To repair or not to repair Victorian floorboards?

2021.10.18 14:54 uhmelto To repair or not to repair Victorian floorboards?

Hello - am looking for advice on my flooring. I'm in a first floor Victorian terrace flat with the original floorboards sitting atop joists, covered in underlay and carpet. Am a homeowning newby so be honest and frank but gentle!
The floorboards are quite wonky, have a few dips in per room, and are creaky and loose. It's what you'd expect from a house of this age, but I find it increasingly annoying and am nervous to do exercise inside because of the unstable floor and my downstairs neighbour has said me moving around is very noisy. I have some savings and am considering getting my floorboards repaired and then overboarding with ply and putting the existing underlay and carpet back on top.
My concerns are:

Is this a waste of money if I'm not about to fall through the floor? It's an old house after all. I don't think it'll add much to the value. Could the work damage downstairs' ceiling? Is it necessary/recommended to overboard once the floorboards are repaired or is it pointless if the carpet is going back on top? Is this kind of work going 'looking for problems' - what if the joists are screwed? Could go from a couple of grand to many?
Thanks! Just speaking into the void as I don't know many people irl to ask for advice.
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2021.10.18 14:54 Traumfahrer "Black Tiger" Dario with red spots on it's fin. Can't find out what (disease) it is.

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2021.10.18 14:54 Glenfiddich_18yr My collection of porn is more organized than my personal finances.

Seriously need to shake things up. I just spent a good two hours organizing, and categorizing my porn collection on my hard drive, instead of organizing and updating my personal/business financial files.
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2021.10.18 14:54 Zealousideal-Age9792 Which of the following makes you scratch you head-

Things that fans don't talk about:

  1. How far Hawkeye can see, while talking to perona he saw the reverie.
    1. Why garp would trust dadan that must that he would let his grandsons taken care off with her.
    2. What kind of stupendous treasure can make a whole pirate crew laugh and turn the world upside down the same
    3. Why did moria battle kaido and why their battle cause a confution that moria ran with ryuma corpse.
    4. How Cavendish got hakuba demon inside him.
    5. If One Piece can turn the world upside down why the roger crew didn't talk about it.
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2021.10.18 14:54 Material-Ball-7296 [h] 19 m with a stinger [w] 150 ppgs con us ship only

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2021.10.18 14:54 stellita884 Wanted to clarify my last post

