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2021.10.25 10:25 Memeit99 This got removed on a different subreddit but got removed so i guess I'll post it here

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2021.10.25 10:25 Silent_Y_ My work has not paid me for holiday

Hi, just wanted to clear a few things up. I went away for a weeks holiday last week and have been working at this job for the last 6 months, they have failed to pay me for any holidays even though it was agreed well in advance, am i right that holiday pay is a legal requirement for work places? The owner failed to really give me any reason as to why i wasn’t paid for this. What should I do now?
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2021.10.25 10:25 WeelaGurl If I unlink my old steam account from my origin account, can I link another steam account to it?

Refer to title.
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2021.10.25 10:25 theWarsinger "What a lot of nobody, Reflections of one in all, But in truth there only one, Guess which is that son of a gun" "Di nessuno ce ne son tanti, Son riflessi tutti quanti, vero uno solo c'è indovina tu qual è" Cit. Terrence hill

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2021.10.25 10:25 DonnieRoss A bunch of unsubscribed podcasts randomly re-appeared in my feed?

This is weird and it's the second time it's happened to me. I tried searching in this sub but didn't find anything. Here's the timeline of events:
I'm using Pocket Casts on an Android phone. I opened up the app yesterday and it was in "light" mode, which is odd because I always have it set to dark mode. I went to settings and noticed that it appeared like I wasn't logged in. I logged into my account, which didn't switch it back to dark mode, so I changed the app appearance in the settings menu.
When I went back to my list of downloaded episodes, I noticed that a bunch of random old episodes of various shows were starting to populate the list of downloads. I had over 300 episodes downloading for reasons unclear to me. I went into settings and canceled all the downloads.
When I went back to my list of podcasts, I noticed that it had exploded. I sorted by "Date Added" and basically figured out that a whole ton of podcasts that I had been subscribed to at one point, but then unsubscribed from, were back in my podcast list. And their episodes were now populating my "New Episode" feed. By my count, 51 podcasts that I had unsubscribed from were not in my feed again. They all have an "add date" that's later than the newest podcast that I am actually subscribed to (if that makes sense). Basically, it's acting like I just added all these 51 podcasts today. Which I did not.
Anyone know why this happened?? Unsubscribing from them all is a pain.
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2021.10.25 10:25 FreshlyWritten69 Kayla Harrison is comfortable being the biggest free agent in MMA ahead of PFL finals | ESPN MMA

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2021.10.25 10:25 donodoboteco Da um trabalho, mas é útil

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2021.10.25 10:25 unearthlyapothecary1 [SELL][US][FB PERFUME LOT]

