Is r/dreamgender really satire? is Your number (1) website for sending free christian eCards, has been spreading Jesus love and light throughout the entire world, Touch someones heart by sending them a christian eCard that has beautiful religious art with inspiring poetry and music, we have christian poetry, healing prayers, children prayers, religious quotes, bible scriptures, christmas ... Track Volcanic Ash Advisory for eruption of Icelandic Volcano Eyjafjallajokul. Flight Explorer's free and subscription flight tracker services integrate dynamic 3D weather graphics with air traffic & airport information. Real-time and historical - perfect not only for commercial aviation, but also the private pilot, air travel enthusiast, frequent traveler, corporate charters, emergency rescue ... Jennie, Rosé, Jisoo and Lisa’s adorable pets are almost as famous as they are, boasting millions of social media photos and even appearing on TV shows We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Take the Plunge! Give your dog a chance at a better life. Dog Island is the solution to a free and natural life. Read More >> Save Money! Recent legislation in several towns has taken the costs of Dog Islands out of tax money. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. 'He had some really bad surgeries that damaged his leg and his hands.' The 25-year-old rookie actor, who can be seen in new Mediacorp drama Live Your Dreams, says his dad used to be a tour guide but was forced to make a career pivot due to the pandemic.

2021.10.25 09:51 spi-ike_drem Is r/dreamgender really satire?

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2021.10.25 09:51 Electronic_Tiger_880 Mark

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2021.10.25 09:51 Two_Tiny_Dice Some of the hero cards for my upcoming roguelike - which one would you choose ?

Some of the hero cards for my upcoming roguelike - which one would you choose ?
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2021.10.25 09:51 RegularCertain Why did he choose her over me?

Former pickmeisha here, someone who I considered my love of life (had been in grey area of relationship for like many years, yes still cursing myself for this) met this new girl few months back and instantly got into relationship. Mind you even after getting into relationship he tries to talk to me, an absolute manipulative f**kboi. I'm hurt how does such scrotes find girls so easily? Sad about wasting my own time , emotions and energy, it's difficult to move on.
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2021.10.25 09:51 Dreyfus420 Shitty edit I made

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2021.10.25 09:51 Ok-Strawberry-2469 A reality check on climate despair

I notice there are a lot of young people on here who have been exposed to a lot of climate doom and gloom. I think it would be good for folks like that to get done perspective about where humanity has been recently and how far we've come.
This is a free course. All you have to do is listen to the videos. It's the same as listening to a series of podcasts. You do have to make an account, but it's worth it. I take courses on here all the time.
Please, before you fall into climate despair, get a sense of the bigger picture.
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2021.10.25 09:51 I_have_7_ball Rimuv kebab

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2021.10.25 09:51 Beercat20 I hope young kids make simple flip phones trendy again.

I think phones and social media are destroying young developing kid’s ability to socialize normally and grow. Yes there are benefits to it, but IMO the cons far outweigh the pros. I have a hope that one day, young trendy kids will make it cool again to carry a simple flip phone, call each other instead of text in the name of being “vintage.” I don’t care if it’s just a trendy thing. I hope they do it and realize how different your life can be without instant gratification from total strangers online. That would be dope.
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2021.10.25 09:51 Snoo_34853 Am I autistic?

I was kept wondering that, am i?
since i was a kid im always an anxious and very shy boy that barely talk to anyone, which my parents assume due to head trauma i had when i was a baby. I rarely socialize with families let alone stranger which makes me people look differently.. But eventually as i grew older i started to socializing a lot albeit with limited topics i can follow, and which in turn i got a BF on age of 24. but when i with him he often criticize me with topics i actually comfortable with which is games, video games, memes and another video games... which then he leave me after few months of dating. His break up hurts me a lot... and also makes me even more wondering am i had autism or not..
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2021.10.25 09:51 Choparine [For Hire] Conceps and Illustrations

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2021.10.25 09:51 Robcio12345 Fauci, "anioł w ludzkiej skórze". Kolejne badanie (po gain of function z Wuhan) finansowane przez tego świętego człowieka.

