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my grandparents on the day of their wedding - 1981

2021.10.24 10:15 RuskiBurak2137 my grandparents on the day of their wedding - 1981

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2021.10.24 10:15 DrMeeM444 [Farsi > English] Written in a World Expo 2010 commemorative booklet

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2021.10.24 10:15 RicardoTDS Como fazer um cheeseburger de maneira diferente :: Cheeseburger Big Mac ...

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2021.10.24 10:15 webkilla The Long Hunt: Chapter 21 - Game Over

His ears ringing, Fred regained his bearings as he almost tripped over the imperial champion, who was splayed out on the ground, her three remaining limbs reduced to bloody tatters and oozing flesh-wounds.
Oh and the gas-canister next to her head seemed to have drained itself of its payload before the champion had actually died – though judging from how much difficulty she seemed to have breathing, then it seemed to be just a question of time before the champion would die.
“Are you going to be as stubborn as the house Xilas champion?” Fred asked in a loud tone, not sure if he could be heard properly through his air-tight helmet.
Lady K’Vir, the imperial champion, exalted by the silver throne to be the bearer of the tiberon rifle… she was confused. How could this have happened? Exactly what had actually happened? It had all happened so fast… and breathing hurt, she could feel her lungs crackle... and the pain.. oh the pain, it was making everything hazy… and why couldn’t she feel her arms?
Fred was not impressed with the champion staring blindly into the sky. Was she in shock? Probably – but come on… this moron was supposed to have read up on how Fred fought, hell she had been at his fight with the house Xilas champ, right? Damnit.
Turning to the orbiting camera drones, Fred shouted: “She’ll die if she doesn’t get help – Can someone call off the hunt?”
The cameras kept orbiting – silence. Lady Vris had told Fred that she wouldn’t have a connection to Fred during the hunt. Fred had also been told that officially the hunt didn’t end until the quarry was down… and there was no record of a hunt ever failing.
Giving Lady K’Vir a poke just elicited some half-choked groans, though judging from the pool of blood spreading in the scorched grass around her then she didn’t have much time left. Lovely.
“Come on – call this off! I’m not going to murder her or anyone who comes and rescues her” Fred shouted, the desperation in his voice perfectly audible to the camera drones.
Nothing happened.
It was a deadly silence as Fred just sat down in the scorched grass, watching the imperial champion die. Oh, he was going to need so many hot showers.
It felt like forever, but three silver disks appeared in the sky after a while. A total of seven shining ones appeared on them, approaching the imperial champion all the while looking at Fred as if he was going to jump up and eat them. Sure, he’d turned off his smoke machinery, but he was still heavily armed.
Clad in purple and silver, the shining ones appeared to administer some kind of emergency medicine to Lady K’Vir using baseball-sized silver orbs they kept poking her with, but from the way they quickly seemed to collapse around her and start crying, then they had probably gotten there too late.
Ok, the champion was dead. Great. Fred got up and pulled off his helmet – it hadn’t quite been made to allow or that, but he knew where to yank to rip some of the seams: “I’ll carry her”
The shining ones huddled around the late champion looked horrified and scurried away as Fred approached. Picking up the champion, Fred got on to one of the disks: “Come on – didn’t you come here to bring her out of here?”
The seven grouped up on the two remaining disks, following Fred as the three disks flew off a hatch out of the dome. The swarm of camera drones followed them, still orbiting Fred and the late champion.
The flight to the exit took a lot longer than Fred had though, though not long enough justify the rescuers late appearance. The champion felt very… light… very drained, so many bits missing. That had not been a good death. The corpse wasn’t even bleeding that much anymore.
Outside, Fred’s disk put him down what appeared to be a large hall full of hundreds of shining ones. Some of them looked angry, plenty of them looked horrified. Lady Vris was up in front as well – flanked by shining ones who were holding her arms, she looked oddly pleased, despite appearing as if a prisoner.
“Lady Vris – I think I won” Fred said, sounding very much as if he had just admitted defeat.
It was obvious that whoever it was flanking her and holding her taught, then they seemed quite on edge as Fred stepped up in front of Lady Vris. She simply nodded: “You don’t ‘win’ the hunt – you survive it”
“She didn’t” Fred replied, kneeling down while holding the remains of the champion up.
Shrieks of horror, gasps and other utterances of despair and shock rang out in a cacophony as Fred put the body down on the floor. It seemed that the crowd in the hall hadn’t been completely in the loop about the results of the hunt.
The corpse was quickly snatched away, Fred gladly giving up the mangled body. Lady Vris had an expression that betrayed the fact that she was thinking – a lot – and she seemed stuck between bad thoughts and happy thoughts… which made sense to Fred. He had honestly hoped that he would have been able to ‘just’ disable the champion enough to force her to abandon the hunt, and she knew this.
“What happens now?” Fred asked as he got up again, feeling tired in his armor and in his mind.
