledsoe figured out something brilliant last week. If you throw it to Knuckles, good things happen. It helped him get his first 20-pointer of the season. Hopefully the Fishes stick to that game plan.
QB Brett Favre Dolphins vs. Armadillos 13 21 These two offenses are going to exchange blow after blow. Brett will need to have one of his best games of the season for the Dolphins to hang with the Armadillos. If the Dolphins face a deficit, they'll have to throw the ball a lot.
QB Ronny Dobbs Giants vs. Packers 16 20 The Packers defense isn't quite as intimidating as others around the league, and Ronny might be able to limit the interceptions in this one. That would bump him up to a flex spot QB for sure.
QB Maude Sissel Packers @ Giants 15 19 She doesn't quite have the weapons Nestor has, but Maude should be able to air it out against this Giants secondary. She could put up a nice flex-worthy game.
QB Tony Delvecchio Ravens @ Bills 0 19 After dropping 36 points in Week 5, Tony has followed it up with 2 and 0. Yuck! On the bright side, he gets to face the Bills' defense, who has been giving up points to opposing QBs left and right. This could be a game for Tony to get his groove back.
QB Nancy Martin Monsters @ Fishes 36 18 Nancy's points throughout the year make a sine wave, up and down, up and down. Last week was an up, does she have what it takes to stay up? She draws a tough matchup against the Fishes defense here.
QB Mikey Thomas Raiders @ Browns 16 18 We expected Mikey to slow down, and he has, but not by very much! He's having a solid season. As long as Marcus is open, he'll get you some solid fantasy points.
QB Betty Houstan 49ers vs. Cardinals -1 17 Well, the good news is it's hard to score much lower than -1. Betty should have a better game but perhaps not anything mindblowing. Plus, if the Cardinals race out to a big lead, there will be plenty of garbage time to rack up fantasy points!
QB Stuart Sullivan Titans vs. Seahawks 10 16 Stuart has some potential here against a Seahawks defense that just got destroyed 33-0 last week. But careful, we also thought he'd do well against the Wombats and he definitely underwhelmed.
QB Bert Nicholson Seahawks @ Titans 3 15 Bert has scored in single digits for FIVE straight games. That's an incredibly awful run for a fantasy quarterback. The silver lining is that the Titans just got walloped by the lowly Wombats. Perhaps this is the matchup Bert needs to break out of his slump. But don't get too excited.
QB Andy Gibbons Bills vs. Ravens 5 14 Leave it to Andy to follow up a 35 point game with a 5 pointer. Tough to predict what this kid is gonna do. Overall, Andy leans more towards disappointing games than exciting games.
QB Donovan McNabb Vikings vs. Rams 20 14 Finally, Donovan! His first 20+ point game of the season in the Vikings' first win. Maybe there's a correlation there. Still, the Vikings have not been very good and Donovan crumbles against tough defenses, like the Rams.
QB Susie Townshend Wombats vs. Melonheads 30 10 Where did that come from, Susie!? That was her best game by far this season. Unfortunately, her reward is facing a red-hot Melonheads squad on a four game win streak. Yikes!
Tight Ends and Running Backs
Pos Player Team Opponent Last Week Projection Comments........................................
RB Karen Donato Packers @ Giants 0 15 Karen gets the start at running back for the Packers. She's tall and fast, the Giants' worst nightmare. Could be a good game for her.
RB Pablo Sanchez Giants vs. Packers 14 14 Another good day for Pablo, and he is finally back on top of the TERB leaderboard. This is why you drafted him so early. Keep him in your lineup!
TE Travis Diamond Rams @ Vikings 1 11 After only 1 point, Travis was passed up by Pablo in fantasy points for TERBs. But don't let that get you down. He's having an incredible season and is arguably the Rams' best receiver. Keep him in there.
TE Andres Ibsen Browns vs. Raiders 0 10 Andres will be back in the swing of things after being a blocker last week, and hopefully he also gets back to his double-digit scoring ways.
RB Reese Worthington Giants vs. Packers 9 10 Reese is a great candidate for garbage time yardage, if this game goes one way or another. When the Giants are tired of Pablo running all over teams, they give Reese a shot.
TE Kiesha Phillips Panthers vs. Redskins 4 10 This might surprise you, but Kiesha is 3rd in points for TERBs this season (although she's well behind the top two). Kiesha is a big part of this Panthers offense and could have a big role in this game that the Panthers are hungry to win.
