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Most of Foil stickers are cheaper than holo ones (lol) although they are rarer. What do you think is gonna happen after sales, when there will be way bigger ammount of holos?
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Of course nothing will ever be as good as our beloved Schitt’s Creek. But after over 20 full series rewatches (I throw it on at bedtime) I thought I’d give Ted Lasso a try since I had a free subscription to AppleTV with my phone plan. It’s pretty good! Like Schitt’s Creek you gotta listen closely for the super funny one-liners, and for only 1.5 seasons in the character development has been really good.
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I was struck by a desire to see something this massive over the horizon the other day. Has this every really been recorded?
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2021.10.25 09:48 Iceaura39 A Tale of Two Shitties - Red Flags, Blue Protagonist

Hello, all, and welcome to this tale I am about to tell you, about two problem players, one actually recruited by the other to join our game. It is, unfortunately, ongoing.
The cast of this story (names changed) is as follows:
Myself, playing an Aasimar Bard, who will be henceforth referred to as Sheep. Surprisingly unproblematic for a Chaotic Neutral Bard, as far as I can see.
Ice, an Air Genasi Ranger. A good player, and the party’s resident stealth expert.
Blue, an Earth Genasi Barbarian/Cleric. Problem player numero uno.
Dave, a Human Druid, and largely unimportant to this story.
Tweedle-Douche, a Magma Genasi Artificer. Friend of Blue and, funnily enough, problem player numero dos.
DM, the DM, shockingly.
This campaign is set in a homebrew setting, which is a double-edged sword. On one hand, it prevents metagaming and reading ahead to find out what happens next, which I'm almost certain Blue would've done if it was possible. But on the other, the only races allowed are Aasimar, Tiefling, Human and Genasi, which is how we ended up with three genasi. There are lore reasons for this, of course, but it would’ve been preferable to have more diversity.
But that's not important.
The first red flags are from Blue, since at that point, Tweedle-Douche isn’t here yet. This first section will be focused on him.
Here, Blue and I are talking about what we’re considering for our characters, before the race restriction is known to us. He’s a fairly friendly person. The races he mentioned he was considering were all monsters, name-dropping the Leonine and Minotaur. I’m not sure how much of a red flag this is in and of itself, so I’m just getting this out there.
The same, however, cannot be said of the other race that he was seriously considering. The following conversation is copy/pasted from the Discord.
Blue: I do dig the Half-Dragon Race, but it depends on the DM of course. It's still pretty cool though lol.
Me: I see, I see.
Blue: They are kinda broken though in some areas lol.
Me: How so?
Blue: They have a +4 to natural armor, can fly, has unarmed strike of 1d6, bite attack of 1d8, a tail attack of 1d4, darkvision up to 60 feet, low-light vision up to 60 feet, Immunity to their breath weapon(Dragon Parent Element Origin), Immunity to sleep, Immunity to paralysis, breath weapon does 2d6 damage, a +8 to Strength, a +6 to Constitution, a +2 to Intelligence, and finally a +2 to Charisma. So yeah, a little broken lol.
Me: That does seem rather powerful.
Blue: Yep, lol.
Me: I mean, +8 Strength and +6 Constitution? It's a That Guy's wet dream.
Blue: LOL. If somehow this is able to be played in game, it's definitely automatic tank/brute that fights all the bad guys, lol.
Yep. Despite me realising it was a power-gamer magnet, and knowing how much he liked it, I was completely blind to the foreshadowing. I mean, he was nice and sociable, even if he did talk funny. He wouldn’t turn out to be a problem, I thought.
Fuck me, I guess.
Well, when the racial restrictions were established, Blue went with an Earth Genasi instead, which is all well and good, but…
Blue: Here's a better description on how Blue looks: He is 6,6ft, he weighs 285lb, he has rocky smooth stone skin with cracks out lining his muscular frame, also having random cracks here and there, the cracks in his skin radiate a pure glowing white energy, wearing leather boots, regular black pants, his hair color is black and short on the sides with long hair on the top, he has pure white glowing eyes, he likes to wear a pair of circle shaped sunglasses with a slight two way crack on the left side, a rugged white short sleeved t-shirt with the sleeves torn off, a short torn and ruffed up no sleeve vest on top of that, also wearing a emerald necklace, he has the culture of his clan tattooed on his left arm(from the shoulder down to around mid forearm), a tattoo of his clans symbol on his right outer forearm(a circle for Spirit and a upside down triangle with a line through the bottom point for Earth, also on the inside of his right forearm it reads what the symbols mean in primordial in were he will never forget himself), also has a thick short shaved beard, and he also doesn't have any weapons on his person at the moment.
