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We are capable of so much more...

2021.10.18 05:47 Hyperius999 We are capable of so much more...

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2021.10.18 05:47 wattnurt Anybody here know much about Financial Mathematics, i.e. of the analytic kind?

I've been looking into my retirement planning lately, and am wondering how some of the suggestions (e.g. X percent in stocks, Y percent in bonds) that my financial institution is suggesting to me, were actually created. My personal guess is that they are considering probability distributions for each asset regarding their return, and by mixing them at different ratios, you maximize the expected value of the overall probability distribution.
Does anyone know more about this type of thing? Is that what they do?
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2021.10.18 05:47 AnalogKeeper [Fan Fic]: The humble beginning of the King and Queen of DFK

Defi was an only son who lived with his father and mother in a little village. They were very poor, and as the boy grew older and saw how hard his parents struggled for their scanty living he often dreamed of a time when he might be a help to them.
One evening when they sat eating their frugal meal of rice the father told about a young king who lived in a beautiful palace some distance from their village, and the boy became very much interested. That night when the house was dark and quiet and Defi lay on his mat trying to sleep, thoughts of the young king repeatedly came to his mind, and he wished he were a king that he and his parents might spend the rest of their lives in a beautiful palace.
The next morning he awoke with a new idea. He would go to the king and ask for work, that he might in that way be able to help his father and mother. He was a long time in persuading his parents to allow him to go, however, for it was a long journey, and they feared that the king might not be gracious. But at last they gave their consent, and the boy started out The journey proved tiresome. After he reached the palace, he was not at first permitted to see the king. But the boy being very earnest at last secured a place as a servant.
It was a new and strange world to Defi who had known only the life of a little village. The work was hard, but he was happy in thinking that now he could help his father and mother. One day the king sent for him and said:
"I want you to bring to me a beautiful princess who lives in a land across the sea. Go at once, and if you fail you shall be punished severely,"
The boy's heart sank within him, for he did not know what to do. But he answered as bravely as possible, "I will, my lord," and left the king's chamber. He at once set about preparing things for a long journey, for he was determined to try at least to fulfil the command.
When all was ready Defi started. He had not gone far before he came to a thick forest, where he saw a large bird bound tightly with strings.
"Oh, my friend," pleaded the bird, "please free me from these bonds, and I will help you whenever you call on me."
Defi quickly released the bird, and it flew away calling back to him that its name was Sparrow-hawk.
Defi continued his journey till he came to the sea. Unable to find a way of crossing, he stopped and gazed sadly out over the waters, thinking of the king's threat if he failed. Suddenly he saw swimming toward him the King of the Fishes who asked:
"Why are you so sad?"
"I wish to cross the sea to find the beautiful Princess," answered the boy.
"Well, get on my back," said the Fish, "and I will carry you across."
So Defi stepped on his back and was carried to the other shore.
Soon he met a strange woman who inquired what it was he sought, and when he had told her she said:
"The Princess is kept in a castle guarded by Dark knights. Take this magic sword, for it will kill instantly whatever it touches." And she handed him the weapon.
Defi was more than grateful for her kindness and went on full of hope. As he approached the castle he could see that it was surrounded by many Dark Knights, and as soon as they saw him they ran out to seize him, but they went unarmed for they saw that he was a mere boy. As they approached he touched those in front with his sword, and one by one they fell dead. Then the others ran away in a panic, and left the castle unguarded. Defi entered, and when he had told the Princess of his errand, she was only too glad to escape from her captivity and she set out at once with him for the palace of the king.
At the seashore the King of the Fishes was waiting for them, and they had no difficulty in crossing the sea and then in journeying through the thick forest to the palace, where they were received with great rejoicing. After a time the King asked the Princess to become his wife, and she replied:
"I will, O King, if you will get the ring I lost in the sea as I was crossing it"
The King immediately thought of Defi, and sending for him he commanded him to find the ring which had been lost on the journey from the land of the Dark Knights.