Lady Vris looked to her left, then to her right, all the while still facing Fred: “We… normally there would be a grand party with the champion after this, celebrating the champion’s hunt and the trainer’s contribution”
“You will order your fighter to disarm himself” the shining one female on Lady Vris’s left said, sounding angry but in a controlled manner.
Fred raised an eyebrow and looked down at himself. He had his oversized grenade launcher slung around his back- that could easily be detached, but a lot of the weapons and other fun things he had brought to the fight were integrated into his armor… of course, it seemed that Lady Vris’s captors didn’t know that.
Taking his grenade launcher and popping out the ammo drum, then tossing the rifle on the floor, Fred looked at the captor once more all the while hooking the half-empty grenade drum to his belt: “There we go – now, who are you and what exactly are going on here?”
The other captor shot Fred a dirty look, as if the human had violated some unspoken rule simply by speaking out of turn: “Be silent and follow”
The captors turned and escorted Lady Vris towards the exit of the hall. Fred found the situation rather amusing, mainly because Lady Vris had been smiling so much – she clearly wasn’t worried... or at least wasn’t letting it show.
“So, what’s going on Lady Vris? Who are your new friends” Fred called out as he followed the three. That nobody was trying to ‘arrest’ him was a bit odd.
At first Lady Vris laughed, then she turned her head all the way back to look at Fred – a feat that looked so small amount of unnerving to him: “Oh its nothing… they’re agents of imperial court, won’t tell me their name – bad form and all – said I’m arrested for murdering the imperial champion”
Her smile and cavalier delivery of that information made Fred choke back a giggle: “Right, how terrible. I mean, it must be incredibly embarrassing for the imperial house to have picked a champion that weak and inept – oh the shame… say, Lady Vris, do you think you’ve been arrested just to cover all of this up?”
Her left-side captor yanked Lady Vris’s head back: “Be silent – both of your!”
“Or what? You don’t have a champion to enforce your punishments – and you’re just ‘agents’, glorified messengers. You can’t do anything to me” Lady Vris quipped, laughing between almost every word.
This was another curious detail of shining one culture that Fred had been briefed on prior to the arrival at the silver throne: Apparently house champions also doubled as executioners and general-purpose enforcers. Being the only house member allowed to actually exert violence, champions were the ones who had to enforce court rulings, doing things like executing escaped slaves/servants, stripping house members of honor, and other such fun things. He had seen this in play at a couple of post-fight celebrations where rowdy and drunk party-goers occasionally had to be brought to heel – and that would always be by the local champion.
To this end, Fred had hoped that his ‘hunt’ would at least have resulted in the imperial champion figuring that it would be a really bad idea to pursue Fred outside of the preserve – or otherwise try to enforce any kind of punishment Lady Vris might get slapped with on account of Fred not playing nice in the hunt. Oh sure, the champion dying had also been an outcome they had discussed – but they had agreed that it wasn’t optimal, since it would effectively be… well… murder, which is why Lady Vris was being hauled off to court.
Still, Lady Vris’s quip had obviously stung the two enforcers, to which her right-side captor seemed to tighten her grip even more so, causing Lady Vris to flinch: “Silence! His imperial highness has activated the champion trainees and granted them temporary access to the imperial arsenal – there will be plenty of executioners for available for your trial”
“The emperor has activated the questors? For me? Oh, he shouldn’t…”
Ok, that was… less ideal, maybe`?
Fred considered just pulling out a knife – of which he had plenty hidden in his armor – and just stabbing the two captors in their backs, but… they were in the middle of the imperial space station, so getting away might be an issue. Oh well, another trial by combat shouldn’t be too difficult, especially if it would be against some backup force.
A quick disk-ride later the four arrived at a grand courtroom. Of course, but by ‘court’ it should be understood that this was a royal court, an imperial court even. Courtiers by their thousands floated about the walls on very luxurious-looking disks decked out with comfy furniture, small tables, with at least two or three servants milling about behind each of them, most of the servants being from alien species that Fred had never seen before.
At the centre of the court was a very obvious throne, upon which a pair of shining ones sat – the emperor and empress, though the very bright lights around the throne made it difficult to actually see them. This was a grand display of power and endless wealth, probably meant to make the emperor and empress look divine to some extent – make them look too powerful to gaze upon.
The throne itself was all silver and other similar shiny or reflective materials, the walls of the room decked with purple banners bearing the imperial silver-star crest, and in front of the throne – armed with tiberon rifles – stood well over a dozen… child soldiers.
Well, shining one children – their skin still had the pre-teen mottled features that quite obviously betrayed their age, and they all looked to be struggling in vain to hold up the heavy rifles. The idea of killing champion trainees, or ‘questors’, was one thing, but killing child soldiers? They all looked ready to shit themselves when Lady Vris and Fred were led up before the throne.