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2021.10.25 09:51 Warm-Quit321 Time to play life RPG I guess :(

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2021.10.25 09:51 Twostrokes4u How historically accurate will the game be?

Will there be room for some alternative history? If so/ to what extent?
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2021.10.25 09:51 qlyvers GW9 for me 😳😳😳

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2021.10.25 09:51 LeatherWriting2387 XPeng to Launch 800v, 480kW Overcharge and Super Energy Storage Station

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2021.10.25 09:51 SpringtrapPlayz I need help.

I don't know which hero I should choose next, so please help me by voting.
View Poll
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2021.10.25 09:51 corporalgrayson 23F - recommend me sad break up songs

Does anyone know songs that are raw and emotional and punch you in the face with how close it hits home when you’re heartbroken? Songs about never moving on, about being lied to, about feeling hopeless, about still missing him and hating yourself for it?
Something similar to
Billie Eilish - Not time to die;
A Great Big World - I don’t wanna love somebody else
Gracie Abrams - i miss you, i’m sorry
Anna Clendening - if I’m being honest
Three days grace - Over and over
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2021.10.25 09:51 Weekly_Influence_159 Red Dead Redemption 2 | Playthrough | Episode 25 | An Honest Mistake! (No Commentary)

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2021.10.25 09:51 14punkteflensburg Einblick in die Produktion des BMW i4 in München

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2021.10.25 09:51 jesusandcocaine Smoke Break

it's fucking cold/and I'm wearing your nice coat/that you stole from your cousin who knocked your teeth out last Christmas/and you're wearing the shittier one because
well, because you're secretly really sweet to me
and I'm hanging off your shoulders/while I french inhale tobacco smoke/and you try to french inhale your frozen breath/and you look like a fool
but that never stopped you before
and it's really fucking cold/and you beg me to go inside/but it's quite clear that I have about four more minutes on this marlboro red here/and I quote that scene from sex and the city
"sir I have an addiction"
and you cock your head at me/and tell me that I kind of look like sarah jessica parkeand I want to take it as a compliment/ but I'm not really sure if you meant it as a jab
but your smile is very nice when you say it
and I tell you that you're grown/and that you have free will and autonomy/and that you can go inside if you want
but you don't, obviously
and you slide your hands under my coat/your coat/and you put them on my bare waist/and they're so fucking cold/ and I yelp and giggle
and your smile grows even bigger
revealing those fake front teeth/that are just a slightly different shade/from the ones that didn't get the business from your drunk cousin
and really, they look nice
and the song playing inside/drifts from the crack in the patio dooit's that song I sent you when we were a thousand miles apart/both home for christmas
and I missed you so so bad but I didn't want to tell you that outright
because there was a promise/that I wouldn’t keep/and you couldn’t bother to
and sometimes you tell me you love me when you're really drunk and it's late at night
so I send you any song that I like if it has a synth in it/because you told me once that you like electronic music/and I don't really know what that means
but you told me you really like this song
so I put it on every playlist/to ensure that there's always a song that appeals to you when we're togethesince you always let me pick the music because
well, because you're secretly really sweet to me
and we're silent while it plays this time/and your hands have warmed up on my naked skin/and you just kind of hold me there/and sway a little bit/while I take one last long drag on this marlboro red
and I want to scream it out loud on this sober evening how much I love you
but instead I drop the butt of this cigarette on the ground/and twist the sole of my tennis shoe over it/to snub the tiny ember
and we walk inside wordlessly, no longer touching
and when the weather is warm again/and the seasons have had their way with us/we part ways for the last time/and I give you a mixtape
and the last song is so familiar
but I don't write that on the track list/because it seems really corny/and we made a promise
and I still don't want to let on that I know it's broken
and now the seasons have changed/so many times I can't keep count/as we walk in opposite directions
and I feel like we wouldn't recognize each other anymore
but I remember that night as though my days are still punctuated by cigarette runs to the 711/and as though you still stand in front of my bedroom mirror consciously inspecting your new teeth/and as though you never held me through sobs before you packed up and moved a thousand miles away
as though you still text me to come over even though basketball is on and you're going to bitch about my smoke breaks
and I hear that song sometimes/and sometimes I play it for myself when I'm alone/and I remember that night on the patio/and I remember listening to it while I sped down I-40 with tears in my eyes, making demands of god himself
and I want to scream
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2021.10.25 09:51 eejp Lux 0.6 is out! Lisp for JVM, JS, Python, Ruby and Lua + static types!

