2021.09.23 05:52 Bergerboy14 Geep

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2021.09.23 05:52 Reshin8234 I sell my Venom Strikes (1 of 3)

I do sell the Venom Strikes (1 of 3) LE. It's in the original packaging and isn't opened jet. Text me if u would like to buy it with a offer pls I'm from Germany
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2021.09.23 05:52 CoastalSailing Capturing the process of working on this dwarf for the Dwarf Paint-Along (not finished yet, WIP)

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2021.09.23 05:52 HackRT [24m] Trying to find out what's wrong with me

So About 5 months ago I had an injury to my penis. Pulled it a bit too hard to the left while masturbating. I felt a weird twinge and I stopped. No pain at first but in the next 2 months it hurt like hell. The pain has now subsided but I am still left with the symptoms which are: -Penis going right about 10 degrees -clockwise torsion of the head about 10 degrees -Right side doesn't seem to be filling with blood as much, feels limp during erections. -Right side doesn't throb or do anything during orgasm. -Feels like an indent on the right side where the blood should be -Deep pelvic pain on right side -foreskin feels inflamed on right side -penis head is tilted right -Harder to maintain an erection
I know I messed up something on the right side but I have no idea. Nerve damage? Venous leak? Possible symptoms of hard flaccid?
I have gone to several urologists. 1st suspected Peyronies. 2nd didn't define anything but believed it was a pelvic floor disorder. 3rd said it looked normal and could be pelvic floor.
Had an ultrasound done and the body of the penis is fine.
Any ideas what this could be? It's been driving me crazy.
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2021.09.23 05:52 Pilast Spare a thought for those unable to vote in Germany

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2021.09.23 05:52 beverlyhillsbyweezer Why

Why do straight men like penises and penises on women when straight women and gay men don't like vaginas nor vaginas on men? What is it about penises that makes even straight men like them, when vaginas don't have that effect on straight women and gay men? Is society penis obsessed?
Are penises just more appreciated and liked because they belong to men? Are they seen as less taboo and gross than vaginas and also seen as more casual, normalised and sexualised? So even straight men like them.
I asked this earlier and was told to accept it and get over it by many many people on Reddit. They said it's common, who cares, that young people accept these things and it's just how it is that straight men like penises and women with penises while straight women and gay men don't like vaginas and vaginas on men, and to just focus on what you like and yourself.
So is it too much to ask of straight men for them to appreciate vaginas and be as exclusively into vaginas as gay men and straight women are exclusively into penises?
Do most people (men and women) in real life accept and believe that straight men like penises and women with penises? Do most people think it's not a small minority of men into women with penises? Do most people think gay men are more openly disgusted by vaginas than lesbians are by penises? And that oral sex on women is not common too? And that women are insecure and grossed out by their vaginas, while men love their penises?
And why do trans women online always complain about how fetishized they are by straight men for the one part of themselves they don't want (their penis.) While trans men never complain of being desired for their vagina, instead it's a hindrance.
It's quite a lot of negative things about having a vagina that I realised I have to accept. Just wondering how other women do so?
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2021.09.23 05:52 ffivefootnothingg What is the origin of this painting?!? - check captions for more info!

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2021.09.23 05:52 Faxmonger Ppr trade

View Poll
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2021.09.23 05:52 MakeMeAnICO What is Synodality? what does it mean in reality?

The Vatican seems talking about this so-called "synodality"; it seems to be the main thing our holy father is bringing to the table now.
I am still a bit confused what he means by that.
Is it similar to, let's say, Council of Trent or the many Councils of Constantinople? Is it like Vatican Council? Or is it something else?
I don't understand Catholic history all that much; so I don't know the difference between "synod" and "council"; and how much "synodal" the Church needs or wants to be.
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2021.09.23 05:52 poukoren 35m - just a guy from Socal looking for ppl to [chat]/voicechat with

I've been feeling exceptionally lately and it would be nice to have someone to chat with. If you need to vent, just need someone to talk to, ect. Feel free to send me a message. It's always a long shot here trying to find a friend on reddit and online in general but why the hell not? It's also fine if we don't get along or connect since most convos tend to die. I won't take it personally and I also hope you won't either. You can't force a friendship after all. There's nothing to lose and possibly a lot to gain :]
I get a ton of super low effort messages like "hi, what's up?" "hey" "yo, how's it going". I'm going to just ignore all these messages. I'm not asking for much here. Just tell me a little about yourself. What do you like to do? What are your favorite movies? Games? Songs? Anything about yourself. It doesn't have to be deep at all.
Some information about myself that may be relevant:

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2021.09.23 05:52 Ralfop Fur Sack – Comfy Dog Carrying Backpack – Bring your fur baby with you! – Ventilated to keep dog cool – Anti-slip rubber bottom – Viscoelastic foam core, it’s really soft! – Rated #1 Dog Carrier Backpack No Dog Deserves To Feel Anxious Or Be Limited By Age Or Mobility. Do you hate seeing big

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2021.09.23 05:52 Ralfop POWER KNEE STABILIZER PADS (IN PAIR) The Power Knee Stabilizer Pads (Knee Joint Support Pads) is a breakthrough product that allows you to lift your knee easily when you bend or squat both legs. Feature: STRONG LIFTING POWER: The Power Knee Pads can withstand a weight of about 20kg each

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2021.09.23 05:52 nottoday_bitches September 13, 2013

September 13, 2013 Friday the 13th to be exact
Today started like any other day, I woke up at 8am, took a shower, got dressed, and went to class. I was working on my bachelor’s in psychology at the University of Central Florida with a minor in sexual behavior. My classes were good that day, I found out that I had aced a recent exam and had lunch with a guy I had been dating for the past month. My last class ended, and I headed home, it wasn’t a long way, as I lived right across the street from campus. I ordered Chinese food from my favorite takeout place and watched Judge Judy while I ate my dinner. After dinner I hopped into the shower and got dressed for bed. I was about to put a movie on when I noticed that my trash needed to be taken out, so I cleaned up my kitchen and headed out the door with my trash bag. I walked down the stairs and headed to the dumpster, and the next thing I remember was feeling this surge of pain through my head. It was about 8pm, and still light out. I turned around and saw a tall man standing over me, who then proceeded to drag me by my hair and threw me to the ground behind the dumpster. Once behind the dumpster, this man began hitting me with a gun, stabbing me with a knife, and removing my clothing. It was at this point I knew that I had to fight as hard as I could. I punched, kicked, and screamed, but he was too strong. He began to rape me at this point. First, he started raping me vaginally, then moved to my anus, every time I fought, he would hit me again and again or stab me with his pocket knife. Once he got to my mouth, I had the realization that I was going to die, so I didn’t care anymore. I allowed him to place his penis in my mouth and just sat there, giving in to him in order to stop being hit. That was when it started raining and he started yelling at me to suck his dick, I had no energy left and couldn’t make myself do it, so I continued to just sit there. After that he hit me with his gun a few more times, I finally got some strength back and bit down on his penis and tore off a piece of his foreskin. I figured “he is going to kill me anyhow, why not give him the same amount of pain that I am already feeling.” This is the point when things changed. The man looked down at me, with blood in my mouth I told him to “just kill me”, and he ran away, got in his car, and drove away. It was a yellow mustang, I will never forget that car. After about an hour of laying in the dirt and rain, I finally got the energy to crawl back to my apartment and make it up the stairs to get my phone. I called 911 and waited on the steps half naked. The police arrived before the ambulance and started to question me immediately. The first officer informed me that if I had been lying about being raped that I could spend time in jail for filing a false police report, that was the moment that I spit out the foreskin into the officer’s hand. The officer calmly handed it to another cop and they placed it into a bag while the first cop continued to question me and ask if I had been lying. The ambulance arrived, and immediately placed me into the back of the truck and gave me a gown to put on as I removed my socks and placed them in a special brown bag. The paramedic (her name was Vanessa) calmly spoke to me and explained that she was going to place an IV in my arm and give me some medication to help me relax, as I was still screaming and crying even though the bad man was no longer there. Vanessa placed me on some oxygen and gave me 1mg of Ativan, I finally felt as though I was safe. She told her driver that we were ready to go, and we started to head to the hospital. Vanessa spoke to me and she told me that what had happened to me was awful, and that she was going to do everything that she could to make my ride as easy and comfortable as possible. She did not ask me any questions about the rape, or if I was telling the truth or not, she only asked if I was in pain and told me that if I wanted to talk that she was there for me. Once we got to the hospital Vanessa explained that they were going to run some tests and I would be transferred to the rape crisis center after that to have a rape kit performed in order to collect as much evidence and DNA as possible. She explained to me that I wasn’t allowed to wash my hands, use the restroom, or even rinse out my mouth. She told me that I was going to do great and handed me over to the nurse and doctor in the room. Once she left, I was told that I had to remove my gown, so that the