UFC 266

2021.09.23 03:51 HairyPotterrrr UFC 266

Any spots that will host the UFC this weekend? Perhaps a sports bar? Looking to watch Diaz whoop some arse.
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2021.09.23 03:51 Awade32 Found a real gem today if anyone is interested…

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2021.09.23 03:51 loverboyuniversity Modeled at Aveda yesterday

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2021.09.23 03:51 Yamnich2 Pnp a minor requirement

Could I pnp a minor required class then retake it for a grade?
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2021.09.23 03:51 Struggledpuff Fuck doctors

It wasn't just "anxiety" I was having an asthma attack. My airways are covered in mucus and I can't walk more than a few steps without pain because I can't breathe a day later. Fuck all 3 doctors for telling me it was my anxiety.
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2021.09.23 03:51 BlackoutLawyer Ordered 8/21 - Delivery Tomorrow!

Colorado - As the title says I ordered a M3 SR+ in late August. Original EDD was late December. The EDD moved quickly to October 20 - November 10. On Monday I received a call from my SA saying they had an identical model on the lot and asked if I wanted it. The plan is for delivery tomorrow. Seeing the delivery posts in this sub has kept me semi-sane so thanks for riding along.
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2021.09.23 03:51 WoohooBlend Is Wolverine better than Daredevil?

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2021.09.23 03:51 BayPadishah86 SF Cruising?

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2021.09.23 03:51 Wild-Customer3965 What is this jad and Ricardo I didn't understand it 🤨🤨🤨can anyone plz explain me. And all are talking about this

I am basically confused with this
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2021.09.23 03:51 IfThatsYourAtaWheres Support Tickets Disabled?

I haven't experienced anything like this since Crpytsy.
I got penalized for inactivity when I wasn't even in queue for a game. I tried to contact blizzard and I can't send in a ticket, even with all fields filled. Is it just me? Is it my account? I reset my browser history, re-logged in with 2FA, etc, and still not luck. Is this the end of Battle.net? I really can't take this shit anymore, to be frank.
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2021.09.23 03:51 Xingadora_ After months of winning nothing on the Newegg shuffle, I gave up. Randomly decided to enter again last week and picked up a 3060 Ti

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2021.09.23 03:51 Competitive_Horror23 SILVER RATIO IS EXPANDING

ISilver-Gold Ratio Opening Up Again | SchiffGold

September 22, 2021 by SchiffGold 0 1
The silver-gold ratio has ballooned again, indicating that silver is once again a bargain buy.
During a gold bull market, silver typically outperforms gold. We saw this during the big runup in the price of both metals through the early months of the pandemic. In the third quarter of last year, silver charted its best quarter since 2010, finishing up 27.62% through the three months ending Sept. 30. Going back further, silver spiked 106.6% off its March 2020 low.
Prior to the pandemic, the silver-gold ratio was well above 80-1. In February 2020, it stood at 88-1. The ratio climbed to nearly 93:1 in the summer of 2019. As silver and gold rallied last year, the big increase in the price of silver pushed the silver-gold ratio back below 70-1.
In recent months, silver and gold have both faced significant pressure as markets anticipate the Federal Reserve will begin to tighten monetary policy. Silver has faced stronger selling pressure than gold, and the silver-gold ratio has reopened, running at 78-1 today.
In practice, this means it takes 78 ounces of silver to buy one ounce of gold. To put that into perspective, the average in the modern era has been between 40:1 and 50:1.
So, what does the silver-gold ratio tell us?
In simple terms, it signals that from a historical perspective, silver is underpriced compared to gold.
Here’s the historical perspective.
Geologists estimate that there are approximately 19 ounces of silver for every ounce of gold in the earth’s crust, with a ratio of approximately 11.2 ounces of silver to each ounce of gold that has ever been mined. Interestingly, the silver-gold ratio in ancient Egypt was 1:1.
In 1792, the gold/silver price ratio was fixed by law in the United States at 15:1. France mandated a ratio of 15.5:1 in 1803. Faced with the challenges of a bi-metallic monetary system with fixed exchange rates and the aftermath of a worldwide financial crisis, the US Congress passed the Coinage Act of 1873. Following the lead of other Western nations, including England, Portugal, Canada, and Germany, this act formally demonetized silver and established a gold standard for the United States.
With silver playing a smaller role as a monetary metal, the silver-gold ratio gradually spread. The modern average over the last century has been in the 40-1 to 50-1 range.
Commodities analyst Jason Hamlin said in an article published by Seeking Alpha, “The gold-silver ratio has been one of the most reliable technical ‘buy’ indicators for silver, whenever the ratio climbs above 80.”
We’re right at that doorstep.
Silver is much more volatile than gold due to its industrial role, but at its core, it is still a monetary metal and it tends to track relatively consistently with gold over time. When gold goes up, it almost always takes silver with it, and as already noted, silver typically outperforms gold in these bull runs.
The expectation is the Fed will begin tapering its quantitative easing program in the near future and this has created significant headwinds for gold and silver. But as Peter Schiff has noted, a slight slowdown in asset purchases does not equal a “tight” monetary policy. Furthermore, Peter thinks any tapering will be short-lived and the Fed will ultimately expand QE.
It knows the only foundation this bubble economy has is the Fed’s easy money policies. And I don’t think they have any actual plans to taper. And even if they just kind of feign the process by beginning it, they’ll never complete it because soon after they start the taper, again, if they even ever start, they’re going to have to reverse the process. Because ultimately, the Fed Fed is going to expand the QE program and start to buy a lot more government Treasuries and mortgage-backed securities in the future than it’s doing right now.”
This is bullish for both silver and gold.
Silver has hit an all-time high of $49 per ounce twice – in January 1980 and then again in April 2011. If you adjust that $49 high for inflation, you’re looking at a price of around $150 per ounce. In other words, silver has a long way to run up. As one analyst put it, “With the long-term downside potential of silver very low versus its current valuation, the risk/reward is one of the best investments on the planet.”
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2021.09.23 03:51 treed17 Review #3: Wolfburn no 155 Small Batch Release