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2021.10.25 09:51 deepockets Cum sa nu fi sarac, ghid complet.

Am citit recent un articol pe vice despre o tanara america care se chinuia sa traiasca in california pe salariul minim facand senvisuri 16 ore pe zi. Tipa avea facultate dar diploma ei era, evident, nefolositoare. Linkul este jos de tot, recomand citirea lui inainte.
Si m-am gandit sa scriu aici un ghid in care sa va prezint cele mai simple metode de a nu fi sarac si greselile pe care le fac majoritatea oamenilor, inclusiv o mare parte din rudele/prietenii mei, in romania.

  1. “Un idiot cu un plan are mai multe sanse de succes decat un geniu fara plan”
Gandeste-ti miscarile majore din viata cu o viziune de cel putin 20-30 de ani in avans. Aici este vorba despre casa, facultate, investitii, banii stransi s.a.m.d.
Exemplu: Esti un middle class Bucurestean si vrei sa-ti cumperi un apartament la periferie. Ia in considerare pretul lui pe termen lung. Crezi ca natalitatea si mortalitatea romaniei va sustine valoarea pe care o are azi sau mai mare odata ce iti achiti rata, sau va sfarsii precum multe imobile din Japonia?
Esti pregatit sa-ti blochezi mobilitatea in Bucuresti pentru aproximativ tot restul vietii? Esti convins ca nu se vor ivi oportunitati mai bune in cariera ta in alte orase/tari ? Crezi ca e mai bine sa cumperi decat sa inchiriezi? Daca preturile vor suferi un crah in urmatorii 10 ani si tu vei ramane cu rata pentru inca 20?
  1. Nu te mai chinui in metropola daca valoarea ta profesionala nu este suficienta.
Toata lumea vrea sa stea in orase mari si frumoase, si nu ma refer doar la Bucuresti sau Cluj. Ci in toata europa/lumea. Asta face ca preturile chiriilor sa creasca, de multe ori ajung sa fie atat de mari incat tu muncesti doar ca sa supravietuiesti, precum domnisoara din articol. Ai trei optiuni: a) pleci din orasul respectiv, te duci undeva mai ieftin si incerci sa-ti iei un job unde exista macar o minima mobilitate sociala. N-ai bani? Vezi optiunea b b) iti cauti coleg de apartament, sau, si mai bine, te muti inapoi cu parintii. Foarte multi tineri de varsta mea se muta singuri si dupa mananca paine goala. c) continui sa nu faci nimic pentru tot restul vietii si dupa dai vina pe patronul care te exploateaza. Sigur, nu exista niciun dubiu ca patronul te exploateaza, dar nu cumva tu esti cel naiv care ii permiti sa o faca la infinit, oare?
  1. Nu te mai bloca in joburi fara mobilitate sociala.
Cu siguranta multi dintre voi ati lucrat la shaormerii sau mcdonalds. Nu prea ai loc de avansat. Incearca sa iti iei un job intr-o industrie cu mobilitate sociala, un abator spre exemplu, constructii, depozite logistice, s.a.m.d. Avantajul masiv este ca multe astfel de joburi sunt deobicei la periferie sau orase mici si poti sa ai chirii destul de mici.
Exemplu: Abator. Incepi ca omul de pune carnea in caserola si in o perioada relativ scurta de timp ajungi cel care transeaza carnea. Ai salariul cu pana la 50% mai mare.
  1. Alegeti facultatea potrivita, la momentul potrivit.
Nu te duce la o facultate care nu o sa iti ofere un job bine platit. In medie in Romania un om traieste ~78 de ani. Ai de gand sa iti petreci 4 ani din ei “studiind arte”, sau mai bine spus, studiind multiplele selectii de alcool ieftin si partile intime ale colegilor de facultate ?
