I get everyone’s frustration but…

2021.10.18 07:49 DenseAd613 I get everyone’s frustration but…

Not every “minimum wage” job is ran by a billion dollar company like McDonald’s or Walmart. It’s funny to me how uneducated most of you are on basic economics. The business owner is the person taking all the risk. If a company goes under the employees lose NOTHING other than a job. The owner has multiple investments in the company which if it goes out they will be under. I See everyone crying about wanting to be paid more but here’s a simple example
the total payroll for a small pizza parlor with 10 employees, earning on average $10 per hour and working 2,000 hours total a year is $200,000. Selling an average of 100 pizzas a day for $10 each for 365 days totals $365,000 in revenue. The remaining $165,000 after labor costs covers rent, utilities, etc. and the owner’s income. Mandating a minimum wage of $15 per hour is an increase of $5 per hour which would raise labor costs by $100,000. The $100,000 in additional labor costs from a $15 minimum wage increase would likely bankrupt the business, leaving the owner with some difficult decisions on whether to close the business or radically adjust business operations to absorb the increased cost.
If the owner decides to remain open, their options to absorb costs are limited, and none of them good. Laying off one employee would save $30,000, but the job opportunity is lost permanently and that employee’s income from that position is now zero. Three fewer workers would cut labor costs by $90,000, but could seven workers produce the same 100 pizzas per day? The owners could also reduce employee hours, although same problem applies. The owner could use cheaper ingredients or reduce the amount of ingredients, that would save money, but lowers the quality of the product and risks customer loyalty. Raising the price of pizza could make up the loss, but would fewer people now opt for pizza? An increase of $3 per pizza could do it, as long as the higher price did not discourage customers, which it will with competition from larger pizza businesses that can survive with smaller profit margins. The owner could also suspend future raises for the most productive or experienced employees, creating wage compression that erodes employee morale. The owner could also accept a lower income, reducing the incentive to own the business at all.
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2021.10.18 07:49 psl26 Why this is a great time to be a DC fan.

I have loved DC since i was a child. It was always my preferred comic book universe among the Big 2. Marvel was great too and I would rank Wolverine, Spider-man, Daredevil, and Hawkeye among some of my favorite characters of all time but DC was always my jam. The comics (Grant Morrison run) and the amazing cartoons (Timm-verse) just captured my imagination far better.
But DC, in the past few years has been struggling in the movie department. Hiring directors who did not understand the characters they were adapting was a very foolish misstep WB took.
But I really believe we are getting back on the right path. Both BoP and TSS were truly some of the most creative and entertaining movies in the CBM genre. They managed to be familiar yet be more experimental. While not a big fan of Joker, i am glad it exists. It at least showed studios everywhere that it's viable to make a mature comic book movie aimed at an older audience.
Coming to the recent fandome, my two favorite projects are The Batman and Peacemaker? And isn't that just great? One seems like a serious character study set in a grimdark urban noir setting and the other is a ball to the wall James Gunn comedy. Getting two vastly different genre movies/tv-shows both with spectacular budgets and amazing directors attached to it in the same franchise! I like the occasional marvel movie but variety is not something I would say is their strong suit. DC wins hands down in giving us varied high-quality content and I am just glad they are finally finding their footing. I think its a great thing for DC fans and also the genre in general which has been stagnating in my opinion for the last few years.
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2021.10.18 07:49 castironairplane picked up today. which one first?

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2021.10.18 07:49 CandyIllustrious7020 Please Suggest

Best place for Diwali shopping in Mumbai
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2021.10.18 07:49 rokaplz How to have fun in ABA

I have done everything ( get into the leaderboard, tries out 3v3 and messing with some bugs )
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2021.10.18 07:49 Kiotagho First 2k with rev.. first real experience playing with him decent legend, hit box be massive doe.

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2021.10.18 07:49 claudedelmitri Got this Slim in July and been putting off popping it open. Original owner said he never cleaned it or changed the thermal paste. Finally opened the top today just to look and…yikes. Gonna order the stuff to deep clean her tomorrow, but I’ve never opened a console till today. All advice welcome

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2021.10.18 07:49 reddit_feed_bot The Epoch Times - The Road to the India of Tomorrow | Mythical Roads

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2021.10.18 07:49 Killtrox89 Help with camera and light box setup

I'm struggling to take some nice sharp and true to life images of used jewellery for my eBay store. I have a Canon eos1200d with an EFS 18-55mm zoom lens as well as a EFS 60mm macro lens and taking the pictures of the jewellery in a small white plastic light box I'm not sure if there is too much light in the box as it makes the diamonds in the rings look white and milky rather than clear, glassy and sparkly. I've also found even with the macro lens close up I can focus on the diamonds and get what appears to be a crisp clean shot but as soon as I zoom into the picture on the computer it instantly blurs yet if I take a picture with an iPhone I can zoom in a good amount before you lose detail.
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2021.10.18 07:49 Impressive_Habit5688 🔥 DaddyShiba - Based and Experienced Dev Team | $SHIBA Rewards | Active Voice Chat | 🔥 ! | Get Whitelisted Now!