Even from the start, I was wary of this ‘glowing white energy’ thing, but I kept quiet about it. But, a later message about his character only raised my eyebrow further:
Blue: I'm getting close to being done, which is pretty nice. I have a question though. If my character goes through a ruff experience in were he once emitted a golden orange yellow color to now a pure emitting white color. In a transformation of the golden orange yellow shooting into the sky as a beam of energy, separating the clouds, turning white and releasing a shockwave of pure emitting energy. Changing him in were his eyes now fully emit this energy and the cracks of his skin now emit this energy. What effect/buff/change can be added to him from this experience that would make him still an Earth Genasi, but very different from his kind?????
Because that’s not main-character-esque at all. The most anybody had to say about it was Ice, who simply told him that he should talk to DM about it. Thankfully, DM ended up ultimately not allowing this, since we were starting at 1st level, something we were all aware of when making characters.
When the campaign starts, Blue cannot make it to the first session, but is allowed to do some RP with DM to get him up to speed between this session and the next.
Now, since this campaign is being run on Discord, we used the bot Avrae for dice rolls. After an explanation from DM, all of us are able to get our character sheets up on the bot.
Except, of course, Blue.
After the campaign starts, he allegedly rolls at home and tells us what he got. And apparently, he’s really lucky, never failing on his attack rolls, while hitting ridiculously high damage rolls.
I wasn’t really paying attention to this at the time, until Session 3, when after a particularly egregious roll involving a greataxe attack and an Inflict Wounds spell, I received a private message from Ice, with whom I am on regular speaking terms at this point. Our conversation, as detailed below, pretty much sums everything up:
Ice: I'm sorry i've been trying to hold it in but Blue is straight up cheating
Me: He is? I’m not exactly a rules-guy, but how?
Ice: he never fails an ability check, misses an attack roll, and he always rolls perfect damage on his attacks
Me, trying to call back to his previous rolls: Hmm…
Ice: last time we played he hit on every attack and got either 16 or 17 damage every time. that's literally impossible. and for him to roll the attack he just rolled getting 30 damage out of 3d10 plus 12 from his d12 on the same roll? also pretty much impossible
Me: You make a good point. Have you considered talking to DM about this?
Ice: I wanted to talk to him after Blue’s first session because he had amazing rolls all night but I decided to hold off and see how his second session (last week) went. After he started having amazing rolls the entire time during his second session I had to talk to DM. so I messaged him after our last session
Me: And did he say anything?
Ice: he also noticed that it was suspicious but wanted to give him this week to see if his unbelievable luck continued
Me: And it’s continuing alright.
Not helping was the fact that his turns, whenever they came, took forever to end, even though he would usually just end up swinging his greataxe, raging or casting Inflict Wounds. More than once, his turns took over fifteen minutes, something also pointed out by Ice. Lord knows what he was doing in all that time. For all I know, he definitely wasn’t rolling dice.
The next week, Ice did end up speaking to DM, who ended up telling Blue that other players suspected him of cheating. For what it’s worth, DM said that Blue just took this as confirmation of his good luck.
And, on that week’s session, it seemed like Blue finally had some normal - and even occasionally poor - rolls. It seemed like he’d stopped cheating - and was, of course, a confirmation that he’d been cheating before - but hey, he was actually playing fairly now!
...Except for combat. The improbably high rolls didn’t stop there, and I brought this up with DM after the session was over. This time, DM took direct action, telling him that he was no longer allowed to play until he could get his character sheet onto Avrae so his rolls could be seen. He has yet to return.
The excuse Blue uses for this is that his build involves things that he needs to purchase from Beyond, specifically the War Domain subclass. He claims to be unable to afford it.
Even though the single subclass, which is all he needs, costs the absolute fortune of…$2.
Somehow, I'm not buying it, no pun intended.
As poor as all of this is, he absolutely fails to make up for it with any particular roleplaying skill. He sucks there, too.
He constantly needs to be reminded of the rules. One time, he tried to dash, rage and attack on the same turn. It took twelve minutes getting it across to him that he couldn't do all of that.
He always interjects to ask to do strange things, like catching the scents of NPCs that he or the party is interacting with.
Trying to act as the party face, even when others would be better suited. At a tavern, when we are trying to gather information, he takes it upon himself to go off on his own and talk to a group of strangers while Sheep, with his busted Charisma, is chatting up the bartender with the same purpose and greater success.
He's always doing stuff like going off on his own, forcing DM to narrate for both his shenanigans and what the rest of the party is doing and drawing out the session so that much less is achieved than what could've been.
One particularly egregious example is when our investigation took us to a twisted circus. Our party is chatting to some carnies, pretending to be interested in their line of work just enough to squeeze some information out of them. Then, one of them mentions that we can actually apply to be carnies ourselves. We're obviously not going to do this, since we're just pretending to be interested, right?
Blue: Ohhhhh, thank you so much. I'll do just that.
