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Sunset in the Midwest

MidwayUSA.com sells Just About Everything® for Shooting, Hunting and the Outdoors; our Nitro Express™ provides Super-Fast, Low-Cost Shipping. SK Midwest #1129 Boca Mission Bay. General Manager. About SK Midwest: SK Midwest currently consists of 30+ Smoothie King restaurants across six states. We are seen as leaders in the Smoothie King system for several reasons. We have bigger, better-equipped units. We lead our markets and the system overall in performance. Position: REMOTE Data Engineer - Must Live in Midwest or East Coast!<br>If you are a REMOTE Data Engineer with 3+ years of professional work experience, please read on!<br><br>We are here to change the way society handles healthcare, let the patients take control! We have made valuable products for large companies such as WebMD and we plan on continuing to change the way the world handles ... About Us. Since 1995 we have been fulfilling needs for home brewing and wine making. Providing top quality equipment, fresh ingredients, and outstanding customer service; we pride ourselves on constantly brewing and growing to further fine-tune our selection. Rarely will you find that we are out of a homebrew or wine making product. Residents – and experts – throughout the Midwest are weighing in with speculation. Reports of unidentified flying objects are hardly new, although some seem to be ranking what looks like a ... The Midwest lies north of the 36°30′ parallel that the 1820 Missouri Compromise established as the dividing line between future slave and non-slave states. [citation needed] The Midwest Region is defined by the U.S. Census Bureau as these 12 states: CONTACT INFO. Phone: 260-482-3334 Toll-Free:1-800-348-4738 Routing Number: 274973141 Lost/Stolen Cards Email: callcenter@mwafcu.org Midwestern cuisine is a regional cuisine of the American Midwest.It draws its culinary roots most significantly from the cuisines of Central, Northern and Eastern Europe, and Native North America, and is influenced by regionally and locally grown foodstuffs and cultural diversity.. Everyday Midwestern home cooking generally showcases simple and hearty dishes that make use of the abundance of ... Midwest synonyms, Midwest pronunciation, Midwest translation, English dictionary definition of Midwest. or Middle West A region of the north-central United States around the Great Lakes and the upper Mississippi Valley. It is generally considered to include... Midwest, region, northern and central United States, lying midway between the Appalachian and Rocky mountains and north of the Ohio River and the 37th parallel. It comprises the states of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.

2021.10.25 10:26 andrew_barnhill Sunset in the Midwest

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2021.10.25 10:26 BigPun92117 50 [m4f]#SanDiego looking for a discrete female to hang out with

looking for an adult discrete female to have some fun with when schedules allow
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2021.10.25 10:26 VoodooMaster101 Can I count on you too?

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2021.10.25 10:26 pedal_deals_bot Boss CH-1 Super Chorus - $69 ($69 + Free S/H) 67%

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2021.10.25 10:26 InvMiqx Proof of Stake, and some thoughts about the longevity of Cryptocurrencies

When I see people debating between cryptocurrencies and fiat money, I'll hear them mention decentralization, anonymity, low fees, etc. I almost never see discussion about what, in my opinion, truly makes cryptocurrencies special.
Cryptocurrencies are community-driven and open-source. Anyone can innovate upon cryptocurrencies, while comparatively, it is almost impossible for just anyone to innovate upon fiat currencies.
If you weren't previously aware, Ethereum is moving from proof-of-stake to proof-of-work. This will entail massive changes.
[news link] [news link]
I have seen endless debate regarding this change. But one thing I think that people are missing is that this is innovation. Yes, billions of dollars in asset value are on the line. Regardless of the financial outcome, the community will learn something from this transition, and we'll make future innovations having learned from its successes or its failures.
Sometimes, innovation takes risk-taking. Investing in Ethereum is by in part investing in the community's ability to innovation. I'm more than okay with this.
The move from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake is an embodiment of community innovation. Needless to say, i'm pretty hype
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2021.10.25 10:26 Fanfic-Shipper [Homemade] Rajma Masala

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2021.10.25 10:26 Miserable_Squash9294 Si vous voulez voir le fiak à Léa 😃 https://discord.gg/zWYzxDjJ

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2021.10.25 10:26 Riddlist High-Tech Wig Installations

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2021.10.25 10:26 Gabb68 Why Capitalists Ended Segregation

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2021.10.25 10:26 rhizopogon To help ease travel disruptions, Capital Bikeshare is offering one free 30-day membership to all DC residents.

