Word of The Hour: dirige

2021.09.26 08:01 sharewithme Word of The Hour: dirige

dirige translates to drive
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2021.09.26 08:01 Ravens_Quote Lucid Riddance: Era Awakened, Familiar

Previous chapter
I shook the memories away. Teshin's shot at the lotus, how he wouldn't hide the information I was gathering from me, had been infesting my every waking moment for a while now. I'd tried asking after that, why I was killing or who I was capturing or what data I was stealing and for whom, but it was always the same answer. "The tenno must keep the balance of the system". Now, with her true self revealed and Ordis taking her place, there was no one to stop me... or in this case, us.
Pogg Vaguzbi, my railjack's pilot and a member of the Steel Meridian, was busily clamping wires from her personal data pad onto a Corpus terminal. Until now I'd been on autopilot, pretending it was a spy mission like any other and going through the motions by memory. I vaguely remembered Ordis had been talking for a few moments, but it was Pogg's voice that had woken me up.
"Operator! Qqqqqquit this blasted foolery aaaaaand- would you kindly explain just hwat is going on here?!?"
"What? Don't you trust the Meridian?"
"A group almost entirely comprised of individuals who formerly served the Grineer? Of course not! That data MUST be made available to the rest of the Tenno at once! Goodness help us if it becomes lost or worse yet falls to the wrong hands because of this BLATANT breach of protocol! Are you quite sure you're feeling alright, operator?"
Pogg's pad flashed green for a moment, and the blare of alarms soon followed. Immediately the cords were unclipped she moved to cover the door, quad-barreled shotgun in hand. I stepped up to the terminal, parazon ready, and plugged in.
The process was mostly automatic. My mind's eye was populated with some strange arrangement of hexagons and thin lines, but what that actually meant and what I was doing were things somehow kept separate from what I was aware of. In truth it was a lot relieving yourself: You know the overall results and have a primitive way of adjusting how the task is performed, but the specifics of the tens of muscles involved and the exacting ways that they move is a thing handled by parts of yourself you're never truly aware of. In this manner I generally moved the lines to connect with each other, the alarms went off, and I woke again to see the world outside the terminal. A world I could see, and touch, and comprehend.
"Never better, cephalon. Question: Any idea what this data we're carrying is?"
I drew the gorgon from my back, stepped around Pogg and made my way through the door. Back to the motions, the autopilot, reflexively dodging through doors and stairways and stopping just long enough to break the occasional security camera. All this I could do on instinct by now.
"Again with this nonsense, operator? And to think I believed we were past this!"
"What, you think the answers of a sentient were enough to answer me? I'm not exactly a program, and I'm certainly not fond of being lied to, cephalon."
"I beg your pardon, but do you mean to imply-"
"Are you denying hiding the truth from me, cephalon? Are you denying working happily alongside the Lotus all this time and tell me NOTHING of what I was actually doing? WHAT. IS. THIS. DATA."
We arrived at another high security area. The door opened easy enough. The room behind it wasn't really impressive: The square one with a path on either side, each path guarded by two flashing laser grids and a security camera apiece. We went left, Pogg took care of the camera, and a trip through the vents later she was already clipping wires again.
"I assure you, operator, it isn't the sort of thing to be randomly spewed out for just any one syndicate to take advantage of! This needs to be given to the entirety of the tenno at large, and that means-"
"NOTHING, cephalon. It means not a damned thing, just as you've BEEN telling me nothing and I'm damned sure you had no plans to tell me anything else in the future. Need I remind you that you've sat by and WATCHED, while I cut my own brothers and sisters in HALF, AND YOU SAID NOT A GOD-DAMNED THING!"
"Operator, your personal history with the Grineer was a series of events I was not privvy to until you told me of them yourself, not to mention the great lengths to which the entire species has been changed since the dawn of the Old War."
The pad blinked again. The wires came off, the alarms sounded again, and Pogg again turned to the door.
"So you claim, cephalon, and such a shame I've no reason to trust you."
Blade out, wrist forward. The pad the Steel Meridian gave Pogg in prep for this mission was effective, yes, but also primitive next to the Corpus technology it was breaching. It'd allow me to view what was on it later, but it was also traceable. My role was to wipe that trace from the system, removing any sign of the Meridian's involvement and likewise that of my partner. This time though, something was different. The shapes... moved, just slightly left and right on their own. Not enough to make a difference but... strange. I turned one into position, and from everywhere at once I suddenly heard a little girl.
"You're... you're different... No, you can't do this, please, help! HELP!! GET M-"
The connection cut off with the alarms. Whoever she was, she was in the system. Whoever she was, she was in danger.
"Ordis, did you hear any of that?"
"Of what, Operator?"
Pogg finished blasting a moa into oblivion.
"Nothing on comms, I thought I heard something behind me though. Did you say something, tenno?"
I stood there a moment, thinking.
"I think I just met an AI."
\\ End Chapter. The next chapter has not yet been posted. When it has been, a link to such will be immediately below this sentence and above the next line of equal signs.
For updates, check in on @RavensQuoteNvmr on Twitter or search "Lucid Riddance" on Reddit every other Friday or Saturday.
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2021.09.26 08:01 peepsnft PEEPS - A different take on the NFT Avatar

PEEPS - A different take on the NFT Avatar
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2021.09.26 08:01 sharewithme Word of The Hour: жүргізеді

жүргізеді translates to drive
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2021.09.26 08:01 UltimaKeybladeKing LF: shiny Lugia

LF: shiny lugia
FT: shiny scrafty, shiny ninetails, shiny venasaur with pokerus, shiny golduck with pokerus, shiny dunsparce, shiny trevenant, shiny naganadel
Non shiny: buzzwole, tapu bulu, tapu lele, tapu fini, xurkitree, lugia
Master balls, pearls, nuggets, stardust, fossils
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2021.09.26 08:01 ImASquirrelYipee Hitman 2: Expansion Pass vs 3’s 7 Deadly Sins?

