hiya neighbor

2021.10.18 06:10 BobRussRelick hiya neighbor

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2021.10.18 06:10 -SmashingSunflowers- I am in my very first semester of college. I am taking a python class. I feel like I am falling further behind in understanding the concepts. This all seems so simple. Help??

I have dabbled a little tiny bit with programming before I started school. I have done a lot of web developer stuff, and some java.
It doesn't help that the professor I have has terrible reviews on ratemyprofessor.. this is an online class and I live very far from school so it's hard to find the time to go in person with work and everything.
we use zybooks, and there are work along assignments where we follow along with his videos, but once it gets to the homework assignments it just seems like the homework assignment concepts seem to just blow the zybooks participation and workalong videos just out of the water. I started struggling with loops a bit, but I am starting to slowly get it. We are now on functions, and the assignment is just literally kicking my ass.
The workalong assignment for the functions chapter went into getting the number of characters in a string sentence , and then printing the sentence with no whitespace. it seems simple. and I think I get the concept. But the homework assignment needs a menu function, a number of non whitespace character function, a number of words function, fixing capitalization of the first word of each sentence function, replacing punctuation function, and shortening any extra whitespace function. Some of these seem simple enough, but I am just almost paralyzed in where to go from there. he gives some tips like *google isspace() function, google islower() and upper() function*
My class created our own group chat since many students were having a hard time with this professor from some past assignments, but it seems most of them are getting the grasp of this class and I just feel so lost. I feel like there is such a disconnect for me with going from zybooks and simple follow along videos to these bigger concept homework assignments where there are things I am needing to do without even learning them in the class. I just need help and tips from you guys, the best ways you are able to teach yourself concepts and best places to learn more in depth of the concepts that zybooks just barely go over. I am already subbed in many programming subreddits, and have already asked this exact question on there as well.

I am sorry if this seems whiny or anything. I surprisingly have a decent grade in the class but I know if I don't change my approach ASAP, that grade will drop very soon.
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2021.10.18 06:10 chercheur17 How to identify a nostril-breathing neuro-typical

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2021.10.18 06:10 Jcshamte This photo makes me laugh so hard- he hates the rain lol

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2021.10.18 06:10 TractorTracker1 I just shot 14 of my rentoids adn the polcie aere afte rme what od i dos?

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2021.10.18 06:10 FortuneFavors1994 Tough one for the bird bros. Also, how dare the Steelers win.

It's a great tragedy to humanity everytime the Steelers win. It's too bad the Steelers had to win ( cringes at that last part) we will have to take care of them it seems. Really wanted the Seahawks to take them out. Oh well, at least it will be a challenge with these assholes this year.
Personally I wouldn't have the rivalry any other way.
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2021.10.18 06:10 TheMeIonGod Tucker Speed Bell Eliminator Giveaway (12/31/2021) {CA US}

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2021.10.18 06:10 KoolioStuphia I can't record multiple clips?

Now whenever I try to record a video, as soon as I stop recording the first clip it automatically goes to the post recording page. Like I used to have to press the checkmark to confirm that I was finished recording but now it just does it on its own? I can't record anything with more than one clip from the app itself. Any ideas what's going on?
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2021.10.18 06:10 TerryQ822 [US] Looking for Fontaine Chracters NEW with decent price - i have a bunch of Fontaine (Good Co V2, Kogan, 5 Fever Dreams except Characters, Cranberry, Holo, Orbit V1 opened to trade

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2021.10.18 06:10 rdashjax10130 made an afourteen mask 🕷

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2021.10.18 06:10 subliminalbunny bed bug egg?

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2021.10.18 06:10 oohoppyoo Madison Reed

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2021.10.18 06:10 Natural-Evening-7259 A Cautionary Tale - Water Curing AVB has bad smell??

This is my second time water curing avb. I'm changing the water 1-2 times a day in both experiments. I can't find any information on this bad smell online, so any input is appreciated.
First Time Results:
The first time I ended up with nearly odorless avb and clear water at the end of 7-8 days. The water from squeezing the first batch of avb (in cheesecloth) came out mostly clear.
Second Time Issues:
I'm on day 20 of water curing this second batch. The water is always slightly cloudy, and more importantly the water and AVB smell pretty bad, slightly similar to feces or something that is decomposing.
The water I squeeze out is more like a brown-ish green color (even on day 20). The nail in the coffin - There are a few inch-sized, clear colored slimy blobs floating on the water's surface. Pretty sure this is a biofilm. So my best guess is that the avb or the container was contaminated, and mold or another micro-organism has grown. If this is true, I'm assuming this avb needs to thrown out.
Is my avb a lost cause?? I can't
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2021.10.18 06:10 wpazzurri Apple Trackpad Repair