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2021.09.23 03:51 Takuanuva09 Looking for modern alternative rock songs with sick time changes and time signature changes.

I’ve seen a couple here and there but they are very scarce and they always sound good.
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2021.09.23 03:51 Preemo-187 Chronic heat hives.

I am 18 my outbreaks started when i was 14, triggered first when i wore tight clothing, now hot weather, spicy foods, exercise, showers anything heat related triggers my symptoms. anyone know how to get some reliefs off this?, i’ve done research but couldn’t find any cure whatsoever and also I don’t sweat, no matter how hard i try i can’t seem to break a sweat anywhere on my body.
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2021.09.23 03:51 Rckifs6864278qgk Is there some kind of passthrough device that allows you to have the GCLoader AND still keep your disc drive?

I know there is an the SD2SP2 btw. I’m not asking about that.
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2021.09.23 03:51 henrylondon1988 时与势在美国这边,中国无法超越美国

我又要发表政治不正确的观点了。 网络上五毛最喜欢说的一句话是,时与势都在中国这边。中国人听话勤劳,工业化全球水平最高,生产全球最多的工程师数学家,全工业门类然后拥有世界上最大的消费市场。 不可否认,中国的优势在经济社会对比美国还是有很多的优势,但是长期来看我依然看好美国也会继续投资美国,虽然中国股票的估值比美国看似便宜很多。
先说下中国的优势: 主要是后发优势, 因为起步晚可以借助别的国家的技术迅速工业化。 人口世界第一国土辽阔,单一民族,就是个超级大号的日本。 中国人文化是很世俗,一切向前看 做事情目的性强 价值观单一, 经济确实容易发展起来。 不像印度没法建立起统一的文化 没有中国的规模效应。
中国政府是单一独裁政府擅长长期规划,并且做决定阶段性强, 没选举没反对党 什么都能推,全世界这种类型的政府都是没有的。所以高铁基建可以建的那么快。
为什么中国那么厉害还是没法超越美国: 1, 中国人口老龄化速度过快,长期的低福利,高强度工作人口红利被榨干,后面国内消费萎靡,房地产崩盘是必然,然后医疗福利开支会大幅度增加,也没那么多韭菜可以收割建设了。 美国英国出生率都在1.7左右还有大量移民涌入,中国现在中位数年龄已经大于美国,过30年后面哪个国家更加有希望,我会选择美国。 2, 发展不均衡 社会结构很畸形。 习近平也说过中国其实是大而不强 看似全产业链很多工业门类产量世界第一,但其实就是体量特别大在全球没什么产业是领先垄断 有很高的定价权。比如虽然手机电子产品90% 产于中国,中国公司拿走多少利润?国内很多看似世界第一的行业都是充满了恶性竞争,拼低利润最后大家都不怎么赚钱。
3, 中国面临西方在高端产业的竞争和亚非拉低端竞争, 高端中国要再上去后面会很难。西方普遍意识到中国这种独裁体制利用低人权优势可以靠国家补贴,技术偷窃, 规模效应击垮一个行业,以前的光伏产业,现在的电池,直接做成白菜价,西方很难竞争,西方再放任中国估计西方自己也没饭吃了也要陷入和中国14亿人的内卷。 估计以后会有更多高科技对中国禁运和限制。中国人自己觉得自己市场大可以疯狂砸钱就能站在行业高端,这个有待验证。个人感觉不可行, 比如芯片产业, 设备材料都被欧美垄断, 中国砸几万亿,也不一定能赶上, 欧美大企业可以不停和你打价格战 10年大家都不赚钱,你有点少钱可以让你烧, 所以中国芯片我一点不看好,Google 没依靠中国市场创新和成长怎么样 再对比垄断中国市场的百度, 10年过去了2各公司差距有变小否? 当中国经济没法不停的升级就会陷入更加厉害的恶性竞争,中国市场就那么大还在快速老去。
4, 中国很多资源严重依赖进口。 农业美国产量多少 中国产量多少, 中国原材料大量依赖进口, 澳洲铁矿石,巴西美国大豆, 30% 食物依赖进口, 能源也需要大量进口。 美国石油天然气产量世界第一,食物最大的出口国, 中国就那么点资源 未来30年可以超越美国 我感觉也很难, 很大程度决定了中国的上限
5, 文化中国直接被美国吊打,这个可能是差别最大的。中国文化奴性太重, 所谓什么儒家中华文化基本对非中国人没什么吸引力。 不提倡言论自由, 没有自由的思想, 中国国际形象就是等同于独裁 没自由。 在国际上中国基本就是被吊打, 没有什么国家想学习中国这套, 哪个外国人想放弃自己的言论自由 学中国的党文化, 做战狼小粉红? 美国很多东西是不好, 但是他们崇尚自由和个人主义的精神比中国文化有吸引力太多了。
