I work at walmart, help a brother out with some karma, please?

2021.10.21 04:21 Top-Cardiologist-499 I work at walmart, help a brother out with some karma, please?

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2021.10.21 04:21 Fbiman46 Post First SESSION

Finished my first session the other day and here is where I am so far:
-The party started at Goodmead where my Ranger and Rogue stole the Artificer as a means to recruit him this took 90% of the session and i'm not sure how to remedy this, the artificer recommended post sessions to add guards at night, but it seems like the possibility of derailment is inevitable and I want to come back with more of a plan in mind
-I gave them the Chwinga quest and that seems to have peaked their interest in exploring TenTowns, I do still want to have Sephek involved in some way, and i'm planning on giving them cold-hearted killer once they complete a quest
-Using the Rumor table, as well as some things I put in for flavor is provided the quests for Lonelywood, Bremen, Easthaven, as well as the Verbeeg quest for Goodmead, a chill went down my spine as one of my party members proceeds to say "Let's investigate the bodies that Fef found" knowing that this could cause a tpk even after giving some warnings to them they insiisted on doing that quest, planning on nerfing the encounter so it's at least more survivable to complete
Anyways, those are my thoughts on how it went, but otherwise all of my players for the most part are enjoying it so far, and i'm excited to see where it goes from here.
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2021.10.21 04:21 sograyish Bought a custom PC and got ripped off. Need suggestions for consumer court

So basically, i was looking to buy a custom PC built for me and knowing the high prices today, instead of getting one built in person I looked up for some online and found this startup called "Masterigs" they're based in Bangalore, saw some Google reviews and thought I'd get a quote at least. So I got in touch and they agreed for a pc with R5 3600, RTX 2060 super by galax, 250gig ssd, 1tb HDD, 16gb Ram, 600w psu, etc for 80k and this in February 2021 when the prices were peaking at the time so that honestly was a pretty sick deal so I agreed, paid 8k advance, got my build through they sent me the PC after my full payment was done WHICH TOOK A FUCKING MONTH and here's the imp part, they did not send the fucking GPU, they said it'll be shipped separately due to "weight issues" and I didn't recieve it for a month and I'm constantly trying to ask why what, etc and they one day tell me that they "courier services" called and said the GPU is damaged and they are sending it back, (HOW TF WOULD THEY KNOW THE SHIT INSIDE IS A GPU AND IT'S DAMAGED?) So whatever I said send a replacement, then the lockdown happened cause they kept delaying it, even though every other company and delivery service was working but these guys didn't wanna. Anyways, this got delayed till June (they ignore me a lot, through text, calls and emails) so now they are offering me a 2070 super as "compensation" and I haven't recieved shit till today October '21. They would do the refund they said but it'll be on the amount that I paid, now if I took the amount I paid back in Feb, I'll be in loss and won't be able to buy anything good, not to mention 2000 series being out of stock. And GPU they can't provide, they've been delaying it like shit. (Also, I asked for the GPU refund which was 28k the price I paid for it atm in September, October is ending they haven't done it yet)
So I need help here, I thought of suing them multiple times to the consumer court and I haven warned them that I'll do so too but they don't care, and they haven't picked my call since May, we only talk on WhatsApp, the messages are days delayed, emails are straight ignored, only one number works, they have either blocked me or ignore me. I reside in Mumbai, should I go there? Should I sue them? What's an alternative? Please any help, any suggestions would do. There's a lot more details of their shittiness I did not mention because this isn't a rant, I just need help.
Like what will happen, consequences, outcome, process, if anyone could help. DMs are also open
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2021.10.21 04:21 i-like-catgirls How she lying like that?

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2021.10.21 04:21 randomgoos_the_goose Carl is traveling across Reddit, and he decided to come here for a break.

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2021.10.21 04:21 Sticky_Fingerrrsss I think we’ll be getting a shinchiro flashback.

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2021.10.21 04:21 puzzlehead989999 People of Reddit what’s the best way in life to find your passion?

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2021.10.21 04:21 HatEnvironmental8348 Why?