Having finally arrived, the two enforcers released Lady Vris and made themselves scarce, leaving Fred to wonder exactly how much of a kangaroo court this was going to be.
“Lady Vris of House Xilas, you stand accused of murder and desecration of the sacred tradition of the champion’s hunt, how do you plead?” The empress stated, her booming voice ringing out from unseen speakers all around the massive courtroom, the lights around her making it very difficult to make out anything beyond a silhouette.
Giving Fred a quick look, Fred saw a silver glint in the eyes of Lady Vris – this was new – but she quickly turned to face and address her charges: “I, Lady Vris of House Xilas, proclaim my innocence of both charge”
The court remained largely silent, quiet murmurs ringing out.
“A bold claim considering the circumstances – explain yourself” the empress said in an amused tone, making an almost casual gesture toward Lady Vris to bid her to speak, all the while the blindingly illuminated silhouette of the emperor was brought a drink of some kind by a servant who looked very old and miserable in the heat of the lights, though the emperor did not move to take it, the servant taking the drink away.
Fred caught a fleeting look from the imperial servant’s eyes as the creature stepped out of the light – a look of what he perceived as sadness – as Lady Vris spoke up: “The late champion was famed for spending time examining the records of her quarry for the hunts. Her failure to adequately anticipate that my fighter would do as he has always done; develop a way to defeat anything that would come to kill him in an arena, is not a crime on my behalf. Additionally, then there are plenty of precedents of other former champions having been injured in the hunts, so it is well known and accepted that the hunt is dangerous, and that the quarry more often than not will try to fight back. To this end I cannot see how my submission of this fighter desecrated the hunt, or how such could be construed as murder. The late champion Lady K’Vir knew the danger of her hunt before the it started and risked her life willingly”
The court erupted in loud murmurs, even shouts and disparaging remarks could be heard – apparently then speaking your case against the imperial throne was… not good form? Or maybe it was just thousands of sycophant courtiers trying to suck up.
“Silence in the court! Lady Vris – your arguments raise valid points. I recall seeing the former champion Lord O’Ji being injured and close to death in his last hunt, so that is true, but the ease by which your fighter took down Lady K’Vir… I find it difficult to not believe that you were not aware of such stratagems. That is what makes you complicit in murder, as Lady K’Vir could not have known that she was walking into a fight with someone who had somehow found a means to counter the tiberon” the empress replied, her tone calm and understand – but Fred couldn’t help but noticing that she wasn’t looking at Lady Vris… she was looking at the courtiers nearest the throne.
Looking at those courtiers, Fred found a lot of harsh and judging looks being sent towards the empress – which made sense: the mob wanted blood, but the empress seemed to recognize that Lady Vris hadn’t really done anything all that wrong.
Lady Vris again threw a quick glance at Fred, then looked back at the empress: “Your highness – at my instruction my fighter informed Lady K’Vir that he had means of countering the tiberon before the hunt. She knew what she was entering into, a-“
The outcry from the court, as thousands of shouts and shrill howls of anger rang out, made for an impressive cacophony, drowning out what Lady Vris had been trying to say. The empress quickly called to order: “Silence! Lady Vris will be heard as is court protocol! Now, do go on”
“Thank you, your grace. As I was about to say, then in addition to having verbally warned the imperial champion, then he also did not kill the champion directly: Once she had been downed he repeatedly refused to kill her directly, and even requested that medical assistance be sent – assistance, mind you, that came far too late. I counted almost eight minutes from my fighter ceasing his fight to aid arriving – that should have been more than enough time to recover the champion still alive. The question of guilt for the champion’s death should lie at the hands of the rescuers failing their charge” Lady Vris stated boldly, clearly trying to cast the guilt of her charge over to the shining ones who had come to the aid of the champion.
Again, the court erupted into brief shouts, but this time it was more murmurs and spirited discussion – it seemed that the court had become divided. The Empress’s expression soured, but she nodded none the less: “I shall require a recess to review recordings of the pre-hunt introduction. Ish, have that ready for me in my chambers – as well as statements on why search and rescue was delayed”
Looking at the emperor, the empress nodded as if having heard words not spoken out loud. Turning to the court, the empress proclaimed: “Seventeen minutes recess!”
Fred couldn’t quite remember how the shining one calendar and time system worked, but he had encountered the seventeen-minute thing before, and he knew that his implant was just translating their time units to his. As he looked on the empress rose from her throne and stepped onto a disc, flying off to somewhere else. That was when Lady Vris tugged at his armor: “Whatever happens until she comes back, do NOT leave my side”
“Is it that bad?”
