Keep them wet boys

2021.09.23 05:45 el_fapitan_ Keep them wet boys

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2021.09.23 05:45 johnrock001 What are Manga and Anime?

What are Manga and Anime? -
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2021.09.23 05:45 CSPT_NBAHighlights [Highlight] Sam Hilliard launches a 3-run homer to put the Rockies up 10-5 in the 7th

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2021.09.23 05:45 aijeityu The amount of ppl camping on the NPC points in the Blackout map is disgusting

Really killing the event for me.
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2021.09.23 05:45 beverlyhillsbyweezer Why

Why do straight men like penises and penises on women when straight women and gay men don't like vaginas nor vaginas on men? What is it about penises that makes even straight men like them, when vaginas don't have that effect on straight women and gay men? Is society penis obsessed?
Are penises just more appreciated and liked because they belong to men? Are they seen as less taboo and gross than vaginas and also seen as more casual, normalised and sexualised? So even straight men like them.
I asked this earlier and was told to accept it and get over it by many many people on Reddit. They said it's common, who cares, that young people accept these things and it's just how it is that straight men like penises and women with penises while straight women and gay men don't like vaginas and vaginas on men, and to just focus on what you like and yourself.
So is it too much to ask of straight men for them to appreciate vaginas and be as exclusively into vaginas as gay men and straight women are exclusively into penises?
Do most people (men and women) in real life accept and believe that straight men like penises and women with penises? Do most people think it's not a small minority of men into women with penises? Do most people think gay men are more openly disgusted by vaginas than lesbians are by penises? And that oral sex on women is not common too? And that women are insecure and grossed out by their vaginas, while men love their penises?
And why do trans women online always complain about how fetishized they are by straight men for the one part of themselves they don't want (their penis.) While trans men never complain of being desired for their vagina, instead it's a hindrance.
It's quite a lot of negative things about having a vagina that I realised I have to accept. Just wondering how other women do so?
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2021.09.23 05:45 redwanhossain6333 Halwa, an Ottoman confectionery, originated in the 15th century, received popularity in the Indian Subcontinent during the Mughal rule.

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2021.09.23 05:45 _green_daisies_ I can’t stop thinking about someone!

I know this is probably a reoccurring topic so, sorry about that!
I’m a female and this person is also a female but much older then me, if this context helps. I can’t stop thinking about her and she has been in my life but has now left. And I don’t really know why I’m “obsessed” with her. Basically a bit of a back story about her. She has been in my life for a few years and has helped me through some life events (at least I think she helped me). At first I thought it was a crush but I ruled that out because I don’t feel that way towards her and I was already “obsessed” with her when she was in my life. But now a few months ago she moved and when I found out I was devastated but I thought I eventually got over her moving. But I guess not because today I could not stop thinking about her and it effected the whole day to the point I couldn’t function. So basically what’s wrong with me and how can I get over this? How can I stop thinking about her? And why am I like this? Is there some type of neglect I went through and she filled some void? Please help me understand. I still want her in my life because she’s a great person but I don’t want to feel this way towards her.
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2021.09.23 05:45 OculoDoc Where to find a chart of of AutoCAKE "% APY" vs time?

I'm looking for a chart which shows the % apy of autoCAKE vs time. ie, what the interest rate has been each day. Does anyone know where to find this?
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2021.09.23 05:45 N_Wong What is the best analogy you have ever heard?

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2021.09.23 05:45 Slowkidplaying Got any tips? (Lost Lands)

So this will be my first year at lost lands and I'm SUPER hyped. I haven't been to a festival since HiJinx and haven't been camping since Bisco so needless to say, I'm ready to rage my face off with you dirty fuckers. I just want to know if any of y'all have any tips or tricks to help my weekend go smoothly. How is security there? Does anyone know how early I can show up on Friday? (I do not have early entry) Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys!
P.S. I got glow in the dark dinosaurs for yall
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2021.09.23 05:45 Goldenviews 9 months in and surprise! He has another child he failed to mention??

So dating along fine, He has a 17 yr old child which I was good with, we get along famously, never really fight or disagree much. Actually probably the nicest most considerate boyfriend I’ve ever had. He maybe lacking in material things, but they are just material. He raised his older child on his own so that’s a hard and commendable thing to do, that mom pretty much just gave up custody to him -a very nice kid, all is well there. Anyway, I had a piece of mail in my mailbox yesterday from child support in a different state. He tried to him and haw but he just blurted it out. He has a child 10, from a woman who he dated on and off and when this happened he didn’t want to be a dad again because he already had a child and she had a child before that was taken away. Well she took off I guess assuming this one would be also. Fast forward 3 years ago he found out that she did indeed lose the child custody and the child has autism. Her parents are taking care of the child and they have no idea where the mother is. He didn’t want to tell me because he said he doesn’t know what/how he feels about it. I feel bad on many different levels, had I known this up front, probably wouldn’t of gotten involved in the 1 st place, now I’m emotionally invested-I did the stepmother thing for 18 years already, I’m done. The parents are old and are not going to be able to care for that child forever, and the way it sounds the care will be lifelong. I’m mad that he didn’t tell me, I know how I am and I would not have much/any respect for him if he just turns his head to that child. The child is best off where he is right now, but thinking emotionally, financially, my time will not be my own down the road it’s really not something I signed up for. To lie by omission about something like this is super awful. I think he honestly was hoping it would just all go away like a bad dream. I feel like I was having a great dream that ended up being a nightmare. Am I just being selfish and callous? Or? Idk - thoughts are appreciated.
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2021.09.23 05:45 buddhatherock Outrun Chicago

