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Imagination is the most important thing, it is a reflection of what we attract into our life🤗❤️

2021.10.25 10:40 ValuableOk1 Imagination is the most important thing, it is a reflection of what we attract into our life🤗❤️

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2021.10.25 10:40 ArticEAM W:motherwitch H:fisherman lumberjack mega knight

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2021.10.25 10:40 simaos-46 Marcus Rashford moments/Погледајте 10 најбољих тренутака у каријери Marc...

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2021.10.25 10:40 ilknurr 52% off >> $12.55 >> MIKATU Smart Solar Power Toothbrush Sterilizer Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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2021.10.25 10:40 Night_787 N/C for almost 2 years with my ex and my ex best friend. They are now dating, and want to be "friends" wut.

Yeah you read it right. This woman cheated on me with my "friend" now they're dating, and through mutual friends they have extended an olive branch of friendship. I cannot express the amount of NO I feel towards this request. I wanna tell them off for such stupidity. Like what type of drugs do you smoke to say "we literally crippled this man's life, now that he's fine let's do it again!" Geeze! Some people man!
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2021.10.25 10:40 Redacted832 Oh no

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2021.10.25 10:40 Piewalker_ Just finished my Final Setup.

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2021.10.25 10:40 SrBugo De echo degoboom ya lo encontró a las 3AM 🙄

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2021.10.25 10:40 Neuterme Free to a good home - cleaning out family home and hoping someone can use these (Ballwin area)

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2021.10.25 10:40 throwaway163771 I feel like my wife expects things of me that I can't do, and I've tried to express that and she can't accept it

Married a long time, two elementary school kids. I have a demanding professional job. She teaches and has a terrible commute. I do a lot around the house and with the kids - most of the activity driving, bedtime every night, dishes and kitchen cleanup every night, trash and recycling, paying bills, every morning making the kids breakfast and lunch and taking them to the bus, and usually at least half the laundry on the weekends. She cooks and does a lot of household organizing and management stuff. We have a once-a-week cleaning person so neither of us do hardcore housecleaning.
I feel like she expects a level of household function that I can't live up to. For example, this weekend she had an event all day Saturday and was also exhausted Friday night. I cooked dinner, which is usually her thing, started the laundry (usually shared), and got the kids to bed (usually me). I did all of the clothing laundry Friday night but didn't get to the sheets. She insists I told her "I'll do the laundry" and that she took that to mean "I'll get 100% of the laundry done myself." I thought I had told her "I'll start the laundry." Either way, I got three loads done -- all our clothing, all the kids clothing, everything sorted and folded, and didn't get to the sheets. The rest of the weekend was insanely busy -- I was making breakfasts, lunches, snacks, doing dishes, taking the kids to activities, and doing work for my job most of my spare time in between.
Sunday night she saw that the sheets weren't done and basically scolded me about it - she "asked" me but in a harsh, critical tone, as she tends to do. She hadn't thought to ask any earlier. She later said that what she was upset about was not that I didn't do it but that I didn't tell her, but it doesn't really matter -- I didn't remember the sheets -- if I had remembered, obviously I would either have done them or told her I didn't do them. But the weekend was insanely busy and I didn't remember.
We have plenty of extra sheets and it's really no big deal for sheets to go unwashed one week, but in any case this blew up into a fight. I got really angry that I had worked so hard all weekend to take burden off her and make sure she got rest and could also do her event, and it felt like I was getting slapped in the face. I yelled. I eventually started mocking her demand when she wouldn't let go - I pointed out that there was a sink full of dishes and that maybe she should "communicate" to me that she didn't have time to do them, or maybe it was actually just obvious that there are dishes and they need to be done and she could either do them or ask me. Just like it's obvious that the same sheets are still on the beds. I regret the way I reacted, but I also have limits of what I can take.
I guess to try to understand her side, she just felt stressed out by the fact that the sheets weren't done, and she likes to know that things get done. She needs organization - an anxiety thing perhaps. But I feel like she is expecting a level of functioning that isn't possible with our lives, at least not for me. The kids had clothing, we had clothing, the sheets could wait. That wasn't ok with her. It became a fight. We kept arguing about it this morning -- I was angry last night but this morning I was much calmer and I really tried to refocus away from anger and toward what I need, and I didn't yell on the phone. I tried to tell her that I just don't feel like I can do what she is asking, that I am overstretched, I can't remember everything, and that I need a teammate attitude from her, i.e. "Oh, I see the sheets are still on the bed, K---- must be over-stretched, I'll ask him if he has time to do them and if not I'll do them or we'll let it go." I told her I was stretched to my limit and that I just can't promise that I will remember to specifically tell her that the sheets didn't get done. I don't feel like she is hearing me. She told me that she was just going to do all the housework herself next weekend and skip the concert we planned to go to for my birthday. I told her this was passive aggressive and that that's obviously not what I am asking from her. Eventually, whatever happens in our arguments, she often tells me that I am being toxic to her, that I am making it so she can't function at work, that I am making her cry. I don't know what I was doing this morning that would fit that description, I was really trying to tell her how I felt and what I could and couldn't handle. I didn't insult her. I didn't criticize her, I just told her that I wasn't sure I could give her the level of functioning she is asking for. I told her I was doing my best to manage as much as I could with work and the house and kids.
I eventually just apologized because at some point I feel like I am banging my head against the wall. I know I am contributing to the fights and I know I get too angry, but I feel like there is a huge disconnect between what she is describing to me - a situation where I am some aggressive, toxic, angry jerk, and what I am perceiving, where she is aggressive and angry toward me, blames me for things unreasonably, and is almost incapable of listening when I try to tell her how I feel or what I need from her (in this case, just some understanding and some slack -- I wasn't asking her to do more housework, I was asking her to have a nicer and more forgiving/helpful attitude toward me). I feel like she gets fragile and defensive and can't hear anything about her half of the problem, so I wind up just apologizing to make it go away after trying in vain to get her to see my side.
Not really sure what to do. I feel like the marriage is in danger at this point, it's hurting the kids, and it's sad because when we aren't fighting we enjoy each other's company and I still love her. But I lose my ability to see her and to see that when she gets like this, because it feels like hell.
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2021.10.25 10:40 Gatesybootlover Carol Vorderman wears so sexy FMB

