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Yesss I did it

Dissociative identity disorder (DID) is a complex mental health condition that typically occurs after severe childhood trauma. The condition used to be called multiple personality disorder, but researchers have since found patients don’t actually have several personalities. Definitive dissociative identity disorder (DID) facts and statistics are in short supply due to a lack of DID-specific research and controversy around the disorder. That being said, there are some statistics and facts on dissociative identity disorder available. Facts and Statistics About Who Gets Dissociative Identity Disorder Dissociative identity disorder (DID), known previously as multiple personality disorder, is not a real disorder. At least, that’s what you might’ve heard in the media, and even from some ... Dissociative identity disorder (DID) is a rare condition in which two or more distinct identities, or personality states, are present in—and alternately take control of—an individual. Some ... Previously known as multiple personality disorder, dissociative identity disorder (DID) is a condition in which a person has more than one distinct identity or personality state. At least two of these personalities repeatedly assert themselves to control the affected person's behavior. Did Versus Borderline Personality Disorder. In 1993, Lauer, Black, and Keen12 concluded that DID was an epiphenomenon of borderline personality disorder, finding few differences in symptoms between the two diagnoses. Dissociative identity disorder (DID) is a mental health condition. Someone with DID has multiple, distinct personalities. The various identities control a person’s behavior at different times. The condition can cause memory loss, delusions or depression. DID is usually caused by past trauma. Decentralized identifiers (DIDs) are a new type of identifier that enables verifiable, decentralized digital identity. A DID refers to any subject (e.g., a person, organization, thing, data model, abstract entity, etc.) as determined by the controller of the DID. Looking for online definition of DID or what DID stands for? DID is listed in the World's largest and most authoritative dictionary database of abbreviations and acronyms The Free Dictionary Dissociative identity disorder (DID), formerly called multiple personality disorder, is a condition that is characterized by the presence of at least two clear personality/self states, called alters, which may have different reactions, emotions, and body functioning.

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2021.10.18 06:51 Substantial_Toe9009 Game Dev or Second Job

I decided to ask this here since it's specific and related to game dev, and I can't think of a better group that would give a more honest answer. Recently, I asked for raise at work. Instead of getting one, my hours were cut in half, but I am keeping my current salary. So now I work just over 3 hours day (3 hours solid work, ~30 minutes to check emails, adjust schedules and make sure no one needs me to check their work or approve anything.) I figured I would work in the mornings, go to lunch, and come home and have another 6 hours to work on another job. I was thinking that it would be nice if that job was game development.
I currently work in a product marketing-related field so I know a thing about putting a digital release into the production pipeline, so I feel I could do that with a game. I know that is half the battle. Let's assume that the game I make isn't astounding, but it isn't poor either. Assume my digital packaging is reasonable and nothing is glaringly wrong with my game. Is it worth the energy to put forth a game these days with the expectation of profit? Not even massive amounts of return either, but maybe for something you develop for 3-6 months, to hope you could ever make like 5-10k on a Steam release? I really don't know what is happening in the industry, and I wasn't planning anything large-scale. I just really like writing and wanted to make a story-based game, will spend more hours on it per day than just casually working in the evening, and wondered for those doing it full time, if it provides a stream of income at all?
Alternatively, I could get the second job which I know I would make more money, but I'm just weighing if I will make ENOUGH money in game dev(~20k per year for 2-3 releases is the threshold I've set), assuming I do a lot of things correctly, but I don't release the next profound gaming experience. I'm just trying to be hypothetical without being offensive or seeming like I diminish or undervalue the task of development. Think in a more general sense, of average circumstances, in answering this question.
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I just bought an ez flash omega as my first flash cart. I didn't realize it wouldn't come with one and I'm kinda new to this whole process. I plan to just use it for a copy of Pokemon Emerald and Pokemon FireRed. Any advice would be awesome, thanks! <3
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2021.10.18 06:51 nueker Did anyone transferred here from another uni?

Long story short, i basically fked up my maths exam and didn't meet the maths requirements for CS/IT. I was wondering if anyone here transfered here from another uni? Can someone brief me through the process. I am currently thinking of applying for Deakins then maybe after transfer 1 sem to RMIT (Do you have to study 1 whole year before transferring?)
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Oh god where to begin..this fight seems so ridiculously broken and from what I understand is basically impossible without a very specific team. I guess the big question would be if anyone’s got any tips, or offers to team up.
For context - I’m a lvl 136 balance wizard
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2021.10.18 06:51 nibbleisgoodattds Why do you guys hate nutshells so much?

Those who complain about them being everywhere should leave the internet or even better,STOP LYING It’s only there because you searched it up .you simply have weak willpower if you say they are everywhere. If you don’t like then IGNORE IT. IS IT THAT HARD?

Jesus you don’t have to go keyboard warrior when someone likes nutshells too.

spread the message.

(I know imma get downvoted for this lol)
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