What superhero does Travis Scott music resemble most to you?

2021.10.18 05:34 Alive-Ad-4164 What superhero does Travis Scott music resemble most to you?

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2021.10.18 05:34 -TodorokiSimps- Looking for Summer Fantacy Corset And Purse

Anyone have Summer Fantacy Corset and Purse?
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2021.10.18 05:34 heinaga1989 $LUNE - 🐱 Luneko 🌙 - An Adorable Cat Memecoin with HUGE potential! POSSIBLE 100x+ - 100k Marketcap

I love to get in coins early for maximum possible returns. And this coin is EARLY! There has also been a ton of effort put into the coin and website (the art they've got is amazing!).
With how successful dog memecoins have been, I really feel like this one could be one of the first cat ones to really take off! We can also feel assured that there aren't gonna be any rugpulls because the developers have already locked the liquidity!
As transactions happen your stack of luneko tokens grow automatically as well! Giving a great incentive for people to HODL. The community is awesome so far too! With very responsive devs
Tokenomics :
2% coin redistribution amongst holders on each transaction
18,400,000 total coins
Important info: Site: https://luneko.co
Buy link: https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?outputCurrency=0xAcD1cAeF47E4c47BafE8a51B3F4305Fc38203b7A
Liquidity locked: https://unicrypt.network/amm/pancakev2/pai0xd08709ac2f114487f0c50f85f253172f835a1af6
Chart: https://charts.bogged.finance/?token=0xAcD1cAeF47E4c47BafE8a51B3F4305Fc38203b7A
Contract: 0xAcD1cAeF47E4c47BafE8a51B3F4305Fc38203b7A
Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/UjgeEBwPHoJlZDIx
As always DYOR!
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2021.10.18 05:34 3trillionlions The wierd boof

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2021.10.18 05:34 Throwawaytoday303 Hikaru Shida

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2021.10.18 05:34 Batthegoat Opening song for SuperBowl LVI?

Love Em, have never had the chance to see him live. Would love to hear everyones take on what the 1st song will be!
Guesses are: Lose Yourself My Name Is The Real Slim Shady Without Me
Let’s hear it everyone. Cheers
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2021.10.18 05:34 TechStomper Bow To Your God!

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2021.10.18 05:34 sexikell Hello, I'm new here 🥰

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2021.10.18 05:34 SnooStrawberries2478 Is this root rot?

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2021.10.18 05:34 lodge28 What are your daily observations? - 18/10/21

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2021.10.18 05:34 Tekknikk11 Two Questions reguarding spell strike ammuntion and gunslinger

First I do not know if this is the correct type of flair for this.

My first question is can you in any way extend the duration that a spell strike ammuntion is active for?
My second question is, with guns and gears is there a way to activate ammunition that is already loaded into a firearm?

I ask these for potentials of where I might take my ranger build.
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2021.10.18 05:34 HedwigQuan никогда тебя не брошу. Никогда не подводил тебя.

Guess what it's mean :))))
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2021.10.18 05:34 SamGreene316 GSB Interview

Has anyone gotten an interview invite for Stanford GSB?
Appreciate it!
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2021.10.18 05:34 breigns2 When was the last time you shit your pants?

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2021.10.18 05:34 RLCD-Bot [Titanium White Dominus] [Dominus: Furia] [Titanium White Flamethrower] [Titanium White Chakram]

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2021.10.18 05:34 magicarnival I am four parallel universes ahead of you, LeBlanc

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2021.10.18 05:34 OriginalSavageGirl Hope this doesn't break any rules!

For all you SharePointers/M365sters that are Consultants or consult on the side, what is your typical hourly rate...? I ask because I think I am underbidding myself...I haven't changed my rate in years...
(Rates in the poll are based on USD. But if your economy happens to pay far less, please note that in a comment just to make it easier to understand the poll results! :) )
View Poll
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2021.10.18 05:34 14yo_degenerate Join the t€€n nudes Discord Server!

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2021.10.18 05:34 jalexander333 [No Spoilers] Seeking Friends for C3 Watch Parties

Looking for Critrole friends around my age (31) for watch parties every Thursday. The live chat groups are a bit too much for me and would be awesome to make some real friends to enjoy talking outside of Critrole as well. :) I only know one other person IRL that watches the show!
Me: Lgbtq+ friendly, male, nerd, gamer, PST time I live in the US, Washington state.
Message me if interested and we can trade socials/#'s
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2021.10.18 05:34 HStreetT World class regular season battle between prime MJ and aging vet Larry Bird

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2021.10.18 05:34 bjpmbw Women with trucks should display “truck vulvas”

I can’t believe that grown men with pick-up trucks display “truck nuts” , the chrome finished sculpture of male genitalia that hang off the back of their bumper. It’s ridiculous, What are they trying to say? The only way to fight this is for women with pick-up trucks to have “truck vulvas” the female version of genitalia hanging off the back of their bumpers. I think that when the male pick-up drivers see some “ truck vulvas” they’ll get both a lesson in anatomy and also maybe they will see how stupid this tradition is.
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2021.10.18 05:34 1800kneegro Good spots to meet new people?

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2021.10.18 05:34 bonkers_millie Join my anime emote server! It’s pretty laidback but we have chats and places to watch anime together. We’re still adding emotes and have daily matching pfps added.

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2021.10.18 05:34 KORRIBAN_SENTINEL What was the worst episode of your favorite cartoon as a kid?

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2021.10.18 05:34 Calm_Neighborhood607 My Installation guide.

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