External audio into headset

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2021.09.23 04:58 officialzz_ External audio into headset

So I have the Astro A40 with the pro amp which comes with an aux cord. I was wondering if there was a way if when I play audio connected to the cord, it would play through my mic. Thanks
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2021.09.23 04:58 AussieRed8 39m Aussie

G’day! Australian primary school teacher. Enjoy being outside, riding my Mountain bike, playing with the doggos. I’m married, no kids. We have done foster care, which was an experience.
I’m rather sporty, I have played many different sports and follow just about everything.
Love listening to some country music. Enjoy watching and reading true crime or crime thriller books/series.
Would be happy to find some longer term friendships, but also happy to just chat a day away with someone. Not worried so much about gender or age, people are people!
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2021.09.23 04:58 redtens Simple Bed disassembly bug?

Every time i try to disassemble a simple bed, it only give me 1 out of 2 pieces...
Can you partially fail a disassembly? Or is this a bug?
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2021.09.23 04:58 idiotlost666 being fat

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2021.09.23 04:58 BluPrince Not your run-of-the-mill Computershare post

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2021.09.23 04:58 Alachor Does the power number for a party factor in % buffs from armaments?

Asking cause if I equip the orb in the photo I have smaller power but that orb gives a bonus of 30% Att to party. The sword weapon has a higher base attack but I can’t benefit from the passive buff
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2021.09.23 04:58 ah876 Are there any guidelines for how long you can keep film before developing it? Currently store my film in mini-refrigerator, including my exposed film. I send it off when I have a decent amount to go which can take a couple of weeks. Any help would be appreciated.

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2021.09.23 04:58 PatTar69 😂😂😂

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2021.09.23 04:58 spiff01 Just got this today. I like it. Works very good with Ringke clear case, and the hinge protector seems good. No issues

Just got this today. I like it. Works very good with Ringke clear case, and the hinge protector seems good. No issues submitted by spiff01 to galaxyzflip [link] [comments]

2021.09.23 04:58 fooi101 Pliny the Younger witnesses the eruption of Mount Vesuvius, 79 AD

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2021.09.23 04:58 Worldview01 How successful will the republicans be in creating a debt crisis and then blaming it on Biden?

Re: Debt ceiling limit.
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2021.09.23 04:58 jjdepuertorico ISO 2021 Bowman Chrome Firsts

Anyone rip 2021 Bowman Chrome yet? Looking to buy a few firsts if available!
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2021.09.23 04:58 real-m-f-in-talk Extortion: Two former officers accused of impersonating federal agents, seizing money and marijuana from drivers, indicted by federal grand jury.

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2021.09.23 04:58 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.23 04:58 YellowApricot2 Adaway causing connection problems

I've used awaday for years with a rooted device and it was perfect: I never noticed ads, and also forgot that I had an adblocker installes.
now with a new phone I decided to not root it, this resulted in me needing to choose a different method for adaway.
now, sometimes, especially when I turn off WiFi switching to phone data, my phone can no longer connect to the internet unless I turn off adaway and then suddenly everything works.
does anyone have any suggestions as to what to do?
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2021.09.23 04:58 scrubbbbbbbbbbbbbb [PS4] Summon me! I can help in bosses or random areas! I have most areas unlocked

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2021.09.23 04:58 the-solution-is-ssd Does the Moto G40 Fusion have built-in call recording in India?

I'm planning to gift one to my Mom from my first salary, and she always keeps automatic call recording on her Samsung, so it's a must.
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2021.09.23 04:58 yvanna_ how do i add a picture to a text post ?😅

i went to post something on another subreddit and i couldnt figure out how to attach a photo to my text post . please help lol😅
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2021.09.23 04:58 born-in-trash 2005 here YALL NEED TO STFU

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2021.09.23 04:58 Every-Cat5061 Odds on new Quinn skin

We didn't get anything related to vampire Quinn once again, but having new dragonmancer skins this year, do you think we could finally have a dragon related Quinn skin??
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2021.09.23 04:58 missato01 throwback to my fav eyeliner look.

throwback to my fav eyeliner look. submitted by missato01 to MakeupAddiction [link] [comments]

2021.09.23 04:58 webmediums Surgen despiadadas acusaciones contra Activision Blizzard por su conducta acosadora y misógina...

Surgen despiadadas acusaciones contra Activision Blizzard por su conducta acosadora y misógina... submitted by webmediums to WebMediums [link] [comments]

2021.09.23 04:58 Revolutionary_Rub520 got my septum pierced! not sure how much it suits me but i like it, was very painless. 10/10

got my septum pierced! not sure how much it suits me but i like it, was very painless. 10/10 submitted by Revolutionary_Rub520 to piercing [link] [comments]

2021.09.23 04:58 sweater- My partner might leave me because I can’t manage mess

My partner of nearly five years and I share an 800 square foot, one bedroom apartment.
I have a nearly impossible time keeping things clean and organized. I just can’t seem to stop giant messes of clutter from exploding in different places in the house.
It’s to the point that it’s negatively effecting his mental health, and causes a ton of arguments between us. I just don’t know what to do.
An example in this ongoing issue: We are on vacation right now, and needed friends to cat sit while we are away. I got the catastrophe in the bedroom mostly taken care of... but after doing that he told me it bothers him that I could only do that when other people are coming over. To that I apologized and said “I felt the deadline and was able to clean it up because of the pressure”... and he said “There is a deadline.” Meaning, a deadline of him living with it or having to separate.
I’m just so heartbroken over it all. I hate that I can’t keep up. I hate that I’m not pulling my weight, and that I’m making both of our living situations worse.
I really just don’t know what to do. It’s so hard when I’m constantly agonizing about it, my actions are still seeming like laziness or a sever lack of caring. I just want to be better, and can’t seem to hack it.
I do have the means to pay for a cleaner, but I don’t even know if that will help. I just really want to be able to do my part on my own. A cleaner couldn’t resolve the enormous clutter piles I create.
Not newly diagnosed, but because of these issues I’ve recently gotten on medication (adderall IR) but I usually just take it during work (because of course I’m also a huge mess there too). So far that doesn’t end up being too helpful by the time I get home.
Mostly a rant, and writing out my sob story, but if anyone has had a similar experience that you resolved or otherwise, I’d appreciate some perspective.
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2021.09.23 04:58 NoShameShaymin Preregistration bug?

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