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2021.10.25 10:26 funeralfather It's not for everyone, It's just how I feel so I made it into a song, I had to get sober and my macbook broke, I'm working on getting a new one and continuing on. I'm not looking for popularity, only to reach the people that can understand what I was trying to do with this, as rough as it sounds...

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2021.10.25 10:26 artisanPH [For Hire] Would draw ur lovely pets in this style for the minimum! DM me :)

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2021.10.25 10:26 oliveira9820 Need help to get this team on 100 chem, what changes would you suggest? Mendy, Marquinhos, Traoré, Fekir and Bernardo S. are untradeable

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2021.10.25 10:26 ElricaLavandula I need advice for a freeze comp build :)

I have a few questions about building Kokomi for a freeze team with Ayaka.

  1. Is Tenacity of the Millelith the best artifact set for this, or will the upcoming set be good as well? I have some Tenacity artifacts on her now, but only HP sands and goblet because I don't get any ER sands and hydro goblets. I'm not sure if I should farm more Tenacity artifacts.
  2. How much energy recharge does she need to keep her jellyfish up? My weapon is Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers. I also have Prototype Amber and Sacrificial Fragments.
  3. Do I use her burst only to refresh the jellyfish and, if absolutely necessary, heal my characters, and then switch back to Ayaka?
  4. Do you have any tips for me when to use her elemental burst to not miss refreshing the jellyfish? Like, I use her skill, switch to other characters to use their abilities, but switch back to Kokomi too late. After how many seconds of her skill is it best to use her burst?
  5. How much should I level Kokomi's talents for a freeze comp only? Which is enough?
  6. Which character is better as the second cryo character? C6 Chongyun or C1 Kaeya? Kaeya gives much more energy for Ayaka, but Chongyun has CD reduction and ATK speed buff, and cryo res debuff. And his burst can be up more often, so I'll have more Noblesse uptime. I have Skyward Pride for Chongyun (I could also give him Sacrificial Greatsword or the fish claymore), while Kaeya has Favonius Sword. So, what is better, more energy for Ayaka, or higher damage from Chongyun?
  7. Who is better in this team, Venti or Kazuha?
Thank you very much for your help!
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2021.10.25 10:26 joncaldridge Ripple in still water...

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2021.10.25 10:26 Blueberryboy88 Can A Yorkie Wear Shoes?

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2021.10.25 10:26 shauggy I thought Altimas were getting a bum rap

But then I was driving up Independence the other night, and noticed a car broken down in the left lane outbound near Albemarle. Traffic was backed up from WalMart all the way down past the Coliseum to Brier Creek. Of course, the broken-down car was an Altima.
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2021.10.25 10:26 jeffgamer8o9 It has been night for more than 30 hours, I think I noclipped by accident

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2021.10.25 10:26 HopoutthaCessna420 [FOR SALE] Government plates Death grips, Westside Gunn, Boldy James Griselda records etc.

Making space for new pieces so more from my personal collection will be coming soon too! Posting up some of my most prized grails 🔥 Comment or pm me any questions!
Westside Gunn- God is the greatest 2xLp cream $200
Death Grips- Government Plates RSD $900
Boldy James- MoM 1st press $70
Westside Gunn- Flygod is an awesome god blue $300
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2021.10.25 10:26 Thatdudedoesnotabide I did it bois, i rustled their jimmies

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2021.10.25 10:26 Belial91 I it save to unequip my Enigma?

I have an Enigma and due to us having shared stash now I plan on using it on two characters until I can get a second one. However if I unequip my Enigma on my druid, I don't meet many requirements for the rest of my equipment anymore. (Red background behind items)
Is it save to log off my char in this state? Also what would happend if my druid died in this state?
Sorry for the dumb question but I was always paranoid about losing my gear and in the original d2 I never swapped gear between chars.
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