2021.09.23 04:46 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.23 04:46 courtimus-prime Advice for fast-tracking getting over my ex?

Simply, we dated all last year then split up before the summer. Now we’re back in school and she’s got a new boy.
Im happy for her. I like to think I’ve moved on, but there’s still a small part of me that has a foot in the past.
Im probably going to see her again at some point bc we have mutual friends and we’ll eventually go to the same parties. But I just want to feel better about it all.
Any advice?
TLDR: Advice to fast-track getting over an ex?
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2021.09.23 04:46 djarind2 What's the deal with this?

Yieldly’s tech team is distributing Opulous’ tokens to ASA wallets right now 🎶🦩
Check it out https://algoexplorer.io/address/LWWSLXSOC2J3HMNXYPWSMGIJ4A2BRVO65LLL5IU374R24IWV6NIKCT2ZGA 👀
Teamwork makes the dream work 🤝
Watch this space… OPUL ❤️‍🔥
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2021.09.23 04:46 Nivelacker Rewritten Episode: WOTFI 2021

If you were expecting me to retcon this, why? I can't retcon a WOTFI, they're literally an annual thing! Instead, I'm going to do the same thing that I've already done for a couple other WOTFIs and rewrite the story instead of outright removing the video. As with the other WOTFIs that I've gone through, there will be completely new challenges chosen for it, which will be submitted to a post that I will make in preparation of this episode when we eventually get to it. Now, then...
The video opens at the Mario Bros. house first thing in the morning, with Mario and Luigi sleeping in their beds. Luigi wakes up to the sound of someone knocking violently at the door, and they're not stopping. He answers the door to see that it's Smg4, who seems panicked. Smg4 then runs inside the house, grabs Mario out of his bed, and takes off without stopping to explain a single thing to Luigi.
Mario wakes up to see that he's being carried at a high velocity, but he doesn't seem concerned. He just looks down and asks Smg4 where they're going. Smg4 says that they have yet to make a WOTFI this year and the fans aren't going to be happy that it's already halfway through September and there has yet to be one. Mario doesn't seem concerned and goes back to sleep, still being carried. Smg4 eventually reaches a house in the suburbs, breaks inside, and runs upstairs to where X is also still asleep. (FM, on the other hand, is awake and was having a can of beans for breakfast in the kitchen.) X freaks out when he wakes up on top of a sleeping Mario, and he demands to know what's going on. Smg4's explanation as he continues to run makes X go from confused to angry. X jumps off of Mario and Smg4, prompting the latter to come to a halt. X complains that he keeps getting roped into this every year whether he wants to or not, and kidnapping him this time is the last straw. He tells Smg4 to go find someone else to referee this time, as X is going back to bed. Smg4 is now trying to think of a character to take X's place, but gets an idea when Mario mumbles something about a princess in his sleep.
Smg4 enters Peach's Castle through a window, landing on and crushing Toad in the landing. Peach herself comes from the doors leading upstairs and is surprised to see that it's Smg4 causing a ruckus rather than Mario. Smg4 throws Mario onto the ground before explaining to Peach that the annual WOTFI is long overdue and he couldn't spare the time to use the door because of that. Smg4 then explains that their usual referee isn't coming this time and that he wants Peach to take up the role instead. Peach takes a moment to consider this before accepting, with her logic being that she doesn't have anything planned to do today aside from making sure that Mario doesn't cause problems, which would be easier if she were constantly in his presence, not to mention the fact that she would know what Mario's up to this time because she'll know what the challenges are as the referee. The last thing that needs to be accounted for is Mario himself, but he's pretty mad at Smg4 for being thrown onto the floor, as this ended his dream (about spaghetti, memes, and 'shrooms') prematurely. Peach then announces that the WOTFI shall now begin... As soon as she pulls up the first challenge on her phone. This is the premise of the video.
There is a twist with how the challenges for this WOTFI go, with this alteration being that Peach is present for each challenge, surveying the Italians as they compete as well as trying to keep collateral damage to a minimum. Peach can get hurt and stuff during the challenges, but not for each one, and only when you can make it be funny. The screens between the challenges (where the next one is displayed each time) always feature Mario, Smg4, and Peach looking down to read the next challenge, with special reactions to any particularly concerning or exciting ones. The rap battle after the challenges also has Peach as the referee.
