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[FOR HIRE] Product/UX Design Warrior ⚔️ at Colonist

2021.09.23 05:19 Mayla-G [FOR HIRE] Product/UX Design Warrior ⚔️ at Colonist

[FOR HIRE] Product/UX Design Warrior ⚔️ at Colonist
Colonist Product/UX Designer
We're Colonist.io, an online alternative to Settlers of Catan. Our mission is to make the best digital native gaming experience for this multiplayer, social, strategy game.
Our design sucks. Come make it amazing!
Why Colonist? We are a young and energetic team with immense growth potential. We are currently around 1M Monthly Active Users. You will be joining early and become a part of our growth. Check out our growth from last year. We still have 20x easily unlock-able growth potential and even more with you on our side. We move fast so whatever you build will be in front of millions of players in a few weeks.
To know more about us: https://colonist.notion.site/Who-Is-Colonist-36c05bd5244742a095218ae3625753ef
About The Role You will work directly with the co-founder. You will also work with our team of developers and very vocal and passionate players. You will be responsible for shaping the user experience. Mostly product & UX design, sometimes game design, sometimes systems such as payment, ELO, or trading. You are expected to make the correct product/design decisions that will grow Colonist 20x.
Unlike a corporate job, we expect you to learn fast, take on new responsibilities and take on new challenges.
Some of your objectives will be
  • Determine which problem to tackle that will result in the most impact (revenue, retention, players) with the least effort
  • Create ready to implement designs
  • Communicate your ideas systematically
  • Be intentional for every proposal
  • Acquire the data you need in order to make a decision
  • Research best practices and increase your knowledge
  • Test with players and iterate on their feedback
Overall we're looking for someone who can make great decisions. But that's not all. We want early members of our team to be strong & dedicated so we can build a strong base for the future of this company. This means that you will want to think and look at Colonist related issues even on weekends.
Additional details:
  • Location: Remote
  • Employment: Full-time
  • Scheduled working hours: Flexible
For interested applicants, please fill out this form: https://airtable.com/shrgbGsG5FZ14ce1s
We give $1000 per successful referral. If this job isn't for you but you think someone might be a perfect fit, send this job post to your friend.
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2021.09.23 05:19 Curroptor_ccg Can someone teach me how to do a gaster blaster model I'm making a game rn

If someone has discord tell me my discord is Idonthaveanycoolprofile#9861
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2021.09.23 05:19 Wristmeetcody Thinking about getting into Star Ocean

It's a franchise I've heard before for years but never looked into, and I see it get mentioned here often. It's like Tales games right? How are the stories and the characters typically? I see a few of the games are on sale right now so it's a good time to dip my toes in.
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2021.09.23 05:19 alexaclova Shadow Bride - Episode 26

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2021.09.23 05:19 Throwaway-Iguess Tics have sent me back into depression and urges of bad habits

After COVID, i started developing tics (which was confirmed by my doctor) when school was coming back around full time. They’ve worsened over the course of time during school and it’s horrible and embarrassing for me, to the point where kids make fun of me. I’ve had a history of depression and this has really sent me back a few steps from how i thought i had healed. can anyone give me tips…? i don’t know what to do with myself and i can’t stop…
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2021.09.23 05:19 SnakeDoc25 centeal banks are in panic mode, banks runs next? Crypto Equated to Toxic Pre-Crisis Swaps by Banking Watchdog

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2021.09.23 05:19 Fun-Nefariousness759 Gays um new in the game and just got 2 Luna, what should i do to the clone ?

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2021.09.23 05:19 thedirtyscreech Do you want Turbo on your DaemonBite Arcade controller? Here it is!

This doesn't apply to anyone who purchased their DaemonBite Arcade encoder from DaemonBite.com as I believe that already has Turbo enabled. But if you used his repository and programmed a Pro Micro (or similar microcontroller) yourself, you don't have the ability to enable Turbo on a button. Until now!
I forked the OG repository, and added Turbo functionality. If you want it, you need to clone my fork of the repo, and use that to program your micro controller. Also, you need to wire up to pin 7 on the pro micro (or whatever pin is PE6 if you're using a different microcontroller) to another button.
Once that's done, you just need to hold the Turbo set/unset button (what you wired to pin 7), and press the button you'd like to enable/disable Turbo for.
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2021.09.23 05:19 HighFructose_711 Wayne County Blunt Facts

Consider yourself blessed if you do not live in Wayne country (MI). I have never in my entire life been so annoyed and distressed by a commercial. I have considered suing the county all together for reckless endangerment to my mental health. For those who have never seen this commercial……. Enjoy and please leave your thoughts below.
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2021.09.23 05:19 HJenkinsRSN AEW Lighting Setup Leaves Fans At Grand Slam Blinded

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2021.09.23 05:19 Giostazz56 I hate it.

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2021.09.23 05:19 JamesBondsss Suicide Notes

Suicide Notes
Two different handwritings?
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2021.09.23 05:19 anorexicpigg I got a flipper today, is it supposed to feel like this??