doctor could check me for injuries. I asked for a female doctor and was told that there weren’t any available, and I just had to let him do his job. I was so afraid, that they had to give me more Ativan to calm me down so that he could examine me. I had a one-inch laceration inside my vagina, a tear in my anus, and several lacerations on my breasts and back that all had to be stitched before I was able to leave the hospital and go to the rape crisis center. Once the doctor was finished, I was given a paper gown to wear, and was finally allowed to use my phone to call my parents, who lived in Gainesville. My father answered the phone and asked why I had woken them up, as it was around 11pm now. I told him that I needed to talk to mom and he handed her the phone. As soon as I heard her voice I broke down, I handed the phone to the nurse and she told my mom what had happened while I sat there unable to say the words. My parents didn’t even give it any thought, they put on their shoes and drove down to Orlando in their pajamas, they didn’t care, they just wanted to be with me. As they were driving down, I was placed in the back of the original officer’s car and driven to the rape crisis center, all the while he kept asking me if I was lying and telling me how much trouble I was going to be in if I had been lying. As I arrived at the rape crisis center, I spoke to the officer once more and gave a full statement on tape. Once he was finished, I headed to the nurse so that she could perform the rape kit. Right than was when I heard the knock on the door, it was my parents. I ran over to my mom and the nurse ran in front of me and explained that I couldn’t hug my parents yet, as I had evidence all over my body, which they needed to preserve. I asked if my mom could come into the room while they did the rape kit and they said yes. Once in the room I was once again stripped down and made to stand naked while the nurse took pictures of every bruise and laceration on my body. Not only did she take pictures, but she took a cotton swab to every single bruise I had to extract whatever DNA they could, this process took about an hour. Once she was done, I was asked to lay down so that she could examine inside of my vagina. I held my mom’s hand as she placed the speculum and proceeded to take pictures of the scars inside my vagina and swab for DNA. Next, she did the same for my anus. Once the nurse was done with the entire rape kit, I was given a bag of clothes and told that I was allowed to take a shower. I don’t know how long I was in the shower, but when I got out my mom noticed that I had rubbed my skin raw, as I was trying to wash off any evidence of what had happened to me. I picked an outfit out of the bag and they said that my parents could take me home. As we pulled into my apartment complex, we noticed that there was caution tape everywhere and all my neighbors were outside trying to figure out what had gone on, and here I was wearing a pair of scrubs, covered in bruises, and barely able to walk up the stairs to my apartment. Once inside I took another shower and told my parents that all I wanted to do was get some sleep, as it was around 3am now. I didn’t sleep much that night, and my mom came out into the living room and allowed me to lay my head on her lap, that’s when I finally fell asleep.
September 14, 2013
In the morning, the cops came to my door to get yet another statement. My dad told them that they could have exactly 15 minutes, and that they needed to leave after that, as I needed my rest. My mom made me breakfast, and I just sat there staring at it while crying, I never did eat that oatmeal. I could tell that my father was extremely upset, as it was hard for him to look at me without crying, at one point he said it was his fault as he never taught me how to handle a gun or how to disarm someone. My mom held me while I cried and asked if I wanted anything special to eat, I told her no, and she started crying. I asked her what was wrong, and she explained that she didn’t know how to fix what had happened to me and that the only thing she knew how to do was to cook me one of my favorite meals, so we headed to Publix and she got everything she needed to make homemade eggrolls. When we returned from the store, my entire parking lot was covered in news vans, and they surrounded my mom’s car. I had a panic attack and couldn’t move, my dad had to come downstairs and physically lift me out of the car. He screamed at the news people and told them that they were all immoral assholes as he helped me up the stairs and back inside where it was safe. My mom made the eggrolls and we sat in my living room watching TV while I sat there staring at my favorite food in the entire world, not able to eat. My parents spent the next few days at my apartment, taking care of me and telling the reporters to go away. After three days my parents had to leave, as they both had to go back to work. They tried to get me to come to Gainesville with them, but I said no, that I was going to be ok. I was lying to them!
September 17, 2013