Nu te duce la facultate daca nu ti-o permiti. Nu te vei putea concentra pe studii cand stomacul tau o sa fie mai galagios decat petrecerea din camera de camin de deasupra ta. Sau cand te vor trezii gandacii noaptea ca se urca pe tine (am patit). Du-te la munca un an sau doi, preferabil in afara, strange niste bani, cauta-ti un job part-time cand te intorci. Nu te grabi. Mai bine sa stai un an-doi muncind si sa te gandesti ce vrei de la viata decat sa te duci la facultate degeaba si din fomo. Iar daca esti trecut de 25-30 de ani si nu ai apucat sa faci una, nu e niciodata prea tarziu, mai ai in medie 50 de ani de trait. Traieste-i frumos.
  1. Investestitii
Investitia majora a aproximativ tuturor romanilor este casa lor. Mare greseala. Vedeti voi, miezul demografic al romaniei si al europei sunt cei cu varste intre 40 si 60 de ani. Daca te apuci azi sau in urmatorii 10 ani de credit, pana il vei achita tu o buna parte din mizeul ala o sa fie intr-un loc mai bun. Ceea ce inseamna ca multe locuinte vor ramane nelocuite. Si acele locuinte vor inunda piata. Consecintele ulterioare le puteti ghici voi. Doar rata de migratie poate schimba traiectoria asta, insa dupa criza europeana a migratiei din 2015, viitorul ramane incert.
O investitie mai buna sunt actiunile sau fondurile de investitii. Pui o parte din salariu catre fondul respectiv si in medie o sa faci 10% dobanda pe an.
Daca nu vrei sau nu poti sa faci facultate, asta este tichetul tau spre bogatie. Munca multa, investitii multe. Puncte bonus daca lucrezi in afara si dupa te intorci in romania sau ramai acolo.
  1. Iesi din bula de comfort.
Multi oameni, de toate varstele, chiar daca se chinuie zi de zi au frica de schimbare. Nu iti e bine? Ia-ti bagaju si pleaca intr-un loc mai bun. Fie acel loc chiar si in alta tara. E atat de simplu, mai ales daca nu ai ceva sau pe cineva sa te tina pe loc. Am tone de exemple de genul in viata mea, si vreau sa va spun ca toti au sfarsit mult mai bine.
*Conteaza mult partenerul tau, incearca sa alegi unul bun. Nu te complace in relatii toxice. *Fa copii doar daca le poti oferii un viitor bun si daca ii poti intretine. Prioritatile tale sa fie intai financiare.
Cam atat am avut de scris, puteti sa lasati intrebari in comentarii.
Aici linkul de la articol:
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2021.10.25 09:51 Singer_Silly WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU CANT DELIVER IT TODAY?!?

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2021.10.25 09:51 Bettong Been playing for decades, been getting more into building lately.

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2021.10.25 09:51 Altruistic_Wallaby_7 Looking for managers

Good day Managers I am looking for scholarships
Name: Joshua Cabubas Age: 20 Sex: Male Nationality: Filipino From: Caloocan City
Telegram:Joshua Cabubas
Devices : Computer and Android
Average SLP per day: 75-150
How much time per day can you devote to playing Axie: 5-7 hours a day
Do you have experience playing Axie Infinity: I have little Experience
How well do you know the mechanics of Axie Game: I watched a lot of videos about axie and my friends know how to play it
Reason why you should choose me:
I'm hardworking and dedicated to play axie, and I can guarantee I wont dissappoint you
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