At this, he actually goes off with them to apply to be a carny, reasoning that he might get some information, with me and Ice talking in DMs about how stupid this is.
The kicker? Another reason he gave for doing this is that someone said he'd fit in. That someone was Sheep, who previously in the session, had commented that Blue would fit right in with a circus, indirectly calling him a clown as an insult. When giving this reason, Blue was speaking OOC, which meant that his player had failed to grasp the sarcasm.
And this wasn’t just me randomly deciding to insult him, either. I play Sheep as a character who, while typically rather quippy, tends to turn his sarcasm on things that are genuinely problematic, like Blue and Tweedle-Douche. Allow me to tell you a story about one incident; a perfect little microcosm of all the non-cheating stuff I described just now, which shaped Sheep’s opinion on his character for good.
In the previous session, which Tweedle-Douche was absent for, we’d tied up a slaver, who will be referred to as Weasel. While Dave and Ice interrogated him, Blue and Sheep went downstairs to investigate the prison and free any slaves we’d found there. DM described some of the black mold growing. Natural, it’s a prison.
Then Blue asked if he could grab some.
We thought nothing of it, since we don’t know what he’s doing. We go upstairs, and all of a sudden;
(Blue slowly walking up the steps with every stomp)
The slaver is described as cowering once Blue is heard, but Dave grabs him, trying to continue the interrogation. Once Blue arrives, with Sheep in tow, the following exchange occurs.
Dave: Well then get your ass over here and stop groping mold!
Sheep: What are you even going to do with that?
Blue: OH YOU'LL SEE! (Blue grins with a smirk)
Sheep: Please don’t do anything hasty.
Sheep, facepalming: I'll step in if you step out of line.
Dave: Me too.
Blue, suddenly not screaming: Don’t worry friends. I’m not a savage.
Sheep: Could’ve fooled me.
Blue: I heard that.
Dave: Are you going to make him eat mold?
DM describes Weasel, clearly terrified, asking what Blue is going to do. And here, Blue reveals his masterful motive, his reason for raging and grabbing mold like he did:
Blue: I want you to say sorry.
I assure you, every bit of dialogue you just read here, and every word you’re about to read, is taken directly from Discord. This was his reason. To get the slaver to, of all things...say sorry.
Weasel: F-for what?
Blue: FOR WHAT YOU DID!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dave: We've got a case to solve. He doesn't care. Do we need anything else from him?
Sheep: I don’t believe so. Correct me if I’m wrong.
Ice: If we've gotten everything from him I'm good here. I got the map while you guys were downstairs so we have our next lead. We should also probably check in with our "Benefactor" and let them know where we stand.
Dave: Let’s go then.
Ice: Who gives a fuck, he's not actually sorry for anything he did. Leave him tied up, we can let the benefactor know where he is so they can pick him up.
Dave: Yes. We need to keep going or the benefactor could throw us back in prison.
Sheep: Oh gods, just drop it.
Blue: I WANT HIM TO SAY IT!!!!!!!
Sheep: You're wasting time. Why does an empty apology matter so much, anyway?
At this, everybody, IC, walks out of the room, ready to begin. Except Blue, of course. He describes his character saying “Fuck this” and walking over to Weasel, picking him up in his spare hand.
Blue: Last chance weasel.
Weasel, shying away from Blue: I am s-sorry!
Blue: See was that so hard? Now open wide.
And then he shoves the mold in Weasel’s face, before dropping him to the ground and reconvening with the others, clearly proud of what he’s accomplished. Nobody else seems to agree.
Sheep: I hope you enjoyed your pointless act of pettiness.
Blue: It wasn't petty. I got him to say sorry and that's what matters.
Sheep: It really doesn’t.
Ice: Not even a little bit actually especially because he only apologized to you, not the people he enslaved but if that empty gesture made under duress makes you feel better then whatever.
Dave: It really doesn't. Please calm down. Save the anger for real fights.
Blue: I'll find the people eventually and tell them that he said sorry.
The next thing Blue does, while everyone else is trying to progress, is to ask the DM where the nearest wall is. When DM, too busy with things that actually matter, doesn’t answer him, Blue decides he found the nearest wall (which was later described by DM as being 6 feet to his left), and randomly “swings his axe into the wall with all his might” before asking DM what happened to the wall.
No response, because DM is narrating. He asks again three minutes later, and DM describes that he left a nice-sized gash in the wall.
He’s always doing stuff like that, and it drives me and Ice up the wall. But he has yet to join a session in a month, and games are much more fun now, even if we still need to deal with Tweedle-Douche. But this ended up being much longer than expected, so that’s a story for another time.
TL;DR - Player fudges his rolls and refuses to do anything that may quell anyone’s suspicions of his character, and acts disruptive in playtime, in and out of character, before DM finally stops him from playing.
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