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2021.10.21 05:23 WhiteCupG Ncell for mobile data?

Im in nepal for few months and currently using NCELL for mobile data but its so so slow. I dont remember being this slow last time I was here. Is any other network better for mobile internet like ntc? (idc about calls)
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2021.10.21 05:23 IamRaConteur The Batman pathi oru kalandhuraiyaadal

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2021.10.21 05:23 smmedianews New Visuals for God of War: Ragnarok; more information about the game's history

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2021.10.21 05:23 younganddumbxo Any tips on how to stay motivated & have a go getter mentality??

I’m 22(F). I was recently promoted to a PA at amazon. I want to however enroll in nursing school in January to start my career as a CRNA. I also want to start traveling, seeing the world, working out, doing yoga, eating healthier, excelling at work. All the things I want to be a go getter. But a lot of the time Im lazy & procrastinate. Does anyone have any tips on how I can be more motivated and on top of my goals. I want so much much more to life. I know this is all over the place but thanks!
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2021.10.21 05:23 Ambitious_Ad_776 Haan Pratik Sympathy le raha h

To all those who are saying ki Pratik sympathy le raha h, Pratik dost nahi bana raha.
Synpathy le raha h. haan le raha h, use salman ne maa ki gaali boli, uska issue bana raha h, karan ne jameen pe patak diya with full force uska issue bana raha h..,Pratik ko sabne target kiya game mein uska issue bana raha h. Sabne use body shame kiya uska issue bana raha h.
akele ghoom raha h, bas umar simba se dosti banane ka naatak kar raha h. kitchen mein jaakar sabke saath gel up hone ka natak kar raha h. Khud ko introvert bolkar drama create kar raha h.
karan uske against kisiko kabhi nahi bhadkata. Karan never manipulated simba against pratik. Pratik simba se bhi khush nahi h. saare log uske against kabhi bitching nahi karte.
Pratik bakwaas h use nikal fenko, famous face nahi h. ott ott umar nahi pratik kar raha h
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2021.10.21 05:23 whiteravenxi Account disabled but was able to open google drive

Hey all I was browsing a site in chrome and clicked a drive link which took me over to G Drive and automatically shared a file. I noticed in the top right it had my old work account. The avatar looked disabled, which it should have been as I quit a few months ago.
Is it possible for this shared file to propagate over to my work account even tho it’s disabled / deactivated or was this just a local instance?
Just wondering if they now have my file without me intending so. Thanks! I’ve since removed the account from my browser.
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2021.10.21 05:23 Robiiiiiiin Une histoire de la violence

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2021.10.21 05:23 Successful-Ad-8265 Any trans tryna get freaky hmu

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2021.10.21 05:23 Onmyoji-Neko [PS4] H: Weapons W: BLs15rl Single Action Revolver for my NCR Ranger Build

Will do bundle for the 3* SAR im looking for, but also take 2* BLs SAR if you have
AAffr25 U Laser Rifle
AAE250 Railway Rifle
AAffr25 Pepper Shaker
AAffr90 LMG
AAE90 Western Revolver
AA40paS Ski Sword
AA50c90 Fixer
AA50c25 Dragon (228)
Qvhc250 Broadsider
Qffr250 Broadsider
QE90 .44 Revolver
Q50c50dr Tesla
QE50dr Fixer
QE50dr Lever Action Rifle
Qffr250 Lever Action Rifle
BSSE Shishkebab
Bste40 Mr. Handy Buzz Blade
BSSE Super Sledge
B40paS Super Sledge
B40pa90 Super Sledge
Bffr15c Tesla
B50vhc250 HM
B50C25 Black Powder Rifle
Jffr50bs 50cal
Jffr50dr Hm
JSSS Shishkebab
JSS90 Bear Arm
Jffr90 U Gatlaser
VE250 Railway Rifle
V50c25 Plasma Rifle
V50c25 Tesla
Vffr50dr Gatplas
V40paS Super Sledge
Tsffr250 Railway Rifle
Tsffr90 Tesla
TsE250 Lever Action Rifle
Ts50c25 Broadsider
Tsffragi AGL
Tsffr250 U Gatlaser
I50c15c Fixer
Med50c25 Fixer
Ultracite Jetpack Helmet
Ultracite Jetpack Left Arm
Ultracite Bol/ap/WWR set with Jetpack Helmet and one FDR leg
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2021.10.21 05:23 Interesting-Row1212 What is your dream and how close are you from achieving it?