TE Lisa Crocket Melonheads @ Wombats 9 9 Lisa is a solid receiver in this heavy pass attack and is usually worth a start unless your other TERB has a real juicy matchup.
TE Ricky Williams Chargers vs. Colts 4 8 Ricky has been flying a little under the radar this season, but at least he's scored in every game this season. He's a pretty good TERB option in a sea of volatility.
TE Leah Wayne Armadillos @ Dolphins 3 7 Despite 3 points over her last two games, Leah is still 5th in fantasy points for TERBs. She'll come back soon enough.
TE Mohammed Springsteen Colts @ Chargers 9 7 Mo has been a great find in the TERB slot, he's scored 8 or more points in six out of his seven games. Remarkable for a TERB! Keep starting him.
TE Kimmy Eckman Giants vs. Packers 5 7 Kimmy has had her moments, although not very many of them. The Giants could find themselves in the red zone a few times this game, which is where Kimmy thrives.
RB Lou Zerr Giants vs. Packers 3 7 Lou hasn't been the most consistent member of the Giants' receiving corps, but he does get a little bit every game. If you're scared of your TERB scoring 0, you might want to pick up Lou.
TE Annie Frazier Redskins @ Panthers 6 7 Annie had a decent game last week and is a pretty reliable option as a TERB, especially since she catches the ball more often than the Redskins' #2 WR.
TE Fred Sanders Seahawks @ Titans 3 7 Fred could be the catalyst the Seahawks need if they want to jump start their offense. Their other options don't seem to be working.
TE J.J. Shetland Dolphins vs. Armadillos 3 6 J.J. has been mostly uninspiring so far this season, but perhaps the Dolphins could use a little more out of him. But he's an unlikely candidate to have a huge game.
TE Dmitri Petrovich Monsters @ Fishes 18 6 Dmitri exploded onto the scene with 18 fantasy points. He killed it rushing and receiving. Maybe the Monsters have found a new weapon to use.
TE Needle Haystack Titans vs. Seahawks 5 6 Needle is 6th on the TERB leaderboard right now. And he's still available in at least one league! He's useful because even when he doesn't find the end zone, he supplants his fantasy total with rushing yards.
TE Marky Dubois Bills vs. Ravens 1 5 Marky has shown flashes of brilliance, but they are few and far between. There may be better options out there right now.
TE Dan Doorknob Frogs @ Lions 12 5 Dan had a decent game last week and might be relevant every now and then, but it's too hard to predict when he'll be a factor.
TE Lulu Legosi Cardinals @ 49ers 5 4 Lulu shows signs of life every now and then, but not enough that you'd want her in your lineup.
RB Tina Herrara Colts @ Chargers 0 4 I think the ship has set sail on Tina as a fantasy option. She has really fallen off.
RB Yasmin Kristov Melonheads @ Wombats 2 4
TE Daisy Dewchester Raiders @ Browns 4 4 It's been very hit or miss for Daisy, and with a tough defense against her, I'd lean towards a miss this week. But keep an eye out for her in the future.
TE Carlos Ocampo Ravens @ Bills 3 4 If you need like, 4 points from your TERB, Carlos is your guy. But don't ask him for much more than that.
TE Stephanie Morgan Wombats vs. Melonheads 16 4 Stephanie had four times as many points last week as she had the entire season. I think it was more of a fluke than a new trend.
TE James Zorn 49ers vs. Cardinals 2 3 James is mostly a non factor and can still be avoided for fantasy purposes.
TE Jevon Kearse Fishes vs. Monsters 2 3 Can you believe Jevon looked like a great option when you drafted him? Me neither. He's still not doing much in this offense.
TE Junior Seau Lions vs. Frogs 1 3 Junior is not a viable fantasy option. Pretty unfortunate, consider his previous season's effort.
RB Karla Karloff Vikings vs. Rams 4 3
RB Brace-Face Brixton Armadillos @ Dolphins 0 2
RB Terrell Davis Raiders @ Browns 2 2
RB Tom Getz Rams @ Vikings 0 2
RB Fred Benson Titans vs. Seahawks 2 2
TE Craig David Vikings vs. Rams 10 2 Craig caught the ball for the second time this season, which already exceeds his previous season's total.