I am very new in the crypto word, and even newer in NervosNetwork
I came across the project yesterday and got really interested, I wonder if anyone here knows CKB is down 12% last 24hr?
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2021.10.21 04:21 throwaway_baby_24 confused as hell...

last year i was enrolled in a college, but after doing a year i enrolled in a different college and started as a first year again. I've not yet completed a sem in the new college. I want to apply to colleges in US.
Would i be considered as a new or transfer applicant?
I read somewhere that if i did less than one sem at a different college i would be considered as a new applicant. Is that true?
Do i have to talk about the first college or even the second one?
international student btw
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2021.10.21 04:21 f_potatoo Hybrid HR not getting phone call alerts

I have already set DND to always off under the watch settings. I have also set allow phone calls from everyone in the fossil app. I still don't get any alerts when someone calls me.. What am I missing here? Any help will be appreciated, thanks in advance.
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2021.10.21 04:21 omarcoca A while ago I posted sasuke here’s the rest plus a combo of all hope ya like :)

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2021.10.21 04:21 coin-woned How to play the Super Circus coin pusher game and how to win the super jackpot

How to play the Super Circus coin pusher game and how to win the super jackpot To play this arcade game, you must first understand the machine selection skills. Everyone knows that choosing a machine that drains the water is the key to winning, but they don't know how to choose a machine.
This depends on the condition of the machine itself, such as the currency tray and the currency falling from the machine as mentioned above. Everyone has different habits. Most people like to put coins in the middle, and some people also like to put coins on the side. This depends on personal preference. I belong to the former because the most things you say in the middle you can have the opportunity to invest money back and forth twice, and many people on one side are for better fun. The reason why playing hat games can provide better nutrients so that people on the other side who don’t use them should not be too high. I will talk about this later.
Second, look at what the so-called score is the score of the fruit under the machine. Here is a rule that the machine calculates not based on the score of a single fruit, but the total score of all fruits. So what is good and bad? From four perspectives, all fruits have a high score of more than 80 points. Such a score is not a good point value. If the machine is in the state of eating points at this time, then the machine must be in the state of eating points, at least your hat. The game can get the highest 1000 points.
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2021.10.21 04:21 ifeed360 Feast your sweet tooth (and eyes) on edible art

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2021.10.21 04:21 BrightChocolate7402 What’s up everybody! Just a guy trying out his own solo sports podcast. I would appreciate some feedback!

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2021.10.21 04:21 uniman101 Hive rating?

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2021.10.21 04:21 bartekhabiciak Google pay problems.

I have a payment problem again, I have oxygenos unlocked bootloader, installed magisk, and packages: Riru, MagiskHide Props Config, systemless hosts, and universal safety net fix. 2.0. Safetynet is going well. Nevertheless, after configuring the payment card, there is a crossed-out NFC logo above the card and the inscription: not configured. I've tried many things like cleaning the cache, another card, reinstalling google pay and nothing helps. Is there any solution to this porblem? The same card works fine on Oneplus 7t pro.
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2021.10.21 04:21 WeepingPlum First Model Train Recommendations?

My 10 year old has been train-obsessed since age 2. He especially loves crossings and signals. I think he is mature enough now for a real model train. What scale would you recommend we start with? I'd appreciate any advice on what is needed to set up a smallish set that we can add onto as we go and also what to avoid. Thank you :)
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2021.10.21 04:21 lordmorlockhyperion I hope it doesn't heil this summer

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2021.10.21 04:21 j5ra2jkc8m9 OG etho stan

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2021.10.21 04:21 Re1kazu Fanart kay kuya kris!

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2021.10.21 04:21 Levensgenieters Cruising the Mekong Delta with the Cai Rang Floating market

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2021.10.21 04:21 NiliusJulius With all the extra interest in gold star and shining magikarp, I thought I would show what I picked up a little while ago.

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2021.10.21 04:21 snkde Apple Magsafe Battery pack $80

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2021.10.21 04:21 Caletta243 Из прошлого

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2021.10.21 04:21 pipsikamlo Amazon Kindle Promo Code

Here is the Amazon Kindle Promo Code
Really good site if you are looking for coupon codes. You can find most stores deals, coupons, deals on there.
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