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2021.10.25 10:40 zhouyiii___ Japanese Beetle (12th september 2021)

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2021.10.25 10:40 Notice_Majestic IMHO: Churches being tax-exempt in the US is the biggest scam in history. The attached shows how low they set the bar for meeting the standard; TSCC shows how much such an organization can profit.

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2021.10.25 10:40 Ryfhoff Done before with mod.

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2021.10.25 10:40 gumibear Looking for a chair similar to the Knoll Pollack

I had an orange chair from the 70s or 80s that disintegrated over the years. It was the most comfortable thing I've ever sat in and I'm trying to replace it. It was very similar to the Randall Buck, Steelcase 451, and Knoll Pollack. I'm looking for either a term to describe the style of chair (for better searching) or a suggestion for a modern equivalent that is not the price of a used Honda.
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2021.10.25 10:40 GuavaNo Best Halloween Events/Nightout

Anyone know of any good Halloween events going on in town?
We've just moved back to Liverpool after a few years away and want to celebrate properly!
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2021.10.25 10:40 blueberrytassels [1963 Olds Dynamic 88] Can I drive the boat?

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2021.10.25 10:40 demojunk These are my RPG classes

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2021.10.25 10:40 brownthunder29 What are some Finance related positions that are not analysis intensive?

I am looking for some advice in regards to potential career opportunities as I feel more stuck and irritated day by day in my job and am experiencing burnout. Currently, i have a finance post secondary degree and am working as a fund analyst (back office role) within a major bank. To be perfectly honest, I mostly fell into this job. I don't have a passion for it at all but that's been a recurring issue for me as I really don't know what career to pursue. My main dislike is the analytical mathematical component of it and don't want to be in a career crunching numbers for the future.
I recently completed the initial project management introductory course as it was recommended to me and found that doable. I'm not averse to jobs with financial analysis components but i'm not seeking positions that are solely focused on that aspect as I find the tasks mind numbing. I do thrive with social interactions as well as i have held sales positions as well. I'm open to IT as well however i am a beginner in terms of coding languages as i have only completed some very introductory (free) courses on python and vba courses as again i am not sure what i can lead to or what career to pursue within the IT sector. I did like credit positions within the finance field during my undergraduate degree as well but i don't know if there is a future in those positions and don't want a job salary predicated on sales.
I think my ideal job would be some components of preparing presentations/analysis with a human interaction component as my current position is very back office related and requires hours of work and endless tasks/overtime to complete.
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2021.10.25 10:40 thedogefather8 Are you willing to take a step

If you are willing to take time out of your day for the empire contact me. This is in no way mandatory and no one is expected to.
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2021.10.25 10:40 Pixl_____ mmhm tasty fishes

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2021.10.25 10:40 ValiantAMM 484 Hisuian Zorua & Zoroark for Pokémon Legends

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2021.10.25 10:40 squiddywoomy Sumi

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2021.10.25 10:40 IntegralfXdX [WTB] Magpul M3 PMAG, black. (IN)

Title. I only want two at this time. $10-11/mag. Price is somewhat flexible.
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2021.10.25 10:40 bordoisse When Do I Sell My Shiba!?

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