Am i the only one whos 'crushes' dissapeared after identifying as aromantic?

2021.10.24 10:30 Professional_Meat_50 Am i the only one whos 'crushes' dissapeared after identifying as aromantic?

Its weird but i dont think i ever really had crushes on people or even had crushes on fictional characters. When i think about it i think it was gender envy as im genderfluid. I used to be so 'boy crazy' and super miserable abt it to but now i dont even notice boys or even care. I used to think i had strong aesthetic attraction to them but now everytime i even have a second of thinking they are aesthetically attractive once they talk or laugh or say something i completely am thanks...Maybe it came from the expectation that i was supposed to like men. I think it was mostly comphet and also gender envy but now i dont notice guys and now i can clearly identify what im feeling towards them with it always being platonic. Its weird bc there have been people i thought i had huge crushes on but actually seeing them and having to talk to them gives me no interest or desire for a connection with them unless its platonic. I feel happier and more carefree, i thought for a while that i would never be able to stop getting extremely boy crazy but now i feel like its those things listed before and also an unhealthy attachment style. Hope this can help anyone.
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2021.10.24 10:30 tittiesonmybmw ACCA to CPA (US)

So I’ve recently become ACCA qualified, working for Deloitte for the past 3 years (audit) and I feel like monotony has settled in. I was thinking I could move to the US, I don’t have an issue with taking all the exams (since I don’t qualify for MRA) but the NASBA website isn’t clear when it comes to the relevant work experience. Has anyone here moved to the US recently and had to go through the same thing? Would an employer sponsor me for an entry level job? since I don’t know much about GAAP I assume I can’t take over more important tasks. Or is there any other field, for those of you who have changed their direction, where accounting experience would be relevant for a management/more senior role?
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2021.10.24 10:30 degenfpv Can your micro drone do this?!?!?

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2021.10.24 10:30 Kythirius Chinese EV maker Xpeng launches flying car that can also operate on roads; plans for 2024 rollout

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2021.10.24 10:30 raphjacobwolf WITH A CASE MICRO RONI GEN3, 4, 5 AND A GLOCK 17, 19

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2021.10.24 10:30 HellxKnight Dollars to doubts

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2021.10.24 10:30 Mathshelppx Simplifying square roots?

Hi! Could someone explain why they say this and not just sqrt3/4?
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2021.10.24 10:30 feedme2thesharks new to reddit and could use a confidence boost 🥺

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2021.10.24 10:30 Due-Satisfaction7022 Carbon fiber - hockey stick projects. Anyone ever dabbled?

As the title describes. Has anyone ever worked with hockey sticks to build anything? Looking for tips on specific tools to make things easier as I am a noob. Thanks!
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2021.10.24 10:30 Menacing_Starwalker Only Starwalkers Can Comment On This Post

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2021.10.24 10:30 BitAdministrative722 Please relax and Calm down with our video!

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2021.10.24 10:30 hmc_12 Lesser-known cities

Anyone here placed in a lesser-known city or town (essentially not Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona, or the cities of Andalucía) that you'd really encourage people to check out? Whether it's because it touts something unique from other areas of Spain or just has a really authentic feel to it, I'm curious to hear what you all have to say. I'd love to stop in on some lesser-known areas throughout my travels. Thanks in advance!
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2021.10.24 10:30 weizhongxian AOC MY NUTS BOUNCE ON YOUR CHIN

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2021.10.24 10:30 memeverywhere What did you said?

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2021.10.24 10:30 coniaker 💀💉 NoVax (NVX) 💉💀

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2021.10.24 10:30 Jimm_Kirkk Canadian propane prices surge 300% — and could climb higher as U.S. markets brace for 'Armageddon'

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2021.10.24 10:30 tardyaaron14 The church community is alot hard to fit in than I thought.

I 29M have always had a hard time fitting into soical groups. I have a physical disability called spina bifida which I know from studies it is a fact those with spina have a harder time making friends. I've never really had a real solid group of friends. Usually alot of my friends are friends with me out of pity.
So it's been over a year since I joined the church full time as an adult. Growing up church wasa must because of my mom made us go. Then when she passed my auntie raised us and church was an even bigger priority. Last year I really realized that the certain groups I was hanging around/partying wasn't the best for me.
So I decide to try and become stronger I my faith and hopefully build relationships and friendships with church going people. I have really struggled to fit into this community of people. From my POV it isn't any easier trying to fit in and build friendships compared to other groups of people I've use to hangout with. This is definitely alot harder and I thought it would be a lot simpler to make connections with those in the church community but I guess I was wrong.
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2021.10.24 10:30 JenniferAniston69 Kaley Cuoco

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2021.10.24 10:30 Wick_Gaming Horn of Fury Video

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2021.10.24 10:30 alienzzzzzzzzzzzzz Only 76,000 followers, I am little disappointed…. These guys deserve more …

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2021.10.24 10:30 cabinoose What movie would’ve been ruined by having a different name?

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2021.10.24 10:30 GoodLibrarian by EB十 [ebkim00]

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2021.10.24 10:30 mrclash123 Applying for graduate schemes, question about references.

I’m applying for graduate schemes and notice a lot ask for references. How many do I usually need? Also I work part time at a supermarket but they only offer a basic reference. Is this a suitable reference and can I use two academic references, one from university and one from my previous sixth form. Thanks
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2021.10.24 10:30 ickybus overview for ferruginelo

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2021.10.24 10:30 ---zeno When it is a duty to denounce someone to the police?

One of my family members and a few of my friends didn't do some check-ups for their driving license, should I denounce them even if the risk of harm to someone is very remote and it could destroy my relationship with my family and potentially put at risk my life? Also some of my friends smoke weed and here it is not legal, should I still send the cops to their homes? What are the moral theological principles that should apply in this case?
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