At the end of the rap battle, the Italians stare at each other intensely for a moment. Then Mario asks why they're doing so, prompting them both to turn to Peach to see who won, but then they realize that Peach is missing! (Peach has actually been missing for the last part of the rap battle.) Mario then spots Bowser flying away in the distance in his Koopa Clown car, carrying Peach with him. Mario then goes after Bowser with Smg4 close behind. They chase Bowser to his castle and go inside, easily taking out all the enemies that try to stop them. They get to a bridge with Bowser, a big button, and Peach (in a cage) on the other side. Mario and Smg4 easily get past Bowser's attacks and get to the glowing button, pressing it to make the bridge break and drop Bowser down into the lava. They turn to the cage with Peach, except it isn't Peach at all, but Kamek in disguise! Bowser then flies out of the pit in his clown car, asking if they really thought that he was going to be defeated that easily again. Mario is completely taken by surprise and asks why Bowser broke the rules and actually thought ahead for once. Bowser gets angry at this and retorts that he's actually trying to capture the princess and beat Mario, this isn't just a routine like everyone seems to think it is. Bowser then adds that Mario and Smg4 should look up; the Italians barely have time to scream in alarm as a Gourmet Guy falls onto them from above, crushing them.
Smg4 wakes up in a cage dangling over lava. Mario and Peach are also in cages next to Smg4's. Bowser sits on a throne on a nearby floating platform, doing a dance while he laughs (the dance from Mario Party 1). Bowser goes on a monologue, saying that he's been treated like a joke for years now and he's tired of it, so he went out of his way to make a perfect plan. He watched the old bloopers where he was the villain and learned from them, making sure to set up a plan that accounted for everything. He even set up a rigged arena to fight Mario and Smg4 on, which already worked, and now they're both in cages hanging from one of Bowser's airships (which the camera pans upward to show). Bowser then elaborates that he made sure to put everyone in separate cages so that they wouldn't be able to work together, and he also had Kamek (who's been floating next to Bowser this whole time) enchant each cage so that they can't try to fit anything between the bars.
Smg4 says that Bowser's still going to lose when Luigi shows up to save the day for once instead. Bowser then proves him wrong by having another cage be lowered from the airship, this one having Luigi in it. Bowser then proceeds to reveal that he captured everybody, just to be sure that nobody is left to save the day. (More airships have to show up after the first one runs out of space to hang cages from.) Mario then tries to convince the enemies on the airships to switch sides because Bowser is a terrible boss and pays badly; the enemies refuse because they are paid well, as Bowser explains that he also gave all of his minions a raise to keep them on board. He also told his kids that they would each get a part of the kingdom to rule, so they're not turning coat either.
Bowser boasts that he actually finally won after all these years, and now nobody will take him for a joke ever again once he becomes ruler of the kingdom. Then, suddenly, out of nowhere, a very loud "STAHP RIGHT THERE" makes everyone turn their heads, and it's from a trio of X, FM, and Cube, all three of which are coming in on top of a police car with rocket thrusters on it. Bowser is not at all concerned and just tells his troops to "Shoot it down.", which they do immediately with rocket launchers and machine guns. Bowser says he forgot to mention that he also gave his troops real weapons. X, FM, and Cube are then put in cages which are also dangled over the edge of an airship while Bowser is busy writing down that he can't forget about "the other guys who look exactly like Mario for some reason". Bowser then returns to his monologue about how he finally has won, with everyone either on his side or captured. When asked what he plans to do with his prisoners, Bowser says that his first order of business is going to be to find a permanent way of disposing of everyone, so they're not going to have long enough to even try to escape (not that they can).
...And with no warning, intro, or fanfare, Belle arrives by suddenly appearing out of nowhere. She comments that it's not surprising that Bowser forgot all about her, because she has the best luck in the universe and effortlessly evaded capture without even knowing initially. Belle then proceeds to engage the whole armada of enemies, taking everything out in a very loud and effect-laden MLG sequence. Enemies are killed by the dozens with every 360 no-scope, the airships start blowing up as they plummet from the sky, and it's just really hard to tell what's going on unless you mute the audio and watch everything in slow-motion. The insanity reaches its apex when Belle goes right for Bowser after decimating everything else. The video proceeds to crash after Belle annihilates Bowser, going to a very glitchy end card. That's it.
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2021.09.23 04:46 bymigo Dogecoin Elliott Waves

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2021.09.23 04:46 Seanile1 Pride or shame? Siting in a WC stall and finish a puzzle. The Congrats! jingle plays and I hear a “Good job!” for the next stall.

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2021.09.23 04:46 greenerbod Certainly not god tier like some other setups, but it’s my comfort zone for now 😌

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2021.09.23 04:46 JustGetRichTonight Ate house prices gonna go down when the majority of the county is in a high fire risk zone?

