99435 h8e4y 6rsy8 52t9r 8k49d dy35a n4aes 5rr9f 96zsn yiabh sayh9 3ktrd y67z9 nrn5n z4fhh z5tz6 5d6nk 6d3nt 68k3t kb847 kkzyy Yo mama so fat, she use the tarp that cover the infield for a napkin. |

Yo mama so fat, she use the tarp that cover the infield for a napkin.

2021.10.24 09:46 explosivelydehiscent Yo mama so fat, she use the tarp that cover the infield for a napkin.

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2021.10.24 09:46 CuriouslyQs Artifacts for Eula?

I've seen some using 2 Bloodstained Chivalry 2 Pale Flame and some just using 4 Pale Flame for artifacts.
For 2 BC 2 PF I've read that it just has less down time vs 4 PF which has 18% Atk more, however, this is reliant on you keeping up the stacks, to maintain the 50% physical damage + 18% Atk when 2BC 2PF always has the 50% physical damage up.
With the assumption that Eula is C0, does not have her burst up and always "Press" her Skill 2 times and then "Hold" to consume stacks for Icewhirl Brand and Light fall sword, you have to wait 10 sec cd before you have the skill up again.
Would you got 2 BC 2PF for consistency or will you go 4PF for max damage?
Also is 4PF more viable when Eula becomes C2?
Or are there anyone out there that is C2 and above and still sticks to 2BC 2PF for more consistency?
View Poll
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2021.10.24 09:46 notalwaysyourfriend okkk

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2021.10.24 09:46 baging0 My friend and I are continuing DOS 2 very poorly, please watch and leave feedback :D

My friend and I are continuing DOS 2 very poorly, please watch and leave feedback :D submitted by baging0 to DivinityOriginalSin [link] [comments]

2021.10.24 09:46 therealmobsquad69 Played FNF for the first time and I got the rare loose screen... pretty cool

Played FNF for the first time and I got the rare loose screen... pretty cool submitted by therealmobsquad69 to FridayNightFunkin [link] [comments]

2021.10.24 09:46 SabawYT I think this belongs here

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Try it out for FREE https://clink.bio/
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2021.10.24 09:46 SchlesingerMindy323 [HIRING] 8 Jobs in San Diego Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Sherlock Heating and Air Conditioning Inc HVAC Technician North County San Diego
Sherlock Heating and Air Conditioning Inc Duct Mechanic North County San Diego
Sherlock Heating and Air Conditioning Inc Residential HVAC Lead Installer - North County San Diego North County San Diego
Swagbucks Product Specialist Rancho San Diego
Swagbucks Consumer Opinions - Side Job Rancho San Diego
Swagbucks Product Feedback Specialist - Earn Gift Cards Rancho San Diego
City of San Diego Claims Representative II (Liability) - T10620-202110 City Of San Diego
AT&T Sales Executive Acquisition east san diego
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in san diego. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2021.10.24 09:46 endur3 WHAT are the best mods to get on life flasks to scale poison concoction?

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2021.10.24 09:46 LesleySeokjin Hey everybody! Do you guys have any realtor suggestions? I will be moving to the area very soon and looking to buy a nice house with some reliable help! Thank you in advance

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2021.10.24 09:46 Terinii Divorce as a retired military spouse with green card

This isn’t for me. My mom and dad have been married for over 27 years. He cheats any chance he gets and it’s been going on for years. My mom has been so afraid to divorce home since she makes no money and none of us can support her financially with a lawyer (if that’s even something we need) he makes money off of pension and claims he’s disabled to the military but doesn’t take medication or therapy seriously. She has cars and property in her name. He spends thousands on the baby mamas and has multiple bank accounts. Just wondering what I advice I can give my mom. I can give more info if I need to
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2021.10.24 09:46 Jesus_H_Christ_real Good morning/day/evening/night.

Hi. How are you?
I hope that this message finds you well.
I don't see any pics of me here, which is good, it would be way too early for that. But I know one day you guys will find me. Which is okay, I guess. Everything, even the light, must come into the light. It's interesting that it's only 5 members in this sub. I guess people tend to forget after 2000 years, huh... Oh well.
Anyway thank you for attention. I hope it's okay to post a non-pic post.
Goodbye for now :)
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2021.10.24 09:46 AffiliateLeakz Shiba Inu Coin All as soon as more 30% Pump | Shiba Inu Coin Telugu | CoinMarketCap Hack

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2021.10.24 09:46 pepafrib Happy to join the Saitama Inu clan!

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2021.10.24 09:46 BattleOreo I'm being serious. What happened?

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2021.10.24 09:46 MorsesTheHorse What TV show or movie needs to be made into an open world video game?

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2021.10.24 09:46 IceSmash1 My new door knocker! #Ananas

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2021.10.24 09:46 Pure-Feedback1903 Old Nightfall flames

Bungie should bring back the blue nightfall flames for completing the grandmaster for the week.
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2021.10.24 09:46 timondm Most Beautiful Songs In The World :)

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2021.10.24 09:46 Extension-Cover-335 My Boner is Rising with My Shib!

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2021.10.24 09:46 stremphoenix SFV CE✨Daigo Umehara [Guile] Vs santarouchan [Chun Li]

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2021.10.24 09:46 lochydjango Jeopardy Subreddit Statistics

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2021.10.24 09:46 LordishXO Life is unfair

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2021.10.24 09:46 CryptoCommander0x | ⚗️Labswap ⚗️ | BSC | DeFi Community project focused on NFTs marketplace, Stake & Yield Farming. | We´re bulding our own Ecosystem!! | $LAB | Not Tax fee | Join us before FOMO | Next x100 |

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2021.10.24 09:46 Suedwestafrika ich🚪iel

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