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2021.09.23 05:45 Ok-Sympathy3293 i really need a server none of my friends are ever on :(

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2021.09.23 05:45 TheRealSpaceBear Spider-Man ultimate battle MOC

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2021.09.23 05:45 rockin-Musicien49 [SUBMISSION] The Mad Ones - PC, FS, BP

Re-upload as none of the links visible in search are active any more.
WeTransfer (fast, expires in 7 days):
Sendspace (slow, shouldn't expire):

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2021.09.23 05:45 Jolly_Huckleberry_98 Jean Grey by Eric Egon

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2021.09.23 05:45 tetrology Considering an MBA in Marketing Analytics. Advice please!

TLDR I’m currently in a rewarding paid media role on a high visibility account. My career goal is leadership brand-side with my current client. Should I consider an MBA to reach my goal or should I stick to my current trajectory and trust the process?

Hey all! Hoping I can hear POVs from those that can relate here. Background below (this is long, I’m sorry) and questions at the bottom!
I’m an Associate Media Director at a big 4 agency. My long-term goal (~5 years) is to be DirectoVP- level at a FAAMG, one of them being my current client. I’m weighing whether applying to an MBA program in marketing analytics or similar would be worth it or simply not necessary at my current career trajectory.
I make $140k despite having just under 4yrs exp in the industry. I climbed the ranks pretty fast thanks to pure luck if I’m honest - I was on the right accounts at the right time, I’ve been at 3 large agencies and worked on 8 unique enterprise F500 accounts in different verticals, I was exposed to a ton and learned a fuckton, then the agency pandemic hiring craze happened and I took advantage. I’ve put in an unhealthy amount of hours earlier on and been in so many fires and challenging situations, don’t get me wrong, but I’m a part of a marginalized minority group (especially in this industry) and I really can’t discredit the sheer luck of it all. I have crazy imposter syndrome about my title and salary, and part of me just wants to slow down and focus on the long term and get a piece of paper to validate where I am… ie where the MBA would come in.
Now, about marketing analytics: my bachelors is in actuarial science (very stats heavy) but that career didn’t pan out for various reasons. I gave up on it after over a year of job searching with no luck, and managed instead to get hired by analytics at a agency while having zero marketing knowledge. I picked up media analytics and measurement pretty quickly, and slowly became more and more integrated in cross-channel social/search/prog media buying and planning, at first due to account demands but later because I simply loved and excelled in it. Over time social/search media buying became my primary role and title. I really enjoy the work I’m putting out now but I never lost sight of analytics, it what still drives me.
My clients all have MBAs, and although most are pure PMMs and measurement/performance is separate, if I want to climb the internal marketing department ranks at the company I don’t know if this is possible without an MBAs or MS. I know it’s definitely not 100% needed and but I just don’t have that much context.
My undergrad GPA was a 2.7 and I went to a lesser known state school. I was never a great student, but I’m more mature now, thankfully have really good work/life balance can make the time and effort to work on an MBA.

To anyone that can advise - I really, REALLY appreciate this! Thank you 🙏
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2021.09.23 05:45 ChaluppaBatmanJr For those who lost faith.... They finally shipped my order from February 2020 - at least half of it.

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2021.09.23 05:45 Flowerdecay I’m back again with a solar question.

260w panel, 100ah battery, mppt (this is the dilemma) 20a or 30a? I had ordered the 20a but it got lost in mail and while waiting for it to arrive I’ve seen some van tours of people with 150 or 100 watt panel using a 30a charge controller… should I get the 30a or will reordering the 20a be my best bet?
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2021.09.23 05:45 mossball2 Graphics card fan speed issues

Hi there, poked around but didn't see anything exactly like this situation so figured I'd ask. I'm running a GTX 1080 Ti and it generally behaves normally but the fan is a bit wonky. It starts out on silent and ramps up during gaming, but it STAYS ramped up after I stop gaming and all the temps return to normal. I can't quite figure out whose responsibility that is but it seems like there is some amount of fan speed configuration in the OS? Anyone else have this issue? Running 21.04.
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2021.09.23 05:45 CarbonDragon20 Cursed_Oreo

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2021.09.23 05:45 acurless54 Mod Downloading Issue

I'm trying to play Skyrim (and GTA 5) on my new pc with mods. However, when I download Vortex it gives me a javascript error. Everything I look up for the javascript error is related to discord but I don't have or use discord. I'm not sure if this is related but I'm trying to run games and mods on separate drive than the OS, because the drive with OS is too small for all my games and mods. I am 100% full on noob to this, someone please help.
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2021.09.23 05:45 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.23 05:45 -Jacques_Arc- These stairs are pleasing to the eye.

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2021.09.23 05:45 sweggoz Snooki and Deena’s hook up

I was watching the girl’s night recap episode and they brought up being drunk in Italy (I think that’s where it happened right?) and I was just wondering if anyone ever talks about them hooking up or if they ever feel weird about it! That was the most awkward thing I ever had to watch on tv 😂
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