753219288205 Please add for daily gifts and xp grind

2021.10.18 16:26 Ruku110 753219288205 Please add for daily gifts and xp grind

753219288205 add my friend for xp grind and daily gifts on the road to level 40
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2021.10.18 16:26 MrSonicTV_ help me out here

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2021.10.18 16:26 EOmusic2211 "[Request]"

Does anyone have the Piano Score/ Band Parts for That Day We Sang?
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2021.10.18 16:26 ibn_m_ Ibn Khaldun’s Influence On Dune: Introduction

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2021.10.18 16:26 sanctified420 Tropicana glookies grown under the Mars-hydro TSW 2000.

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2021.10.18 16:26 InsuranceHuge3189 I guess this is who takes all their photos?

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2021.10.18 16:26 themysteriousman0990 happy ending :)

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2021.10.18 16:26 CarryClean1350 🟣 #SquidADA | 8% ADA Rewards! | 🎯Launched 10 mins ago | 1000x Moonshot!! 🚀

Welcome to #SquidADA , Get in early!!
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📌Token Info:
🔸Ticker: $SQUIDADA
🔸Total Supply: 1 billion
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💥Set slippage to 12%
🔹Get in early!! Liquidity locked! Contract verified! Get in now before you're kicking yourself later. You can chill with bros, meet new people, and make fat gains on your initials!!
Contract: 0x3609e76db78cc39444a9d2522fbb9b99926f7c85
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LP Locked: https://deeplock.io/lock/0x6B54A47A2E16545b6D4ED25D65d618b8D526D3E6
Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x3609e76db78cc39444a9d2522fbb9b99926f7c85#readContract
🔹We should really be able to pump this up and do a great job! Imagine getting ADA to stake or whatever, just for chilling and holding!!
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2021.10.18 16:26 cracks12 The day That 2021 "Ended" (2views)

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2021.10.18 16:26 ansonplusc How do you get rid of the default Spring Security Login Form?

Instead of having a login form, I want to make an API call to my Spring Boot app to login.. For example, I want a route like

that takes care of logging in and it invokes all of the Spring Security features. Other routes that are visited when the user is not logged in should return a 401.
This is my WebSecurity class:
package com.example.springsecurityapp.configuration; import com.example.springsecurityapp.handlers.AuthenticationFailureHandlerImpl; import com.example.springsecurityapp.handlers.AuthenticationSuccessHandlerImpl; import org.springframework.beans.factory.annotation.Autowired; import org.springframework.context.annotation.Bean; import org.springframework.context.annotation.Configuration; import org.springframework.security.config.annotation.authentication.builders.AuthenticationManagerBuilder; import org.springframework.security.config.annotation.web.builders.HttpSecurity; import org.springframework.security.config.annotation.web.configuration.EnableWebSecurity; import org.springframework.security.config.annotation.web.configuration.WebSecurityConfigurerAdapter; import org.springframework.security.crypto.bcrypt.BCryptPasswordEncoder; @Configuration @EnableWebSecurity public class CustomWebSecurity extends WebSecurityConfigurerAdapter { @Autowired private CustomAuthenticationProvider authenticationProvider; @Bean public BCryptPasswordEncoder passwordEncoder() { return new BCryptPasswordEncoder(); } @Override protected void configure(AuthenticationManagerBuilder authenticationManagerBuilder) { authenticationManagerBuilder.authenticationProvider(authenticationProvider); } @Override protected void configure(HttpSecurity http) throws Exception { http.httpBasic().disable(); http .formLogin() .loginProcessingUrl("/api/login") .successHandler(new AuthenticationSuccessHandlerImpl()) .failureHandler(new AuthenticationFailureHandlerImpl()); http .csrf() .disable() .authorizeRequests() .antMatchers("/api/auth/register") .permitAll() .anyRequest() .authenticated(); } } 
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2021.10.18 16:26 IroQuasiMode-O Lf: Celebi, Jirachi Ft: shiny Celebi, Dada Zarude

Self redeemed, otherwise untouched. Celebi/Jirachi can be cloned.
Thank you
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2021.10.18 16:26 TheRealHazardzx No senior year courses on transcript?

Is it normal for official transcripts only to show classes through 11th and not the senior year schedule?
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2021.10.18 16:26 FluffyBoner Linux Mint 20.2 Black screen on boot. Help me avoid Windows 11!

Ayy, I'm a tech savvy boi, but extremely new when it comes to Linux.
I'm trying to install the latest Linux Mint cinnamon on a secondary NVME SSD in my laptop. I have 2 NVME SSD's, one with windows, the other shall have Linux mint. I've chosen to do it this way, as I've installed mint in the past and have occasionally had troubles with messing up my boot loader, so I'm happy to just switch the boot priority to point to either NVME if I wanna boot to Windows or Linux.
I made a live USB following Linux mints instructions, and successfully booted, made the partitions, all good. Booted into this, but black screen with a few messages, some colourful lines and stuff (I'm writing this away from my computer, but I recall the messages were about ahci. I have this enabled in my bios settings, tho in my bios it talks about SATA having ahci - my knowledge is low here so unsure if using NVME is causing the issue here?).
I can boot into compatibility mode. I googled a bit and found many posts about GPU issues (my laptop has RTX2060). I tried installing all 3 different GPU drivers that the driver manager offers, and each time, once I reboot, I still get the same errors and black screen, but even worse, I can no longer boot into compatibility mode. When I say I installed all 3 drivers, I reinstalled Linux mint each time so that I can get back into compatibility mode to try the next GPU driver. Two were proprietary drivers, one was open source.
What else could I try? Is there any other useful info I could collect that might help, such as log files?
I'm extremely eager to get this working but I'm also quite impatient when I get home from my IT job to deal with more IT issues - but due to Windows 11 disallowing local accounts, I'm more encouraged to get this working.
Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
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2021.10.18 16:26 0rw3ll2021 Senatorial Bathroom Harassment Etiquette › American Greatness