RB Jane Davis Chargers vs. Colts 0 1
RB Sophie Hubley Colts @ Chargers 0 1
RB King Kirby Dolphins vs. Armadillos 0 1
RB Judy Place Fishes vs. Monsters 1 1
RB Mike Schwartz Lions vs. Frogs 2 1
RB Olive Hussein Panthers vs. Redskins 0 1
RB Mikey Tice Ravens @ Bills 0 1
RB Joshua Marriott Redskins @ Panthers 0 1
RB Hank Wilson Seahawks @ Titans 0 1
RB Julio Henderson Titans vs. Seahawks 0 1
RB Audrey Campbell 49ers vs. Cardinals 0 0
RB Crazy-Legs Calonzo 49ers vs. Cardinals 0 0
RB PJ Shareef 49ers vs. Cardinals 0 0
RB Marcie Mallow Armadillos @ Dolphins 0 0
RB Wendy Harmon Armadillos @ Dolphins 0 0
RB Ed Pollard Bills vs. Ravens 0 0
RB Luanne Lui Bills vs. Ravens 0 0
RB Shermie Shannon Bills vs. Ravens 0 0
RB Erin Lopez Browns vs. Raiders 0 0
RB Jay Green Browns vs. Raiders 10 0 Jay Green will go back to the bench this week.
RB Ramona Bennett Browns vs. Raiders 0 0
RB Cisco Kidd Cardinals @ 49ers 4 0
RB Paul Applebaum Cardinals @ 49ers 0 0
RB Whitney Singh Cardinals @ 49ers 0 0
RB Lorrie Peters Chargers vs. Colts 0 0
RB Star Moonbeam Chargers vs. Colts 0 0
RB Bridget Oofar Colts @ Chargers 0 0
RB Matessa Sturges Dolphins vs. Armadillos 0 0
RB Olivia Harris Dolphins vs. Armadillos 0 0
RB David Wilco Fishes vs. Monsters 0 0
RB Georgia Doyle Fishes vs. Monsters 0 0
RB Greg Bonnell Frogs @ Lions 0 0
RB Jenny Strauss Frogs @ Lions 0 0
RB June O'Shea Frogs @ Lions 0 0
RB Cynthia Miller Lions vs. Frogs 0 0
RB Robert Ellison Lions vs. Frogs 0 0
RB Kate Schwartz Melonheads @ Wombats 0 0
RB Nickie Noodleson Melonheads @ Wombats 1 0
RB Cullen Sullivan Monsters @ Fishes 0 0
RB Lindsey O'Rearden Monsters @ Fishes 0 0
RB Pinky Purton Monsters @ Fishes 0 0
RB Kim Esposito Packers @ Giants 2 0
RB Sara Hamm Packers @ Giants 0 0
TE Tiffany Bosworth Packers @ Giants 29 0 Tiffany will be stuck on the line blocking against the user team.
RB Pete Wheeler Panthers vs. Redskins 0 0
RB Wanda Hudson Panthers vs. Redskins 0 0
RB Cade McNown Raiders @ Browns 0 0
RB Holly Franklin Raiders @ Browns 0 0
RB Clarice Reid Rams @ Vikings 0 0
RB Zena Fromme Rams @ Vikings 2 0
RB Eric Lebeaux Ravens @ Bills 0 0
RB Ricky Johnson Ravens @ Bills 0 0
RB Cory Barker Redskins @ Panthers 0 0
RB Dolores Lucio Redskins @ Panthers 0 0
RB Bill Larsen Seahawks @ Titans 0 0
RB Serena Damonte Seahawks @ Titans 0 0
RB Wing Kwan Titans vs. Seahawks 0 0
RB Amanda Craven Vikings vs. Rams 5 0
RB Lola Linkletter Vikings vs. Rams 0 0
RB Chico Pappas Wombats vs. Melonheads 0 0
RB Esther French Wombats vs. Melonheads 0 0
RB Jay Canasta Wombats vs. Melonheads 3 0
Wide Receivers
Pos Player Team Opponent Last Week Projection Comments........................................
WR Knuckles McGhee Fishes vs. Monsters 54 31 Knuckles had a humongous game last week, finding the end zone four times and gaining 247 yards. The Fishes need more games like this from him if they want to get back into the playoff mix. I say, keep giving it to him while he's hot.