A lot of 16 FB and 10 drams! All bottles are completely full , no partials not interested in separating $100
PULP 10 ml Women in Dresses Running From Houses Gooey marshmallows over a roaring bonfire, heliotrope, aged patchouli, and a whisper of anise.
Nui Conbalt 5ml ~ Corn Maze ~ The warm, golden scent of sweet corn, hay bales, toasted oats, homemade caramel, and a distant memory of woodsmoke. Wear to invoke the spirit of generosity, gratitude, and camaraderie. It lifts the mood and brings blessings to the family.
Nui Cobalt 5 ml ~ Murder of Crows ~ A gothic gathering of blue-black plumage and keen, glittering eyes. Nag champa, smoldering myrrh, and tobacco sparked with clove bud, violet, fir needle, star anise, and currant. Anoint your pulse points in preparation for nocturnal magic, dreamwalking, or astral travel.
Andromedas Curse 5 ml Samhain Spectre Sugar, Marshmallow, Smoke, Tonka Bean, Vanilla
Deep Midnight 8.5 ml Sangreal Three very different red and black roses, enigmatic dragon's blood, and a magical combination of other sacred resins and woods make for a scent that is rich and long lasting. The perfume tips towards the feminine side of the scale, but it is a deep enough rose scent that it can be worn by both sexes.
NAVA 5 ml Carob Scarib Carob Scarab – Carob accord, Hot Cocoa accord, Cacao extract, Indian Vetiver, Dirt accord, White Amber, Egyptian Sweet Musk and Cotton Candy accord
Black Baccara 5 ml CATHEDRAL NOIR Aroma palette is earthy, resinous, and smoky. Highlights include holy water, juniper and cedar incense smoke, melted candle wax, aged myrrh resin, lilies, and deep aged labdanum.
Smell Bent 50 ml Wednesday black roses, damp earth, limestone and coffin wood
Poesie 5 ml Athena: sun-baked Mediterranean herbs and earth, a rich and resinous vanilla spiked with a complex blend of incense and spice, exquisite grey musk
Poesie 5 ml Nyx: opium, night blooming flowers, midnight black river water, a wisp of oud incense
Sixteen92 5 ml Heliophobia Climbing ivy, faded magnolia blooms, moonlit vines, cracked solarium glass, splintered wood, peeling wallpaper, humid air, fog & shadow, feral musk
Sixteen92 5 ml I Believe in Mary Worth Tarnished silver, flickering candlelight, faded violet petals, cold glass, shadowed musk, melted wax
Sixteen92 5 ml Bad Witch Bad Witch: Honeyed tobacco leaf, black soot, stormy late fall air, cherry wood, dried golden straw bales and crunchy leaves, black spruce, ancient parchment, a puff of smoke
Sucreabeille - set of 10 discontinued drams
Black Heart Salted dark chocolate truffles with spiced caramel cores, and a shot of whiskey
Broken Heart Rich nougat of vanilla, tonka bean and heavy cream poured over marshmallows
Bleeding Heart A fizzing glass of champagne filled with fresh strawberries
Steel Rose wild rose, English rose, white rose, woodsmoke, patchouli, dragonsblood, metallic copper, metal, smoky incense.
Wood Rose Tiny wild roses blooming on the forest floor, rich, spiced rosewood, vanilla laced with patchouli and sweet resins
Blood Rose English rose, honey, sea salt, dragonsblood.
Briar Rose wild rose, lavender fields, a spellbound forest at night, a sprig of rosemary, cedar, freshly ground clove, bergamot.
Black Rose wild rose, rich dark chocolate, fresh vanilla bean, burnt sugar, whiskey, bourbon, an old library in a dusty castle, patchouli, a cold creamsicle on a hot day, really good bacon.
Glass Rose white rose, white musk, white thyme, a summer rainstorm, neroli, gardenia, a perfectly ripe grapefruit, kumquat, orange blossom, neroli, red mandarin, fresh dalmatian sage.
Flame Rose wild rose, cedarwood, smoke, leather.
Sucreabeille 5 ml Dead Ringer violets, myrrh smoke drifting through a crumbling cathedral, red musk, candle wax, black rose
Luminous Star - 8.5 ml Emerald Patisserie Smell as sweet as can be with notes of delicious rose tea, sugar cookies, and tuberose.
Alkemia 5 ml ( label damage) De la Forêt- Dry amber, golden musk, orris root, tonka, bergamot, rosewood, oud, sandalwood, paper, oakmoss, birch tar, and vetivert all combine to create a scent that evokes a spiirit that is outdoorsy and independent with a touch of sophistication and elusive sensuality.
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2021.10.25 10:25 Spooki1000 Anxiety setting in again

So I had it all set up to go live with a friend after I got out of rehab because the program I came here for isn't going to accept me and I don't qualify for any other ones that I'm aware of and I have no money any no other options, well yesterday I was told that I won't be able to go there any more. This is a month before I am set to leave here and have been applying for jobs in specifically that area(I don't drive). On the one hand I understand that its their place but on the other hand it strait up feels like a hearty slap in the nuts because now I have like no time to plan an alternate place to stay. Having this happen has me realizing that I don't have quite as much of a handle on my anxiety or depression as I thought I do because it strait up has me looking pretty heavy towards an alternate route that's not so nice. I mainly just have to get this off my chest because itll help me not do anything rash by talking about it. Also AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
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2021.10.25 10:25 nate_mce Oreo Cookie Ball

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2021.10.25 10:25 SublimeSummerTime3 27 (M4M) looking to talk to some older gentlemen about my girlfriend!

I'm curious to share pictures of my girlfriend to some older guys. I'd LOVE to see her hook up with an older man and we've roleplayed it some together in the past and it's a ton of fun. If you're curious, shoot me a message. My gf is 23 burnette, and beautiful with great hips.
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2021.10.25 10:25 Yajnesh1010 💎

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2021.10.25 10:25 moepkid Which name is shown online?