I am going to play them in 3 however it seems the 2’s expansion pass has more content with 2 new maps. Opinions? (I couldn’t find any other posts or info on this)
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2021.09.26 08:01 stompermac Every dog has its day

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2021.09.26 08:01 sharewithme Word of The Hour: सड़क

सड़क translates to drive
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2021.09.26 08:01 Jace_Enby_Devil FIRST PEEK SINCE THE MOVE (context in comments)

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2021.09.26 08:01 Scumbraltor Ig fuond white thig bubling in groud.

Thik I mayk fuotune, sins tast good, I coll it The Stuff.
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2021.09.26 08:01 sharewithme Word of The Hour: paseo

paseo translates to drive
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2021.09.26 08:01 Squeezycakes17 #1444 The Ongoing Coup and Other Ways to Destroy Democracy

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2021.09.26 08:01 MugShots LVMPD Traffic Alert

LVMPD Traffic Alert ACCIDENT (WITH INJURY) W FLAMINGO RD / S VALLEY VIEW BLVD 9/25/2021 10:31:57 PM incident #LLV210900109284
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2021.09.26 08:01 Suspicious-Zone1964 S8 entire story. Fifth Knight's identity revealed, and it's not Shepherd.

Note: This is from a YouTube video which has shown the comics translated in the English language.
2 teams are made. One led by Price. Second by Ghost. Price's team infiltrate Blackout. Ghost's team infiltrates a neighboring island along with Mace. Ghost enters a facility in the mountains on the orders of Shepherd and finds a pile of dead bodies of the US marines and suspects Templar. He walks down the corridor and reaches a room in which Templar and Dame are having a conversation and Ghost decides to spy on them. Templar argues about getting his daughter Sophie from the Dark Covenant and Dame tells him that he will fail and she will become one of them, which is also supported by the remaining members of the Dark Covenant. Templar starts laughing like a maniac and when asked, he tells Dame that she has cut his strings and now he is free. Templar then fucking kills Dame by slitting her throat and has a fight with the remaining Covenant. The fight results into a stalemate with half of the Covenant grievously injured and they tell Templar that this is not over. Templar exits the room, finds a shaken Ghost in the corridor and tells him in another life, the both could have perhaps been partners. Due to the battle, Templar's mask is a bit cut and we can see his blue eye. He addresses Ghost as Simon and hands him an entry card and tells him that the Fifth Knight is behind a bookcase. Looking at the surprised face of Ghost, he declares that this is not his war anymore and his aim is to find his daughter and burn down the Dark Covenant to the ground. Templar leaves and Ghost goes to investigate. In the meantime, Price and his team infiltrate their facility and Roach goes full kill mode, leaving Soap and Alex no enemies to kill. Rosa discovers a secret entry and they find Hidora along with his men. His men are instantly killed and Hidora injures Demir in the shoulder. Rosa attacks Hidora and gains the upper hand when Hidora removes his katana and injures her and then runs inside a room. Price follows and his gun is cut into half by Hidora, but Price gets the upper hand and stabs Hidora fatally. Before dying, Hidora reveals to a frightened Price a timer and states that he has won, not Price. Ghost enters the facility and gets the shock of his life when he discovers the fifth knight is none other than mf Adler. (So ya, all those leaks after the Cold War game were true). Adler calmly explains Ghost that his plan of forming the Knights were to dispose off the threats to the world at one time: Makarov, Rorkee, Hidora and Menendez. He reveals that he had instructed Mace to kill Makarov but following his failure, he hired Templar in return of promising to give his daughter back to him. Adler reveals that his initial plan was to blame the nuclear strike in Season 7 (2020) on Makarov and eliminate him before an actual war and similarly with Rorkee who was hidden, Hidorai who had lots of money and Menendez who was going to unleash his heinous plans and distrub the society. In S13, Adler had sent Ghost purposely to that facility for him to kill Makarov but Ghost didn't so Templar was sent over but he failed again. He had hoped to kill all 4 Knights at once to "save the world". And therefore, he staged all of this. Ghost and Adler are now standing on a cliff, similar to the alternative ending of Cold War and Ghost tells Adler this is the end and is taking him in. Adler replies he is too old to go to prison and turns around with a hand in his coat. Ghost presuming it to be a gun shoots Adler and he falls down the cliff, revealing that he was actually pulling out his lighter and wanted to be shot at. As he falls down, Ghost receives a frantic message from Price who tells him that the missiles have been launched. Ghost looks up and sees the Blackout island, which is nuked right in front of him, killing the entire UAC team of Ghost and the US marines army and navy. As Ghost stands shocked, Adler says "I won Perseus" and dies. A horrified Shepherd looking at the screen says "30000 men have been killed".
That's it, that's the end of this comics. Personally, i feel it's it's excellent storyline and the characters who are now alive are:- Ghost Mace Templar Shepherd Dark Covenant Menendez Makarov
It will be interesting to see what happens next. Excellent storyline CODM!
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