WR Vicki Kawaguchi Bills vs. Ravens 16 25 Vicki's production while being on one of the worst teams in the league is a remarkable feat. Somehow, she's still worth it. The Bills offense runs through her.
WR Horace Young Lions vs. Frogs 20 24 Horace had another good game last week, even though it broke his three game streak of 30+ point games. That stat alone tells you Horace is dangerous and should be kept in your fantasy lineup.
WR Mindy Weaver Melonheads @ Wombats 17 24 Mindy is still clearly the favorite in this Melonheads offense to gain fantasy points. In fact, she's the 4th highest scoring WR so far this season. She could have a monster game against the shoddy Wombats defense.
WR Marcus Weiss Raiders @ Browns 23 24 There is no slowing this man! Er, kid. Marcus has broken the 20-point barrier in 6 of his 7 games this season. No reason to expect him to stop any time soon.
WR Victor Jones Browns vs. Raiders 39 23 Victor trails only Marcus for fantasy points by a wide receiver this season. His lowest game is 17 points, which most of these wide receivers could never dream of scoring. Victor should be locked in your lineup for the rest of the season.
WR Evan Lindstrom Colts @ Chargers 17 22 In spite of a bad game from Chucky, Evan was still able to put up some fantasy points. His rushing ability helps him out even when Chucky is struggling. But all Colts will need to be on their best behavior to upset the Chargers.
WR Frankie McDoogle Redskins @ Panthers 7 22 Once again, Hans kept running and Frankie didn't do much. The Redskins need to realize that a balanced offense will help win more games. I think Frankie should bounce back in this one.
WR Neal Smith Cardinals @ 49ers 20 21 Both Cardinals wide receivers have been putting in work, but Neal has the upper hand. He's the definite #1 option here on a team with the best record in the conference. Yeah, keep starting that guy.
WR Belinda Winters Chargers vs. Colts 18 21 Belinda has been great all season long and is definitely in the top tier of wide receivers. In this matchup of excellent teams, the Chargers will be depending on Belinda a lot, as they often do.
WR Maria Luna Giants vs. Packers 14 21 The game necessitated passing for the first time in a while, and Maria took full advantage. She's the top dog between the two Giants wide receivers. The Packers don't have the greatest pass defense, so Maria could be at it again this week.
WR Austin Carpenter Titans vs. Seahawks 21 20 Austin has been solid lately, scoring 20+ in three out of his last four games. This defense also provides a juicy matchup for him. He could hit paydirt once again for you and your fantasy team.
WR Nutzy Nussbaum Dolphins vs. Armadillos 14 19 Nutzy is far and away the Dolphins' offensive player that you want to have on your roster. Should be a nice game from him as the Dolphins will need to pass their way past the Armadillos in this one.
WR Pickles Peterson Frogs @ Lions 19 18 For the first time in a long time, both Frogs receivers had double digit games. There's just usually too much rushing to feed both WRs. In this matchup though, if the Lions race out to an early lead, the Frogs will have to pass their way back. I would prefer Pickles over McNair in such a situation.
WR Daphne Farrington Packers @ Giants 6 18 Daphne is the faster of the two Packers wide receivers, so she's likely to put up more yards against this slow Giants defense. She's worth a start this week.
WR Ernie Steele Panthers vs. Redskins 14 18 Ernie has been hitting his stride and is on a four game streak of double digit fantasy points. The Panthers will be relying on Ernie yet again to keep their offense flowing.
WR Michelle Hall Ravens @ Bills 5 18 Michelle's big season appears to be coming to a halt. Or is it! The Bills defense can't stop a nosebleed. Michelle is a great candidate for a bounceback game.
WR Baloney Maloney 49ers vs. Cardinals 5 17 Rough game for all Niners last week. But Baloney is a talented kid and should be able to put up numbers against anybody, even the conference-leading Cardinals. Keep him in your lineup.
WR Omar Stephano Seahawks @ Titans 2 17 It's been a rough go for Omar lately, but the Titans have a shoddy pass defense. The Wombats just tore them to shreds. Omar could have a renaissance in this game. Definitely FLEX-worthy, at least.
WR Jimmy Rockfish Wombats vs. Melonheads 35 17 Jimmy has been on fire the last two weeks, but the Melonheads defense is thriving. He's a prime candidate to take a step back this week.