With global warming and climate change rearing its head it looks like a massive percentage of the county is and will be a high fire risk zone. Once that happens insurance rates will skyrocket and some insurers won’t touch the houses anymore. Will those areas become uninhabitable within 30 years? How will San Diego adapt?
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2021.09.23 04:46 needhelpSOS777 Looking for Inorganic Chemistry text book 5th edition by Housecroft

I am looking for a PDF of Inorganic Chemistry (5th Edition) by Catherine Housecroft ISBN-13: 978-1292134147. I am also looking for the accompanying solution manual (ISBN-13: 978-1292139913)
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2021.09.23 04:46 aussty Unofficial VMware Operations Guide - everything operations management

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2021.09.23 04:46 Alexupho Want a reference sheet of your character? [Art by me]

Want a reference sheet of your character? [Art by me] $150USD
[Fullbody (semi-complex) x2 + headshot (semi-complex) x2 + extras]
$140 USD
[Full body x 2 + headshot x2 + extras]
$100USD without NSFW [NSFW doubles price]
[Full body (complex) + headshot (complex) + extras +NSFW]
[Head + Big-partial + fullbody]
Processing img cbazfjx026p71...
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2021.09.23 04:46 farts_smell_bad STARL Metaverse Preps Fans For Long-Awaited Satellite NFT and Marketplace 2.0 Auction This Friday

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2021.09.23 04:46 QwertytheCoolOne Someone put Smoke & Drive up on Spotify. This is not official and probably shouldn't be supported. But its there

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2021.09.23 04:46 quirapretty chrono cross ps1 fmv remaster project ( 8k test )

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2021.09.23 04:46 sea-ways controlling MIL won’t let BF stay the night

to preface, my boyfriend (20m) and i (19f) met in college, two years ago, and have been together for the vast majority of the time. of course we would regularly spend the night in one another’s room, no big deal. when covid hit, we both went back home to live with our parents, and i went back to work. his mom took covid restrictions very seriously - which is good - but i didn’t see my boyfriend for a whole year. we started seeing each other again earlier this year, taking necessary precautions, we both got vaccinated, as well as the rest of our families besides his 7 year old sister. his mom has been incredibly strict about everything; she expects him to wear a mask around me at all times, keep the window down in the car if he has it off, etc. i’m not allowed in their house. we try to work around her rules and ignore them often, but only seeing my boyfriend in a public setting is getting frustrating. it’s never bothered me as much as it has lately though. my birthday is sunday, and for a while i’ve been talking to my boyfriend about us going to the beach saturday and getting a hotel for the night, just the two of us. we’ve never had the chance to do something like that before, and my home life is a little rocky, so i’ve been dying to get away from everything for a bit. i brought it up again this weekend and he said he still hadn’t asked his mom if he could go, but he would. my parents are very different from his, and they recognize that i’m an adult who can make decisions for themselves - i don’t ask permission for things anymore, rather tell them my intentions and they trust me. so my boyfriend asks his mom about the beach trip, she says no. i’m a little hurt, and i asked him if she had a reason and he said she didn’t give one. i expressed to him that i didn’t understand, she must have a reason. if it’s covid, it shouldn’t concern her too much because my boyfriend has a job at which he interacts with the general public all day long. i left it alone after he said he’d talk to her, but i thought about it a lot. i feel so selfish for the thoughts i’ve had about the situation; it’s MY 20th birthday and all i’m asking for is 24 hours with my boyfriend at a beach less than two hours away. we spoke about it more today and he said he really wants to go, but she’d threatened to not let him go at all if he kept pushing. she gave him a few phony reasons that fell through as he’d planned his counterpoints well. eventually, she told him that we are just too young to be spending the night together and it wasn’t going to happen. i told him i couldn’t tell him how to handle the situation, but that i felt like his mom was being too controlling over a 20 year old man. i guess she’s just trying to prevent us from having sex, but it’s hard for me to believe she’s dense enough to think we aren’t already. i’m just frustrated and confused, i have no idea how to handle things. there have been other times when she shut down our plans (not overnight ones, this is the first time we’ve tried to do something of that sort) for seemingly no reason, and it’s making me feel like she doesn’t approve of me. i just don’t know what i can do other than cancelling my beach trip or leaving him at home, and of course i don’t really want to do either. please help!
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2021.09.23 04:46 juliant415 I'm having suicidal thoughts and don't know what to do.

