2021.09.26 08:29 Tengs-chan ich_iel

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2021.09.26 08:29 hawluchamaster It's true, from a certain point of view

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2021.09.26 08:29 mobyphobic Marathon No-hit. Has it been done?

Lately, the no-hit scene has been going wild in the Spanish-speaking (Youtube and Twitch) community and Im actually excited to give it a shot.
I was thinking what game I could try to perfectionate and spend even months getting knowledge about it, and I think that game is Marathon!
I first played Marathon like 2 months ago, because Im a Destiny lore nerd and I was researching for lore purposes (The Bungie's multiverse... Made a post about it on the DestinyLore subreddit :p)
I finished Marathon, Marathon: Durandal and made it halfway to Marathon Infinity. I liked the games and I think it might be possible to do no-hit runs in them.
At the moment Im just interested in replaying the first one, as a no-hit run is already challenging enough.
So I was thinking if maybe it has already been done by someone? I saw some speedruns on youtube but no No-hit runs.
Maybe you guys have more knowledge about it, and can tell me who did it already.
In any case, I think ill be starting this week on my newly found journey!
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2021.09.26 08:29 DifficultSitch2021 My [30M] life is pretty much in shambles and I don’t know where to go from here.

This is going to be long and a lot. I’m at a complete loss with my life, though.
My wife and I have been together almost 8 years. We have two toddlers together.
Quick Backstory: About 2 months ago, I found out my wife was having, what can probably be described as, an emotional affair with a coworker. It lead to us having a serious discussion about our marriage in which we both laid out a lot of issues we’ve been having. Things that have been manifesting for years. With both of us.
Since then, we’ve gone to couple’s therapy once a week. Her and the coworker do not speak except when required to about work. She’s still struggling with her own problems with that and I’ve been working through everything I have going on in therapy. We’ve been honest and open about how she’s feeling, handling it, and working to rebuild our marriage from the ground up.
Here’s the kicker: We’ve been doing absolutely great together for the past month. We have bad moments but, genuinely, we’ve been closer, more intimate and have gone on dates a lot, including a weekend away. Things have been okay.
But, my full truth, is that my wife isn’t the only one that has some kind of feelings for a coworker… And I’ve actually been feeling that way for years… but I’ve never acted on anything. In a sense. I’ve flirted and gone out of my way to put myself in situations where I know we could sit around and talk for a long time. (I work in a school and we have planning periods). And I like this person, find them very attractive (even though she’s 10 years older than me) and have a hard time not wanting to see them daily.
I feel like it just highlights that there’s been issues between my wife and I but I never acknowledged them… Or just the fact that we’re over exhausted with two toddlers and never spend happy time with each other? So we start picturing this other life with someone else?
I think what’s worse is that for a couple of weeks, I really didn’t even know what I wanted. That’s just the truth. I felt like it’s just so much work with my wife and I. And I didnt know what she wanted, either. So I didn’t know what I wanted moving forward.
She and I have talked about it… but she didnt really take me serious. Or, if she did, just doesn’t care. She’s said many times she doesn’t care and even cracks jokes about it… Today, she told me to go have a hot love affair with her. But I don’t think she really gathers that when I was opening up and honest with her, I wasn’t talking about some little workplace crush, if that makes sense?
I just wish I was inflating some workplace crush. Honestly. Just feel like instead I’ve been deflating how I’ve felt for a long time. Or telling myself it’s just something fun at work but means nothing in the end. But like she calls me for something work related, and like I feel that butterfly feeling.
I was starting to question what I wanted going forward for my own life. It’s a hard thing to say, but it’s an honest thing to say. Because whether I want to or not, I do like this person. A lot. And I’ve admitted to myself that I have for a long time. We worked a summer together and used to be across the hall from each other for a year. It’s been a lot… But I’ve been swinging into those thoughts more often.
Before all this even went down at home, I had signed up for chaperoning the big end of the year field trip because she was the main chaperone. And I’m still going on the trip… And I’ve been in such a weird state of mind recently because of it. Purposely going out of my way to be able to see this person and have conversations with them.
Acknowledging that I’m not some innocent saint, you know, was difficult for myself but almost freeing in a way?
Honestly, I don’t completely know that if this person would have made some sort of “move” how I would have responded. I don’t feel like I trust myself as much as I want to… My wife was the first person I dated and was ever with. This person hasn’t even shown an interest back, to be completely honest, and it’s entirely one sided.
As the time has gone on, I think I know what it is that I do want and that’s for my wife and I to work out.
For one, I love her. Two, we’re parents together and are literally best friends. And three, selfishly and realistically too, how many 40 year old women who have a kid in college wants to be with someone with two toddlers?
It’s one of those things where, my wife and I have so much in common that makes a lot of life so much easier. When you’re on the same wavelength. And, so while this is all so tough right now, being able to be with someone who I know I vibe with spiritually, politically, emotionally, both vegetarian, etc, that I truly do love and have kids with, is so much better.
Sooo I started pushing myself away from what I was leading myself into. Knowing it’s unhealthy. Talking with my therapist about it. About how to work to avoid the feelings I have for this coworker.
Well, she just got a promotion to our newest administrator and she’s now my direct supervisor 🙃 I now have to work closely with this person every. single. day. because of the job title I have.
I have absolutely no idea how to juggle my life. I’m in therapy, I’m on anti-depressants, we’re in counseling… I feel as if I’m falling apart and don’t even know what I want.
Where do I even go from here?
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2021.09.26 08:29 gra-vis ITAP Milkyway viewed from Swiss Alps

