I downvote anyone who comments "People like you are the reason, why people hate us!" on principle

2021.10.25 09:34 wertesmenschenleidl I downvote anyone who comments "People like you are the reason, why people hate us!" on principle

People who hate a group base on how some members of that demographic act are and will always be closed minded bigots. It is not a persons job to represent their demographic in as nice good light. They are and will only ever be representive for themselves not their whole community.
And people who put the responsibility of not being hated by the mainstream on other people, are being unfair to the rest of their demographic. They are not at fault for the way you are treated by other people. So stop being an asskisser and stop trying to be one of the "good ones".
If you are trans and someone who is trans happens to be an asshole, they are not at fault for the prevelance of transphobia in todays society. So go on blame them for being them for being an ass, but don't blame them for the way other people treat you. You are just absolving other assholes from their assholery.
The same goes for every other minority demographic I have seen this happen to.
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2021.10.25 09:34 Nileperch75 Protecting the Great Lakes from Invasive Species-Silver Carp

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2021.10.25 09:34 XxSavageSharkxX I think warlock needs a megamind type set

Anyone else or just me those big shoulders long robe like it’s almost perfect
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2021.10.25 09:34 AllamaPrdctns BLUE CLAPPER Fan Animation!

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2021.10.25 09:34 Adwixeer Black White combo

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2021.10.25 09:34 Tall-Jellyfish0201 Shade suggestions for NC40 in the new Miss Claire everyday foundation.

My shade is around NC40 and I’m currently using the Fit me foundation in 310, which looks slightly ashy on me since I have warm undertones. I’ve been wanting to buy the Miss Claire everyday foundation but I can’t seem to find a good match for me. I saw multiple YouTube videos, can’t really decide between BE-05 Beige and MT-03 Caramel.
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2021.10.25 09:34 RogueOutpost RO website has reached 100k views!

Just wanted to say thank you to everyone that has visited the website, 100k views blows my mind!
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2021.10.25 09:34 EliteAceYT Now imagine if all my dices were Ying Yang.

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2021.10.25 09:34 bicycletravellers Experience, travel - these are as education in themselves. - Euripides

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2021.10.25 09:34 Hello-Earth_ Annie Lennox & Dave Stewart talk about their time as Eurythmics (2018)

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2021.10.25 09:34 CallMeAnnx Trading 3 of the oldest winter godlys in mm2 and c laser for r h stuff!

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2021.10.25 09:34 AutomaticCut3448 when nobody understands you but....

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2021.10.25 09:34 lC8H10N4O2l Posable hand model progress(with joint diagram)

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2021.10.25 09:34 NefariousGluttony Fate extra anime question about hakuno

So fate extra last is confusing in the first place but am I right in thinking that when Hakuno (boy) sees scenes of himself fighting in the past grail war that Nero was also in... It's not actually him but the real hakuno kishinami (girl) but he's seeing it as if it's him?
Edit: actually he's a bunch of dead people's hatred in a new form... So maybe he's remembering all sorts of dead people's memories and not just the other Hakuno girl. The other guy with the dead face saw him as Hakuno(girl) that he fought in the previous war even though he's a boy currently... So what if other masters he meets as well as servants are seeing him as people they have killed or something like that.
Also I'm guessing that if this is true then Hakuno didn't actually go up the ladder before... Hes just remembering other people's experiences of going up?
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2021.10.25 09:34 thom_89 We had three in person dates and also talked quite a bit on Bumble, WhatsApp & Insta, so yesterday I sent her a DM telling her I'm into her. Too early?

I know she might reject me, but at this point I'd rather have clarity on where we stand, I'm really into her and I think it's good to be honest.
I was too shy to bring it up in person (but we were talking about all kinds of things, the convo was all over the place), but I haven't been too explicit in the message I sent her, just told her I really like her and that I'm looking forward to seeing her again. Fingers crossed!
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2021.10.25 09:34 Ok-Cranberry-9719 IT'S TIME TO STOP AND CREATE ORDER

ok ok i know, it's difficult to understand but please read carefully, this it's time to create some rules, if we want to become all rich together we have to find a real stock to pump like GameStop all together,pls don't create post about some stock to pump , write here and give advice and comment about a stock to pump until 30/10/2021 it's not difficult, the comment with the most likes will decide the next stocks to pump, and we will pump from next week, will write a new post the 31/10/2021 where I will write the stocks decided by you. and we will pump on Monday 1/11/2021
Pls I know my English is bad, and i'm sorry for that, but we have to create a beautiful community to become rich all togheter
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2021.10.25 09:34 thisdogtrips should I stop brake checking my manager?

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2021.10.25 09:34 Different_Stand4938 🔥 ShibaCAKE launched 1 minutes ago 🔥 | 4% Shiba Rewards | DOXXED !!! | True GEM 🚀 | Anti-scam | Huge potential

Welcome to ShibaCAKE
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Knowing that you can invest in the token and be safe – not having something that is a honey pot or a rug pull based upon the developers history you know you can buy in and be able to trade safely.
Check out the telegram and meet the community. There have been some good laughs along the way. Community is growing fast!
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2021.10.25 09:34 tyghbjhhhh 23[F4A][Snapchat ] Anyone for sexting? Some fun and dirty talk on my Snapchat :sexyjenni33

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2021.10.25 09:34 OhNoItsJoe1 WW1 era metals

Top left, British West Africa 1952 coin Middle left, 1918 inner league prisoner of war cricket trophy, 6 crosses, not sure if they were ww1 or ww2. If they are ww2 the owner was a tank captain during the North Africa campaign in a Matilda tank. Enscribed trai juncta in uno 7 ww1 greatcoat buttons, one missing, enscribed The Kings Own Royal Regiment. Top right, unknown crown badge, middle right silver Eales trophy, 1955
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2021.10.25 09:34 edaglfgl Hello, I was looking for a good bmx in the price range of 360$, and i found this BMX

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2021.10.25 09:34 Wooden_Set8766 Hey

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2021.10.25 09:34 Exellianous String thing

What do you think of this? Looks like you might apply the mould effect and see what Medhi thinks!
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2021.10.25 09:34 No-Pin9225 🦖 MuskZilla 🦖 | Launched today ! | 🔒 LP Lock Extended -Renounced Ownership - Potential 1000x Moonshot! 💎

🦖Welcome to MuskZilla🦖🦖
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🔐 Liquidity Lock 1 YEAR🔒 ✅ https://deeplock.io/lock/0xc994540e8fa0c3547a393e9d7b95da1b2802dbfa
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2021.10.25 09:34 Ultraximus Puolueiden jäsenistön keski-ikä

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