I was wondering if a flipper is meant to feel like nothing is there? Or is it like getting a new eyeglass prescription, where they tell me to give it a week before it feels comfortable? It feels TIGHT. I could barely stand it being in my mouth for an hour and when I took it out it was suchhhhh a relief.
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2021.09.23 05:19 DeathInAppalachia A literal Barn find...

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2021.09.23 05:19 Switchdoktor New Cassandra Tweet

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2021.09.23 05:19 Commercial_Two488 Finally Garena also have road map after 20 seasons....

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2021.09.23 05:19 yaroslavwwe More Wall Street veterans join crypto firms

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2021.09.23 05:19 ByronR02 2 Weeks notice (HELP!!)

I’m working at a petsmart and I want to put in a 2 weeks notice. If I put in a 2 weeks notice can I choose what specific days I wanna work during those 2 weeks? Or will I have to work the days that they schedule me for during the 2 weeks??? Please help.
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2021.09.23 05:19 56names How do you start ‘getting over it’?

I (40f) am coming to terms with the end of my 22 year relationship. I think we’ve both established that there’s no fixing it to the degree that would satisfy both of us. It been unraveling for a while now but within the last week we hit a wall. Like, it’s really over. I’ve spent more than half of my life with this man. He really has no family left and the few people he has are very low contact and on the other side of the country. We don’t have an outside support system and have always solely relied on each other. (Part of the problem.. but that’s another post) So here we are in a dead relationship and neither of us have an exit plan… We have our own spaces to retreat to which is our ‘normal’ for some time now anyway… but what I need most right now is a distraction. I understand a separation of this magnitude can’t happen overnight so how can I distract myself and just try to be ok when we still technically live together and are co-parenting. Friday is/would be our 17th wedding anniversary and I just want to feel normal.
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2021.09.23 05:19 OilDealer737 Send Haitian migrants to GITMO? Report that small detention facility in Guantanamo Bay will house migrants sparks outrage

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2021.09.23 05:19 infinitegift5 I might've gotten a girl pregnant, but I am positive she is lying.