Hi, it’s me again. I just wanted to clarify the post form last night although I figure that by now, the bashing will have started. Anyhow, I was upset last night over a dream I had about Nolan Bennett that almost became reality the day after. I will explain here BUT let me say something first: with all due respect, I don’t care what people think. I think who the guy is and I don’t need confirmation form the internet. Either brave or arrogant, think what you want. I am a free woman and I post what I want to post. There, I’ve said it. And yes, I will be using paragraphs don’t you worry since “paragraphs are my friends”, right? Isn’t that what one of you said? To explain briefly, I have had many dreams about Nolan Bennett (the guy I am very sure is John Titor. Please read above -> think what you want) over the years. In my dreams, he was always shy and tried to avoid me. I swear, in every single dream I had he never spoke to me. EVER. Until about two nights ago. The details are in my post on my blog (;!!OR9aRoiw!ay1dZ2nAU4X2V5LPj8YGjjz-YnC4n7rM-cnRKWq-lpkQ4kzuh2WBCMfrr_iPhd2Vaqud$) but to cut it short and get to the most important scene: I was in a hotel room and he literally storms into my room and he finally speaks to me. Even in the dream, I could not believe it and I tried to speak back carefully not to make him run away. He was angry because he said he couldn’t understand why I was doing all those things to him (messaging, harassing him etc) and that I was making him uncomfortable. Yes, the dream was freaky. Fast-forward to last night. I am abroad at the moment, I flew the day of the dream actually. I was in my hotel room last night and I saw that Nolan Bennett had posted a story on Instagram. I was on a boat earlier with booze (red wine) and, yes, I was a tiny bit drunk so I decided to reply to his story. “you’re just a dick” I wrote. I swear I thought he was never going to reply. I tried to contact him many times before and he always ignored me. Within a few minutes, however, while I was sitting on my bed in the hotel room (NO KIDDING) I got a notification saying that he had liked my comment. I swear I had a full blown panic attack. And then…he replied too. Yup, no kidding. He said “he guessed I was not wrong”. Obviously, as the dream was still very fresh in my mind, I freaked out completely. We started talking. He was pissed off, he said I had blacked mailed him over something stupid and that he was – quoting – “fucking over it”. I was like WTH I’ve never blackmailed you, you got me confused with someone else. He said maybe but that’s the only person he had to block in recent memory. Anyway, I told him who I was and he remembered me. In December 2018 we also briefly spoke. I sent him my blog, he freaked out and blocked me on Instagram. Last night I told him I was surprised he even remembered me. I said I meant no harm and I was really sorry and only wanted contact. He apologised for blocking me and said he could have probably handled it better but he was freaked out (that I figured). However, he then said something I think it is very interesting: he said he’s had weird encounters with B52s fans over the years who tried to get something out of him (were this JT fans instead?) and he has been taught not to engage, especially if it doesn’t feel right”. It seems that his family have instructed him not to answer anyone and this is why I was surprised he spoke to me and this is also why in all of my previous dreams, he always ignored me. If this is not freaky I don’t honestly know what is. So I snapped. I was shaken from the event because it was like my dream had materialised, and I was angry at the band. I was upset at them because they are basically telling people to ignore everyone who they classify as crazy. Make your little stupid comments all you want, but I’m not fucking crazy and I am tired of being classified as such. I guess, to the Americans, if you’re a disobedient foreigner with a brain who can stand her own, you get classified as “crazy”. Well bite me. The band have used every possible drug under the sun, moon and stars and they call me crazy. Oh yeah, makes a hell of a lot of sense, does it? As for him, Nolan Bennett, I think that he is not fully convinced. He can definitely see something in this but he is not sure what to think. This is my impression. I don’t blame him but he should at least give it a chance before following his parent’s advice. He definitely remembered me which was quite surprising. Perhaps he has been reading the blog? I don’t know, maybe. I don’t know if he knew it was me and pretended not to because, in his mind, he thought that at some point I had threatened him (never did, got confused) and he was angry. In any case, I told him I’m not a crazy fan, I’m not a fan at all, and sent him the links to the 2 posts about the B52s. Now, he can read them and actually see that I’m not crazy or lying, or he can ignore them and continue being a dick. His choice is his now. He apologised but never unblocked me, what does that tell you about the man? At least, AT LEAST, he did not block this account for once. Let’s face it: he either responded because I thought I was someone else (although I contacted him other times with that account) or because he knew it was me. If he has been instructed not to respond to people he doesn’t know and if he thought this was someone he has recently blocked, why would he engage? Why would his answer be “I guess you’re not wrong” when told he is a dick? His statement sounded like he was admitting guilt. If he remembered me and that brief encounter quite well then to me it means he has been following this or this has been on his mind. I am sure he sees some truth in this too. Anyway, I am most certainly not done. As I said back in March, I will continue to bother people until he finally talks to me. Think what you want, I don’t give a shit. I do what it’s best for me, that’s the beauty of getting old. Mine were not empty words, I am going to do it. This is just the beginning. I’m sorry for these people but I have had it. He thinks he can manipulate my life, decide who I can or cannot speak to, cause me tremendous grief and pain and then walk away? Fuck you. I’m fully charged and I’m fighting this. Since I cannot go after him, I’ll go after those he knows. And no, I am not kidding. I will harass these people until he steps up. He thinks he can give me grief, he got a thing or two coming. I’m not threatening anyone, my plan is to just email/write these people and keep asking questions. If he thinks he can decide who I can or cannot speak to, then he has to be ready for the consequences. I cannot speak to those I want to speak to, so I will speak to those he knows. Ta-da! Problem solved. Stella (stellita884)
PS: I hope the paragraphs were good
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2021.10.18 14:54 No_Mans_Sky_Masters No Mans Sky - How to tell A Fake Update video Leak - They all are