I am asked to give my character a name (switch version). I would like to use the canon name, but is that one also used online?
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2021.10.25 10:25 TheBoiwastaken What team should i use? Im new to a game and i dont know what is good and what is bad

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2021.10.25 10:25 Randomtrains Mailman To Messiah | Launching 10/26/21 at 9PM Eastern | Fair Launch

Mailman To Messiah V2 -- Launching 10/26/21 at 9PM Eastern time!!!
👉 Join the Telegram - 👈
Mailman to the MOON!!! Mailman to Messiah ($MMM) v2 has unlimited potential. Community growing slowly and we are going to make a big boom on launch day. Don't forget to join and be ready as price is going to sky rocket fast.
This is version two of our coin. The first one was launched in June of this year and was a huge success. We hit over 350x on it and had Messiah supporting our coin. He loved the idea we had and tweeted us out multiple times. We are in DM's with him again to get some more promotions from him.
Why $MMM? We based this coin on the Crypto Messiah himself. The Crypto Messiah started his adult career as a mailman and now he's a Crypto GENIUS. The goal of this coin is to honor his name for all he has done for this community and try to get him some more followers. He is the true Messiah of the crypto world. We are hoping to gain support from the Messiah himself to help launch our coin into outer space. We are planning on donating to different GoFundMe pages that are dedicated to mail deliverers who need help. Join our telegram to interact with our community and show the Messiah how much you appreciate him.
This is a FAIR LAUNCH so there will be NO pre-sales. We have a very open team and do not want anyone to have doubts about investing into this coin. If you have any questions, we encourage you to join the telegram and ask.
We will be hosting give aways from out twitter account (@MailToMessiah) and are planning to have another once our telegram hits 150 members. Make sure to join!
Total Supply : 100,000,000,000,000 Tokens
12% rewards in DOGE
Liquidity Locked : 95,000,000,000,000,000
Marketing Wallet : 5%
Rebase Feature!
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2021.10.25 10:25 Roadsideemergency I’m sorry moon. We’ll spend some quality time together soon!!

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2021.10.25 10:25 UltimateCola Has the memory leak issue been fixed on Windows 11?

I wanna upgrade, but I’ve heard about some issues with Windows 11 however most of them that have turned me away from Windows 11 have been fixed but I don’t know if the memory leak problem had. I couldn’t find anywhere that said it had been fixed so… Has it been fixed or nah?
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2021.10.25 10:25 reddit_feed_bot Lifezette: Biden Continues War On Police By Vaccine Mandates

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2021.10.25 10:25 Ok-Effort3594 support group for international students in the UK

Hi everyone! I'm part of a free community group on WhatsApp that helps to support and guide international students through the processes of applying to and studying abroad. The group also helps to make connections and share experiences with each other. Use the link to join the group or feel free to reply and ask any questions:
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2021.10.25 10:25 Ms9678 Lucid Group (LCID) Scores a Home Run: The Air EVs Are Finally Being Shipped to Customers

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2021.10.25 10:25 JohnDevx_ 🔊 Round2 NFT Jelly pools are on-going at HoneyBee 🎨

🔊 Round2 NFT Jelly pools are on-going at HoneyBee 🎨 Stake $BEE to earn Metasaurs
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2021.10.25 10:25 Fluffy-Ad2197 Laundry Card

Where is the black market to get the laundry card??
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2021.10.25 10:25 Chemical-Simple-9447 Do you think there will be another lockdown at Christmas

Every winter the NHS moans they will be overwhelmed. This is despite the billions of pounds extra they have received.
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2021.10.25 10:25 prissysnbyantiques Hello New Orleans..... it's a new week I hope you all stay blessed!

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2021.10.25 10:25 CryptoPrepper Splinterlands Weekly Battle Challenge - Play to Earn and Write about it (and earn some more)

his weeks BATTLE CHALLENGE brings you the sinister but cute Elven Cutthroat. A card, you can play without even buying a single pack. It is part of the startercards #Splinterlands gives you, to compete right away, after buying the Summoners Spellbook. Look at the battle and get a feel for the awesome opportunities.This game has serious #play2earn potential. You have to be good, to garner more DEC (ingame currency) but with a little help from articles like this on the Hive Blockchain, you can master Splinterlands with ease, building your #nft portfolio and a #passiveincome stream for yourself.
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