WR Cathy Benitez Armadillos @ Dolphins 18 16 Cathy is distancing herself from her teammate Lori, but she still is only scoring well every other game. She's definitely a gamble, but if the Dolphins keep it close and the Armadillos need to pass, she'll be the one catching it.
WR Kenny Kawaguchi Monsters @ Fishes 26 16 Kenny had a fantastic game in the Monsters' destruction of the Seahawks. He appears to be the favorite Monsters receiver right now and will get most of the targets against this week.
WR Lance Lundergaard Lions vs. Frogs 11 15 Lance could have a sneaky good game against a so-so Frogs defense. Although his potential is limited if Dante runs the ball a little too much. But I like the upside here.
WR Renee Matthews Panthers vs. Redskins 11 15 The Redskins have been showing cracks. They're getting beat by the pass. Jocinda should spread the ball out to all three of her receivers, Renee included.
WR Nellie O'Neal Rams @ Vikings 7 15 Nellie is clinging for her life from a fantasy standpoint. She's not doing too hot, although neither are the Rams. However, a matchup with the Vikings is a little easier to stomach. She might be able to bounce back here.
WR Georgette Washington Fishes vs. Monsters 13 14 Despite Knuckles having a huge game, Georgette had a touchdown of her own. She's a capable wide receiver if the defense focuses on stopping Knuckles. I think both wide receivers could find the end zone again this week.
WR Steve McNair Frogs @ Lions 15 14 Steve has been up and down all season long, but everything went right for the Frogs last week. Hopefully he remains in the mix, because the more receiver that can do something with the ball, the more dangerous the Frogs' offense becomes.
WR Florence Jackson Vikings vs. Rams 22 14 Florence had a big game in the Vikings' first win. She seems to be the more-trusted wide receiver, but this offense isn't the greatest. I'm not sure she'll be a viable option this week.
WR Babs Bratwurst 49ers vs. Cardinals 4 13 Babs' stellar start to the season has waned a little bit. But the 49ers are still a pass-first team and she'll get her opportunities. Hopefully those opportunities are when she's wide open in the end zone.
WR George Anderson Browns vs. Raiders 39 13 George had a huge game, tearing up the Giants' secondary all game long. The game plan might not be quite the same this week, but we now know the potential George has.
WR Dwight Frye Cardinals @ 49ers 12 13 Dwight is playing pretty well for being the #2 option. The Cardinals spread the ball around quite a bit. Dwight might be worth that second FLEX spot.
WR Amir Khan Giants vs. Packers 20 13 Amir seems to be second in line for receiving yardage between him and Maria. However, the Giants really spread the ball around, so they'll both get their fair share.
WR Ben Olds Melonheads @ Wombats 12 13 Ben has cooled off in recent weeks but the Melonheads keep passing so he's always a threat to put up some nice numbers. But with Mindy around, he's unlikely to be worth more than a FLEX spot.
WR Sonja Hagen Packers @ Giants 0 12 Sonja might not be the fastest wide receiver out there, but the Giants give out so many passing yards, Sonja is sure to get some of them. She might be a flex player if you're real desperate.
WR Rose Watson Chargers vs. Colts 6 11 Rose's season looks a little better because of two 20+ pointers. She has scored single digits in every other game. The offense appears to run through Belinda. But the potential of Rose is so tempting!
WR Spanky Simpson Ravens @ Bills 0 11 Spanky has a total of 3 points over his last 5 games. That's not a typo! If there was a ever game for him to get some actual points, it might be this one, against the lowly Bills defense. But the track record isn't very promising.
WR Isaac Drummond Seahawks @ Titans 0 11 The Seahawks have a matchup that might work in their favor, but I don't know if I'd go throwing all the Seahawks into the lineup. However, I do think there will be much more passing yardage to be had.
WR Oliver Ramierez Colts @ Chargers 5 10 Oliver doesn't have the big game potential that some other #2 wide receivers have. He might get you 10 or so, but that really isn't enough to crack your lineup.
WR Petunia Young Dolphins vs. Armadillos 1 10 Petunia has taken a back seat to Nutzy over the last few games, and the Dolphins' offense hasn't been that great. She just can't seem to get in the mix.