6, 中国周围地缘政治恶劣。 日本俄罗斯台湾韩国越南阿富汗, 远一点澳大利亚。 现在邻国都感受中国的威胁开始扩充军备以后要开始恶意螺旋,中国一个国家和美国盟友军备竞赛,这个不用想也知道结局
7, 美国的企业竞争力和活力比中国高很多, 全球前20最有价值公司应该只有阿里巴巴和腾讯,这2个公司和Google apple amazon比差的有点远 更别说什么微软 AMD Nvidia intel IBM,中国连可以竞争的都没有, 医药企业全球前20没一个中国公司 差距更加大。 这几年感觉是科技很多领域美国拉中国差距越来越大, 但国内宣传是美国在衰弱,加上国内对私人企业的继续打压
中国市场以后会有几个细分领域发展不错我也持续看好比如 电动车和电池。很多客观因素决定了中国的上限, 我觉得现在可能会是中国未来10年最好的时候, 美国国运我觉得还没到顶。
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2021.09.23 03:51 to-lauv-me-95 Get to know our ROADMAP

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2021.09.23 03:51 thundermonkeyms Upgrade time! Please help.

I've been using a Moto G5 Plus for 3 years now. Loved it, but its gotten horribly slow and stuttery. Other than generic phone stuff, youtube/netflix, etc. I'll probably play MTGA if it can handle that.
What I'm looking for;
-3.5mm headphone jack and speakers with good volume.
-As good as or better battery life to the moto g5 plus.
-Buttery smooth and fast phone. My least favorite thing in any technology is when something constantly stutters, buffers, freezes, etc.
-A microphone that can handle recording me play saxophone into it.
-64gb+ and/or SD card slot.
-Will last me another 3 years or more.
-No more than $350
I really liked the motion features on this phone (karate chop and twist to turn on flashlight and camera respectively) and would like to keep that or something similar. Thank you guys in advance for the suggestions!
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2021.09.23 03:51 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.23 03:51 BananaChickenNuggeta Is there any discord bot that lets you know what items are in the RELLcoin shop?

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2021.09.23 03:51 ItsMichaelRay [Arabic > English] What do they say from 28:45-28:49 in this video? (Reposting because I put the wrong language the first time)

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2021.09.23 03:51 sk1nnypeni5 Who should I take up to sig 30 next. I'm at chap 34 currently.

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2021.09.23 03:51 Chemical_Materials09 I’ve always loved this scene in the pilot, now I’ll always have it

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2021.09.23 03:51 ShyKnowsBest420 What is completely wrong but overlooked by a lot of people?

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