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2021.10.18 14:54 Personal-Benefit-970 What's he going here 😂😂😂

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2021.10.18 14:54 JJJ88_QQQ77 腾讯实习生

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2021.10.18 14:54 JB92103 Washington State WR Calvin Jackson Jr. tweets cryptic message on the day of the vaccine mandate
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2021.10.18 14:54 Distantbutton57 £1000 gaming pc

Just a gaming pc for £1000, I have a few decent options but need something for competitive esports (fortnite), must be able to run 240fps on competitive settings as well as handle streaming. Have found some decent prebuilds including the Aldi i7 10700f 3060ti build (not sure on ram etc) but would love some further input
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2021.10.18 14:54 No-Foundation-9766 21M Sugar baby looking for someone to spoil me. No fees, no checks, and no payrolls. I use Cashapp and PayPal

Hey I'm a serious Sugar Baby looking for a real and serious sugar parent to spoil me. I'll pleasure them in all ways possible. I need a real sugar parent and not a fake one
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2021.10.18 14:54 haywiredhayday morning sunshine

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2021.10.18 14:54 ScaryStoriesAt2AM 10 Second Horror Story? 🤨😨

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2021.10.18 14:54 CaptnNuttSack Ulefone Power Armor 13 3 month review!

All right folks, it's been roughly 3 months since I've gotten this thing. And I've got to say, it's far better than what I was expecting out of what is essentially a large portable power bank with smartphone capabilities..
TLDR: I am happy with the phone overall. 9.8 out of 10. However, my view of ulefone as a company is rather dismal. More details below on that one.
If you want to know the specs, go look at the ulefone website.
BIG DISCLAIMER: I'm just your everyday average schmuck with a cell phone in his pocket. I am not an Android phone aficionado nor do I know anything about programming on the back end and all the other stuff that most people in this sub seem to know like the freckles on their lover's face. Although, I am trying to get more into that so that I can have a better understanding of how these things work. Keep that in mind going forward.
Now then, there are a few things that I will gloss over, as they are common issues with basically every phone I have seen from ulefone. Such as camera quality, picture quality, picture processing, video stability, and so on and so forth all basically being mid-tier at best. These are definitely not phones for photographers.
The upsides: Gigantic Battery Life. Durable. Good OS with limited custom fuckery on ulefones behalf. And significantly less glitches and bugs compared to the Armor 7 that I had previously.
The upsides in more detail: I was not kidding when I said gigantic battery life. Normally with how I use my phones I probably get six to eight hours of Total screen time on it before I have to plug it in. And that's with maintaining low power mode the entire time and changing settings to reduce power consumption as much as possible.
But with this, I get at least 2 to 3 days worth of run time before I have to plug it in at 30% battery remaining. Once again, changing all the settings to reduce power consumption and going low power mode.
As for the OS, it's great. My armor 7 had glitches and bugs out the wazoo on occasion. But this has none of those, no lockups, no not being able to touch apps or swipe left and right, no having the keyboard freeze up and refuse to type. And the best part is, it wasn't nearly a steep of a learning curve going from Android 9 to Android 11 as I thought.
It's durable as fuck. As somebody who has ADHD with a strong tendency for disassociating and is incredibly clumsy because of that, the durable phones that ulefone makes are an absolute godsend. In the 3 months that I've had it it's dropped from shoulder height during the phone call, fell into hot dish water, kicked, stepped on, and skittered across concrete. The thing is a fucking tank. The only reason I actually upgraded to the power armor 13 from the armor 7 is because finally after 2 years of having the armor 7 I dropped it in such a way that the front screen cracked.
The downsides: The weight of it, and the teensiest bit of fuckery that makes a big difference in my opinion of ulefone and the phones in general. And the gigantic fucking battery life.
