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Please take a look at all that I have to offer! I would love to give these Babes a wonderful home while hopefully getting some isos :)

2021.09.23 04:56 emmyisraels Please take a look at all that I have to offer! I would love to give these Babes a wonderful home while hopefully getting some isos :)

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2021.09.23 04:56 greedo80000 Day 5

It’s been a few days since posting here. I haven’t had a non zero day which is great, I just forget to post. This will be summary of most days

Life is good. I’ve felt mostly positive these few days, despite they very difficult and emotional conversation and experience surrounding that.
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2021.09.23 04:56 LeFuzzyBunny Moved into a new house. The old owners never changed their furnace filter.

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2021.09.23 04:56 chuck__noblet I found some javascript on speedtest.net that I have a question about.

In [this page](view-source:https://www.speedtest.net/), there is a few lines of code that read....

function writeSource(endpoint){ var source = getProtocol() + endpoint; document.write(''); } 
Why are they using "" instead of simply ""?
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2021.09.23 04:56 WideVermicelli9 Pride flags in parish

There is a family who wear pride flags as masks in my parish. I feel that I’m committing a sin via making judgments about them but also feel that it is not the place to be making political or secular public statements like that. I’m conflicted because on one hand I understand and on the other I feel it’s inappropriate. I wonder if it’s similar to the case of modesty within the church but even then I worry about my own judgments there.
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2021.09.23 04:56 PlumpBerryHam What's your favorite thing to eat?

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2021.09.23 04:56 Rhythm_K Hey guys im sorry for the off topic question but i had to ask it .

If anyone lives in jaipur, rajasthan in india please tell me if you know a good avian vet. I have been looking for one for a long time and if i dont find one soon i will have to take my coco to delhi (another city) for a vet appointment
Again , Sorry for the weird question Yours truly, Rhythm
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2021.09.23 04:56 AudreeFan163 Wait... I have a question

if the adopt me game was broken and then was fixed, did it get your pets back from a hacker? or not?
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2021.09.23 04:56 YayOrangeOnceAgain Resistance is a weird spell

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2021.09.23 04:56 TheeBdogg Days like today I miss running the most

So today was a little cold and windy, clearly falls coming in. It was also dark and cloudy. I was out for 10 mins and my hands started to get cold. And it sucks I can't run. I just had surgery this month to repair my labrum and shave some of the bone down in my leg so it fits better in the socket.
I've been battling injury for over a year. I've done PT and injections twice. The second doctor I saw, saw no change after he gave me PT and an injection, so he gave me surgery.
If this injury never happened I probably would have complained on a day like today but I still would have ran just like any other day.
I badly wanna run. I wanna run through heat and cold. I wanna run though snow, sleet, and rain. I wanna run through wind, mud, and ice. I wanna run through it all. I wanna run through trails deep in the woods with the leaves cascading down from the trees. I wanna run down roads on mornings with freshly fallen snow, bouncing light back up towards the sky. I wanna run through terential downpours so bad I can't wear my glasses and I come back looking like I just jumped in a lake.
I just wanna feel the power that running gave me. I almost always knew I could make it. I could make it through the gale force winds that slam into me and seem like they are trying to take me off my feet. I could make it through approaching zero temperatures, that left hands red and pain, and my whole body stiff. I could make it through upwards of 90 degree temperatures and humidity so bad it made me sweat buckets. Sure, there were workouts I didn't think I could get through but I almost always did.
I will run again but damn if I'm not missing it hard right now. Is there anything you all do to make this suck less?
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2021.09.23 04:56 fantasticpotatobeard Matthew Scarlett resigns as Geelong Cats assistant coach

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2021.09.23 04:56 dirtylittleincel I will never have a gf im attracted

i gotta come to terms with reality then kms
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2021.09.23 04:56 KaiWood11 How would I solve the A, B, and C intersect on this 3 circle venn diagram?

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2021.09.23 04:56 Sinusaur If I put my will in the Facebook profile-> Details ->"Details about you" section, will it be considered a legally binding document?

"Details about you" is a section of the profile limited to friends, I think.
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2021.09.23 04:56 AmbassadorMobile What pocket watch is this?

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2021.09.23 04:56 destijeff I bet none of you have done a dumber thing

back in like 2015, i played Terraria a lot, I started because i used to watch Stampy play it a lot, to the point where i built a giant treehouse like his in my world.