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2021.09.26 08:29 m88ulv Abandoned hospital in Romania

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2021.09.26 08:29 Evil_Aladdin Pokemon Unite

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2021.09.26 08:29 SirRatDroppings How to level up last 174?

So up until now I've solo run the game as a mage for about a month now. Beat the Main Quest by defeating most bosses in Easy mode and getting my exp through the rewards of the quest. As of now I've been level 174 for a week and I'm genuinely confused as to how to level up now. Do I just wait for the new chapter to come out or what can I do? I also wouldn't mind anyone to help me grind some of these bosses if it comes to that. I'm gonna need the help considering I have no idea what my mage character even is.
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2021.09.26 08:29 soubhagya_sahu How to get things done - Real ways to finish your work.

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2021.09.26 08:29 UniversityNo3942 looking for a active squad on xbox

i'm looking to join a active squad for mhw iceborne. all my squads are basically inactive now.
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2021.09.26 08:29 Rauri_Photography Mt Barney SE QLD - Sony A7iii - 24-105mm f4. Lovely sunrise! Bit dry.

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2021.09.26 08:29 Kiwis525 What are king monkeys worth

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2021.09.26 08:29 svanapps r/CryptoMarkets - DeFi Liquidity Pools: Myths and Truth

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2021.09.26 08:29 lapsekiliberkay günaydın beyler

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2021.09.26 08:29 t33m0913 Haha beam go vwoosh

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2021.09.26 08:29 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.26 08:29 __hrga__ Željava Air Base on the border of Croatia and Bosnia was the largest underground airport and military air base in Yugoslavia, and one of the largest in Europe

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2021.09.26 08:29 Emblems_of_FIRE My friends already put up their Christmas tree so I made him an ornament of his house

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2021.09.26 08:29 gamingdragon13 Quake build

Whats the best stat build for quake with bisento
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2021.09.26 08:29 No_Buyer411 Nora is going to leak rivers of cum today !!!

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2021.09.26 08:29 CFODad Who Uses White Noise to Sleep and What Kind?

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2021.09.26 08:29 JimBobAway12051 i have no quests?

i recently played a multiplayer game and when we got to where i was at in the game i went back to my solo world and now i have non of the quests now its just greyed out any way i can fix this?
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2021.09.26 08:29 ProAssassin84 RNG is absurd in this game.

So I woke up to find a screenshot from one of my friends. I was like cool I will check it out. And boom in my face is Vex Mythocast. I would be happy for my friend and I still am I'm just not letting him know that. Lol.
Anyway it was his first clear of Vault of Glass. First clear. Literally blows my mind. I've did the Raid at least a dozen times. And to be honest I've not gotten a single Raid Exotic in Destiny 2 and I've cleared all of them except GOS and some of the Leviathan add on Raids.
I have the worst luck with drops ever.
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2021.09.26 08:29 SuperHotUKDeals Team T-FORCE DARK Z 32GB (2 x 16GB) DDR4 3600MHz C18 Memory Kit, £123.07 sold by Amazon US on Amazon

The description of this deal was not provided by this subreddit and it's contributors.
£123.07 - Amazon
God price for this kit.
Model TDZGD432G3600HC18JDC01
Speed DDR4-3600MHz
Size32GB (2 x 16GB)
CAS Latency 18
First Word Latency10.00ns
Type288-pin DIMM
This deal can be found at hotukdeals via this link: https://ift.tt/3udrSEx
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2021.09.26 08:29 tabalugasesh Do any of you have this tee in Medium and Large and can measure it for me? Cause i don't see sizechart on site, or anywhere.

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