- i had sex. she says shes on a depo shot before and after we had sex and that we can just be fuck buddies when i told her i dont want a relationship (no one even asked for one) -she grew increasingly annoying to me (texting me at 2 am in the morning "wat that dick doing rn" (she deleted it later on) and "wanna hold my hand during the fire drill?" so i started to leave her on read and even unfollowed her on instagram and removed her as one of my followers because she is oddly clingy and very weird. that wasnt even just scratching the surface of the weird shit she says and does. -after leaving her on read and unfollowing and removing her on instagram, i see that she blocked me. (because i unfollowed her and removed her as a follower) this made me very very happy, but the thing is i have to sit across from her in a class because thats how the seating arrangement is and i cant just move because of contact tracing and covid 19
-the literal day after i unfollowed her and removed her on instagram, she comes to class sits across from me and starts talking to her gay guy friend on and on about how she thinks shes pregnant knowing that i would hear and that she wanted to run track but she cant because shes going to be pregnant now (almost as if it is a joking matter)
-i of course had to take action so i tried talking to her and sparking a conversation at the table even though i just unfollowed her. she ignored me.
-people in the class then walked to the library to get a copy of a book (its optional if they wanted to go because the book is online as well) . i saw her and her friend get up and go and i also needed a copy of the book as well so i trailed behind them. after retrieving the book from the library, i tapped her lightly on the shoulder with the book (remember that) and said "i thought you were on birth control" to which she literally just ignored like i wasn directly in her face. i start wondering if she is just lying and trying to give me worries.
-instead of talking to her i then lightly tapped her gay guy friend and said "we need to talk" because i knew she wasnt going to talk to me so i needed clarification either way. i kind of knew he was a reasonable guy. i first tried getting through his mind that if they arent joking that it is statutory rape and his friend could potentially be in trouble being that she is 18 and i am 17 (still a minor). this was a tactic to see if they were bluffing. he said something about a romeo and juliette law that closes the gap by a couple months between 18 and 17 which i thought wasnt true but now see that it applies to my state. fuck. the class period goes on and she left for a pretty long while of the class period and then came back (remember that).
-class period ends and i go to my next class with a sickening feeling that compared to no other in my life before. suddenly i get a text on instagram from the girl. she unblocked me. the very first thing she texts me is "i just wanna be left alone rn im stressed out" to which i say "you said ur on it (birth control) then talk about it right in front of my face and then start ignoring me" she then says "yr a asshole" and i say "how" she then says "u dont even care abt how i feel its my body u dont give a shit abt me" (i never said anything about her or her body and this is literally the first time i have heard about her being potentially pregnant after removing her on instagram. all this did was show me more signs of her being crazy and clingy and was the beginning stage of me thinking she was capping.)
-she went from talking about it in front of my face in class playing it off as some type of joke to crying about me being an "asshole" first thing in the dms after she unblocked and started texting me in my next class period. we talked about and argued about some things and then she agreed to take a pregnancy test right after school ended. it has been 12 days since we had sex so i wasnt sure if a true result would show because i thought you would have to wait longer but now was better then ever. i wanted to feel comfortable since my literal life was flashing before my eyes.
-in all of this she is still being clingy and showing signs of craziness acting like were a couple or something saying things like "u gone check up on me" and "i might leave early im not feelin good" and "i dont want the whole school knowing" like its some type of generic highschool relationship movie drama or some weird shit. (heres the thing i said to remember) somewhere along in our dm talk she says i "hit" her with the book when we were in the hallways heading back after being in the library.
.... see where shes trying to take this?
-another thing she said in our dm talk was that the day we had sex she "couldn't remember what happened after we got something to eat and went back to the house and watched a movie and then everything else just went black" (i had sex with her during the movie) and she blamed it on me for not watching her when she was drinking tea at the restaurant because she was putting a lot of sugar in it.
again, see where shes trying to take this?
-anyone fucking knows you dont get drunk off of sugar. i asked her "what are you trying to imply here" which was a way of subconsciously saying to her "you wouldnt dare say i raped you because we both know its not true" because on everything i love i would kill myself rather then do that to any girl.
-i told her to stop playing dumb and said its dramatic as fuck and really annoying. i even completely layed out what we did that day. another thing i did on that day was help her bring up some groceries to her friends house and when we were there she was hinting to them that we just had sex to which they said "alrright we get it" in a sort of jealous and joking tone or something. so they know she had sex with me and that she very much did give consent. she had flaws in her rape plot before she even carried it out.
-after not even like 15 lines of text between us she says she DOES remember having sex for a bit then going to a friends house which completely contradicts this rape scheme she was trying to set up. what an actual crazy bitch.
-then she says "I also remember I drank too that day".
bro. first she says it was "sugar" which i debunked now she says its "alcohol"
-we walked from school to her house together and she was in no way drunk at school (no idiot is coming drunk to school) and in no way did she drink any alcoholic substance when we walked back, went to the restaurant or arrived at her house. and lets just say that she actually did drink alcohol when she clearly did not. she remembers everything that happened from having sex to meeting with friends and made that clear to me which makes it even more clear that she was in the right state of mind and was not drunk. she just drank tea at a restaurant which she dumped a bunch of sugar packets in. the consequences of a lot of sugar intake is hyper-activeness and being energetic. not being black out drunk.
-lets rewind back to the present. she takes like 3 pregnancy test after school and it comes out negative. reminder, its been 12 days since the day we had sex. im not sure if thats long enough to take a pregnancy test but after research it said after 2 weeks is a good time to take one so she saves one for 2 more days. tomorrow she is going to take it in the morning and tell me the result because then it will have been 2 weeks.
-she says her symptoms have included throwing up, cramps, nausea and fatigue. i asked her how many times she has thrown up in JUST that day and she says that time she left class for a while (what i told you to remember) which is so obviously coincidental and already seemingly fake, when she ate at home, and when she woke up from a nap. so THREE whole times in one day + she says she was "throwing up" before that day too in her conversation to her friend which she obviously wanted me to overhear. which women have you ever seen throw up that much in the opening 12 days of pregnancy. what in the cap? also, its such a coincidence how she would just now bring up these symptoms after i unfollowed her and after 12 whole days of supposedly "being pregnant" and not tell me before either. all this was doing was just showing me more of how truly crazy she is and how she was trying to trap me.
-i am now waiting for her to take her last pregnancy test which is tomorrow and she says she is going to do it in the morning and get to class in person and tell me. i told her to just text me the result. i dont even want to interact with her in person. she is a terrible human being and i dont want to over exaggerate it but it is pretty obvious. all of the events of her being a pathological liar and trying to set me up had clicked in my mind and i made sure i told her to take a picture of the test when she does it... and she refused.
oh my god.
-i kept on insisting she took a picture and she finally said she would. now this has sparked the possibility of her getting the pregnancy test picture off of google or any place online so now i am in the process of trying to get her to send me the pregnancy test she took before again because you cant rewind a photo on instagram. she has been leaving me on read now a bit and i think its because im catching on and shes getting tired of putting on an act that she knows shes faking.
then again she could be telling the truth, but after all she has done and is still doing i feel like there is no way.
i will update what happens if anyone even cared to read all of this shit show. please wish me luck.
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2021.09.23 05:19 namwoohyun I think I have a hoarding problem, what items should I get/upgrade or Pokemon should I get?

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2021.09.23 05:19 idiotlost666 being fat: vol 67

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2021.09.23 05:19 unremarkably_ I found this somewhere else but I really couldn’t resist

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2021.09.23 05:19 Best_Egg_6199 my friends still arent talking to me

Update on my post from yesterday. My friends still arent talking to me. i dont know why. I know they arent busy because i get notificiaons when they are posting on socials and my one friend has been posting alot. So they are just ignoring me. I hate myself so much i dont understand why i ruin all my friendships
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