Basically one day, i had a sudden thought: What if i sold everything i had to the vendor, how much coins will that give me?
And yes i did. I got my favorite items and sold them 1 by 1 to the gun vendor.
Then guess what stupid me did
I exited the shop

To this day i don't play on my Xbox anymore.
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2021.09.23 04:56 esperianterra Unifan AL - Fans are different colors

I bought two three packs of unifans, about a month apart from each other, to put into my rig. They work fine beyond the controller wanting nothing to do with PWM (bypassable, at least) and the fact that I can't get the fans to display the same color, but only when doing white or certain blues, and only on certain effects (rainbow seems to work just fine in between all the fans, static and taichi don't)
It's hard to get a good picture, but you can see it on the top fans - the one on the back is a lot more blue than the front, which is gray. This happens in L Connect and in Asus Aura if I hand over control.
The back fan is on its own channel, the two fans on the AIO are on the same channel, and the three on the front are on the same channel. I've tried reinstalling the software, reinstalling the controller, checking the connections, nothing changed.
Is there anything I can do to try to fix it ? These were super expensive... I wasn't expecting true white, but I was hoping they'd all be the same off white at least.
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2021.09.23 04:56 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.23 04:56 Tall_Kid6007 I'm confused with Logan, Jake's and YouTube boxers in general's reach listings.

Logan was listed with a 75 inch reach in first fight with KSI. In the rematch, they had him at a 76 inch reach. Which I thought made sense because he bulked up and got wider in between the two fights, which affects wingspan when measured, but not actual arm length. Then his listing against Floyd baffled me, they had him listed with a 73 1/2 inch reach..? Surely somethings wrong, because Logan was almost the same size as he was against KSI in the rematch. So it must have been a typo on Showtime's part, and they meant to type 74 1/2 inch reach, or that is his real reach!
But how does this make sense, Jake's reach was listed at 74 inches against Deji, and has been exaggerated to 76 in all his fights until Woodley, which downgraded him back to his original, true reach listing, 74 inches. But does this mean Jake has slightly longer arms than Logan, despite being 2-3 inches shorter? I don't know, but what do you think?
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2021.09.23 04:56 RiverMan2011 Hit this today and only 25 more to go for my big giveaway!

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2021.09.23 04:56 HGregorz Anxiety, feeling of heart attack and now severe headache

Hi guys. I'm female and 30 years old and mildly overweight at present.
So since the beginning of the year I've been having anxiety. I have been to the ER three times with what felt like a heart attack.
Currently in the midst of something similar now. Symptoms include pain in the left hand side of my chest and down my left arm, a general feeling of dread in my stomach, head rushes and general brain fog (especially in theeft handside of my brain), feeling of slow heart rate and just overall feeling of grogginess.
To add to this, I've just got over a particularly nasty flu and I've got a general headache, throbbing and tender continuous specific spots on my temples, a cough, post nasal drip and sore throat that I can't quite shift. I'm on day four of the main symptoms subsiding and the headache and throbbing pain is getting worse rather than better.
Anyone think there might be something seriously wrong? Or is my anxiety ridden brain trying to trick me? I'm really frightened by the whole thing, so thanks in advance.
I feel it's worth mentioning that the throbbing and the headache started whilst I was feeling less anxious overall and now I feel super anxious thanks to the worsening nature of it.
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2021.09.23 04:56 BisexualQuestioner What is called when you experience things that seem like being trans, but you aren't actually trans? And these symptoms immediately go away when you accept you have same-sex attraction?

I wouldn't say they were symptoms of actual gender dysphoria, but I wanted to have a male voice, didn't mind she/her but liked male pronouns more, always imagined myself as a man in my head with a male name always, sometimes wanted to be a man, but not to an extreme degree, etc.
But yeah has anyone else experienced wanting to be the other gender before you realized you were just attracted to the same-sex?
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2021.09.23 04:56 Spooki1000 Parents

Got a couple voicemails from my dad today and played one of them at lunch trying to see what he wanted. just letting me know he was flying to new york to see his step kids, which isnt a bad thing in itself but when i stopped to consider how he wouldnt even come see me on my birthday and we live in the same place not too far from one another and hes willing to fly halfway across the country to see these other people that im supposed to instantly have feelings for even though i havent even met half of them kinda stings a bit. not counting the fact that the reason he couldnt come see me on my birthday was that he was out on his fucking boat(which i was unaware he even had) with said step kids takes it from stinging to actually hurtful. im not a giant success story like them and i feel like theyre stealing the only family member i really have left, sure i may have some problems and im far from as well put together as them but god damnit im still his only biological kid. he litterally married this woman like 2 years ago and her kids have more of a relationship with him than i do, and that honestly makes me feel pretty fucking worthless. like what am i even trying to get my shit together for? nobody needs me and i dont have any actual support now that my grandmother passed away. the fuck is the point of trying anymore? not going to bite it or anything like that but i just feel fucking worthless
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2021.09.23 04:56 GratefulD86 Rotel Dip = Welcome

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2021.09.23 04:56 Nawod_TH Share karma.upvote this post and i upvoted yours.

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