​My parents were gone, and so was my will to live. I spent the next few days blaming myself for what had happened. I told myself that if I hadn’t been outside in a tank top and shorts at 8pm, none of this would have ever happened. I convinced myself that I was 100% to blame for everything that had happened. Over the next few weeks, my teeth started falling out, as they were severely damaged from being hit in the face with a gun so many times. I lost 9 teeth altogether within the first month. I was forced to drop out of all my classes and quit my job as well, as I fell into a severe depression and was unable to function. ​For the next three months I refused to leave my apartment. I ordered delivery every day and had essential items delivered by amazon prime. The trash piled up, but I didn’t care, as I was not going to ever take my trash out again. I firmly believed that if I never took my trash out again, then I could never be hurt again. After a while one of my good friends asked if she could come over and clean up my apartment for me, I told her that she can if she wants and she spent a week cleaning everything and talking to me about what had happened. She did everything she could to convince me that it wasn’t my fault, but I knew that if I hadn’t dressed the way I had, the guy wouldn’t have been tempted in the first place. It was my fault!
January 2014
​My parents convinced me to start seeing a psychiatrist on campus, at first, I missed a lot of appointments, as I was afraid to be outside of my apartment, but eventually I started going three times a week. In the beginning therapy was extremely hard, as it kept bringing everything back up, and making me relive everything over and over, but it got easier over time. I was diagnosed with major depressive disorder and PTSD, I was having severe panic attacks about twice a week and decided that it was time to move to Gainesville so that I would have the support of my family, as I finally realized that I needed them to heal.
March 2014
​I found an apartment in Gainesville, about five miles from my parents and signed a lease the day I looked at it. I was told that I could move in within two weeks. I went back to Orlando with my mom, packed up my life and moved to Gainesville. It took me months to unpack my boxes, as I was still having debilitating panic attacks daily, and kept going to my parents’ house to spend the night. Finally, my mom told me that what had happened to me was terrible, but it was time to start living my life again, that was the push that I needed to start fresh. ​I found a psychiatrist in town, and started going to him three times a week, got a job working at the mall, and started to stand on my own two feet again. Things were finally starting to turn around and I had hope for the future.
September 2014
​The 13th rolled up on me pretty fast, and the date hit me like a ton of bricks. I once again fell into a deep depression, and was afraid to leave my apartment, as I was sure that I was going to get attacked again. My parents came over daily and once again my mom told me to snap out of it. If it hadn’t been for her tough love that day, I don’t think I would still be alive today, as I had planned my suicide for that night after my parents had left. Earlier that day I had taken all the medications I could find and crushed them into a powder and made a smoothie that I was going to drink at exactly 8pm, the time I went outside a year prior and lost everything. Once my parents left, I threw the drink in the sink, rinsed out the cup, and called my doctor to let him know that I needed help. I spent the next week at my parents’ house, while my doctor adjusted my medications and finally started to feel better again.
January 2019
​It has been a little over 5 years now since the rape and I am 100% back on my feet. I switched my major and just became a paramedic this past December. I am in a new apartment, still in Gainesville, but way nicer than the one I was in when I first moved here and have made a lot of new friends. Dating is still hard, as I am still afraid that someone will hurt me, but I have tried. I now know that I didn’t do anything wrong, and that if I hadn’t gone outside, he would have just attacked someone else. My rape kit had not been processed for over two years, and once it was finally processed, I learned that he was already behind bars, and was going to be charged with my rape and given three years in jail, but was able to get time served, so within three months he was out.
September 13, 2021
I wish I could say that everything is perfect, that I’m amazing, I’ve gotten over everything, I never think about that day anymore, but that would be a lie. I still struggle every single day with what happened to me, when I see a large dumpster, I cringe. I have been able to replace three of my teeth so far, but I still have six to go, it’s about $2000 a tooth to have a new one implanted. I still have scars on my breasts, but I have learned that they are part of who I am, and I accept them for what they are. When Friday the 13th rolls around I don’t get out of bed or leave my house. I am suffering from PTSD and I know that I will for the rest of my life, and that’s ok. I know that I fought with everything I had and am now a stronger person for everything I went through. I will not apologize if any of my words hurt you, or made you upset because it’s the cold hard reality of my life. I was raped, and I lived to tell my story!!!
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2021.09.23 05:52 Efficient_Space_8772 Letting my soft t-shirt hang off of my nose.