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2021.10.21 05:23 Vwvsbros I made a helmet with an old contest template, thoughts?

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2021.10.21 05:23 BunchOfSpamBots They should add these as Knight’s EXs, maybe at some point in the story

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2021.10.21 05:23 HellRazOoR [TASK] Remote door unlock via Python

We have Hikvision KD8 Series Pro Modular Door Station which we use in our office buiding to unlock doors with PIN code. We also have KH6 Series IP-Based Indoor Station which can unlock doors remotely by pressing the unlock doors button on GUI. I am running python face recognition on ubuntu linux and I am stuck because I was not able to figure out how to unlock doors remotely via python code.
Would someone be able to help me out? Let me know if you need more information. Please and thank you!
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2021.10.21 05:23 Rarebear6164 Guess the sub!!!111!1

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2021.10.21 05:23 playboi_cahti I wish we could’ve seen fights between mediocre Nen users.

We kinda got it with the Greed Island pirates but that was all sports. I’d want to see an actual fight
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2021.10.21 05:23 TheUltimateKiwi The head of this very old nail. (Sorry for photo quality)

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2021.10.21 05:23 jamalmuhammed I joined this defunct sub just to post this somewhere.

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2021.10.21 05:23 akshat__sharma Tell me about your favourite game from every year since you started playing

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2021.10.21 05:23 LittleShiningLuma Ce jeu tente de vous faire accepter ses "Termes et conditions". À vous de les refuser habilement et le plus vite possible. Qui tente de battre mon record ?

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2021.10.21 05:23 Typical_Republic Polestar 2. 100% electric - New U.S. Polestar Commercial

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2021.10.21 05:23 AussieMike20973 Hollywood Knights detailed painting

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2021.10.21 05:23 terianfsays 211021 PSA: Mnet M Countdown is not airing today (Mnet is apparently airing KCON:TACT HI 5 instead)

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2021.10.21 05:23 ANormalCartoonNerd Emotional Exams [WARNING: Extremely Long Read Ahead!]

Context This is the first part of a group of fanfictions. This part takes place when Gabriel Agreste looks at Adrien's final report card during the summer.
I'm unsure whether the story takes place years after Season 3's finale due to the Physics topics being covered. So, please let me know if you've experienced the French curriculum.
Enjoy! :)
Disclaimer For Those Who Are New

