Has anybody been harassed by JZ Knight, Ramtha, and her evil QAnon occultists in Yelm, WA or elsewhere?

2021.10.21 04:43 cfmnyt Has anybody been harassed by JZ Knight, Ramtha, and her evil QAnon occultists in Yelm, WA or elsewhere?

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2021.10.21 04:43 TXYchan why do catfishes exist

like bro? idgaf if you're a guy and you have a female snom but why use other peoples pictures and also make it easy for us to reverse image search it up but its quite funny
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2021.10.21 04:43 Phoen1x_ Where do i find these faction missions? are they not in the game yet?

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2021.10.21 04:43 Maritsu-XC- Trend // Just wanna try it myself

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2021.10.21 04:43 L_G_Brie_T Wrongful termination of Employment?

Wrongful termination of Employment?
I’m 22 (F) and my employer is currently taking me to a capability meeting. I work from home but I suffer from an invisible disability (Endometriosis) which leaves me bedbound some days. I’ve had to have time off due to my endometriosis and mental health. I recently had surgery to remove some of my endo and had some complications meaning I had to take time of work, I did come back for some days in between.
I had the day of yesterday due to not being to get hold of my anti-depressants and going into withdrawal and not being able to get out of bed.
They knew about my conditions when I started. I’ve been here nearly 11 months.
I’m just terrified I’m going to get sacked…
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2021.10.21 04:43 plutrons This Breathtaking view in Granada, Spain.

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2021.10.21 04:43 Tiger_Yu Using the bathroom

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2021.10.21 04:43 Shadowmonarchbigblue Medical Return Chapter 135

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2021.10.21 04:43 Professional-Taro525 🐶 Blow Doge 🐶 |Just Launched | Low MarketCap 📉 | Influencers Proposals | Huge Marketing | Next x1000 token |

🧩 🐶 BLOW DOGE 🐶 🧩
$BLOWDOGE Rewards in auto 9% $Cake dividends with state-of-the-art mechanics.
We included major tactics like dividends, anti-whale, anti-dump and developed a automatic 12 hours buyback mechanism on top.
$BLOWDOGE will be the biggest $Cake rewarding token on BSC!
☎️Fair Launch Soon 🧨
🎆Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 $BLOWDOGE
🎆Initial Burn: 50%
🎆Marketing: 2%
🎆 Pancakeswap: 48%
A feature to prevent snipers from grabbing the first precious tokens from investors.
🥇Liquidity Lock
⚡Contract: 0xc2fe40ea88c595f681f52f3450fac6d49bdec290
⚡Pancakeswap : https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0xc2fe40ea88c595f681f52f3450fac6d49bdec290
⚡Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0xc2fe40ea88c595f681f52f3450fac6d49bdec290#readContract
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2021.10.21 04:43 Bbddy555 The moon, October 21, 2021

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2021.10.21 04:43 bkaus Some 8th Scale GTE action

1:8th GTE RC Racing at SMA #rcracing - YouTube
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2021.10.21 04:43 DaLanik Xiaomi Qingping Human Body Sensor (Unbox/Install/Demo)

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2021.10.21 04:43 kfcfossil Can you guess the character?

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2021.10.21 04:43 goCommitUnLive First ad i got from PETA

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2021.10.21 04:43 PoilishedMahogony Taya Vais

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2021.10.21 04:43 GL1tch3r5 ⛮ THE SUN HAS ARMS

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2021.10.21 04:43 tinythanos Morphy’s Tomb of the Unknown Soldier - Opening?

Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this. I know very little about chess, but I’m using this game as a basis for a musical project and would love a little more information about it:
[Paul Morphy vs NN (1850) - The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier](https://www.chessgames.com/perl/chessgame?gid=1238131)
I’m particularly curious about the opening series of moves; so far as I can gather, it looks like the Evans gambit up until NN moves his knight to f6 instead of having his bishop meet Morphy’s. Does this opening have a name? Or is it just a not-quite-anything?
And for Morphy himself, is there any particular resource/old magazine/series of journals that you deem particularly excellent so far as sourcing his philosophy, quotes, or any interesting factoids about him? The project at hand only deals with the motion/interaction of the pieces in this one particular game, but I’d really like to entrench myself in more history about it. Thanks and cheers!
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2021.10.21 04:43 plutrons This Breathtaking view in Granada, Spain.

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2021.10.21 04:43 affywulfric So, me and my mom was re-arranging our photo album, and while she was going through my late father's photo album, we found this money. I've seen many types of currency before, old and new(thanks to abah), but I've never seen this one. Duit apa ni?