It seemed a hopeless task to the boy, but, anxious to obey his master, he started out. At the seaside he stopped and gazed over the waters until, to his great delight, he saw his friend, the King of the Fishes, swimming toward him. When he had been told of the boy's troubles, the great fish said: "I will see if I can help you," and he summoned all his subjects to him. When they came he found that one was missing, and he sent the others in search of it. They found it under a stone so full that it could not swim, and the larger ones took it by the tail and dragged it to the King.
"Why did you not come when you were called?" inquired the King Fish.
"I have eaten so much that I cannot swim," replied the poor fish.
Then the King Fish, suspecting the truth, ordered it cut open, and inside they found the lost ring. Defi was overjoyed at this, and expressing his great thanks, hastened with the precious ring to his master.
The King, greatly pleased, carried the ring to the Princess and said:
"Now that I have your ring will you become my wife?"
"I will be your wife," replied the Princess, "if you will find my earring that I lost in the forest as I was journeying with Defi."
Again the King sent for Defi, and this time he commanded him to find the earring. The boy was very weary from his long journeys, but with no complaint he started out once more. Along the road through the thick forest he searched carefully, but with no reward. At last, tired and discouraged, he sat down under a tree to rest.
Suddenly there appeared before him a mouse of great size, and he was surprised to find that it was the King of Mice.
"Why are you so sad?" asked the King Mouse.
"Because," answered the boy, "I cannot find an earring which the Princess lost as we were going through the forest together."
"I will help you," said the Mouse, and he summoned all his subjects.
When they assembled it was found that one little mouse was missing, and the King sent the others to look for him. In a small hole among the bamboo trees they found him, and he begged to be left alone, for, he said, he was so full that he could not walk. Nevertheless they pulled him along to their master, who, upon finding that there was something hard inside the mouse, ordered him cut open; and inside they found the missing earring.
Defi at once forgot his weariness, and after expressing his great thanks to the King Mouse he hastened to the palace with the prize. The King eagerly seized the earring and presented it to the Princess, again asking her to be his wife.
"Oh, my King," replied the Princess, "I have one more request to make. Only grant it and I will be your wife forever."
The King, believing that now with the aid of Defi he could grant anything, inquired what it was she wished, and she replied:
"Get me some water from heaven and some from the lower world, and I shall ask nothing more."
Once more the King called Defi and sent him on the hardest errand of all.
The boy went out not knowing which way to turn, and while he was in a deep study his weary feet led him to the forest. Suddenly he thought of the bird who had promised to help him, and he called, "Sparrowhawk!" There was a rustle of wings, and the bird swooped down. He told it of his troubles and it said:
"I will get the water for you."
Then Defi made two light cups of bamboo which he fastened to the bird's legs, and it flew away. All day the boy waited in the forest, and just as night was coming on the bird returned with both cups full. The one on his right foot, he told Defi, was from heaven, and that on his left was from the lower world. The boy unfastened the cups, and then, as he was thanking the bird, he noticed that the journey had been too much for it and that it was dying. Filled with sorrow for his winged friend, he waited and carefully buried it, and then he hastened to the palace with the precious water.
When the Princess saw that her wish had been fulfilled she asked the King to cut her in two and pour over her the water from heaven. The King was not able to do this, so she cut herself, and then as he poured the water over her he beheld her grow into the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.
Eager to become handsome himself, the King then begged her to pour over him the water from the other cup. He cut himself, and she did as he requested, but immediately there arose a creature most ugly and horrible to look upon, which soon vanished out of sight. Then the Princess called Defi and told him that because he had been so faithful to his master and so kind to her, she chose him for her husband.
They were married amid great festivities and became king and queen of that broad and fertile land of Defi Kingdom, named next to a mere boy wich is now the King. During all the great rejoicing, however, Defi never forgot his parents. One of the finest portions of his kingdom he gave to them, and from that time they all lived in great happiness.
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2021.10.18 05:47 Nyxxit_1 Why do they call people against the vaccine anti-science? Science is building facts based on observation….