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2021.10.18 07:49 Just-Incident271 Cómo ven a este mamarracho defendiendo a Oxxo, las promos lo tienen cautivado..

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2021.10.18 07:49 erockbrox New N64 memory card (no battery required)

I don't know if this has been posted yet, but its a new memory card for your N64 designed such that you never had to worry about losing your save files ever again.
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2021.10.18 07:49 Ol-Nick Windows 11

Has anyone found any defects with the upgrade, I am thinking updating my surface, but it is still newish and I don't want the date to slow down or crash my surface.
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2021.10.18 07:49 UltimateDiscordMod How do you work on long, boring assignments?

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2021.10.18 07:49 Traditional-Break-99 Upset that my bf couldn't follow me on instagram

We started dating towards the end of 2018, so have been together for 3 years now. We met on a dating app but had mutual friends, however I had never met my now bf before this. It's worth mentioning that I haven't travelled a great deal, and was pretty much unemployed at the time I started talking to him (was doing agency work but just one or two days per week). I had also been dumped from a very short relationship prior to it. So I feel my self esteem was quite low. At that time, I didn't have an awful lot on my instagram... just a few selfies, pictures with a few friends & family, but nothing abroad etc.. I also don't have a great deal of friends. I remember checking his instagram as soon as we matched on the app and he was well travelled, sociable etc. I also noticed he was following a few girls, that I assume he'd dated, and they were all pretty with good jobs (one an engineer, the other a doctor)... this made me feel more insecure. I've also had quite a rocky past when it came to my education, although I did make up for it when I finally put my head down, and I felt this would be quite apparent if he followed me straight away.
Anyway, when the time came to further the conversation, he asked me for either my instagram or phone number. I gave my phone number as I felt this showed more interest, and I was also still apprehensive about sharing instagram details because I didn't want to turn him off. I had added him on snapchat though. His instagram profile was public so I basically used to go on it every day anyway and at that point felt like all I could do was wait for him to follow me. After the first date he started sending me instagram links via whatsapp - looking back I think this was maybe his way of getting me to follow him. I carried on waiting and he eventually followed me 2 months later. When he did, I kind of felt like I was worrying about my social media image for no reason & wished I followed him myself sooner.
Within the first month of us following each other he removed the girls he used to date. Recently I asked him why he chose not to follow me sooner... he told me that instagram isn't a big deal, isn't real life. He also said (during an argument) that he waited for me and that he's not desperate, that if I wanted to follow him I should've done. He often says things he doesn't mean during arguments, so really I feel he was playing it cool by not following me. I asked him about one of the girls he used to have on instagram... he told me he dated her for a month, and that he only saw her like twice. This made me feel worse because I think, we were officially together from the first date (he asked me to be his gf literally the next day) and met up once a week and yet it took him 2 months to follow me. I asked him why it took him so long for me and why he followed other girls he'd hardly seen. He said that maybe she followed him (which I doubt). She decided to break it off with him in the end, and it is possible that he was really in to her. Can anyone give any insight in to this... how come he found it difficult to follow his gf as opposed to the previous girl(s)?
tl;dr upset that my bf couldn't follow me on instagram at the same rate that he did previous girls
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2021.10.18 07:49 Floor-Proof Per il porto di Trieste si parla di sgombero

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2021.10.18 07:49 Tumblekush EDZ Scavenger

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2021.10.18 07:49 subarnopan Illegal Migration into Assam!