So, me and my mom was re-arranging our photo album, and while she was going through my late father's photo album, we found this money. I've seen many types of currency before, old and new(thanks to abah), but I've never seen this one. Duit apa ni? submitted by affywulfric to malaysia [link] [comments]

2021.10.21 04:43 MerchantZiro [PI] DIO's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders: The Final Battle

Inspired by this prompt here
(Fair Warning: Semi-slight spoilers for JoJo Part 7... Kinda. Not anything lore related just a character and that's in name and stand only.)
"So you must be JOJO?" A young blonde teen with a golden hair walked out, his golden colored stand manifesting behind him asked as he tightened his blue uniform as he approached the man. The man who had stolen the body of his great grandfather Dio Brando and was the reason his father was slowly dying.
Jonathan Joestar, or JOJO as he now calls himself fell down to the ground before the young teen. Holding the bloody dead body of Jean Pierre Polnareff. The blonde wondered where Noriaki Kakyoin was.
"Diego Brando I presume? Even though you are him, you have quite the resemblance to my brother. Though I won't let my revenge be stopped by you or Giorno."
Diego looked confused, "Revenge? What do you mean?"
However his grandfather Giorno Brando suddenly jumped behind with his stand Golden Experience and tried to punch him, only for a purple phantom colored stand with long flowing hair, a scarf, and a loincloth to appear and blocked the attack. Before next thing he knew he was grabbed by the neck as Jonathan turned back to Diego.
"Dio was always such a goody two shoes, even though I learned his father was a total piece of shit who worked his wife to death, Dio always used what he could to be happy and seemed to be overjoyed when we took him in. Even though he's a complete street rat who didn't deserve to be in the same house as my higher class family. It then only got worse when he stole the love of my life Erina, who continued to reject me." Jonathan explained, as his grip on Giorno's neck tightened while slowly draining his blood.
"That's when I decided to see how far I could push Dio, push him into breaking under my will... But no matter how far I tried he was always one step ahead, quite the tactical genius he was. That's when I became interested in the stone mask we had, the same one I used to become a vampire. It was used to execute people and I planned to use it on Dio... Only to end up being caught by Dio when I tried to poison my father as revenge for taking him in..."
Looking up to the sky he continued, "At that moment I made up my mind and used the stone mask on myself turning me into a vampire. Dio went out of his way to learn Hamon to try and defeat me. But even though he won the battle, I still won that war when I killed him on the boat and took his body. That day I say beyond what I originally conceived to do... I originally just wanted to rule this world. But then I thought bigger, I wanted to reach Heaven itself and go beyond it. And with this..." He then held up the drained Giorno which made Diego realize what he doing too late and dropped it to the ground.
"Grandpa Giorno!" Was all Diego could call out as he then growled at JOJO.
"I am one step closer to my goals. Once I drain your blood too Diego, I will become a being far beyond your compression." JOJO finished with a pose to his back, his jacket ripping as he gripped his head, "This power... This is quite the rush!" Jonathan laughed evilly.
Diego then began to walk slowly towards Jonathan, "You... JOJO!"
Jonathan laughed as he taunted, "Oh... you seem to be approaching me.... Instead of fleeing your life like a cowardly prey being hunted by predators, you're going to walk straight towards your demise?"
Diego smirked as he summoned The World next to him, "I have to get close if I want to hit you."
This seemed to amuse JOJO who smirked and slowly started to approach Diego as well, both walking towards the other menacingly, "I see... Then get close as you'd like."
As both got close to each other they summoned their stands....
Both stands rushed at each other and began a clash of punches.
Eventually Star Platinum proved stronger thanks to Jonathan's vampiric enhancements and the blood of Giorno as he landed a hit to slightly weaker The World's leg, breaking it and Diego's in the process as Diego shouted, "The World! Time will now stop!"
Using his stand ability he had 5 seconds as he threw a knife he kept in his pockets towards JOJO while jumping back to create some distance, taking some deep breaths while a small golden spark to help fix his leg as time returned to moving when he landed.
"Time will flow once more..."
"What!" JOJO shouted as he was hit by knife and sent flying back.
He then pulled one knives right out of skull and laughed as he healed right up, "That's quite the stand, even if it's nothing compared to raw strength of The World. The ability to stop time is quite dangerous. But not if I'm fast enough to stop you from stopping it in the first place!"
JOJO rushed as Diego and prepared to grab him and end this fight, only for his eyes to widen when he see familiar golden sparks on the Brando's body as he slowed down and jumped over Diego, barley avoiding a chop through the air.
"I see... You learned Hamon..." Jonathan says irritated as he turned back to Diego.
Diego then pointed at the vampiric Joestar, "My grandfather Giorno decided it would be worth teaching me. Though it was hard I did eventually get a handle on it."
"Unfortunately for you this is merely an inconvenience for me JOJO!" The vampire shouted arrogantly before saying, "But don't get cocky, I still have a few tricks up my sleeve."
His eyes then glowed as he used his Space Ripper Stingy Eyes to fire pressurized fluid jets from them as Diego used his stand to help leap high into the air to avoid them but say Jonathan moving the beams towards him before shouting once more, "The World! Time will now stop!"
He then slowly defended in frozen time as he took a deep breath and pulled out a bunch of knives, charging them all with Hamon as he prepared to throw them... Only to then see it for even a moment. His finger moved as Diego was wondering what was going on, only to realize something too late.