All of my recent fanfictions have been canon-divergent. So, for those who are new, I write my fanfictions in universes where everything up to Season 3 happened except the episodes involving the future and Marinette being the guardian [unless explicitly stated otherwise]. Hope you'll enjoy nonetheless! :)
Introduction "An A minus in Physics?! This is unacceptable, young man!" Gabriel Agreste yells at his son with anger and disappointment
"Dad! Don't put too much pressure on me! I'll try to do better; just please don't send me to summer tutoring!" Adrien begs his father for mercy
"No, Adrien. This grade is an utter embarrassment for the brand." Gabriel Agreste insists in sending a tutor "Nathalie, what was that tutor's number?"
"Gabriel, I suspect your son may be better than you think he is. So, I propose an offer" Nathalie wagers
"What is it, Nathalie?" Gabriel inquires while rolling his eyes since he doubts Nathalie would tell him the tutor's phone number without giving his son another shot
"I'll give your son one exam in Physics covering all of the topics he's learned in school for each of the next 3 days. I'll then announce the grade he gets on the exams during their respective days without showing the questions he took or their actual answers" Nathalie begins to explain
Gabriel listens as Adrien gets slightly worried
"If he gets a grade higher than A minus in any of the 3 exams, then you'll owe your son an apology and will have to extend his summer free time instead of calling the tutor. Otherwise, you're probably right and I'll tell you the tutor's number" Nathalie concludes
"Fine, but if I'm right, I'll also have him wear an I cannot do Physics shirt during his summer free time" Adrien's father raises the stakes "Plus, you'll have to do an apology dance in a clown suit with lyrics by me, Gabriel Agreste"
"Oh, I'm not intimidated. You've got yourself a deal, Monsieur!" Nathalie delivers a handshake with Gabriel while Adrien trembles in fear of the humiliation he may have to face with Nathalie
The Results Adrien got a B on the first exam Nathalie made. Below are 2 of the questions that Adrien got wrong for those who are curious (Note: g was taken to be 9.8 m/s2 in the three exams)
Ms. Rosy throws her red ball and her green ball from the edge of a 700 meter high cliff at the same initial speed. Her red ball was thrown upward. Her green ball was thrown horizontally. Which of Ms. Rosy's balls would be travelling faster when landing at the bottom of the cliff? Or would it depend on the initial speed?
Adrien's wrong answer: It would depend on the initial speed
Actual answer: Both colored balls would be travelling at the same speed
While running in socks at 7.21 m/s, Lia slides across a slippery floor and comes to a stop in 2.3 seconds. Assuming Lia has a mass of 50 kg, calculate to 4 decimal places the coefficient of friction between Lia's expensive socks and the floor.
Adrien's wrong answer: 0.3197 Newtons
Actual answer: Coefficient of friction = 0.3199
Adrien then did slightly better on the second exam, but still got his school grade of A minus. Here are 2 of the problems in that second exam that Adrien got wrong just in case people are curious:
Boojwa tries skydiving with her family as she falls 100 meters before pulling her parachute. Given there was no air resistance, calculate her speed just before she opened the parachute to the nearest whole number. (If this question lacks a crucial piece of information, write Not enough information)
Adrien's wrong answer: Not enough information
Actual answer: 44 meters per second
Mrs. Kloi throws her green ball and her red ball from a 700 meter high cliff's edge at identical initial speeds. Her green ball was thrown horizontally while her red ball was thrown upward. Which of Mrs. Kloi's balls would be travelling faster when landing at the bottom of the cliff? Or would it depend on the initial speed?
Adrien's wrong answer: The red ball would be travelling faster when it reaches the bottom
Actual answer: The red and green balls would be travelling at the same speed when they reach the bottom
Gabriel was extremely sure that Adrien would need tutoring, so he already bought Nathalie's clown suit on the 3rd day. However, to his surprise, Adrien got all questions on the last exam right!
But Adrien also ended up getting just as big of a surprise as Gabriel . . .
What the Exams Showed "Nathalie, I just came back from buying your clown suit!" Gabriel attempts to intimidate his assistant on the final day
"Well, Monsieur, how do I say this . . . if anyone in this room has to wear that clown suit, it would have to be you" Nathalie announces "Adrien got everything right in today's final exam; I'd advise against celebrating too early next time."
"Wait, really?!" Adrien and Gabriel gasp in shock
"Yep!" Nathalie confirms as she hands Adrien the other two exams from the previous days "Gabriel, here's today's exam for proof!"
While Adrien begins looking through the other two exams, Gabriel read the first question in Adrien's final exam:
Nio tries skydiving with his family as he falls 100 meters before pulling his parachute. Assuming that there wasn't any air resistance, calculate his speed just before he opened the parachute to the nearest whole number. (If this question lacks a crucial piece of information, write Not enough information)
"Wait a minute," Adrien finds something odd "That's similar to question #12 in yesterday's exam. Is this a coincidence or did Nathalie intend that?"
"I'm glad you asked" Nathalie smirks "In fact, all 3 of the exams had essentially the same physics problems. The only actual thing that changed is the names used."
"Well then, how come my son didn't get the same score for all 3 of them?" Gabriel inquires further
"As a clue, investigate the names used in the exams;" Nathalie gives a hint as she spreads all 3 exams on the table, "do they remind you two of any actual names from real life?"
"Now that you mention it, the names in the first exam I took 2 days ago remind me of an annoying lying classmate, Lila Rossi" Adrien observed:
Beginning of Question #30
"Ms. Rosy throws her red ball . . . "
"And this one from yesterday has names similar to the mayor's daughter, Chloe Bourgeois" Gabriel notices
"Exactly!" Nathalie mentions "Now, today's final exam has names like Sessa, Nio, and others. Do those sound like anything famili--"
"Cesaire and Nino! Those are my friends!" Adrien interrupts and begins to catch on to what Nathalie's plan was "Hold up! OH MY . . . "
"See how enthusiastic your son was when he saw that intended reference to his friends?" Nathalie points out "I'm quite sure I know why there was quite a significant lack of motivation in the other two exams! It was because those felt like another one of those strict and busy days you've put him through with no extra time with friends."
"Oh, OH!" Gabriel realizes "Dang, well, it's a good thing we took this deal. You know what, Adrien, with the additional promised daily extension of free time, you'll get the whole day of tomorrow free."
"Really?!" Adrien cries tears of joy as he gives his father a hug "Thank you so much!"
"You're welcome!" Gabriel says "Now, go to your room and rest to get energy for tomorrow!"
Adrien went on his way
"And time for me to go text people to postpone tomorrow's planned modelling sessions" Nathalie thinks out loud "Gabriel, could I go talk with Adrien for a quick minute before I text?"
"Sure!" Gabriel agrees
Nathalie rushes up to Adrien's room. Luckily, Adrien wasn't asleep yet.