Lady Vris looked worried: “Behind us, to our left, I’ve counted at least six scions from house Emnui, the house of Lady K’Vir. They’ll want blood and probably won’t mind violating protocol to get it”
“Have they brought their champion?” Fred wondered with a cheeky grin.
The look Fred got in return was not a pleased on, but Lady Vris none the less seemed aware of what Fred was talking about: “Don’t know – but they won’t try to challenge you or demand a duel. I’m more afraid that they’ll want to poison or outright kill you. Usually, you get a servant to do the deed and make them take the blame”
“Lovely. I’ll keep my armor on” Fred said, looking around and seeing several groups of shining ones approaching: Some of them looked cheerful, some looked angry, others were difficult to read.
That was when the music started – well, sort of. Everyone seemed to turn to look, so Fred looked along as well: What sounded like a mix of cymbals, metallic drums and a lot of jingling metal bits turned out to be a small procession of shining ones clad in robes, each carrying a staff decorated with the gizmos making some of the sounds. They walked in a straight line towards Fred and Lady Vris, everyone parting way as they approached…
“Who or what are these guys?” Fred asked, but Lady Vris was doing her throat-baring bow already.
The hooded shining ones, their robes rippling with what looked like strange holographic embroidery, light dancing over the cloth in strange patterns that looked a bit like circuitry, only to fade and then trace a different path next, seemed quite strange – but nobody was trying to stop them as they approached.
…was this some kind to distraction to get close enough for a killing blow? Fred looked around, but nobody else seemed to be trying to sneak up on him.
In a stern and critical tone, the lead robed one held its staff up – it lit up with a bright white-blue light. All the shining ones in view bowed their heads, including Lady Vris: “Are you the bringer of darkness?”
It was pretty obvious that the shining one had asked Fred – and its voice sounded male – but what did the guy want with a question like that? Fred looked at Lady Vris, but she was too busy bowing her head.
The robed one struck his staff at Fred’s chest armor, the staff and its jingling bits rattling against his chest plate: “Savage, you will respond to my inquisition!”
“Answer him you idiot!” Lady Vris sneered all the while still keeping her head down.
Fred perked an eyebrow, then he grabbed the staff and flung it to the side away from him: “I don’t know if I’m a bringer of darkness – you’re going to have to be a little more specific”
Shocked gasps and other similar outcries rang out from the thousands of onlookers, as if Fred had just taking a shit on the pope’s shoes or something – but the robed one seemed to take it in stride, pulling the staff back and holding it by his side: “There is a prophecy: A bringer of darkness will the end the brightest light. It is written that it must be brought before the all-star, lest the light it ended be lost forever”
Ok, with his smoke-screen armor Fred could easily see how he could be a ‘bringer of darkness’ – but some nonsense about someone’s light? Was this some kind of requiem, or did these jokers want to sacrifice him to the ‘Allstar’ or something? “Right – ok, I can see how you’d think that’d be me. But bringing me before the Allstar, how? Also, who are you guys?”
“We are the clerics of the Allstar. We tend the to the spiritual needs of all shining ones and ensure our continued enlightenment through our communal connection to the Allstar. As for bringing you before the Allstar, then you will be brought to the nearest star-shrine. There is one two halls down from where we are now”
Fred looked at Lady Vris – the way this cleric fellow was talking, then it really didn’t sound like he was asking – but Fred wanted Lady Vris to to give her ok none the less. She quickly nodded, fervently so: “Go, try to be back before the empress returns!”
“Alright – lead the way” Fred said, resigning himself to the fact that this crazy rollercoaster ride didn’t look like it was ending any time soon.
Walking off, Fred dreaded what might happened to Lady Vris while he wasn’t there – it made him walk faster. The clerics just kept up with him, saying when to turn left or right.
The shrine was indeed very close by – though it wasn’t exactly advertised as such. What looked like a supply closet door revealed a shrine decked out in plastic flowers and other lavish but clearly synthetic offerings, to the point that the piles of gifts and religious paraphernalia around the shrine itself reached the ceiling. Someone hadn’t been cleaning this place up since… forever. It was also really strange since Fred hadn’t seen anything like that on Lady Vris’s ship, despite seeing her honor this clergy as an article of faith.
The central shrine itself looked to be a large metallic cube sitting or floating in a pool of silverlight fluid. Like the robes of the clerics, then lights travelled over the surface of the cube tracing what looked like impossibly intricate circuitry. Was this some kind of machine cult worshiping silverlight?
Fred was guided to stand before the pool, at which point the clerics all just up and left, not really explaining anything. This obviously confused Fred, because what the hell was he supposed to do? He hadn’t been instructed to do anything specific, and he wasn’t exactly feeling inclined to pray to the thing before him – so… now what?
That was when the floor under Fred melted in an instant, leaving him to fall into a dark void.
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2021.10.24 10:15 nameless-female did any of you revive a dm that says "are you fuckable now"? they all are from in their 20s and 30s🙄