WR Ray Tran Titans vs. Seahawks 0 10 Ray is too inconsistent to be trusted as a starter in your lineup. He either scores a touchdown, or scores 0 fantasy points. The risk of a 0 is too much.
WR Liz Levin Vikings vs. Rams 6 10 Liz has had one of the most disappointing seasons throughout the entire league. She was supposed to be the Vikings' star receiver, but all she's receiving is hate mail from fantasy owners.
WR Stinky Steiner Monsters @ Fishes 3 9 Stinky has had a rough time out there lately and that, well, stinks. The Monsters offense is so volatile that even if you do think Stinky is gonna go off, I wouldn't trust that instinct. (sorry)
WR Armon Hammerstein Wombats vs. Melonheads 16 9 Armon had a nice little game last week but the Wombats can not sustain this success for too long. I would keep Armon on the waiver wire.
WR Winky Wojohowitz Raiders @ Browns 14 8 Take a little caution after Winky's 14 point performance last week. All 14 points came from one long touchdown. He is back in the mix of the Raiders offense, but he's still far behind Marcus.
WR Rainbow Callahan Bills vs. Ravens 2 7 Last week confirmed that Rainbow's big game was just a flash in the pan. She's well behind Vicki in this Bills offense.
WR Lori Temple Armadillos @ Dolphins 1 4 Lori can not be trusted right now. She only has three points over her last three games, and the Armadillos hardly pass the ball anymore.
WR Patsy Clinehurst Rams @ Vikings 0 4 Ignoring Week 1, Patsy has 7 fantasy points over 6 games. Ignoring Patsy, that might be a good idea.
WR Kristi Yeoh Redskins @ Panthers 4 4 Kristi just doesn't get many looks in this offense. She can safely be left in free agency.
Pos Player Team Opponent Last Week Projection Comments...........................................
DEF Cardinals Defense Cardinals @ 49ers 22 17 The Cardinals had a huge game on defense in a shutout against the Ravens, and the 49ers' offense isn't doing much better. Could be another big game for the Cards.
DEF Browns Defense Browns vs. Raiders 14 16.5 The defense with the most fantasy points in the league, against a team with a dangerously slow quarterback? Yes please! The Browns used to only do good in favorable matchups, but when you're playing this well, every matchup is a favorable matchup.
DEF Fishes Defense Fishes vs. Monsters 17 16 After a slow start to the season, the Fishes defense is picking it up, with 39.5 points over their last two games. The Monsters are coming off an excellent performance, but that was against the Seahawks. The Fishes will provide more resistance this time.
DEF Rams Defense Rams @ Vikings 9.5 16 The Rams had a forgettable game last week, but this time around, they've got a juicy matchup against the 1-6 Vikings. The Rams could jump all over these guys.
DEF Melonheads Defense Melonheads @ Wombats 19.5 15.5 The Melonheads defense is fresh off of a shutout victory, and now they get to play the Wombats, one of the worst teams in the league? Whew, it could be another big game for the Melons.
DEF Raiders Defense Raiders @ Browns 16 15.5 The Raiders defense has been pretty even keel throughout the season. They don't go off for big games too often, but the consistency is admirable. Even against a great Browns offense, I still have faith in the Silver and Black.
DEF Chargers Defense Chargers vs. Colts 19.5 15 Chucky is such an up and down quarterback. Defenses either get destroyed by him, or make him a nonfactor. Is the Chargers defense good enough to stop Chucky? I think the two are pretty evenly matched.
DEF Lions Defense Lions vs. Frogs 22 15 The Lions were outstanding on defense last week in a shutout win over the 49ers. The Frogs have Amy Bostwick. If the Lions can shut her down, they'll have another big game. But that's easier said than done.
DEF Seahawks Defense Seahawks @ Titans 8.5 15 Stuart Sullivan is one of the slowest players in the league, and when he's in the pocket, he's an easy sack target. The Seahawks might be a good pickup this week if you're desperate for defense.
DEF Redskins Defense Redskins @ Panthers 18 14 Defense wasn't the problem last week for the Redskins, as they shut down Ben None. It was the offense that couldn't keep up. This defense deserves to be in your lineup.
DEF Colts Defense Colts @ Chargers 14.5 13.5 The Colts are currently tied with the Browns as the highest scoring fantasy defense. They're a great option against any team, although the Chargers do have a pretty dynamic offense. It could be a tough test for the Colts, but they're not an awful play this week.