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2021.10.18 16:26 RogelioLolo https://t.me/joinchat/RlXYzQZ45e4w3zp5

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2021.10.18 16:26 prettybbyxoxo “Boyfriend” (27) and I (24) live together but not intimate since end of 2018

I am embarrassed to even write this.. surely because I feel so disappointed that I allowed myself to partake in this crazy journey for what it seems no reason. My “boyfriend” and I put that in quotations because at this point I don’t know what to call it, have not been intimidate in years.
It started off like this.. we were so passionate and had a crazy sex life together for the first year. He lost two loved ones in his family after the first year of him and I being together, the passings were ok different occasions but a couple months apart. He was depressed and down surely losing a love one is hard and at that point he became disoriented in sex and didn’t want to be touched at all. I was there for him during his grieving and healing process as we lived together. I understood why his sex desires had decreased for some time during the process of healing. After a while, I would try to tease him and hint that I wanted to have sex and he would always say he’s just not horny right now and to give him more time. Now fast forward from 2018 when this all happened, we still have not been intimate. A year ago I would catch him sexting girls but yet he does not want to do anything with me. I am a young beautiful girl, I’ve always had guys wanting to date me or hook up, but since being with him I have not been able to do anything of that. When I express to him that it does not make sense for us to live together because our relationship doesn’t make sense he gets frustrated. I told him I don’t want a roommate, I want a boyfriend and if he’s going to be like this for much longer I am going to move out. When I tell him I haven’t been fucked in years and I deserve to be with someone who wants to do things with me he gets upset because he doesn’t want me to leave him and be with someone else. After I seen him sexting girls, I said f*ck this, I went on a date and hooked up with someone else and I don’t feel guilty about it either. Back to him, what is his problem really? He shows he cares about me and wants me to be in his life but he won’t touch me …………..
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2021.10.18 16:26 Hash_Cakes 44 days on the GR Hellbender with new Real Growers Grow Dots. Little bite of burn at the top but she's HUGE! 47" tall, just water and Recharge so far.

44 days on the GR Hellbender with new Real Growers Grow Dots. Little bite of burn at the top but she's HUGE! 47 submitted by Hash_Cakes to Autoflowers [link] [comments]

2021.10.18 16:26 juxtajose Got an extended warranty call/message while factory resetting and on the line with Connect

As titled, trying to work on getting my phone app paired. Got told to do a factory reset, midway through the call it went quiet and when it came back I was hearing one of those robocalls about warranty running out…
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2021.10.18 16:26 Force__of__Nature What websites do you trust for honest, reliable, and comprehensive reviews of various tech items?

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2021.10.18 16:26 Ordinary_Tea3426 Or both?

Or both? submitted by Ordinary_Tea3426 to INTP [link] [comments]

2021.10.18 16:26 PulseNewsMexico Mexico City Goes Green, at Last!

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2021.10.18 16:26 whyalwaysme830 I want to hurt people

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2021.10.18 16:26 Nancy_in_simlish Another Mridul Haul

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2021.10.18 16:26 Khobiche Ole Out bring Gerrard !!!!

Alright guys I'm just so tired of ole !! He is such a loser !
We should sack him before the UCL game so we can win. But Pochettino can't come cause he love Leonard Messi too much (gay?). The other option is Tony Conte but my man I hate this defensive football we need long term and Conte is a jerk.
So the very best option now is to go all in for Seven Gerrard. That guy is a world class manager and so underrated ! And he is already a league champion which Ole is not because he is a jerk. Steve will play Donny for sure. We need a REAL man not like Ole. + I heard Gerrard is already a red so football identity is back !!!!
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2021.10.18 16:26 ErikWebdev [For Hire][25$/h] wordpress developer.

Hello, everybody!
My name is Erik Benavides and I'm a wordpress developer with more than two years of experience creating pages with wordpress and other tools.
Instead of working with heavy and full of unnecessary code premiun themes I prefer to work using generatepress, a lightweight and SEO friendly theme (but I can also create custom themes from scratch). This, together with my design skills, allows me to create fast and easy to view pages that allow your website visitors to have a satisfactory experience.
My skilss are:
• HTML, CSS (I use flexbox - CSS Grid for responsive web design).
•Wordpress, woocomerce.
•Adobe photoshop, adobe illustrator, adobe XD.
My hourly rate is around $25/hr, but I prefer work with fixed prices so after hearing about what you need I can given to you an fixed price.
I'm happy to be able to create for you a visually appealing, effective and SEO friendly website.
Yo can view my work and contact me through my portfolio: https://www.erikbenavides.com
or directly to my email: erik.benm@gmail.com
Here you can see some landing pages that I designed some time ago:
Have a great day!
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