A vaccine is supposed to make one 99% immune to the virus it was designed for. But this Covid vaccine doesn’t even really do anything remotely close. Not to mention all the adverse effects and even deaths from the vaccine. The scientific method applied to the vaccine states that
1-its ineffective as a vaccine and
2- it has negative side effects.
Therefore it is not a vaccine and should not be used as an effective measure to prevent Covid19.
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2021.10.18 05:47 Vivid-Isopod9684 I love this so much!

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2021.10.18 05:47 thurstosdfsdfds AK Jain Physiology PDF Free download now and read online

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2021.10.18 05:47 velvetbird_ pixie dramatically keeps me company while i study 💕

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2021.10.18 05:47 SmileJax How do I (37f) find a therapist that specializes in thanatophobia?

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MY FIRST ICON EVER PACKED! submitted by BKNWB to fut [link] [comments]

2021.10.18 05:47 michaeljordan97 First Vikings game....

Long time fan, but I’m from NC, so I don’t get to see the Vikings in person much (I became a fan in 2008 and my favorite player was Favre, so I jumped on the bandwagon and rode it through the ponder years and beyond. Don’t worry bout it). I’ve never known many Vikings fans, but today I was home with my people. Bank of America stadium was very purple, and seeing fellow skoldiers in my home state was transcendental. There was a huge shirtless dude with a red braided beard, lots of horned helmets, tons of purple jerseys, it was electric. I love you lot of drunks. And what a first Vikings game to experience! I got to see Theilan catch a TD live, an OT win, and a signature miss on a game winning kick! Loved every moment. Purple for life. SKOL.
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2021.10.18 05:47 r4rnew2thebay 23 [m4f], 6'6, Indian, Fit, Hung (pic included), GL

Hey, I'm 23, 6'6, fit, handsome, fully vaccinated, and hung (https://m.imgur.com/a/YyYjsUC). I moved to SF recently and am looking to explore and have some fun.
Interests: Adventure, travel, music (a lot of variation), gaming, working out, and just hanging out with cool people.
420 friendly.
If you have any specific kinks let me know!
Send me a message if you're interested, hope you all have a nice day!
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2021.10.18 05:47 Supergupo Chibi Dice from Malice's "Meet the Heroes" page

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2021.10.18 05:47 MedicineHuman6409 Acceptable?

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2021.10.18 05:47 bayami97 Reigns or Flair ?

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2021.10.18 05:47 Zethyros O omi ta tão feliz que nem se contém

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2021.10.18 05:47 Avantheline Just a late night snack

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2021.10.18 05:47 willardsrest What sounds are you currently hearing?

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2021.10.18 05:47 FuffyDagon A bunch of these up on posts in and around Vanier. Which one of you…

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2021.10.18 05:47 stra0Tegypriceless Hot4lexi - Hot Sex Tape New Video LEak...

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2021.10.18 05:47 SirOutrageous4953 Chilling with my plants because its starting to get cold in here.

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2021.10.18 05:47 2ama956 What comp should I use? I will be getting marquinhos soon. Should I add ake into the team? Thinking 433 attack with marquinhos and ake for same boost back line. If not 343 with ake/marquinhos/silva.

What comp should I use? I will be getting marquinhos soon. Should I add ake into the team? Thinking 433 attack with marquinhos and ake for same boost back line. If not 343 with ake/marquinhos/silva. submitted by 2ama956 to FUTMobile [link] [comments]

2021.10.18 05:47 GabryLv I don’t even think Drew is bad. The coaching staff is the real problem and the ownership situation has been a constant problem since the departure of Pat

This game, shown the real problem of this team. The coaching staff, Defensive and Offensive play calling is terrible, and it has been for years. I defended Fangio first 2 years with the injury riddled team and being a rookie head coach, but the defensive calls, the lack of aggressiveness on the offense, the same old 5 yard plays offensively hasn’t been the key to really win us games. We only show agressive play calling at the beginning of the First or third quarter and if it fails, they never call it again.
The terrible preparation and how they have managed every game has been hideous. Shurmur is conservative as hell and never goes for the whole thing and instead prefers to throw a fucking screen pass in 3rd and 18
With how we have looked in the last 3 games I don’t even think that fangio and his coaching tree really developed lock into a real QB, we always are arguing about the fact that we should have drafted in 2018 Josh Allen when with this coaching staff the guy would be looking extremely different with a lot of People calling him a bust.
I really hope 2022 is a turning point for the franchise, the last 6 years have been mediocre at best, remember when we used to say how we didn’t have a losing season back to back since 19xx? Now we are a bottom barrel team always sitting in the 21-27 ranked team of the power rankings. The whole coaching staff needs to be fired and the ownership resolved, this is not the season Denver goes back to the playoffs. It has been at least 3 rostered with the potential of being a playoff team yet the lack of good coaching and a franchise QB makes us always fail
Win lose or tie I’m a bronco fan till I die. But this stretch has been a nightmare for every fan of the franchise
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2021.10.18 05:47 Kensmkv Thank You Robot #123 for taking my money and sending me this awesome Black Camo skin for my iPad Mini 6 🙏

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2021.10.18 05:47 Yonimukhan Title

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2021.10.18 05:47 Artistic_Industry_96 In Halo 2 you fight alongside grunts and hunters. In Halo 3 all of the grunts and hunters are enemies. Why?

I have the gist of why but was hoping someone here had the full canon answer ready to go. It makes sense that the grunts and hunters would be loyal to their commanders. I get that. And the Halo 2 missions where the hunters start laying waste to your enemies is so satisfying. But why then in Halo 3 did all of the grunts and hunters return to the covenant. Did the Elites decide that they didn’t need them? Were the grunts and hunters believers in the great journey? Did they hate humanity? I love H3 it’s probably my favorite in the series, but imagine you and a group of hunters going to find Cortana. Or marines and Grunts fighting side by side (watch out for grenades!). So many possibilities. So what happened?
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