Hi all, hope you're well!
I have an older generation bluetooth trackpad. The batteries leaked and got stuck, so per recommendations I found online, I used vinegar to break down the material, scraped it out with a screwdriver, and then hit against a folded towel to pop them out.
I let it dry overnight, put two new batteries in... and it won't turn on. Most folks with similar experiences have success, with some noting the LED stops working while the trackpad otherwise functions normally. But I can't get the light to come on or for it to connect.
Did I kill it, or is there something else I should try to revive my trackpad before tossing it and ordering a new one?
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2021.10.18 06:10 iknowwhoisyou my loaf

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2021.10.18 06:10 reverent_space Durk saying he fell to his knees when the law came is the most unintentionally funny lyric of all time lol

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2021.10.18 06:10 cypher4269 I feel like shit

Broke my over 140 days streak today.
Was playing around with my pp, got to a point where it was hella sensitive and i ejaculated without even shaking it. I am resetting my streak now. I feel really disgusted rn, seeing my time and energy get wasted just because i was playing around.
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2021.10.18 06:10 CantStonkWontStonk W8 wut

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2021.10.18 06:10 Nicknsfw18 PIC

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2021.10.18 06:10 NeOnixBR Atrito entre dois bares

Preciso comentar uma coisa que aconteceu recentemente
Tenho um pequeno quiosque de drinks com uma amiga. Abrimos todas as sextas e sábados em uma calçada, em frente ao muro de um terreno (que no momento está parado), numa das ruas de bares da cidade.
Em comemoração de 1 ano de existência do quiosque (entre fechamentos e aberturas devido à pandemia), oferecemos drinks especiais limitados na sexta-feira.
Bom, lotou bastante. Muito, muito mesmo.
Aí beleza. No sábado abrimos normal, sem mais drinks limitados de comemoração. Tava na trabalhando, chega a namorada de uma das donas do bar em frente ao nosso reclamando que usaram o banheiro do local e gastaram muita água e papel higiênico e pedindo pra gente pagar sabonete, papel higiênico e papel toalha de lá.
Não foi a primeira vez que essa discussão surgiu. E na primeira vez falamos que não temos responsabilidade sobre o que um cliente que comprou algo com a gente faz depois que sai do nosso ponto. E que fazia muito mais sentido eles (como estabelecimento privado) limitarem a entrada de quem não tá consumindo lá do que a gente ficar orientando, supervisionando ou controlando as pessoas pra não irem lá.
Chegaram a falar (mais de uma vez) que a gente podia separar um dia pra lavar o banheiro de lá. Acreditam?
Também deram a ideia de uma placa orientando as pessoas a não usarem o banheiro de lá.
Enfim, aí essa discussão surgiu de novo no sábado.
Dessa vez a discussão mais exaltada. Chegaram pra reclamar de novo e pedir pra gente pagalimpar, a gente já foi falando que não ia acontecer.
Eu, inocente, resolvi ir lá depois, com mais calma, pra ver se dava pra resolver a situação na conversa.
Reclamaram e reclamaram durante uns 15 minutos e eu só ouvindo. Quando tentei falar que não tinha como a gente controlar as pessoas, nem que fazia sentido responsabilizar a gente por algo que um terceiro fez num estabelecimento privado depois de sair do nosso ponto, falaram que eu tava "me fazendo de égua" e que como a gente não paga aluguel e "não tem custo com nada", podíamos pagar os prejuízos que eles tavam tendo porque os clientes deles e vizinhos tavam reclamando de sujeira no local.
Tentei falar que tem bares nós arredores que limitam a entrada de pessoas que não estão consumindo no local ou cobram a entrada de pessoas de fora que querem utilizar o banheiro.
Teve uma hora que ela falou "e eu sei que são seus clientes porque os MEUS clientes não deixam as coisas sujas" (sugerindo que o público do nosso quiosque é sujo e/ou mal educado)
Nessa hora eu já tava bem irritado porque elas não calavam a boca pra me ouvir.
Ainda bem que nesse momento recebi uma ligação da minha sócia chamando pra voltar pro quiosque porque tava lotando e dando fila.
Sai da conversa enquanto as duas reclamavam e quando eu tava atravessando a rua, falaram "Paga o aluguel da calçada!" (Em tom de deboche)
Na segunda, fiz um banner pra estender no muro pro público, dizendo: "Atendendo a solicitação do bar em frente, pedimos que nosso público não utilize o banheiro nem consuma nossos drinks nas redondezas do mesmo"
Em resposta, fizeram postagens na rede social deles dizendo que ofereceram alternativas pra nós, como fazer a limpeza/manutenção do banheiro deles ou instalar um banheiro químico (banheiro químico num quiosque que eu carrego desmontado num Fiat Siena kkk) e que nós tínhamos dito que o lixo "não era de nossa responsabilidade"
Literalmente temos postagens nas redes sociais reforçando o uso da lixeira que disponibilizamos perto da gente. E esse post é reforçado nós stories toda sexta e sábado.
Enfim, fiquei sabendo por contatos que vão buscar meios legais de nos atingir agora. Denunciando pra polícia ou vigilância sanitária, etc.
Tô com um misto de raiva e preocupação que estão me deixando ansioso e me fazendo perder o sono.
Precisava de um lugar pra falar porque estamos evitando levar essa discussão pro lado pessoal nas redes sociais. E na rede social do bar, tentamos ser imparciais e educados em relação a pronunciamentos sobre a situação. Não falei nem 5% do quanto queria falar sabe?
É muito frustrante porque nós tínhamos a intenção de pelo menos finalizar o ano trabalhando naquele local nas sextas e sábados e a partir do começo do ano que vem, utilizar o dinheiro que já acumula vamos para tornar o nosso quiosquezinho finalmente um bar com ponto físico. E agora isso está ameaçado por causa dessa briga idiota.
Qual o perspectiva de vocês sobre a situação? Opiniões?
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2021.10.18 06:10 Randomrogue15 A thought about why the top could be viable as a totem *after* Cobb preformed inception on mal.