I don't know which other thread to post on other than my trusty go-to advice page, so thank you all who take the time to read this.
I'm 28 years old living in California. Since high school, I've felt a deep down depression because I had no idea what I wanted to do in life and I was not happy with my physical appearance (male pattern baldness and genetic gyno, which is male boobs). I've done everything I could, dieting, regular gym sessions, and minoxidil for my hair but all wasn't working. As I've gotten older, I have cared less and less and just embraced my physical appearance. Now still to this day, I have been a huge procrastinator because I had no idea what I wanted to do in life, that I've wasted most of my twenties away. I have been working retail for the past 10 years and feel numb to it at this point.
I recently just got a new "contractor" job for IT. I never had a passion for IT, but always been good at it. Even after getting the job (that pays less than what I'm making in retail), I don't feel happy. Living in California, specifically, the Bay Area is very hard. Rent is extremely high and the housing market...forget about it.
Growing up in life wasn't bad. I have two loving and supportive parents, and yes them divorcing when I was a child was rough, but we all grow up with minor problems. I have two siblings, both of who are doing great but I don't have necessarily a close relationship with them. I have a loving and supportive girlfriend (going on 4 years) and honestly, my mom and my girlfriend are the only two people in this world keeping me from committing suicide. The thought of them feeling any sort of pain just breaks my heart, and I'm trying to stay strong for them. Nobody knows how I'm feeling, and there is no chance I can tell any family member because of said reason.
I have a solid group of good friends (about 3 or 4) that I can have a good time with and they usually go to me for any advice, but they aren't the ones to provide any sort of help for me. Usually, we drink beers, watch sports or play video games. They wouldn't know how to respond or what to say if I were to tell them. When I'm with them, I try to forget how I'm feeling. The same goes with my family and girlfriend, spend time with them to distract myself. When I'm alone, I'm completely toxic to myself. I have no drive or ambition, I'm a lazy piece of s**t and I lie to myself all the time. Going to the gym doesn't help me anymore, as I have zero ambition now to go (no matter how much dieting and working out I do, I feel like crap when I get back). I currently am living by myself in a little studio because that's all I can afford.
I do very well supporting and helping others out, but never can provide answers for my own self. Seeking any sort of counseling or therapy is embarrassing and will cost me lots of money I don't have. I would never want anybody to find out anyways. I'm essentially "in good spirits" around family and friends but a horrible toxic garbage person when I'm alone, and I consider myself mostly an introverted person.
I know I'm just one ant in this world, but to my mom and girlfriend, I'm more than that. They are my ropes from falling. I just feel like I've let them down by not having a better paying job, better living situation, better life status, etc. I wish I could provide more for them, but I can't. I'm working hard to do so, but lose track and focus then procrastinate. I honestly don't know what else to say other than thank you to anyone who has read this from top to bottom. Have a good night everybody.
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2021.09.23 04:46 Jbow0000004 Tactical analysis: The importance and evolution of fullbacks in the A-League

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2021.09.23 04:46 GlibBot Martial Peak - Chapter 1524 - - Fusing with The Dragon Scale

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2021.09.23 04:46 Muspel Wiki Ratings Update (Zero Shifts Given)

Obligatory link spam:
Unit Rankings
Rating Information
Damage comparison spreadsheet
Global Exclusive Podcast
Previous Thread
Ice Reaper Kurasame Wow, we’ve sure got so much to talk about with these deep, interesting kits.
Kurasame’s damage is in between the 28.5 and 29.0 benchmarks. He’s closer to 29.0, but he loses a quarter of a point for relying on external chains and thus rounds down to 28.5.
Such interesting, very wow.
Queen and Machina The GL version of the builder is still not updated with their NVAs, so for now we’re holding off on rating them until we can be sure that we have the right builds (and, therefore, the right damage calculations). They’re not great, though.
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2021.09.23 04:46 Fehkoala911 No buttons on home screen?

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2021.09.23 04:46 bluethecoloris Sweeping George Floyd police reform bill stalls as talks collapse

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2021.09.23 04:46 _Klight126 3 way hug?

I’m disappointed to see no ones talking about that 3 way hug & spin. When I say I was laughing my ass off doing the laundry…
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2021.09.23 04:46 bluethecoloris NSW Covid update: 1,063 new cases and six deaths as 28% of children receive first vaccine dose

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2021.09.23 04:46 Ok_Profession_5060 Jose while Rachel was pouring her heart out

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2021.09.23 04:46 Vendidurt I am told they call this "Phase 1 for Mewtwo"

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