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2021.09.23 05:52 Miserable_Economy383 If I put my cigarettes in my vents will my hose start to smell

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2021.09.23 05:52 mesadmesad Can't tell if I'm the smartest idiot or the most idiotic smart person

I failed out of school. Hard. Straight F's just before I dropped out. Admittedly, I didn't try at all and was obscenely depressed and anxious.
People have seemed to see me as "high" all the time for most of my life, even though I don't smoke. I'm never sure whether to be insulted or just support their theory of me being high all the time by awkwardly laughing with people when they say this and similar things to me.
Found lots of part-time work here and there. Have pretty much done everything under the sun and cannot seem to keep a job for more than a couple of years at the MOST.
Fast forward to now. 28. Got my Real Estate license and managed to make a couple of sales but, again, am just fucking burned out. I always seem to have these great ideas about creating businesses, or doing something that would get me out of the mindset of being a constant failure, but never follow up on these ideas, and if I do, I start like a rocket and emotionally burn out to nothing.
A life of mediocrity has brought me to the point of questioning whether I'm just not not all that bright or if maybe, just maybe "He just doesn't apply himself" is actually the story of my life.
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2021.09.23 05:52 bougieprole A dude, a tire, and a bottle.

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2021.09.23 05:52 therealstevielong Did you miss LOUD? if you think MUSIC tokens are booming - do you remember how movie-streaming boomed after music downloads took over? VOODOOBIKERS, the worlds first movie and movie studio funded by crypto is here, launched by a Hollywood Producer!

Defi replacing film financing!
Actors cast in the film promote the movie and the project!
Token address:
"movie budget" wallet instead of a dev wallet funds the movie
Tokenomics: 10% transaction tax, 5% back to holders, 4% towards liquidity, 1% back to next movie!
Doxxed dev is Stevie Long (this is me! look at my Reddit history, or look me up on
The token owns the IP (intellectual property) of each film/franchise, which it then sells directly or licenses to show on a streamer. Profits from the film are put back into the token via lump purchases!
Current MC is still under 1mill
Bags will grow quickly as the MC moons, as the bull market coincides with our production schedule! CASTING NOW so the actors will be promoting soon and when cameras roll, even more real-world promotion!
Stop in the TG and ask any questions you'd like, we're a friendly gang:
If you love making gains, do it while making a movie! Come visit us on the set! Hell, you can even be IN the movie! If you're tired of MemeCoins, put your BNB in a project with an actual use-case that is making something!
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2021.09.23 05:52 AgentX-1138 Here's a debate topic! Going thru my Marvel 3.75 collection and noticed the line changed from Marvel Universe to Marvel Infinite to Marvel Legends, so is it legit to post about the whole line here, or only the ones marked Legends? Discuss!

Here's a debate topic! Going thru my Marvel 3.75 collection and noticed the line changed from Marvel Universe to Marvel Infinite to Marvel Legends, so is it legit to post about the whole line here, or only the ones marked Legends? Discuss! submitted by AgentX-1138 to MarvelLegends [link] [comments]

2021.09.23 05:52 bruhmoment3739 I have downloaded 12 shaders and all of them turn my world invisible. can anyone help?

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2021.09.23 05:52 The_Dev_Shadow OH MY FUCKING GOD I DEFEATED SHADOW MIND ON IMPOSSIBLE IN ITU'S PLANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so here are my tips if you want to defeat him on impossible (lol i also got perfect in one if you follow this)

OH MY FUCKING GOD I DEFEATED SHADOW MIND ON IMPOSSIBLE IN ITU'S PLANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so here are my tips if you want to defeat him on impossible (lol i also got perfect in one if you follow this) Okay, so what you wanna do first is to get a ranged weapon which can freeze your enemy so that you can attack like that of warmonger's set ranged weapon (I used that only), another thing that is not very important is wear a rare dynasty armor with teleport, i know that herald rare armors also have the ability but when you teleport with dynasty armor, you can knock you enemy of, you can get a powerful or medium or low helmet but mind that it should protect you from his katana hits, the tip i am gonna tell you, doesn't require shadow damage much, now the most important thing is the weapon, it should be pretty powerfull, land powerfull hits and good combos. I used the legendary dear horn, at power something i think 21,500. So now the main part, first if you're using dear horns, do the basic attack, and sometimes the epic special move when he's close enough and he's already landed an unsuccessful attack, the special attack almost charges you shadow energy bar from 0% to 90% (ofc if you managed to land it). continue this and get to the shadow form, now what you should do is first do the shadow attack of dear horns so that he fall off then do the shadow move of the ranged weapon so he can't do anything and you can land the attacks, do the special move and trust me it would take 25% of his health, and if you don't manage to land dearhorn's shadow attack, no worries! because now our armor's shadow ability will come in action, get close to him and teleport so that he fall, and do the range weapon thingy again, and the special move again, and when you have very less shadow energy left then don't do dearhorn's shadow attack but the ranged weapon's shadow attack so that after you exit shadow form he's trapped, and now you can do the special move which is 100% gonna land because he's been trapped or freeze or whatever and you could again get 80% of your bar filled again. And when you feel like he's gonna do any shadow move, just roll back and when you see him doing his katana boom thingy, roll back too. Btw my power when i defeated him was 57,300 something, but stability was high enough. It took me ig 20+ tries after playing for 3-4 days. Here are some screenshots:
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2021.09.23 05:52 frijolebro Sounders at leagues cup

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2021.09.23 05:52 Nosequepongo89 Out of the 93 books I've read so far I have only completed 30 prompts 😅

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2021.09.23 05:52 Im_just_joking_relax bout to commit trade

dawn, killua and gojo for goku
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2021.09.23 05:52 RDSXZ Others have done it before, but here is my rendition of Dragon fruit punch Popsicles

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