hay day doesn't let me update

2021.10.18 15:26 Camm_w hay day doesn't let me update

The game won't open and is asking me to update but when I go to Google play there isn't any update available and it just gives me the option to play the game, does anyone know how to fix this issue?
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2021.10.18 15:26 tradergordo 76% of the float is SHORTED, insiders buying, somebody call the Reddit Ape Army! ;)

76% of the float is SHORTED as of 10/18/2021 and insiders are BUYING. Perhaps investors have punished the company because it was a SPAC, but this company is not a typical SPAC. This is a legit, real business, cash flow positive, they have 1,500 employees spanning 5 continents! Their plan to move clients into higher margin cloud services offerings is working. They are an award winning Microsoft partner. They are expanding into additional services and working with new software companies. The company is likely to implement a stock buyback that CRUSHES the shorts. This company is RIPE for squeezing!
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2021.10.18 15:26 KingFahadX My wings are wings, not parachute

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2021.10.18 15:26 galacticcornholio Brother and sister , best friends forever

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2021.10.18 15:26 Darrell_Quartz_Trail Very unstable

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2021.10.18 15:26 Ok_Drawer_1219 I'm available for hookup any time... Dm/text me (770) 742 2308 if you're ready to have fun 🤪💋🍆💧. Real and serious men only

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2021.10.18 15:26 Aerilys ABK 22 - The Changelog post

Here it is, the big list of all the changes coming to ABK22, available today on both Android and iOS (like, right now).
I might have forgotten a few small changes, but bulk is here ;)
Android: https://app.abk21.android.astonishing-sports.app
iOS: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/astonishing-basketball-22/id1589313811
A big thanks to all the testers, and especially Moose and Jayy for their many seasons played and enthusiasm!



AI stuff

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2021.10.18 15:26 weezer444 Please point me to a podcast that lasts thirty minutes or less

Does anyone actually podcast for only thirty minutes? Who is pelican referring to?
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2021.10.18 15:26 packing_small If you were a villain, what would be your theme song?

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2021.10.18 15:26 smartkani Jedi Gmail

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2021.10.18 15:26 shimomaru Never thought I'd see the day

Imagine a married man with kids calling me a monkey because I took his main (loba)🤦
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2021.10.18 15:26 Positive_Kitty Is now the Golden Era for PC Master Race?

I used to own a PS2 , Xbox 360 , PS3 , PS4 Pro , and a PC and i believed consoles were indeed good rivals for the pc. Keep in mind that at that time my pc was kinda decent (not top of the line but enough to keep the latest AAA games rolling) There were so many console exclusives games, pic quality were way different ( 55” HDR Tv vs 1080p 60hz ) game graphics were more or less the same. Did not regret about any console that i ‘ve bought. But now, now.. i own a rtx 3080 and a LG C1 Oled as my monitor and i feel like pc master race is now at its best. With windows 11 update , PC HDR games are working as they are intended, way sharper and smoother visuals and graphics than ps5 or xbox x , and speaking about the console exclusives , its not a thing anymore ( most ps4,ps5 games are porting to pc , my favorite bloodborne is finally coming to pc )
Between 2010-2020 We used to debate between the pcmr and the consoles and at that time the arguments were valid. I had a hard time considering whether i should buy a console or upgrade my pc. But for now if money were not an issue, Is choosing a high end pc over ps5 and xbox x is a no brainer? Are we really reaching to a point where if you really have the money , you better skip the consoles and just get a PC?
Sorry for my bad english though as i am from asia.
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2021.10.18 15:26 sportsthreads Monday Morning Uni Watch (and the NBA Season Preview!)

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2021.10.18 15:26 jhalfhide NLD - I'm now up to 3 Hanks. looking forward to playing with the new D4SV2 (SST20 4K) and K1 (W2.2) tonight.

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2021.10.18 15:26 talbayrak Any notary recommendations who can translate a brief document from French to English?

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2021.10.18 15:26 AsteroidAdventure The time I got put on a final warning coming back from a medical leave of absence for “not following up” for a customer while I was out… minutes after I had put in my two weeks.

