PNL îl propune pe Nicolae Ciucă pentru funcţia de premier (surse) - [Politica]

2021.10.21 04:30 niuz-bot PNL îl propune pe Nicolae Ciucă pentru funcţia de premier (surse) - [Politica]

Biroul Politic Naţional al PNL a decis, joi, să-l propună pe Nicolae Ciucă pentru funcţia de prim-ministru la consultările cu preşedintele Klaus Iohannis de la Palatul Cotroceni, au declarat surse liberale pentru AGERPRES.
De asemenea, liberalii propun un guvern minoritar f...
Citeste in continuare:
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2021.10.21 04:30 Hadia_ Everyone has the right to education. ‘An Afghan girl from Kandahar’. Photograph by Arif Karimi.

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2021.10.21 04:30 redditdabest6699 Sure, you mat have a gf/bf, but i have a 1kg pack of chocolate bananas

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2021.10.21 04:30 manelebot FLORIN SALAM - CU TINE AS FUGI IN LUME LIVE LA BOTEZ DEMARCO , manele noi, salam 2015, manele live

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2021.10.21 04:30 mxmnull Catfish + Bully

I walked in for my night shift and almost immediately I was drowning in phone calls about random issues

I tried to give each problem my full consideration and assistance, and eventually it quieted down. Occasionally someone would pass through, but it seemed like it would be smooth sailing to dawn.
The phone rang again though, and it was that same guest from before saying that someone was knocking on his door again. I went upstairs and a large fellow in scrubs apologized and said he had the wrong room. He was going upstairs.
I returned to the desk after speaking with the concerned guest in the disrupted room, and the large fellow came downstairs to explain that he was extremely upset- he'd made the drive all the way from the next state over to visit a "gorgeous woman" for a booty call. He explained that another male guest who had been wandering the premises was catfishing people. I realized this was what happened earlier too- the other knocks on the door were another guy who had been lured in with promises of a sexy encounter!
Once the bamboozled southerner was safely out the door, I locked it so that no additional randos could get in without at least speaking to me about why they are here.
About a half hour later, here's a random middle aged guy approaching the door. He gets disgruntled that it's locked and starts trying to force his way in. I pre-emptively end the call I was on and try to speak to him, but he's not listening and keeps trying to force his way in. I approach the doors and explain that we had a security incident and I need to confirm the reason he is here. He throws an absolute bitch fit that the music is too loud and he can't hear me. I unlock the doors and pull my mask down and repeat myself. He still insists the music is too loud.
So I did the only sane thing I could think of in the moment, gestured in, and asked why he's still in the loud space then if he can't hear me.
He really lost it then, flipping out about how terrible the customer service is here and how he is never booking here again (remember that he said this!). He storms over to the front desk. I wasn't expecting him to do that. See, we were completely sold out the night prior. So what, he's here for a reservation the following day?
He spells his name at me multiple times. I repeat it back to him. I explain the security incident and why the doors were locked. I explain we were sold out. He continues raving at me about how he has a reservation here and he was specifically told that it would be fine as long as he showed up by 3. I mention I said no such thing, but he says this was 4 hours ago, which would have been just before I showed up. Did my coworker fuck up or something?
I explain again that we were sold out and that I literally have nowhere to put him, that his name is nowhere in the system, but that the hotel next door might still have an opening. He takes out his phone, now literally screaming at me, and is frantically stabbing at the screen to open an app and check his reservation. He pauses and asks if there's a lot of hotels around here in the same specific brand. I confirm there are. Five of the goddamn things. He poses the address in the form of a question. I confirm that he is at the wrong hotel.
What would be the reasonable thing to do here? Apologize? Of course not! The reasonable thing to throw another fit that I'm the lousiest front desk person to ever breathe and that he's not just some guy off the street (which you may not he in fucking fact was) and that he's going to speak to my manager.
I remind him that he's already decided never to stay here. As he left in a childish rage, I noticed the time. 3am.
Good luck at the right hotel, ya dickbag.
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2021.10.21 04:30 DamianJ1 Concerta and Ashwagandha?

Hi all,
I'm back on 36mg of concerta daily, after taking a 2 year break. I was on 72mg of Concerta during high school, and decided to take a break after leaving school and started a job. 6 Months ago, I visited my psychiatrist and I am now back on concerta, but on 36mg only. The lower dosage is working well and I really enjoy not being so stimulated, as in I don't get severe side effects such as shaky hands and nausea compared to the 72mg.
The thing is that from being on 72mg of Concerta, plus using additional stimulants such as pre workouts, I have become extremely sensitive to stimulants. So even though the 36mg is much better on my CNS, I still feel that I am being over stimulated.
I usually take Ashwagandha before bed, to assist with sleep and to also calm me down.
So my question is, would taking Ashwagandha during the day work fine with the concerta? I mainly want to take it to reduce that tense and stressed body feeling from the stimulant.
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2021.10.21 04:30 Powerful_Strategy498 🚀 SHIBANOMICS just launched! Already 5x! BASED dev! Certik audit coming!