The downsides in more detail: When I say this, I say it with a straight face and with a serious tone in my voice. This thing requires you to work out your damn wrists and fingers to be able to hold this thing in any sort of one-handed comfortable position for extended periods of time. Granted, I have smaller hands, so take that last bit with a grain of salt. I literally started going on a wrist and hand exercise regiment for 2 weeks after I first got this thing so that I could at least be comfortable holding it for the long sessions that I'm usually sitting with it. Not to mention having to readjust my belt from comfortable to slightly too tight just to keep my pants up with this thing in my pocket along with all my other EDC.
The gigantic fucking battery life. While yes, this phone does have quick charging, which is fantastic for if you need to get out the door in a hurry, I don't like using quick charging because it has recently been discovered that quick charging devices actually deteriorates the battery faster and then just regular charging cycles. To make matters worse, if you let this thing go down to its low battery threshold (I typically set it to 30%) you're going to have this thing on a regular trickle charger for upwards of two days before it reaches 100% charge again. And that's with not having your face glued to it all throughout the day while it's on the charger, as it seems that the phone discharges energy faster than what it has the capability of charging on a regular trickle charger. Typically I just use one of my old iPhone chargers from before I switch to Android.
On top of the charging issues, of the 3 days that I was using quick charge with it, I noticed that no matter what battery percentage I let it get to before plugging it into the quick charge, after it went back to full. It seemed like the quick charge made it discharge energy faster than a normal rate going from 100% to 85% in just the course of an hour. With roughly 20 minutes worth of screen time used. Can't really explain that one.
That teensy bit of fuckery? It's got Chinese spyware. I know that's probably already a given seeing as how it's a China phone. But I figured I'd let you know. The only reason I found out about this is because a friend who was interested in the programming and such of this thing took it to his place for a day to check it out. I was hoping to get more details and insights into how to work and all that and instead I was given a Stern warning to quit using it all together because of said spyware. If you use WinRAR app, according to my text Abby friend, you can usually find it pretty easily. The file is called dogwatcher.
Now you may be asking why the hell am I still using this thing despite the clear warning. It's because I'm broke as a joke and this was a half a year late birthday present to myself and I can't really afford to buy a new thing just yet.
Overall rating as far as form functionality and doing what it's designed to do. 9.8 out of 10. It's done everything I've asked of it and performed in every way that I wanted it to so far.
My opinion of ulefone as a company for including the Chinese spyware. Pretty fucking dismal.
Overall I'm highly satisfied with the phone. I hope this helps someone.
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2021.10.18 14:54 ankitvvyas Unlimited Healthy Juice Rs. 10/- Only l जितना मर्ज़ी पियो l Bhavnagar Street Food

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2021.10.18 14:54 sonalipradhan Kokata Street Food Style Crispy Chicken Cutlet - Recipe in comment

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2021.10.18 14:54 Seence Cosmos 15, acrylic on stretched canvas, 8" x 10"

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2021.10.18 14:54 LeGopnikBlyat Its been a good 2 years

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2021.10.18 14:54 bluemaskedshadow Facial advice

Does anyone have advice in how to look cutemore feminine in the face area, Im quite self conscious about it and anything you guys think will help I'll gladly try
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2021.10.18 14:54 PanischerKaktus A selfie with Liz that Chico sent me last night. Seems like they were having a blast! 🍾 u/No_Afternoon_1708 😁

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2021.10.18 14:54 Sea_Blacksmith_7228 🔰 BABY IOTA TOKEN 🔰 Stealth Launch 🔰 Listed On PancakeSwap 🔰 Liquidity locked 🔰



🎯 5 minutes ago FAİRLAUNCH 🎯


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🔷 We set out below some key points for you to consider choosing us:
- No Pre Sale, No Air Drop, Just Stealth Launch
- Total Supply:
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🔷 We are sick of it aswell it, so we have created our own token and dedicated it to all those that have been scammed so get in early and don’t miss out!
We will make sure this token is safe and a good investment for all, with great rewards to our early holders...
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2021.10.18 14:54 Double_Matter_174 what is the most beautiful city in the world ? you think.

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