A few years ago I was a tier III team lead at a really big call center that had government contracting. I had worked my ass off to get into that position and had applied for a supervisor role (supervisors where we were would oversee 1-3 team leads). I ended up losing out to an external hire because I was known for not having a “firm” hand in managing agents ie I didn’t give a fuck what their AHT, unapproved pause etc time was because people aren’t cattle.
This outside supervisor came in and I immediately got a weird vibe from her where I was distrustful right off the bat. Slowly but surely we ended up hiring two other people above both her and I in management that had no idea what they were doing. New supervisor had her nose so far up their assholes she permanently smelled of shit.
She started drama on the call floor by favoring another team lead she was in charge of over me (he’d leave early all the time and was unreliable, I’d always have to take escalations he didn’t call back on) and badmouthing the other supervisors and team leads to me talking about how they were lazy and mismanaged. Eventually she started to badmouth my agents and would make me put people on warnings and finals for the most ridiculous things. She desperately wanted to fire an agent I had that had anxiety and would cry sometimes after phone calls saying “this wasn’t a good line of work” for her and I flat out refused and got this agent protected by helping her get an FMLA accommodation.
That winter I ended up really injuring my shoulder to the point I tore my rotator cuff and had to be out for two months for surgery and recovery. In that timeframe they fired several of my agents and didn’t tell me about it, reached out to see why I was logged into slack (I wasn’t, my computer NEVER shut down from when I left), and didn’t assign any duties of mine to anyone else so nothing was getting followed up on.
During my medical leave I realized how miserable the job was making me and how little I wanted to contribute to hurting anyone’s mental health.
My first day back I ask her if we can meet and I put in my two weeks. She’s stunned and asks how I’m going to pay my bills and I say I’ll get something figured out. Five minutes later I get called into a meeting with her bosses and her and they state they’re putting me on a final for not following up on calls that I said I would (escalations) that all happened while I was gone.
I crumpled up the paper with my arm that wasn’t in a sling, threw papers at all three of them and told them to get fucked and walked out. Don’t regret it to this day.
Company went under due to the mismanagement of those three a year later.
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2021.10.18 15:26 Quad19999 H: heavies of all sorts in description W: AA or V25ffr15r Gat Plas and Ult Gat Laser / rare apparel offers

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2021.10.18 15:26 ManosVanBoom Estimating remaining runtime for a job that has already been running several days

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2021.10.18 15:26 Shadowgirl7 Buying a second handed PC: batery autonomy or processor?

I want to buy a second handed PC for school and personal use. I am studying informatics so I need something that allows me to run programming/database applications. The main use will be schoolwork, the normal MS Office stuff, watching movies (though I have a old one that I can I use just for that at least until it breaks, after it breaks I will use this one) and internet browsing. I will transport it with some frequency so it can't be that heavy.
For work, I have a Lenovo L450 with intel i5 and 16GB of RAM and I've been using that for personal projects but now I want to buy one. My budget is 400€/450€ and I found two good options from a store in my country:
- HP Elitebook 745 G4, processor AMD PRO A10-8730B (2,4GHz) + 16 GB RAM + new battery for 409€
- Lenovo T450S + processor I5-6300U 2.4GHz + 20 GB RAM + 256 NVME + HDMI + 80% of battery autonomy for 422€
Lenovo T460, processor 6200U 2.3GHz + 16GB RAM + 80% of battery autonomy for 399€

Since the prices are not that different I can't decide. On one hand intel i5 seems better than AMD but on the other hand the HP has a fully new battery. Which one do you recommend? Is AMD much worst than Intel?
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2021.10.18 15:26 BasicallyBlu123 Just wanna check some gacha subs and instead found this.

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2021.10.18 15:26 scotchtape1 Night 2: Should different opinions divide us? Different Hawzah different opinion

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2021.10.18 15:26 fearlessCybor9 Your A Different Breed If You Can Play This!!!!

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2021.10.18 15:26 fsher Ubuntu 21.10 Radeon Gaming With KDE Plasma vs. GNOME Shell + Wayland vs. X.Org

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2021.10.18 15:26 Unnat_297 [BSPWM] One dark

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2021.10.18 15:26 ITNETT Denne Canon-skriveren nekter å scanne om skriveren er tom for blekk

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