This idea hinges on the idea that the deeper in the dream(including limbo) that you are, the more powerful the manifestations of the implanted thoughts are. In the city Cobb and Mal built, they are partially linked still. Even after Mal dies, the city remains. The spinning top in the safe still exists even after Mal is dead. This idea, that a top in a dream will Eternally spin, leaks out of Cobbs mind into any dream he is in. His totem, once Mal's, now has a permanent subconscious effect that makes it actually function as a totem. Please let me know if I've gotten anything overly wrong in my theory.
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2021.10.18 06:10 rob2722 Anyone know the cause?

Cell reception diminished quite a bit since Thursday in various spots of North Texas. Areas, including my neighborhood, would have 3 to maybe 4 bars, and above 40 mbps download speed with 5G. Now I have 1 bar, get about 10 mbps download, and its LTE. I thought maybe my SIM card, but my wife is in the same boat and a friend of mine two towns over is experiencing the same. Anyone have any insight on what may have caused this? I have the iPhone 13 Pro Max.
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2021.10.18 06:10 Icy_Refrigerator so we can't use this LGBT subreddit to discuss LGBT issues that involve hate speech because someone might read it and get sad?

where do you go to discuss flagrant hate speech on reddit and figure out how it's brought to the attention of the, apparently, completely absent admins, then?
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2021.10.18 06:10 memphisgrit Lunatics & road-raging lunatics are everywhere...

WREG Web - Two pedestrians killed while pushing car on I-240
This is incredibly tragic, I cannot even begin to know what these two men went through. They probably didn't even see it coming.
Were there no lights illuminated on the vehicle being pushed (12:19AM)? Even if no lights were on, someone actually paying attention to the road and doing the speed limit would still see something like this with sufficient time to adjust your driving or stop. Besides, considering the amount of light we have illuminating all the main roadways is plenty enough to see a disabled car being pushed along by two gentlemen just trying to get down the road, regardless of whether or not they had their lights on.
As of Oct. 14, there have been 221 homicides in Memphis. The same day a year ago, there had been 216. There have been at least 87 shootings on Memphis highways, surpassing last year’s total of 80 shootings.
All Memphians have seen the lunatic driving an Infiniti with drive-out dealership tags that is fleeing from an active murder scene at 100+MPH, most likely with a gun in their lap. Our main roads cannot be safely navigated, too many factors against you are at play. The human body is soft & malleable, steel is hard-unforgiving. Apparently, a substantial swathe of Memphians drive like no tomorrow, without a care in the world. They don't care about their life or your life.
I don't know what our local and state officials are doing. What will it take for them to take action? I drive almost a thousand miles every week on I-40, 240, & 55, I cannot tell you the last time I saw any law enforcement working those roadways besides MPD. If any location in our state deserves attention from the Tennessee Highway Patrol, it's these roadways.
Unfortunately, Memphis is not blessed with competent politicians, like Commissioner Sawyer and Councilman Smiley, who would love nothing more than to reduce our police force even more, even though we are already short hundreds of officers. The statistics don't lie, when MPD is sufficiently staffed, violent crime decreases. Memphis policy makers and city leaders, care not. What more will it take for Governor Lee to do something?
FYI & BTW, Anytime you see a motorist stopped in the roadway or on either shoulder, not just a police officer, you're supposed to get over & put one lane of distance between you and them. If you cannot safely do this for whatever reason, reduce your speed. Reduce your speed so if the time arises and you have to slam on your breaks to not run over a human, your chances of stopping in time are drastically increased. When an ambulance or EMT vehicle, fire truck or engine, or law enforcement are behind you, you must merge to the right shoulder and stop, if it is possible and also safe to do so considering your situation and traffic. PS, real Tennesseans stop for all funeral processions until the final car with flashing lights goes past, just sayin'. (I'm not a lawyer or involved in any kind of law enforcement, this is merely my opinion. I advice you to read the full text of legislation pertaining to operating a motor-vehicle.)
Pay attention keep your distance. Be extra careful when the roads are wet. We can only hope this gets better but we need action by our government, sooner than later preferably.
Stay safe, road-raging lunatics are everywhere. ~
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2021.10.18 06:10 guydude24 Insert Low Effort Karma Whoring Post Here

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