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2021.10.24 10:15 idjura Out of all the skins, they never said which one will be the power legue skin.. Does anyone know?

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2021.10.24 10:15 __addzy__ Ash MEME Trailer

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This subreddit is een pedo subreddit, ik ook dat jullie allemaal dood gestoken worden
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2021.10.24 10:15 iuse2bgood How often is occasional use?

Im talking about Naproxen, it states
"is safe for occasional use when taken as advised by a doctor."
Using for my gout that used to happen once awhile but its been happening more often nowadays.
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2021.10.24 10:15 maccchicken Do you now need to have king level 14 to get star levels?

Hi, just wondering if I need to have king level 14 when the update comes out to have star levels?
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2021.10.24 10:15 Accurate-Oil7072 Good Skateboard deck brands

Anyone have any good skateboard deck brands? Like they are reputable and the boards they make last a while
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2021.10.24 10:15 jtay18 I found my dream dress last week! How should I style my hair with the cape?

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2021.10.24 10:15 quote_emperor cartolina-aforisma-jim-morrison-5

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2021.10.24 10:15 ShanasEmpire best co-op for poli sci?

I’m applying for political science at Carleton, uOttawa, U of T and Waterloo. I’m just wondering - if, theoretically, I get accepted to all of them (with co-op) which uni would be the best one for co-op and work experience?
I know that Waterloo has great co-op opportunities, but I also know that you have to be at the top of your classes to even be considered. I’m pretty sure it’s the same/similar at the other universities but I’m wondering which co-op programs are the most accessible and helpful, especially after I get my degree.
I’ve heard great things about Carleton and uOttawa co-op and internships too, since there are generally more embassy/govn/law-related work experiences in Ottawa
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2021.10.24 10:15 -NoName0 Estou impossibilitado de fazer sexo

Estou há um bom tempo sem ter uma ereção, o máximo que acontece é meu pênis ficar um pouco ereto quando eu desejo me masturbar. Estou tomando 3 remédios antidepressivos e acho que é isso que não me deixa ter mais líbido. Eu acho. Enfim, nem tenho vontade de transar com outros caras. Masturbação pra mim é uma tentativa de ter um momento de prazer, mas acaba rápido e logo tenho que achar outra diversão. Talvez eu só reclame demais da vida também, isso é o que mais me entristece eu não poder reclamar das situações da minha vida, por que não adianta de nada.
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2021.10.24 10:15 MrElliot1210 pov you have woken up next to your loving wife

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