⚡️ Welcome to Shibanomics! ⚡️
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Tokenomics: Buy & Sell tax 7%:
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🍰 Pancakeswap:
🔹 Renounced Ownership:
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2021.10.21 04:30 Kindly-Blacksmith-72 I can never find love

Sorry In advance for being so depressing but I honestly don’t know what to do with my self. I know In my heart that I have so much love to give but I can never find someone who feels right. I honestly feel that I’m just broken and will never allow myself to accept someone as a potential love story. I’m 20 now and have never been in love much less a relationship and it’s finally starting to hit me that I may never find what I’m looking for and just that thought alone has made me want to just give up on life at this point. I hate this feeling and I don’t want to just quit but at this point I’m tired of the heartbreak of being alone all my life
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2021.10.21 04:30 remvs98 Coronabewijs wordt verplicht bij terugkeer vanuit Polen, Tsjechië en de Azoren

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2021.10.21 04:30 shootpootsoot i’m fkd guys

basically the title. i have had only 2 meals these past 2 days because centro food makes my insides burst. i’ve literally ate nothing and my body and brain physically feel like they r shutting down. and im not starving myself or anything but i can’t eat centro or bistro cus it makes me so sick to the point i can’t study. my res has a kitchen with a broken stove and microwave. idk what to do man what should i eat. also i don’t have the money to eat offcampus. im actually gonna cry.
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2021.10.21 04:30 code_hunter_cc Correct way to handle conditional styling in React

I'm doing some React right now and I was wondering if there is a "correct" way to do conditional styling. In the tutorial they use
style={{ textDecoration: completed ? 'line-through' : 'none'}} I prefer not to use inline styling so I want to instead use a class to control conditional styling. How would one approach this in the React way of thinking? Or should I just use this inline styling way?
Answer link :
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2021.10.21 04:30 Ochuchoa Avatar: The Last Airbender & Tomb Raider sắp có mặt trên thiết bị di động

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2021.10.21 04:30 Impossible-Quiet-766 Seiken Gakuin no Maken Tsukai Anime Celebration Illustration By @Asagi_0398

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2021.10.21 04:30 Glacial_cry Its very hard to bond with the main character and the plot when everything about them is utterly ''challenged''

Its very hard to bond with the main character and the plot when everything about them is utterly ''challenged''
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2021.10.21 04:30 Sunsilence0542 Need help connecting my electric guitar to my pc. Total newbie here.

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2021.10.21 04:30 AnotherSmegHead Women's volleyball? VERY TaliBANNED!

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2021.10.21 04:30 ToddJustWorks Praise Todd Howard

Praise The Legendary Game Developer Todd Howard
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2021.10.21 04:30 Immediate_Question99 ❇ BLUE NEO BSC ❇ Stealth Launch ❇ Listed On PancakeSwap ❇ ❇ Liquidity locked ❇

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💚 We are sick of it aswell it, so we have created our own token and dedicated it to all those that have been scammed so get in early and don’t miss out!
We will make sure this token is safe and a good investment for all, with great rewards to our early holders...
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2021.10.21 04:30 New-Noise-6486 I feel like my girlfriend is being too hard on me.

In the defense of my girlfriend, I have been following lots of women on social media who take half naked pictures whether they’re girls that I know personally or celebrities. My girlfriend expressed to me that she had a problem with me liking their photos and made me unfollow them and out of respect and love for her I have. We would watch tv shows and movies and I naturally would call a girl from whatever we watch attractive and compliment her and she expressed to me how that bothered her and made her feel insecure. I stopped doing that because I didn’t realize how problematic that can be. Ever since, I haven’t done any of those things. Months later which brings us to the present, my girlfriend would start to talk about these celebrity girls that she would want to do sexual things with and she would make these hyper sexual comments about them and personally that doesn’t bother me at all and since my girlfriend isn’t gay or bi I don’t take it serious but recently I mess up and a celebrity I follow posted a picture at the beach and I liked it and my girlfriend got mad but I decided to bring up how she’s always saying all these sexual things she wants these celebrities girls to do to her and it bothers me that she doesnt seen that’s problematic when she’s basically shaming me for doing the same she’s doing. I am aware that we normalized women talking sexual about other women regardless of their sexuality but it just comes off unfair because if I said the same things that she said about those celebrities then she’d be upset with me. It feels unfair so I confronted her and she’s now taking it personal and now I don’t know what to do. Please help!
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2021.10.21 04:30 washuai Almost 7 hours of screen on with signal issues, compared to 6 on +2.88 used, yesterday.

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2021.10.21 04:30 erer1243 Currently, it's October 21, 2021 at 03:30AM

Currently, it's October 21, 2021 at 03:30AM
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2021.10.21 04:30 bzzxc Do you think Kanye uses body doubles for his trips?

He might be on his MFDOOM shit
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2021.10.21 04:29 Confused_Hortator Is NG+ still a one-time deal only?

I'm asking this because I might start a new Witcher 3 playthrough soon and want to know if I should back up my save if I intend to go through NG+ several times, as they didn't let it loop when I tried it which was quite dissapointing when I had already saved over my original starting save.
I haven't played since beating blood and wine not long after release.
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2021.10.21 04:29 Fickle-Location2654 Players who’ve been playing for a bit?

Do you remember when you clicked on the map button and it looked quite different? The closest thing that it reminds me of is the map from the dairy acts. Not really exactly alike but kinda. Do I remember wrong?
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2021.10.21 04:29 Efficient-Angle-4534 When you get 5 Star Gold Pull

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