DEF Vikings Defense Vikings vs. Rams 12.5 12.5 The Vikings finally won a game! They did so by holding a solid Panthers offense to two touchdowns. They'll be looking to do the same against the Rams, although I'm not sure it would be enough to warrant consideration for your fantasy team.
DEF Dolphins Defense Dolphins vs. Armadillos 7.5 12 The Dolphins have to try and stop Ben None this week, which is usually difficult. However, the Redskins did a decent job at it last week, so it can be done.
DEF Monsters Defense Monsters @ Fishes 25.5 11.5 The Monsters absolutely annihilated the Seahawks last week but, that's the Seahawks. The Fishes put on an offensive clinic of their own and will not go down so easily.
DEF Armadillos Defense Armadillos @ Dolphins 13 11 The Armadillos are one of the few defenses to have double digits every game, yet they still are just 9th in total points. Consistent, but not flashy. This helps them score fantasy points in any matchup.
DEF Packers Defense Packers @ Giants 10 11 The Packers get to play the turnover-prone Giants, but turnovers aren't the only thing that earn you fantasy points. I don't know if there will be enough of the other stuff to make the Packers worth it this week.
DEF Panthers Defense Panthers vs. Redskins 9.5 11 With the way the Redskins have been playing, suddenly a matchup against them isn't so frightening anymore. However, Hans will still rack up the yardage, so perhaps the Panthers aren't the best play this week.
DEF Ravens Defense Ravens @ Bills 8.5 11 The Ravens have been scuffling for the last couple games, but playing a team with an even worse record than them is just what the doctor ordered. They could sack the flat-footed Andy Gibbons quite a few times.
DEF Wombats Defense Wombats vs. Melonheads 12 8.5 The Wombats have been alright on defense, but nothing to write home about. They'll have a tough time slowing down the Melonheads' pass attack.
DEF Bills Defense Bills vs. Ravens 12 8 After two straight games of 12 points, the Bills are still second last in defensive fantasy points. Not the best option.
DEF Giants Defense Giants vs. Packers 8.5 8 The Giants don't get enough sacks to be a viable fantasy defense. I'd continue to stay away from them.
DEF Frogs Defense Frogs @ Lions 14 7 The Frogs defense does not stand much of a chance against the robust Lions' offense. I would look for other options.
DEF Titans Defense Titans vs. Seahawks 4.5 6 The Titans get to face the absolutely anemic Seahawks offense this week. However, that's also what we were saying about the Wombats last week and look how that turned out. You can't trust this Titans defense against anybody.
DEF 49ers Defense 49ers vs. Cardinals 10.5 5 Yeah, this matchup is not going to be pretty. The 49ers defense can't stop anybody, and the Cardinals haven't been stopped by many teams this season. Stay away.
Pos Player Team Opponent Last Week Projection
K Cisco Kidd Cardinals @ 49ers 1 4
K Lorrie Peters Chargers vs. Colts 1 4
K Oliver Ramierez Colts @ Chargers 1 4
K Cathy Benitez Armadillos @ Dolphins 3 3
K Olivia Harris Dolphins vs. Armadillos 0 3
K David Wilco Fishes vs. Monsters 3 3
K Greg Bonnell Frogs @ Lions 3 3
K Reese Worthington Giants vs. Packers 0 3
K Lance Lundergaard Lions vs. Frogs 1 3
K Patsy Clinehurst Rams @ Vikings 0 3
K Ricky Johnson Ravens @ Bills 0 3
K Hank Wilson Seahawks @ Titans 0 3
K Ray Tran Titans vs. Seahawks 2 3
K Andres Ibsen Browns vs. Raiders 0 2
K Ben Olds Melonheads @ Wombats 0 2
K Dmitri Petrovich Monsters @ Fishes 1 2
K Daphne Farrington Packers @ Giants 0 2
K Annie Frazier Redskins @ Panthers 1 2
K Karla Karloff Vikings vs. Rams 4 2
K Audrey Campbell 49ers vs. Cardinals 0 1
K Shermie Shannon Bills vs. Ravens 0 1
K Wanda Hudson Panthers vs. Redskins 1 1
K Daisy Dewchester Raiders @ Browns 0 1
K Jay Canasta Wombats vs. Melonheads 2 1
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