"Time will flow once more..."
Jonathan then had kicked his gut, forcing him to drop the knives as he flew back before landing his feet against a building and using The World to help jump back and land in front of the smirking Jonathan.
"How did you do that?" Diego asked sternly.
"Do what?" JOJO asked innocently with an evil chuckle.
"Don't play games with me JOJO, I know what I saw." Diego said with a tightened fist.
He then rushed at DIO and prepared to hit him only for Jonathan to summon his stand and shouted, "Star Platinum! The World!"
Suddenly time stopped around Diego as he could see in the frozen time as Jonathan leapt into the air, vanishing from sight.
Jonathan laughed and explained, "You know, our stands are quite similar... They're power seems close though with my vampiric strength being the only thing tipping those odds, our stand's range seems to be close as well, that's when I wondered if our abilities were also similar... So I must thank you Diego. Were it not for you I might have never learned of this ability, but now I can stop time. Even longer than you could before it seems! But I'm afraid your services are no longer required...."
The Brando then moved his eye upward to see the Joestar coming down with a large truck, "THEREFORE I WILL GRANT YOU A QUICK DEATH! DIE NOW GREAT GRANDSON OF DIO!"
As the truck landed on the ground and crushed Diego. JOJO then used his stand to crush the trunk under him before jumping off. "Now time shall resume!"
The truck then landed on the ground as it crushed the ground beneath it.
"Now to make sure he's actually dead. Brandos tend to be quite the slippery ones." He then walked over to the remains of the truck.
However suddenly he realized he couldn't move as time was still frozen, "WHAT!? IMPOSSIBLE!"
He then heard a chuckle as Diego smirked, glowing with Hamon, "It seems like you're not the only one who learned how to extend his time stop... It seems to be quite taxing on my stamina but with Hamon, I Diego have pushed my stand beyond it's original limits."
"But how did you survive the truck...?" Jonathan asked, barely able to speak now.
"While you were hitting the truck I used my 5 seconds to roll out from the under the truck and have been using my Hamon to extend my time stop. Even with our similar stands, that's the difference between you and me. You rely on your sheer brawn and vampiric abilities to win, Star Platinum relying on sheer strength is proof enough. Us Brandos however have always relied on our brain to outwit such an opponent and find our way around such problems." Diego explained with cocky tone before preparing to go for a finishing blow, "Now let's end this! Rebuff Overdrive!"
As he went for a ripple infused elbow strike, time resumed as Jonathan barely had enough time to freeze his left arm and the blood inside with his Vaporization Freezing Technique to protect himself from dying. But the force of the blow still sent him flying, shattering his arm and breaking the ice around it.
With deep breaths JOJO sat one knee looking at what used to a functional arm as Diego lands on the ground in front of Jonathan, "Hmph. Seems you still have quite one last trick left after all. But it's not gonna save you. But you see, I'm an honorable guy and it wouldn't sit right just killing you like this while your down... So that's why the moment you're all healed up, is the moment I will strike." He then summoned The World behind him while channelling Hamon around himself.
JOJO then began to think to himself, 'This arrogant brat. He continues to mock me and flaunt his own superiority. I will wipe that smile off his face, I show him the fault of his humanity. He will regret not finishing me off when I drain him of all his blood. His pride will be his demise! But as for me, I have my eyes set on a single goal and whether the kill is honorable or not....' he then looked to his arm, dripping with blood as he smirks and puts arm onto it.
"HAS NO MEANING TO ME!" He then shouts as he swung his arm to cover Diego's eyes with blood impairing his vision and rushes at him with Star Platinum.
"This battle is over, and I JOJO am victorious!" Jonathan laughed as his Stand prepared to land the finishing punch while laughing madly, his arm now fully heal.
However just before he could land a killing blow....
"The World! Time will now stop!"
Suddenly time had been frozen as Diego wiped the blood off his hands and smirked, "Like I said, you rely on brute force so much you had already forgotten our ability... Now I'm ending this fight, for real."
He then pulled out a few knives as he channeled Hamon through them to throw at JOJO, after a moment he was covered by all angles by knives as Diego admired his work before laughing.
"Time will flow once more..."
The knives then cut JOJO from every angle but he was barley able to survive the hamon knife barrage with minor scrapes before looking at Diego and his stand.
"It seems like you're almost all healed up JOJO, time to finish what Great Grandpa Dio started a century ago!"
He then had his stand uppercut Jonathan into The World appeared behind him while Diego cracked his knuckles as both reeled their fists back before beginning to pummel JOJO with a barrage of punches from the both of them.
Eventually both The World and Diego reeled their fists back as the latter charged himself up with Hamon.
"MU.... / Sunlight Yellow..."
Jonathan could only say, "This can't be happening! Dio?" He then saw Dio Brando himself right next to Diego as both were preparing their ultimate attack. "Dio! D I O ! ! !"
"-DA!!! / OVERDRIVE!!!"
Both then hit Jonathan in the head, the stike of The World destroying his brain while Diego simultaneously destroyed it with Hamon.
The body of Dio Brando then dropped to the ground lifeless as a bloody Kakyoin came from the shadows and asked, "Is it over?"
"It's done..." Diego said before looking to where he last saw Giorno and then looked to the body of Dio used by Jonathan. "Go get Giorno, I have an idea on how we could save him."
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2021.10.21 04:43 Mousseymou Computer monitor mounting design guidance