"Nathalie? Oh no, did Dad change his mind already?" Adrien worries
"Don't worry, he's still sticking to his decision" Nathalie comforts Adrien "I just want to point out 1 more thing about the exams. Remember when I monitored today's exam?"
"Yeah, you were told to do so for all exams to make sure I wasn't cheating" Adrien recalls
"Well, I noticed something quite odd with how you took that exam" Nathalie mentions "When a name similar to Marinette's name came up in a question, you seemed to spend way longer on that question than with other questions. You even put the simplest of sums in a calculator to make sure you got it. Care to explain why?"
"Okay, you got me" Adrien admits "I actually realized recently that Marinette's not just a friend. I don't know how to tell my father, though. He'll probably say I deserve better than someone who forgot my birthday way back"
"I knew it!" Nathalie says "By the way, I think it's time I tell you the truth about something. The scarf you got way back on your birthday was actually a gift from her. I didn't want you to be extremely sad about your dad's questionable parenting, so I lied and said it was from your father. My apologies"
"Oh, it's okay" Adrien forgives Nathalie "I didn't realize my feelings yet back then, and even tried dating Kagami soon after, so that was probably for the best"
"Time to go to bed, Adrien" Nathalie reminds him "I'm not going to cancel the modelling if you happened to change your mind"
"Oh, right!" Adrien remembered "Goodnight, Nathalie!"
"Sweet dreams, Adrien" Nathalie wishes sweet dreams for the model who she hopes to be the mother of one day
Concluding Notes I hope you guys enjoyed that! I had this idea in my drafts for quite a while now, so I think it's time to release it!
As always, thanks for reading! Have a Miraculous Day! :)
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2021.10.21 05:23 smokinglotus fRiDaY niGhT fUnKiN 4K yOu gUyS oH mY gaWHsh!

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2021.10.21 05:23 Chomama102 All this for a measly 61 points, 52 of them being how long I survived instead of how I played.

All this for a measly 61 points, 52 of them being how long I survived instead of how I played. submitted by Chomama102 to CallOfDutyMobile [link] [comments]