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2021.10.18 07:49 ryancnap Shopping for a Camry - US

I live in PA, my credit's on the mend and sits around 709 right now, I've never purchased a new car or from a dealership before. I need a new ride, I have an old Chevy shitbox that's falling apart quicker than I can maintain it. I want something reliable for a 20min work commute every day.
My budget, I can put 5k down, and I need my monthly payment to be around 3-350.
I want a Camry for the mpg and reliability.
Going to look at this tomorrow: https://kenpollocknissan.com/sale/used-toyota-camry-xse-wilkes-barre-pa/2018-toyota-camry-xse-4t1b61hk5ju503998
Looked at and test drove this yesterday, just not sure about it cause it had that weird hesitation everyone talks about on the 2018 8spd tranny: https://www.independencetoyota.com/auto/used-2018-toyota-camry-le-hazleton-pa/59208605/
And I'm including this last one just for the hell of it as I came across it just now and realized for something brand new, it's not all that much higher than the prices of what I'm looking at. I'd love to go new since everyone's saying buying used right now is a bad idea given the market. But I don't know if I'd be able to afford something this new, and what adjustments I'd have to make to my expected monthly and down payment if I could? https://www.independencetoyota.com/auto/new-2022-toyota-camry-se-hazleton-pa/60648527/
I'm trying to include as much info as I can so I can get some feedback on if these are decent prices or not, how to get a better deal on these if possible, or even if these are in my price range. I haven't got a pre-qualification or quote from any dealers yet, this just seemed to be the price range I could afford based off my math.
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2021.10.18 07:49 princessunplug I don't know what to think.. Am I overreacting?

We both met in Tinder Oct last year and are nevermet since our country banned interstate travelling until just recently. There was a gap in March where interstate travel was allowed and he gave so much excuses and then it was banned again (I'm very much bitter about this and I have to admit that I have given him crap)
Just recently, our country allowed interstate travel again. The thing is I work Sunday-Thursday while he only got Sunday off and half day Saturday so if we want to meet up, I need to choose time where I can take leave on Sunday (it's easy for me to apply for leave but I need to choose time where I don't have anything in my schedule) so it's easier for me to work things out and decide on when we should meet (basically any date when I can take Sunday off). So I told him that we can meet up on 24th and 31st (I'm taking leave for the whole week because I'm going back to my hometown)
It didn't occur to me until this morning that we both have tomorrow off (public holiday) so why didn't we just decide to meet up tomorrow? I have decided to go the the state next to mine tomorrow because I need to do something, so I told him, why not we meet up tomorrow? The state is basically in between his state and mine so it would cut his travel duration by half. He then told me that he can't because he got something to do in the morning, after that he's gonna do Grab (basically Uber) and it's too sudden to make plan like this.
And now.. I'm kinda.. sad ngl. I guess I rile myself up and got excited and now I'm basically.. heartbroken over things. While I understand that it's too sudden, but.. why didn't HE plan for something tomorrow? Why is it solely up to me to decide on when we would be meeting? I don't know.. I really just don't know atm.. I'm really sad but then, I feel like overreacting and he's not at fault at all. But still....
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2021.10.18 07:49 baron212 Top score for step 1-5 of the thanos event. With pic for proof

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2021.10.18 07:49 JayAllOverYourBees Golly gee it sure sucks to get banned from a sub w/o context.

After 3 days without posting or commenting in a certain sub, I have been permanently banned. I responded to my ban message saying as much, and saying I'd like some context for the ban. It literally says to do this if you have a question about your ban. It's been hour after hour ticking away since I posited my question as I was directed.
It sounds trivial to be banned from some subreddit, of course, talk about your first world problems eh? But I mean, I have actual real world problems that I deal with on a daily basis, and having spaces to unwind online just happens to be a part of the way I cope with my more serious problems. It really sucks to just be cast aside with no explanation. Every single time I've been muted or banned from any community, since I was a kid, there has been an explanation provided.
Reddit? Nah, just a message that I've been banned after not participating for 3 days with no explanation, no citation to a rule, nothing. This sucks.
A note: without using a throwaway, I cannot prevent people from ascertaining the sub I was banned from through my comment history, nor can I prevent them from perusing that comment history to see what I've said in that sub or any other sub. I posted this because I didn't have anywhere else to put it, but if anyone cares to take a look and tell me why they think I got banned, you can (hilariously) give more of an explanation than the mods, as they refuse to provide an answer.
tl;dr: Subreddit bans without explanation are some totalitarian shit, Reddit mods (not admins) have way too much power, and effective moderation of any space cannot be achieved without at least some degree of explanation for decisions on moderation.
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2021.10.18 07:49 MrKilji No evidence of forced conversions

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2021.10.18 07:49 Zealousideal_Art9646 🐶 ShibPuppy | Just launched | Big marketing incoming | Based devs

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2021.10.18 07:49 andrewwebb1234 Binance Forgot To Enter Referral Code

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