Ya hear that?

2021.10.15 23:18 tartestfart Ya hear that?

we're annoying
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2021.10.15 23:18 osnapitzsunnyy Lost airpods and keys

I lost my AirPod case and keys possibly near the Middleton building today around 2 pm. If you found any near there or if you’ve found any airpods with a key attached to it please PM me. Thanks!
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2021.10.15 23:18 l_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_l (+5921) This magnificent bastard lives on my street, finally posed for a picture

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2021.10.15 23:18 dmathieu52018 My mossy, shaded yard grows a bazillion mushrooms

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2021.10.15 23:18 onlyvinylisreal Grantler Hell - Lager Helles - Schlossbrauerei Herrngiesdorf

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2021.10.15 23:18 Rodrigo_Zelaya09 Sonic the Hedgehog 3... but on the Game Gear?!? How would you think it would be? (Yes, I made the boxart all by myself)

Sonic the Hedgehog 3... but on the Game Gear?!? How would you think it would be? (Yes, I made the boxart all by myself) submitted by Rodrigo_Zelaya09 to SonicTheHedgehog [link] [comments]

2021.10.15 23:18 CROW_BIRB_ Whats karlson?

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2021.10.15 23:18 themrskh Have your grocery buying habits changed in the last 18 months? 🤔

Can you spare a couple of minutes and answer my survey about meal planning and grocery shopping in the UK 👍
Thanks in advance 😊
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2021.10.15 23:18 The8BitBear202 Not my video but here you go

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2021.10.15 23:18 SCA93 I’m 12dpo. Am I crazy or do I see a line?

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2021.10.15 23:18 Puzzleheaded_Bit_802 Better mixmax in chrono stone

You can put other in the comments
View Poll
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2021.10.15 23:18 HighLadyofNox The photoshop too…

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2021.10.15 23:18 EmptyCan27 LPT: take your own notes in class, don’t just get them from a friend. The physical act of writing them is a huge factor in your ability to remember them (especially long-term).

When I started college I had this misunderstanding that a lecture could essentially be reduced to a written text document, and that being present, focused, and well-rested in a class was overrated. A few times I had a friend sign me in for a lecture and I’d get his notes after.
But I learned the hard way that the WAY the professor presents the information, and the way they weave it into the larger story of the day’s, semester’s, and degree’s topic, are impossible to fully get from text or even an audio or video recording. It’s a subtle thing but the physical act of writing your notes as they’re being presented to you, condensing and arranging them on the fly, even the details of where you’re sitting in the room, all factor hugely in getting the info to stick. You get these amazing “light bulb” moments where the whole lesson takes shape and cements itself in your mind.
If you rely on somebody’s notes, or drift off in class, sure you can crunch before exam time and pass if you’re lucky, but the next topic in that subject will only build from there and you’ll struggle to remember it a semester or two later. Plus it’s just an inefficient use of your time to sit through a lecture once and then sit down again later to try to understand it (time wasn’t so valuable to me then but it feels like everything to me now in my late 20s).
Last thing, there is some research out there saying that handwriting your notes does better for your memory than typing them, but I’d suggest a few ifs: this will only work IF you can keep handwritten notes organized, IF you can write in a legible way without your hand getting tired, and IF you don’t plan on doing anything digitally with them later (sharing them, using them for a project, etc.). If those aren’t your strengths, type them. The most important thing is to just TAKE NOTES. Don’t trust your memory.
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2021.10.15 23:18 Kunphen Head of Koch-Tied Group Urges Sinema to 'Stay Strong' as She Opposes Tax Hikes on Rich

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2021.10.15 23:18 Xrodn Invest on The Wok

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2021.10.15 23:18 TrumpSharted Biglaw Firms Shouldn’t ‘Penalize’ Former Trump DOJ Attorneys, Says Former Trump DOJ Attorney

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2021.10.15 23:18 KlutzyNinjaKitty How do I keep my sci-fi smuggler character from just being a Han Solo clone?

More context here: (If you wanna skip this, look for the next *) I'm writing a Sci-Fi story where my primary MC is basically running from the mob and trying to get off of her homeworld with her animal mount/companion. But, there are strict rules in place regarding which animals and flora can/can't be moved between worlds, and her mount is not allowed to leave. So, she needs to smuggle herself and her mount. She then meets/befriends a smuggler who is my secondary MC.
*My problem is that all I can think of them as is Han Solo. I don't want to make them Han, but that's all my brain seems to be coming up with. And there's nothing about Han where I'm like, "Well, I wish they did X with him instead." He's got a good, enjoyable arc in the original trilogy so it's not like I have a foundation on how to repurpose him into a different, unique character. All I really have for this character is that they have morals despite working with criminals and that they're more cynical to contrast Primary MC's naivety (which is a part of her arc.) Otherwise, I've got nothing and it's kinda driving me nuts, especially since character generating is usually the easiest part for me. I'm currently blaming the lack of proper music which usually gets my brain juices flowing, but I know that's a cheap excuse.
Does anyone have any tips/articles/methods to help with this kind of "character block?"
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2021.10.15 23:18 l_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_l (+7015) another example of unrealistic body expectations for men

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2021.10.15 23:18 bot_neen CDMX pasa a semáforo epidemiológico verde

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2021.10.15 23:18 AdventurousWalk RANT: Price gouging resellers

Delicate mint Track Thats from Tuesday’s drop are just getting delivered and surprise surprise, just saw a bunch of them hit Mercari for $90+, multiple sizes from same sellers too!
If you buy out Lulu’s already limited stock, in various sizes, just so you can turn around and try to sell for double the price on reseller websites, I WISH BAD KARMA ON YOU.
End rant
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2021.10.15 23:18 ArcG3 TW: SUICIDE: (HYPOTHETICAL) If you make a suicide pact with another person but back out at the last minute but the other person goes through, could you be charged with murder even if you didn't actually physically kill them yourself?

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2021.10.15 23:18 MidDinos Autumn time hang out!

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2021.10.15 23:18 ImSleeps Guys my girlfriend doesn’t play Minecraft please help

What do I do with her??????????
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2021.10.15 23:18 QekaQ Create hi Dollar account to claim daily rewards (US$0.72) and earn up to 500 USDT on crypto deposits

Hi Everyone!
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If you decide to open an account, please consider using my referral link and code below:
Link: https://hi.com/QekaQ
Code: QekaQ
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2021.10.15 23:18 space0watch Don't know if LTT heard the news but apparently Private Internet Access VPN has been bought by a former malware distributor called Kape Technologies (aka Crossriders)

Can Linus make a video on this or talk about it in the WAN show. Cause he frequently uses it as a sponsor and if they are owned by a virus company that is really sketchy and unsafe for him to be promoting it to people who might not know better but trust his word. Here is the source: https://restoreprivacy.com/kape-technologies-owns-expressvpn-cyberghost-pia-zenmate-vpn-review-sites/
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