Hi there Engineers,
I am looking to mount my new computer monitor with a wall mount. However, the stand which came with the monitor has some great adjustability built in and as such I would like to retain the upright section instead of the VERSA mounts.
The monitor in question is a Viewsonic XG270QC which features this tri-foot/tripod-like stand.
The upright section allows for vertical, horizontal, and tilting adjustment of the screen position. The upright connects to the lower feet (side view, rear view) using just a single screw as seen during assembly in this review video. The mounting surface can be seen in this picture.
Originally, I was considering a simple shelf style which would use the OEM stand as is. But I like the idea of having the space underneath free with the upright section somehow mounted though I'm unsure what forces I need to account for. I don't want to stress that single screw and have the monitor drop off.
The wall mount is a Physix 100XL flat mount. The monitor is being mounted as part of a racing sim rig.
I was planning to use 1"/25.4mm aluminium square tube.
Would anyone be willing to share some advice on how to mount this in my preferred configuration (maintaining the OEM upright) or what forces and balance points etc that I need to consider?
Thanks in advance.
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2021.10.21 04:43 SuspiciousTip3799 Idiot saboteur neighbor

So aside from the asshole creep landlord and his flunky friends who live here. Well, live up his ass is more like it but I digress... So I had recently found two nails in my tires ( talked to police but no video evidence). So I'm waiting to see if this idiot does it again so I can catch him doing it. I want him arrested if he does it again. My theory is a group of people who don't like me starting with the landlord and his friends paid this asshole to do this to my car or it was the his friends themselves. I have some idea. Two main suspects that would both do this. One of them being this weird drug addict who looks like a troll doll. He was also paid to follow me for awhile when I first moved here I think. Would see him almost every time I went out and he would be high out of his mind talking to himself. It got so annoying. Like just leave me alone I don't have drugs for you. Anyway all I could do was roll my eyes when he would just be waiting for me to get home staring at me. Then a couple times he walked by my house screaming fuck you guys ill burn your house down and all....for no reason! I never talked to this asshole in my life and just wanted him to go away. So then one day he was waiting for my fiance before he left for work to tell him fuck you and then another day after he got home to "introduce himself" which seemed totally fake to me. And he had major attitude and asking him dumb questions.like we owe him something... we don't know him . Period. Dont want to. he's some little dumbass who means nothing . And he walks his fuckin ego trippin ass around like some petulant child king. After that didn't see him until the day cops were here and we were talking about he walked past . But like I said no evidence yet.... He said he lives down the street from me and I just pray he does something so stupid that he gets locked up forever , he's a fuckin nuisance to us and don't take kindly to threats . The guy had no cause to do this ... ..I feel like what gives you justification to do this.? Total narcissistic bully..a lot of people here are I'm noticing. And now everyone acts like they don't know when they do. And expect me to fear them. No the fuck I won't. They laugh about it .. it's funny how you didn't even slash a tire right...Well now I'm watching closely and done other things as security measures ... It's a total backstabbing dick move.just wow Fuck you nosey fuckboy crackhead ass Hope you get what you deserve.
It could be the landlord friend too, he has tools and works all the time on his stupid fence so how am I to know. Not to sound weird but also they're all into this hoodoo stuff so it was obviously trying to curse.
Please anyone reading this if you pray or even If you're spiritual just need help on this matter. I've had drama with other bullies here too and just need a solution. I hope they move .
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2021.10.21 04:43 GlobalCitizen12345 Actor Ananya Panday Raided By Anti-Drugs Agency, Called For Questioning

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2021.10.21 04:43 icrayon All Gas No Brakes | Helping a Non-PvP friend get the seasonal mount

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2021.10.21 04:43 wil_13 rttk team 1 still in packs?

just wondering, if they finished before totw 5 or they are in until rttk team 2 ?
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